#Funky music plays (Little girl laughs) (Wind blower turns on) (Dogs bark) Man: Here boy. Get your leg. Come on. Come on, Boy. Bring it on. Bring it on. Come on. Bring it on! (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Toy squeaks) (Woman laughs) Woman: Are they tasty? (Laughter) (Laughter) Woman: Hey, hey! No, no! No! Stop! Woman: What are you doing? Seriously? Ben? (Gasps) You got it off? Man: Sam, what are you doing? (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) (Dog snores) Who did this? (Dog grunts) Aaahhh! Who did this? (Dog grunts) Aaaahhh! Who did this? (Dog grunts) Who did this? (Dog grunts) (Child laughs) (Water splashes to the floor) Woman: Oh, my goodness! (Man laughs) Woman: Good girl! Woman: Go, Finkie! You can do it! Go! Get it! Oooooh! (Men laugh) Man: You’re not going to have any water left! (Man howls) (Dog howls) Good boy! (Dog howls) #Music continues Woman: Drop it! Drop it! (laughs) Drop it! Drop it. Drop it. Fin? Is that the door stop? Brill. Woman: What is that? Is that a bow? Is that a bow? What happened to the bow? (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Dog sneezes) (Laughter) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (WOOF!) (WOOF!) (Cat meows on TV) (Cat meows on TV) (Growl…) (Cat meows on TV) (Growl) Woman: Fin! Come here! Come here! Kid: D’you just wanna stay out here? Rex? D’you wanna treat? C’mon let’s go! Let’s go inside. Do you wanna go in? Man: Go get it! Good boy, Jake! Good boy! I’m gonna throw it again. Do it again, Jake. #Funky Music Subtitles: Dan Hall (


  1. 0:05 so the guy riding the motorcycle gets all geared up in leather and protective padding while the dog just gets a helmet slapped on… if you have ever seen motorcycle crashes road rash is no joke. Irresponsible dog owner not thinking things through. One fall at even slow speeds and the dogs skin would be shredded down to the bone if not worse.

  2. Wow, we had one of those squeaky oranges (2:00). Our old lab had it for years, then we got a puppy and it was destroyed within a week. The old girl was not impressed.

  3. I have a chocolate lab/springer mix..smartest and cutest ever..he's 11 now still looks and acts like a big baby.. he had me trained from the very first day

  4. I have a Labrador called Cody. When I throw the ball for him, he looks at me like ‘are u serious hooman… you want me to get that?’ Who doesn’t love dogs :3 lmao. Love the vid ☺️

  5. 2:40 – Doggo – Always wanted to be a Teeny Tiny Ninja Tortles!

    5:50 – Doggo – Always wanted to be an ampawlance!

    Mishuns compweet!

    Goodest and cleverest of bois.

  6. I lost a Yellow and a Chocolate 2 years ago and there has never been anything in my 52 years of living that absolutely broke my heart like that.

  7. Aw I miss my yellow lab Maggie. She would always put her paw in my hand when I pet her. Her mom did the same thing ☹️

  8. Awesome video, being born in Labrador it's sort of an honor to have a connection to the most popular breed of dog in the world.

  9. Dont like it how some people do dangerous things with there pets, like the motorbike at the beginning. A needless risk for a few laughs is disgusting.

  10. 2:16
    That is not cute, or hilarious.
    That dog could be stuck, it could be hurting it,
    And it could suffocate if left untouched. Seriously pet owners, don't just record your pet getting it's head caught in things. It's cruel.

    While that isn't directly harmful, it's just flat out rude to laugh at that, and it was clearly having issues you just ignored.

    3:43 dog caught in blinds.
    Just help him. Is it really that hard?

    He could have swallowed that. Attach them better, pay more attention, or actually make him spit it out, that is not a laughing matter.

  11. Labs are Superheros my sister had a lab after we found out she had cancer I was her caregiver & Benny was her peace stayed right by her side every day when she had to be admitted to hospice I or her bf would bring him and they'd sit in the courtyard together
    I want to have a Lab one day

  12. Omg I didn't know they had such personality. I definitely want one later just so I can see it going down a slide!

  13. I hate assholes who use their pets to draw attention to themselves like the asshole on the motorcycle. What a fucking asshole.

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