1. i hate youtube bc it's not letting me see that super intense glance at the end (recommended vids) but i love yt at the same time for letting me see this wonderful perf.

  2. Ez OFF lesz, de már tele a tököm ezzel a faszszopó youtube reklámokkal, amikkel telebasszák a képernyőt a videó lejátszásának végén. Ennél is. Szerettem volna látni Bradley és Lady Gaga mosolyát, de helyette 4 kis képernyőnyi szart kaptam. Drága Youtube rendszergazda. Baszd meg az anyád.

  3. when you are an actress or actor thats the entire point .. to make the scene be true authentic.. so beautiful that people see true acting .. its work and thats why they got so many awards .. because they are amazingly gifted..

  4. Hello lady gaga I'm thrilled with this song congratulations God bless you so much you love you bye😱😱😱😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🌹

  5. wie die zwei sich zum schluss anschauen is der hammer. da wünscht man den beiden doch glatt die immerwährende liebe zueinander.

  6. Do Tego nagrania w Państwa wykonaniu ludzie walą drzwiami i oknami-do mojej skromnej konwersji  prawie nikt nie zagląda- podaję w komentarzach 1080p klara i to nie dzała -liczy się kanał  LADY GAGA stał się marką..więc jak mogę ja pomóc?

  7. She went to kiss him but then didn't because his girlfriend was watching and there was people watching them so she quickly stoped

  8. Parabéns!!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. je vous invite a suivre ce duo de feu lady gaga et bradley cooper avec leur titre shallow qui fait la une du web alors un grand chapeau elle merci pour cette chanson

  10. Singer Lady Gaga and Actor Bradley Cooper = Gorgeous singer Katy Perry and Hottie actor Orlando bloom 2.0 ??? Those 2 males actor have a child from hottie super model too.

  11. I didnt know that Bradley Cooper couldnt sing. Now I know. Dang…. I had to edit because I just realized he did better than Jay-Z would have.

  12. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been nominated for Collaboration of the Year at the #AMAs and we're off the deep end! 🌟 Vote NOW at goo.gle/AMAsVote to vote on Google.

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