Layla Mattress Review – Flippable Mattress with Copper Inside!!!

Layla Mattress Review – Flippable Mattress with Copper Inside!!!

Layla Mattress Review from Two Moms Review Hey this is Janet and Diana with Two Moms Review where we review all things about a clean home happy kids and good sleep.
If you want to know more about it check us out at Today we are going to do the review for
the Layla mattress. And if you missed our unboxing go click on our Layla
mattress unboxing to see what it looks like when it comes. This mattress reminds me of something from a long time ago which is the McDonald’s commercial. I
don’t know if you if you are old enough to remember this but I remember it has
mcdlt which has the cool side and a hot side and they don’t…like the cool side
of the lettuce in the tomato right? and the hot side with the bun, meat and the
the cheese and they put it together to make a great sandwich. Well the reason why this reminds me of that because it’s is double sided mattress. It has two
sides to it it has the soft side and has a more firm side so you kind of get two
mattresses in one. So it’s flippable – you can choose which one you want, if you
want to use the firm side or the soft side. When you get it when you get the
mattress unwrap it for the first time the soft side is on top and so
that’s the one that you want to sleep on then you’re good to go. If you want to
use the first side what you have to do is unzip the cover, flip the mattress and
unzip the cover back on so the firm side is on the top side. Let’s show em… okay so how’s a little bit of work but I
think it worth it if you want to have the firm side, just to flip it over. The
nice thing I think about that is maybe your preferences change over time if you
want the soft side which I prefer. And I like the harder, the firmer side. Or if your preferences change you know maybe
during a pregnancy or a back injury you might choose one or the other
temporarily just kind of nice to have that option to flip it. And also that I sort of just wanted to mention this cover, it has gel in it to help regulate temperature and it’s the only
cover I know that can completely zips off and you can wash it. But you have to dry clean it. Otherwise you’ll ruin the gel. So my husband and I had
a chance to sleep on this and I gotta say it really was very comfortable. The
biggest thing that I noticed about this mattress was that I didn’t notice
anything about the mattress. When I woke up in the morning there was nothing that
I could think of it felt different it didn’t take any time to get used to it
or ease into it so for me it was just very sleepable. What did Chris think?He felt the same way, I said what did think about it? He goes I
don’t know – I slept well so the other thing that I noticed about this while it
is a memory foam mattress it’s not very memory foamy. That’s not a word. What do you mean? Well memory foam when you put your impression into the mattress your head impression it actually stays there after you
lifted so it takes a few minutes for the memory foam to go back to its original
form and while this is a memory foam it bounces back much more quickly
so for some people who don’t love the memory foam feel they toss and turn and
don’t like that it takes a minute for the memory of them to come back
I think this is a good option for them. Because it does bounce back really quickly. So I liked it for that reason. So the Layla mattress is a 10
inch mattress and a has 4 main layers. The layers of the mattress are
first, at the top, which is the firm side has less memory foam to make it
more firm and so it has a one inch memory foam and then it has a core which is a little more high dense like supportive memory foam and then it has
a two inch of other support foam and then the soft side has 3 inches of memory
foam to make it softer. Next we’re going to talk about the 5 features of the
Layla mattress that you need to be aware of. #1 is the sleep trial it’s
120 days which is plenty of time to see if you like this you can sleep on it for
four months and then see you think. #2 is that there is free shipping both
to you and for returns as well. #3 is this mattress was made
in the USA so it has very high quality components. #4 is a full lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and #5 is the price for a nice mattress with
luxury item mattress, it’s $8.99 for a queen size which is pretty simple
next I want to talk about the edge support really quick it is decent. You do sink down which you always will especially in a foam mattress of any type but I feel like it’s not bad. And as always let’s get back a little bit the weight redistributes and it’s got a
lot of good support there too. So one of the cool things that we wanted to point
out about the Layla’s mattress is that they actually have copper flecks infused
into their memory foam layer. So we wanted to do a little bit of research to
find out what the health benefits of copper was and we found out some interesting things. If you’ve ever been to a place like Walgreens you might have noticed they
have these copper bracelets for sale and they are said to help with inflammation
headaches arthritis and joint pain. The other added benefit with the copper
infused in the layer is that copper actually is a very good conductor of heat that’s why they do this with pans. So they put it in a memory
foam layer to help distribute heat away from your body. One thing that we like to do when reviewing a mattress is to see how much transfer of energy is involved in
the mattress. In other words when our spouse rolls over our kids come and bounce on our bed, how much of that do we feel? And other mattresses like to do demonstrations with bowling balls and glasses of liquid and eggs and things like that but we
like you to test that’s more true to what it’s like really being a mom I would say this mattress is not very
firm even on the firm side. I think it’s medium firm. If you want to really
firm mattress not the mattress for you but if you like medium firm to soft then
you have those options in one mattress and last of all working with Layla so far has been really great. I called them and talked to them on the phone or on
the phone. I talked to the co owner on the phone. Great guys and they’re really easy
to work with and it is a new company but they don’t seem to have any
backorder issues because they are U.S.-based in fact one of the owners
actually grew up in the mattress industry. His dad owned a mattress
company. If you like the idea of the cover increased foam layer along with
the memory foam and you like having the softer and a firmer option, I think the
Layla mattress is a great choice for you. If you have a Layla mattress we’d love
to hear what you think about it. Please comment and if you have any questions
about the Layla mattress in general leave your questions in the comments and we’ll try to answer that for you. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe to see more reviews and thanks for your likes, comments and shares.


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  2. I've seen just about all of your reviews. Great videos by the way!! What would you consider was your overall winning mattress. Thank you!

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    To sum up: if you want a antimicrobial mattress with the benefits of copper and prefer a softer memory foam with no offgassing, Layla is a great fit! Plus, the company is amazing to work with.

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