Lawsuit Says Copper Chef Pans Don’t Work As Advertised

Lawsuit Says Copper Chef Pans Don’t Work As Advertised

I’m sure most of us have seen those infomercials
with the copper pans. They show it burning cheese in it, frying
eggs, whatever it is, it just slides around the pan, nice and easy. And these are really marketed as, you know,
the next evolution of nonstick pans. But according, according to a new class action
lawsuit, these pans are not living up to really any of the promises made in those infomercials. And I have Scott Hardy from Top Class Actions
with me now to explain what’s happening. So Scott, again, you know, we, we, we see
the commercials, they, they literally in one of them are burning cheese right there in
the pan. They tip it over, cheese falls out. They allegedly, they never chip, they never
crack. Nothing bad ever happens to these pans. But if they do, there is a lifetime guarantee
on them. Lawsuit says, yeah, none of that’s true. Exactly, you know, we’re seeing these lawsuits
against both Gotham Steel and Copper Chef and in both of these class actions, as you
said, the, the commercials say, man, lifetime guarantee, warranty, any problems, we’ll take
care of it. But unfortunately we’re receiving reviews
from actually our viewers who have said, because we’ve received 63 comments and five almost
600 comments on the other class action here. And they’ve said if they experienced problems,
oh no, they actually aren’t getting that promised service that they were expecting from Gotham
Steel and Copper Chef and that the nonstick isn’t so nonstick, especially long terms. You know, they put these pans on TV and show,
make you think that they’re indestructible. But, you know, unfortunately that is just
not the case. And if you’re going to buy them, you’re going
to want to take care of them. And something that you and I talked before
we actually went on air here, was a tip we received for one of the viewers was hand wash
your pans. Whether, you know, if you want these things
to last, even though they may say dishwasher safe, safe, hand wash your pans to help, you
know, make them last longer and not get a white coating because there is aluminum in
these pans, which can definitely suffer in a dishwasher. You know, a couple of years ago, my wife and
I, we, we got rid of all of our Teflon coated pans, you know, for very obvious reasons. And so we actually switched over to the copper
pans. The pans I have my house now, they are the
Copper Chef brand. You know, Copper Chef pans, you know, baking
sheets. Everything in my kitchen right now is Copper
Chef. And so I do have to say I, I’ve loved them
so far, but the complaints in this particular class action, I have noticed some of these
things, you know, the, the chipping, the scratching, which the commercial says is not possible. It does in fact happen. It hasn’t happened to all of our Copper Chef
pans, but it certainly has happened to a few of them. So right there, I mean, just from my personal
experience, I can say yes, the, the chipping, the scratching does happen. Then obviously when you have an area of the
pan that has those scratch marks, has the chipping on it, it’s obviously not going to
be nonstick in those areas anymore. So, I mean, you know, from personal experience,
yes, I can verify what they’re saying here is true. Right. And I think that’s probably, you know, a big
part of this class action is don’t put out a product, even though we all know that these
as seen on TV products, you know, almost never deliver on what they’re promising. But you want to make sure that companies who
are stating these claims back them up. And if you’re going to state that it’s not
going to chip, it’s going to stay nonstick forever. You’re not gonna have all these problems,
then you need to back those claims up. And if someone calls and says, hey my, my
pan, my pot is having these, these problems, you need to send them a new replacement. And that’s just not happening. They’re just taking the money and then moving
on. So even if they do have a good product overall,
as you’re stating with the, the Copper Chef pots, then either back up your claims, make
sure that you’re replacing them when needed or change those marketing guidelines and just
stop promising the world and frankly not delivering on them. And one of the problems we’re seeing too with
this particular one is that the company when faced with these, you know, complaints from
consumers, they’re trying to throw it back at the consumer like maybe you did something
wrong, maybe you should have seasoned the pan. Okay, well your instructions don’t say I have
to season this pan. It’s not cast iron. This is just a regular pan. I should be able to take it home, you know,
wash it real quick and we’re good to go. So they’re, they’re trying to shift it back
onto the consumer and I think we’re probably gonna see a lot of that as this goes on, especially
with some of the chipping. They’re probably gonna come out and say, oh,
maybe you shouldn’t use a metal spatula, when in the commercial they actually take the metal
spatula and just scrape it up against the pan, showing you that it’s not going to chip
or scratch. And that’s actually one of the things that
happened with mine. Used a metal spatula. It absolutely just went right across the top. So it’s gotta be interesting to see this thing
play out because I think we’re going to see a lot more of this, oh, you did something
wrong coming from these companies involved here. Right. That’s just the, the common strategy that
these big corporations use is they blame it on their customers. They blame it on their clients. They say you didn’t follow the instructions
or you should’ve known better. In this case where they said, well, you should’ve
known better. You should have seasoned the pan when that’s
not actually specifically listed in the instructions. You know, stop blaming your customers and
just take care of them. That way they’ll be like you, there’ll be
big raving fans that say, hey, we like the product, but you know, we want everybody to
use them. That’s, that’s going to be the better way
of, of taking care of the situation, not getting a class action filed against you and having
to deal with all of the flack that comes with it. Absolutely. And for more information about this particular
issue, follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions and while
you’re there, make sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Always a pleasure talking to you. Great talking to you, Farron. Thank you.


  1. They dont work at all. First they are not ready to go. You have to season them. That was terrible.
    I returned mine to BB&B.

  2. Use common sense. If these things were so wonderful and lasted forever, why do they come out with new iterations of them every 6 months?

  3. Shoulda went with Gotham brand my dude. If your copper pans don't have real weight to them, they're aluminum bullshit and you get what you pay for. If you paid like 8 dollars for a pan that weighs nothing then you were a victim of your own ignorance. Buy smarter.

  4. Is this the same manufacturer that was busting rocks in the cookware with a hammer showing how durable they were? Yeah… I'm not surprised.

  5. Awe come on. At least we aren't eating TEFLON anymore! Quit whining. If you want good pans take care of them, don't throw them, put in the dishwasher or use metal forks and utensils. Simple.

    I have had the same Orgreenic pans for 8 years. Still look brand new, no chips and no scratches? Why? Because I don't abuse them!

  6. I have the copperchef brand set and even though I use a non-metal spatula and wash by hand (I don't have a dishwasher) my set is chipped, scratched, and Very much the opposite of non-stick.
    I now see commercials for a green ceramic skillet using the same burnt cheese and melted candy in wrappers demo, but after the copper flopper I'm done. I'll go back to my Revereware pots and cast iron skillet.

  7. My mother bought some of those pans and it states to wash the pans , then put oil in the pan , and use a paper towel to rub all over the inside of the pan , then place in the oven for 20 minutes. I dont remember how high the heat should be. But still it has caused some scratches and nicks , and on the bottom it has caused discoloration ! They are nice pans to look at but i wont't be buying any of them anytime soon ! Oh, and something i don't like about them is where the glass cover is in the lid frame it is hard to clean ! If they would design it better this would help a lot more to get all the grease and grime off ! So i hope the complainees win their case !

  8. Duh! I knew the claims were bogus. But it’s sad that many many people will believe what you tell. When will people understand that a merchant is trying to sell you their product so they will tell you ANYTHING to sell them. Sorry Farron about your experience.

  9. Mine have scratches too and I never put it in the dish washer, always handwash. Maybe don't use any rough sponges? Like literally hand wash it with your bare hands with dish soap?

  10. I was all in for Teflon coated Stainless but that went bad. I've come to the conclusion that good old stainless and cast iron frying pans are best. Great great great grandma had it right all along.

  11. I've submitted a suggestion for a Class Action law suit, against Solar City/Tesla, Farron. I'm still waiting for a response. If they require more detailed information, please have them contact me here. Thank you.

  12. I have a couple pans that I bought the TV pans that they sell at Menards. after two years they work great nothing sticks to them. course I'm not stupid enough to use metal utensils, I let them soak when I'm done cooking and wash'em with a sponge.
    I had one but I left at my moms somebody cut things when they were in the pot and scoured it and it was ruined. A little Common Sense goes a long ways and who the heck believes everything that they advertise. That would be like believing trump. I bought a miracle knife at the 1964 New York World's Fair it's still Sharp it still works great. Why do I get the feeling that at least one of you guys is a lawyer? NHF.

  13. I must have just lucked out, my pans work as advertised. I haven't had anything stick to it and I use it quite a bit. I have had them for almost a year. I was just considering buying more to add to my collection. I do not use a metal spatula on them.

  14. Anyone reading the comments and who cooks: buy Circulon. Way better.

    Also, Scotch Non Scratch for non stick pans will scratch your pan.

    Also, these pans suck ass. If you want to fry anything, they stick. I used a friends pan and the moment I put force on something burned onto the pan with a plastic spatula….SRATCH.

  15. Copper chef pans are the fantastic for making caramel, as long as the pan has never been touched by a metal utensil. Virtually all the caramel pours right out of the pan with nothing left behind. They are nicely non-stick, if the coating is 100% in tact. But they are not at all as resistant to scratching like advertised. I scratched one accidentally with a damn butter knife while sliding around a pad of butter on the pan. When making caramel with my mint condition pan I only use silicone spatulas.

  16. Whoa. I just realized I was dealing with Farron Cousins a few years ago while I worked at a law firm. Nice to see you doing so well Farron. You were behind the scenes then but you are clearly meant to be in front of the camera. Super proud of you.

  17. There’s a corporation that’s been around for decades which not only sells horrible products but also leech off their customers’ bank accounts for years. You place a one time order, and next thing you know you are billed every month with no real way to cancel. The company name Gurthy Wankers (Ranker) Multiple people have reported loosing all their hair after using their miracle shampoo, people have gotten chemical burns on their faces after using their miracle acne crap that by the way does not work at all for most people. And there have been other horror stories.

  18. I am a retired chef and in my home kitchen I have a full inventory of cast iron cookery equipment as well as a full inventory of French Copper cookery equipment. I always tell people to never invest their money in "As Seen On TV" products for obvious reasons.

  19. Carbon Steel and cast iron last forever. Treat them properly (tips on Youtube) and fry at high temperatures and its non stick and lasts for generations.

    pro chefs use copper. Especially in france. But its pure thick copper, properly handmade with a cooking surface of steel, not american toxic crap. Its important because copper transfer heat very well

  20. I use copper pans, old copper pans. They get relined when they need it. These pans belonged to my grandmother. I'm 73, I like sticking with the tried and true. For genuine nonstick, I just add more butter…

  21. My wife has several different brands of these nonstick pans. None of them work, even when you follow the breakin instructions.

  22. Yeah, I got the Gotham Steel Titanium and copper skillet… On very low heat it works ok but it's not really non-stick. Even though the ads state that you never need to use oil it will stick if you don't and sometimes it sticks even if you do.

    I am Darth Burt and I have arisen after passing out drunk in the Catina at Mos Eisley Space Port on Planet Tatooine and found that my drinking buddy Greedo had been assassinated for some reason, Oh well I befriended a few Tusken Raiders and we are going to ride out to the two sunsets on Tatooine on these really cool Banthas that look like doctored up Elephants from Planet Earth! After all, the reason I was drinking with Greedo is he is a Bounty Hunter and Grand Moff Tarkin put a price on my head for out drinking him a year ago at Mos Eisley's then selling him to Jabba the Hut as a Sex Slave where Jabba continued to anal rape him that is why Grand Moff "Wilhuff" Tarkin has been so anal!
    Darth Burt (Wuertenberg)
    Now if y'all will excuse me The Sand People aka Tusken Raiders and I have some important business to attend too … It appears my droid R2D2 was stolen by some Jawas now I must kill them all and reclaim my droid!
    The Dark Master of the Force…Kinda Sorta
    The BURT-TV YouTube Channel.
    Positively Disturbing Television.


  24. The prototype probably works as advertised…However most products are made in China….and China puts profit above everything. China made products are the most cheaply made as possible. That company probably will go bankrupt and take the cash and run.

  25. i got a set of QUALITY, Arcosteel, copper bottom stainless steel saucepans for a wedding gift from my sister-in-law in 1995.
    the 1st of April 2020 marks 25 years married, and the saucepans are still going strong, haven't even had to replace any handles.
    while they were bloody expensive in 1995 (AUD$300+ for a set of 4 plus a steamer), the cost for similar set in 2019 is about the same, and i don't hesitate to recommend them, the value for money over time is superb.

    typing this i just remembered that i bumped into a long lost friend 3 years ago, and she said the arcosteel pasta cooker i gave her for her wedding in 1998 is still used 3 days a week, and was the single most useful present they received.

  26. Rule number one with these skillets and pans is DO NOT use with high heat . I've got a set that's over a year old. So far I've had no problems with them although I do treat them with kid gloves

  27. Well seasoned cast iron is the only way to go. And weird chemicals aren't released into your food. Just don't put tomato sauce in them. And don't put them in the dish washer.

  28. I bought my copper pan a few years ago at the local K-mart. I was so excited because I thought, "This is the nonstick pan of all pans!" Yeah right, the excitement only lasted a few weeks when the food started to stick to the pan 😬😬. Oh, and I did follow the manufacturer's instructions down to a T. It was just a bunch of crap and I wasted $20. Unfortunately, I did not keep the receipts thinking nothing was going to go bad with this pan. I'm still looking for the perfect pan LOL😄

  29. Mine never worked right out of the box.Can't even cook an egg without loosing half of it to the sides due to sticking.And NOW, I have listen to the wife..saying "This is a P.O.S. item that we should have avoided at all costs".I don't even care about a refund .BUT… Will this company re-imburse me for alimony ?

  30. I watched a youtube video where a guy was comparing three of the major brands of these ultra non stick skillets: The copper chef, granite rock, and another. He was testing with actual hard to scrape out recipes that are cooked in real life. Copper chef one did good (not great) until the very last recipe while granite rock aced all the recipes. The last recipe being melted marshmallows. The blackened bottom marshmallow goo slid right out of the granite rock pan while the tester had to somewhat scrape to get the marshmallow goo out of the copper chef pan. That led me to buy the granite rock pan and haven't been disappointed since.

  31. I wanted to sample one of these SO CALLED "NON STICK PANS".
    While in Walgreen's, I found the so called granite pans, about 5 inches.
    I got it home, washed it.
    I grated cheese, then added an egg.
    All I had was one clump of cheese and egg!!!
    The oil in the cheese would have been enough to make ANYTHING slide around!!!!

  32. Also, I think there's a second illegal thing that at least Gotham Steel is doing, which is putting a contract inside the box that states upon opening the box, you cannot sue them for any reason. I remember this since Disney was getting dinged on a similar issue with their DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo packs and Leonard French talked about it.

    Basically, you can't trick the consumer into agreeing to a contract that they would have no way of being able to read prior to agreeing. By putting it in the box and saying 'once you open this box, you agree to this contract', you are setting up a forced agreement that the consumer did not agree to.

  33. I've got 2 of these, never use a metal spatchela, always use an oil with a high smoke point, can't use my regular choice, extra virgin olive oil.
    I NEVER wash them in the sink or dishwasher. Just use kitchen towel to wipe them off.

  34. Ron Popeil and K-Tel lives! Like George Carlon said it, :Nail two pieces that never have been nailed together before and some schmuck will buy it". Or P.T. Barnum's words of one born every minute.

  35. I have one. At first it didn’t stick. Now every time we use it, it sticks. Maybe because we put it in the dishwasher? Idk it was a waste of money.

  36. I am nearly 100% stainless steel. Not just frying pans but everything I use to cook stuff, with the exception of a cast-aluminum griddle I use for pancakes. I do owe you guys a bit of credit because I did have a 8" non-stick coated aluminum frying pan which is the last one I replaced. Thanks.

  37. I got a copper chef pan and it worked great a few times then everything started sticking. I do have 3 scratches on it also. It's now sitting in the back and not being used.

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