Layla Mattress Review | Flippable, Copper-Infused Memory Foam Comfort (2019)

Layla Mattress Review | Flippable, Copper-Infused Memory Foam Comfort (2019)

– Hi, I’m Keith, founder
and general manager of Tuck. The Layla mattress was
one of the first flippable memory foam beds available
to consumers online and has quickly become one of
the more popular online beds. But how does it stack up
to Tuck’s rigorous testing? Keep watching to find out.
(upbeat music) Testing the mattress today, we have our lightweight sleeper, Rachel, our average weight sleeper, Jackson, and our heavyweight sleeper, Isaac. Setting up the Layla
mattress is quite easy. We recommend enlisting a helper because even though the
mattress ships compressed, it’s a bit bulky and heavy for one person. Move the mattress to
its final destination, unbox and unwrap it, and
watch it come to life. Full recovery should happen
within the first few hours. The Layla mattress is a 10-inch
flippable memory foam bed. It features two comfort layers on either side of the support core. The softer side has three inches of 3.5 PCF copper-infused memory foam and two inches of 1.8
PCF convoluted polyfoam. The firmer comfort layer is one inch of 3.5 PCF copper-infused memory foam. The comfort layer is sandwich of 4 1/2 inch two PCF
polyfoam support core. The cover is made from a polyester blend. The feel of a mattress
is largely determined by its firmness and construction. This tends to be fairly uniform
across each mattress type. As a flippable mattress, the
Layla has two firmness options. The soft side is about a
four on the firmness scale, while the firmer side is about a seven on the firmness scale, making it a medium-soft or firm mattress, depending upon which side is up. Like most memory foam mattresses, the Layla is not particularly
responsive or bouncy, though it conforms closely for added pain and pressure relief. And the copper-infused foam
can help with circulation. In the mattress world, support is defined as spinal alignment. In this test, we’ll be
looking at how well each of our sleepers’ spines are kept in alignment when lying on their side. Our testing found the
Layla offers good support for light and average weight sleepers and slightly less so for heavy sleepers. We recommend that heavier sleepers sleep on the firmer side of the
mattress for optimal support. Motion isolation refers to
how well a mattress isolates or absorbs motion. This is important for co-sleepers so you don’t feel your partner’s movements across the surface of the bed. We found the Layla
mattress isolates motion to a significant extent
as shown by the water test performed by Isaac on the mattress. Edge support refers to how
much your mattress holds you up or pushes back against
you while sitting on or sleeping close to the side of the bed. Mattresses with worse edge
support are harder to get in and out of and can leave sleepers with the feeling of roll-off, which is akin to the mattress
ejecting the sleeper. Our testing showed the edge
support on the Layla to be fair, which is typical of
memory foam mattresses. Using our 2D and 3D
pressure mapping tools, we’re able to look at how well mattresses relieve pressure on the body. You’ll notice the scale
goes from blue to green to yellow to red indicating
increasing amounts of pressure pushing back
against each sleeper. When it hits red, there’s
a higher likelihood of reduced blood flow in those specific sections of the body. Our testing found that the Layla mattress offers very good support
for sleepers of all weights. Temperature neutrality refers to whether a mattress
disperses heat from your body, allowing for breathability and airflow. We found that the Layla can trap heat with its higher density foams but no more than your
average memory foam bed. Now, let’s review how the Layla stacked up in our mattress testing. This memory foam mattress rates very good in support for light and
average weight sleepers as well as motion isolation. Support for heavier sleepers is good but significantly better on the
firmer side of the mattress. Edge support is fair, while
pressure relief is very good, and temperature neutrality is good. If you are a heavy weight sleeper, you may find the Layla
lacks the support you need. We recommend this mattress for light and average weight sleepers who like the feeling of memory foam, so, sleeping in rather than on a bed. If you aren’t sure which
firmness you prefer, we recommend this mattress for you as you have two firmness options in one. The Layla mattress comes
with a 120-night sleep trial, so you can test the mattress risk-free to ensure that it’s the right fit. Additionally, the mattress ships for free and comes with a lifetime warranty. For up-to-date pricing and
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