LBMA Forecasts Higher Gold and Silver prices in 2017

LBMA Forecasts Higher Gold and Silver prices in 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 7th February 2017 and we
are briefly summarising the LBMA ‘s 2017 Gold and Silver Price outlook Report.
The LBMA or London Bullion Market Association is an international trade association, representing
the London market for gold and silver bullion which has a global client base. This includes
the majority of the gold-holding central banks, private sector investors, mining companies,
producers, refiners and fabricators. They have recently published their gold and
silver forecast for 2017 in which its forecast contributors predict that the gold price will
average $1,244/oz in 2017, 5.3% higher than the first half of January 2017, but broadly
in line with the actual average prices in 2016.
The analyst who scooped first prize in the 2016 Forecast, Joni Teves, is the most bullish,
forecasting an average price of $1,350/oz whilst Bernard Dahdah, who claimed first prize
for palladium in the 2016 Survey is the most bearish with his average forecast of $1,110/oz.
We are now quoting directly from the Report: “2017 will certainly be an eventful and
unpredictable year given the high degree of geopolitical uncertainty, with a more nationalistic
US President in residence and the indications that the UK will pursue a hard Brexit in its
negotiations with the EU. There is also the prospect of further uncertainty with elections
to be held later in 2017 in both France and Germany, as well as the potential for tensions
between the US and China. Analysts are predicting that the gold price
will trade in an average range of $1,101/oz to $1,379/oz. Greater uncertainty should prove
positive for gold as could higher inflation, if the new US administration adopts reflationary
policies. On the downside are the anticipated three US rate hikes in 2017, a stronger US
currency and rising stock prices as well as continued weak demand from both China and
India. Analysts are marginally more optimistic about
the prospects for silver prices in 2017. They forecast that the price will increase by 7.1%
to an average of $17.77/oz, with prices expected to trade in an average range of $15.13/oz
to $20.66/oz. On the upside, analysts cite geopolitical uncertainty and a stronger economic
outlook boosting industrial demand (which accounts for more than half of physical consumption);
of new solar plants, especially in China is likely to boost demand from the photovoltaic
industry. Negative influences on the silver price include the potential for higher Fed
rates and yields, the risk of the Trump administration pursuing a damaging trade policy, as well
as potential for a drag on prices given that silver comes into 2017 still burdened with
a relatively large speculative overhang from both the ETF and the futures markets.”
So the LBMA is positive gold and silver and especially silver. Those who have followed
our videos will know that we too predict silver will have a better return in 2017 than gold.
Our calculations differ slightly from the LBMA however, but we will admit that the rest
of this month may indeed see gold and silver prices rise further with gold currently standing
at $1,233 oz and silver at $17.71 oz. $1300 gold and $18 silver is now within short term
reach as paper traders with their technical analysis hats on, are already expecting silver
to rise rapidly to $18.50 and gold to breach the $1300 mark.
We shall be providing our gold and silver price forecast for the year before the end
of February, once all of Trump’s cabinet members are in place and we see the policy
agendas. Meanwhile suffice to say that at present and viewing the short term, there
certainly appears to be a floor now based for silver at $17 an oz and gold at $1200
oz – though quite frankly we do see these levels being breached lower later in the year.
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  1. I was thinking about picking up another 2 ounces of gold, what do you think? I'm trying to figure out how much gold and silver is enough? I have 1000 ounces of silver and just under 2 pounds of gold…….for a single, unmarried man with no children, is that good?

  2. Wouldn't a trade war especially with Mexico be positive for the price of silver? Mexico has one of the largest deposits of silver yet to be unearthed besides maybe Peru. A trade war might just restrict that supply at a low price and increase the demand from different sources for U.S industry. On the record I dont believe a trade war will happen. Mexico cant afford it.

  3. I'm already up TWO WHOLE DOLLARS since Sunday!!! d=O)

    Oh yeah, baby…I'm putting that right on the Bugatti payment… d;o)

    *Link-back applied:

  4. Thanks, again, IS. You take complicated subjects and condense them down to a few minutes of video with truly useful information.

  5. I'm rather hoping for $1100 gold so I can buy more; however I don't think it will dive quite that low. (What do I know…) Generally, when all the analysts, and traders are lined up on one side, I don't like to go there. The hike in inflation presently looks to be food oriented. Crop failures in Europe/UK not good.

  6. Yes I tend to hit these first also. Short to the point and excellent content. I love that it's not pumping – so refreshing still.

  7. Listen. I've been following your channel for a while now, and you've been going against these silver and gold pumpers for some time. But you've now made a few very wrong predictions. Your first wrong prediction with Donald trump's win effect on silver prices, and now this big one was the coming 5-10% drop in silver prices in February.

    To be honest, I bought into your pessimism of silver prices and decided to listen to YOU this time around, rather than the pumpers. And what happened? I just missed out on one of the best buying opportunities in silver in a LONG time. Could have purchased mining shares or equities on the dip – but in your Christmas song you said "YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME" – repeatedly you stated silver was going lower, perhaps to the $15 level.

    I'm quite disillusioned right now – how could you have gotten this so wrong? It's like your channel is the opposite of the pumpers and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    I'm sorry for being rude, but for a hardcore fan of yours this is definitely disappointing.

  8. Get the marbles out of your mouth when you speak and maybe you won't talk so much shite. Silver will more than quadruple this year you ponse.

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