LDO visits Law’s Restaurant & Carolyn’s Cafe in Redlands

LDO visits Law’s Restaurant & Carolyn’s Cafe in Redlands

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best restaurants in the Inland Empire and Southern California for over twenty-seven years. This is my job. This is my passion. Let’s Dine out. (poppy jazz music) Welcome to another delicious edition of the Let’s Find Out show. I’m food critic Allan Borgen. – And I’m Tricia Janzen. – And we’re here to show you
some of the best restaurants in the area. – Okay. I have to warn you guys. If you’re wondering why,
well I’ll speak for myself, I look like I was dragged
behind a cart with a horse for about three miles, is because we did our show
backwards for the first time so it’s a little chaotic. – It’s about a fourteen hour day. – Yeah. It’s about 11:30 at night, and we’ve been eating since
about 9:00 this morning. – But we’re professionals, so we’re here for you. – So we’re a little tired. – Okay. What’s on the menu today Tricia? – On tonight’s show, we
first travel to Riverside for some unexpected and
elevated steak house fair at Law’s Restaurant, then we’re off to nearby
Red lands for some delicious breakfast and lunch
items at Carolyn’s cafe. (poppy jazz music) ♫ My, my, my ♫ Delilah ♫ One told you when to run ♫ You missed the starting gun – [Allan] Every city has its
popular neighborhood hangouts, and Law’s Restaurant in Riverside is definitely one of those. The dimly lit restaurant is
reminiscent of the old diners of the 50’s and 60’s with
comfortable booths, a large bar, and even some pool tables
to entertain you while you enjoy your food and favorite beverage. Under the new ownership
of Michael Huddleston and the addition of the new menu items created by Chef Daniel Hale, Law’s is certainly a restaurant that is deserving of your business. (“Time” by Pink Floyd ) Okay, Tricia. (Tricia laughs) – Yes Allan? – We’re here at Law’s
Restaurant in Riverside. – Yes we are. – [Allan] Now, this is
a restaurant I pass by a million times, and a couple weeks ago we stopped in, and again, this is
another great example of you can’t judge a book by its cover. – [Tricia] Absolutely. – [Allan] On the outside
it looks like eh, nothing, ordinary, nothing to say,
“Eat me, come in and eat me.” – [Tricia] Right. – [Allan] But, boy, once you’re here, and they have a new chef and everything. – Yes. – I’ve heard it’s really come around. I wasn’t here before, but I’ve heard that
they’ve really brought it to a whole different level. – Well, I’ve been coming
here for probably about seven or eight years off and on, and I will say that
the food was not great. It was kind of a place
known, it was price driven. You know, you came for the specials, and people liked to come
here and drink and hang out, but the food, now, we cannot
wait to share it with you. It’s pretty amazing. Pretty special. – Speaking of sharing, let’s get into it. – Okay. We can do it. – [Allan] Okay. First dish. Steamed clams, $13.99. Great appetizer. This is about a one pound,
big giant bowl of clams. It’s sauteed with white wine, lemon juice, garlic, butter, bell peppers, onions. It’s topped with Parmesan
cheese and parsley. It comes with garlic cheese bread. I thought this was delicious. I love clams, I love muscles. This is perfect. Now, I have to say, I love the juices. I mean, this is the kind of stuff, it was garlic y, it was lemony. I want to bathe in it. – Absolutely. – I just want to pour it over me. I mean, obviously wonderful. – [Tricia] Well, you had me at butter. I wish there was more sauce to it. I wanted to really dip my bread in there, and it just wasn’t enough
sauce, in my opinion, but I really liked the flavors. – [Allan] That was excellent. – And I don’t really like clams, so it’s amazing that I
did like the flavors. – [Allan] Nice and tender and so good. – Delicious. Next we had blackened
salmon Greek salad, $14.99. Now, you know I love a salad. I always want to do a salad. This is no exception. They do a really beautiful, I didn’t get how many ounces the salmon. Did you check to see?
– [Allan] I didn’t. No. – It was a nice size. I would say about 6 ounces.
– About 6 ounces. Yeah. – Gosh, we’re so smart. Six ounces, about a fist now,
of beautiful blackened salmon. It’s over mixed greens. Then, there were olives,
cucumber, red onion, tomatoes, and a really beautiful
raspberry vinaigrette. Now, normally I wouldn’t
love a raspberry vinaigrette on a Greek salad, but the flavors all worked. – [Allan] Well, it was
sweet, a little tangy. – Tangy. – [Allan] Plus the feta cheese. Little pieces of feta cheese in there. – [Tricia] Little pieces of feta cheese. Now, my critique on it is I didn’t like the skin on the salmon. They sear the salmon,
it was perfectly cooked, it was delicious, but for me, in a salad, it just was unappetizing to
have the skin on the bottom. I know that you liked it, but I just think, ick. – [Allan] To me, not
only did it add to it, but you’re supposed to eat the skin. It’s got a lot of good stuff in it, and it’s got the flavor profile. It’s crispy, it’s so delicious. – Yeah, and I wanted more feta cheese. I also think a little wedge
of a pita or something to it would have been nice, just
an accompaniment to it. A little pita wedge or something. – Garlic bread. – No, I think a pita wedge. It’s just a Greek salad. Not garlic bread. Anyway, it was very good. Great flavors. – Now, if you like burgers,
you’ve got to get this one. This is called the Island Burger, $11.99. All I can say is, “Wow.” This is about a 7 ounce burger. First of all, it was
juicy, perfectly seasoned, it came with grilled pineapple,
it was sweet and tangy, real ham, slices of real ham,
Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, it was topped with
Teriyaki sauce on a bun, it came with think cut fries. This was extremely, extremely messy, but delicious. I love the interplay
between the smokey ham, I mean it was like
honey-baked ham, I think. – [Tricia] Yeah. – [Allan] That with the
Teriyaki with the pineapple, like I said, this is
extremely messy but delicious. – Well you said, “Real ham,” I’m like, “What, versus fake ham?” – Well, no, versus, you know, a lot of places
I’ve been to it’s like shaved, you know, the processed ham. This is real ham.
– Oh, okay. Like slices of ham?
– Yeah. – You know, this burger,
it’s a 7 ounce Angus patty. – It’s a manly burger. – It’s a manly burger. Ladies, this is not for you. I have to say, it is the messiest burger I have ever seen in my life. I wasn’t gonna touch it
with a ten foot pole. I mean, it was so messy. The flavors were good. You’re right. The caramelization on the pineapple was great with the cheese, but it was a hot mess. – It was over the edge. – It was a hot mess. Next, we had shrimp scampi, $14.99. This was beautiful rendition
of white wine, garlic, butter, cream sauce, with some tomatoes, a little bit of capers in
it, over angel hair pasta with about five to six
large shrimp that they had blackened a little bit
first, they had grilled them. You know, it was delicate but creamy. It had a great flavor to it. It was garlic y, but I loved the brininess of the capers, I love what that brings to the table. – This was lemony, it was garlicy. – [Tricia] It was perfect.
– It was a little creamy. – [Allan] It was perfect. – [Tricia] Great garlic bread. I mean, I have no critique
with it whatsoever. – I’ve got a question. Before we started, you
were kind of wiped out. – Still wiped out. – We’ve eaten a lot today. Are you okay? You’re doing a great job. No, because you’re doing a great job. She’s a real trooper, let me tell you. – Well, I look like I
was drug behind a cart, but yes, I’m great.
– You’re hanging in there. – I’m hanging in there. You know, girls, it’s really
hard to keep your makeup on and your hair looking good
after fourteen hours of eating. – Such promise. – It’s really hard, man. – But she’s doing it. – The struggle is real. – But you’re doing it. – [Tricia] Well, next we
have prime rib, $24.99. This is the king cut. Sixteen ounces of slow roasted prime rib served with au jus, a
little creamy horseradish, a beautiful, loaded baked
potato with sour cream, and butter, and cheese,
and bacon, and chive. We love the chive. It had a fresh broccoli and carrots. When do you go to a restaurant
and do you get fresh produce? It was lovely. You know, this was tender and juicy. It was delicious. – [Allan] Yeah. No complaints. – [Tricia] And a great
price you guys, $24.99. That’s nuts.
– [Allan] Can’t beat it. Next up, the rack of lamb, $32.50. This is half a rack of lamb, about seven dainty chops, I call them. Now, first it’s got honey Dijon
mustard, crushed pistachios, and then it’s baked and
it’s served on a bed of Port Wine Demi Glace, and then it’s got fresh
sauteed spinach with it. Absolutely fantastic. What I liked about it
was, obviously pistachios, but it was a beautiful inside. It was nice and tender, it
was absolutely delicious. If you like lamb chops, it was excellent. – [Tricia] It’s when
you just kind of gnaw. (ravenous gnawing) – [Allan] The rack of lambs
was one of my favorites. – [Tricia] Go to crazy. Me too, it’s one of my absolute favorites. – [Allan] Another item
that I really liked, the top sirloin, it’s
called the baseball cut. This is $17.98. Now, for those of you that don’t know much about a baseball cut, it’s the upper part of a top sirloin so it’s a very delicate piece. A lot of people don’t know about it, but it’s got a lot of flavor, it’s tender, this is ten ounces, it’s char-broiled, and, like I said, what’s really
nice is what it comes with. It’s tempura broccolini, and rice pilaf. I’ve never seen tempura broccolini. – [Tricia] I haven’t either. – [Allan] It was excellent.
– [Tricia] It was really good. – [Allan] The steak was juicy, tender. He really knows how to
do some great things with the steaks here.
– [Tricia] Yeah. – [Allan] Again, from the outside, it didn’t look like a real steakhouse, but this is fine dining,
I mean, at its best. – It really is. I mean, you wouldn’t expect that here, and that’s, again, what
we love about our show is that we find these little hidden gems. I want to say that all of
these entrees that we’re talking about, you can choose two sides, so you can intermix
whatever baked potato, vege. – [Allan] Vege or potato. [Tricia] Whatever you want to do. So good. Last but not least. I’m so tired. Okay. It’s rib-eye steak and lobster. I mean, how can you not
get excited about that? – [Allan] Now, before you get into it, we’re not sure on the price. (Tricia laughs) Yeah. – We have no idea.
– It’s a 16 ounce rib-eye. It could have been $300. We don’t know.
– We don’t know. – It was pretty reasonable. I think it was $24 for the rib-eye. – And then the add-on for the lobster. – And then the market
price for the lobster, it’s about a four or five ounce lobster, they left before. (Tricia laughs) – We’re closing up. We were here with the janitor. – Yes, I don’t know, but it’s well worth it, whatever it is. Go ahead, now that I interrupted you. – Well, I don’t really
know much about it either because we’re tired, but I will tell you that it’s delicious. The lobster was perfectly grilled. – [Allan] It was sweet. – [Tricia] It was sweet
and it had a great flavor. It was seasoned nicely. Sometimes a lobster can just be boiled and it’s just tough. It was tender, it was juicy,
there was tons of butter. I want to say there was an
entire stick of butter on there, which, of course, you
had me at butter, again. I was excited. We had a baked potato again, and an asparagus that was grilled. It had a great flavor.
– [Allan] Very nice. – [Tricia] And I mean, I kept saying, “I cannot have another bite. “I cannot eat another bite.” – That’s all I heard all night. – But, then, I was styling the food. I was dipping it in the butter, and I said, “Well, I gotta
try it. It’s my job.” So I did.
– She’s a trooper. She’s a trooper.
– So I did. – Okay, Tricia, What
were you’re favorites? – Oh, Allan.
– Do you remember them? – It was so long ago.
(Tricia laughs) – Bedtime was my favorite. Okay. I’m gonna say the blackened
salmon Greek salad. You know, I love a salad. It makes me feel healthy. I’m gonna say the shrimp
scampi, surprisingly. I love the flavors in that. And I’m gonna say the
rib-eye steak and lobster because, I mean, why not? It’s lobster. – [Allan] Can’t beat that.
– It is butter. What about you? – [Allan] My favorites
were the island burger, messy, juicy, flavorful, you can’t get any better than that. – [Tricia] Hot mess. and, again, for $11.99 it’s a steal. – [Tricia] Yeah. – [Allan] The shrimp scampi,
again, I really liked that. It was buttery, it was lemony,
it was a lot of garlic, and that’s one thing I
like about this restaurant. – You love garlic. – Yeah, I love garlic.
– Yeah, I can smell it. – It was great, and my third choice, the rack of lamb. I really like lamb, I love
the crushed pistachios, the Dijon mustard really
gave it a little zing to it and it kept the nuts on it. It was just really, really good. All right, Trish, let’s
take a deep breath. We’re almost done. You know, again, Law’s Restaurant, it’s on Indiana and Riverside, a great find, and if you really like good
quality food at great prices, this is where you got to go. – For sure. – What’s next? – Well, we’re gonna go back in time and we’re gonna be looking
a lot better, let me say. In TV land, we’re gonna go
to Carolyn’s Cafe in Redlands to have some really great
breakfast and lunch items and some yummy coffee cake, but we’re gonna look better. I promise. (upbeat guitar music) – [Voiceover] Questions or suggestions for the Let’s Dine Out show, contact Allan or Tricia, or visit LetsDineOutShow.com. (upbeat guitar music) – [Allan] If you’re
looking to start your day with some great breakfast dishes
or some hearty lunch items, then come on down to
Carolyn’s Cafe in Redlands. This large, bustling family
restaurant serves a multitude of delicious dishes that are
plentiful and reasonably priced. Under the vision of new owner Keith Kahn and their friendly staff, Carolyn’s Cafe really tries
hard to make your dining experience a great one, and welcomes all of you to try
their new, larger location. (upbeat guitar music) Well, we’re here in Redlands, and another great restaurant. – Absolutely. You know, Carolyn’s Cafe used
to be in a smaller location. – A lot smaller.
– By the DMV, and, you know, it’s a
great breakfast place and there’s always be a line outside, and even though there’s a line they’d get you in and out quickly, but this is a larger location so you can feel good about coming here. They get you right in and out. – And the service. – This is probably the best service – Oh my gosh. – I’ve seen at any restaurant by far. – By far. – They work together as a team. There’s probably five hundred people that work here, it seems like. I’ve never seen so many
servers and staff here. – [Tricia] Absolutely – [Allan] And they’re all hustling, and they’re friendly. – [Tricia] They genuinely care
and they know their customers and that’s the important thing, so you feel like you’re
visiting in someone’s home. – [Allan] Let’s get right into it. – Alrighty. Okay, crunchy French toast. So this is four half
slices of really thick, crunchy French toast that they topped with corn flake and sliced almonds, so it has this really delicious flavor. You know, the bananas on the top, I forgot to mention the bananas. – [Allan] Sliced bananas.
– Sliced bananas, and about a whole banana’s worth. I mean, it was like, (Tricia laughs) – A lot of bananas.
– Monkey go crazy bananas. – You know, the flavors on
this were absolutely delicious. Now, the first time we came here we got it and it had just whipped cream, and I wanted a little bit of butter. You know I like butter. I have a little love affair with butter. So, for me, I do like a little
bit of the whipped cream because it does look pretty. For TV, we did whipped cream, but I personally just
like it with the butter. It’s salty, it’s crunchy. You know, the nuts add such a nice toasty component to the French toast. The corn flake gives it a crunch, but the nuts give it a nice nutty flavor, and then the banana, I mean, gosh. You know?
– [Allan] That’s funny. I didn’t even taste the almonds. I don’t know why.
– [Tricia] Really? – This was very nice,
however, to me it was dry, and you can put, as it was
the first time we ate here and the second time we ate here, you can put syrup over it and it helps, – Of course you put syrup on it. – But I still would much
rather see a hotter version, almost banana’s foster type, where you get the
bananas, a little butter, and put the syrup with it, and pour it on top. It needed some moisture. To me, the French toast,
it had a crunch to it, but it was too dry for me. – [Tricia] I completely disagree. French toast is meant to
have butter and syrup, and I don’t want a soggy French toast, I want it to be crispy.
– I don’t want it soggy, I just want it a little bit moist. – No. Completely disagree. – Your opinion. – It was fabulous. – Next one is fabulous, now. Chocolate chip combo. This was $11.50. Now, normally, most people
order one gigantic pancake, but, no, we got to do it a little bigger, so we had three of the pancakes. This is a combo, $11.50. This is gigantic. Three of them, fluffy pancakes with a ton of chocolate chips. It came with eggs, a
large slice of smokey ham. I really, really liked the ham. – [Tricia] I agree. – This was fantastic. I love pancakes like this. It was fluffy, it had flavor to it, it had a lot of chocolate to it, and then this was moist,
unlike the first one, but this had a lot of flavor. These were great pancakes, even if you don’t have the
chocolate chip, I think. I’ve had pancakes before like this, and I like those fluffy and gigantic, or one, that’s plenty, really. – Yeah, one is plenty. Now, they do serve it with
a little chocolate drizzle and whipped cream, again. Now, personally for me,
– [Allan] Butter, butter. – [Tricia] I like it just with butter. I thought that the ratio of chocolate to fluffy pancake was perfect, and that the butter gives
it a little saltiness to it so it’s not overly sweet, and, of course, you’re using syrup. – When I was eating this, this was funny, Denny’s came out with
a little thing saying, “Our pancakes are now 3% fluffier,” you know, like a new batter and I’m like, “Why didn’t they just
come here and get theirs?” – I know, their pancakes are fabulous. So good. – [Allan] The next one was a big country style breakfast, $11.25. This is a giant biscuit
topped with a big, nice, spicy sage sausage patty, lots
of country gravy, potatoes, and even more country
gravy and cheese over that. This is a mound of loveliness. (Tricia laughs) – [Trisha] Loveliness. – [Allan] I felt like I was in the mines mining for gold or
whatever they do in mines, or coal I guess, but when you get out you
want to eat something really heavy anyway, this was just really good. I loved the sausage. What’s nice about this,
– [Tricia] I agree. – It had a great kick
to it, I loved the sage, and it just really came out for me. – Good flavor. Usually this is kind of a mixed
bag dish for me where it’s like things piled upon things upon things. – [Allan] And then country
gravy’s really nice, a little peppery. It was really, really good. – [Tricia] And a lot of sausage in it. Very good. Next we had home-style corned
beef hash and eggs, $9.95. Now, they make this scratch-made here. They do their own corned beef, and if you know, corned
beef is a brisket that you brine it for, I think
they do eighteen hours, and then they braise it
for about 5 to 6 hours, and then they shred it, and they serve it with
potatoes and fry it up. What I like about this is
I like that it isn’t like the typical corned beef hash
that you get that kind of looks like dog food, sorry, some places. This has a really
beautiful shredded texture. I loved how they got the
potatoes really crispy, and I asked for it crispy, too, so if you like crispy, definitely ask. What I feel like it needed
was maybe some sauteed onion. I’d love to see them
caramelize some onion, maybe even some bell pepper. I felt like it needed more flavor level. It was good, it was just very basic. – Well, that was my biggest complaint. I love corned beef, don’t get me wrong, I would make it chopped
up, a little easier to eat, number one, and mix with the potatoes,
mixed better and everything. It lacked flavor. The onions, bell peppers
would be great with it, however, I have to say if the
people here want to eat it, then let them serve it. I feel like I have mixed emotions. For me, I’d like them different. I like the corned style, you know, the dog food type, but fresh.
– Ick. – I’ve had it that way, fresh.
– Yeah. – It was all cubed and everything, but I can’t argue. If you’re successful and people like it, that’s the way it should be. – Well, I liked it and
I’m the foodie princess, so what does that have to say? I really think that when
you’re doing something from scratch it’s nice to showcase
that you’re shredding the meat, that it’s not
coming out of a package. – [Allan] It kind of just laid there. – I would just say saute
some onions with it, just add some flavor. – Or get a couple pounds
of the sauce over it. – Yeah, delicious. – That gravy would have been really good. – Yeah, absolutely. – [Allan] Next, smothered
breakfast burrito, $8.95. This is a large burrito
stuffed with chunks of fried potatoes, eggs, sausage, cheese, smothered with something different. Half of it was smothered with
their creamy country gravy. The other half had a
green chili Verde sauce. Now, that had spice to it. – [Tricia] It did. – [Allan] Now, when
you have one by itself, it might be a little overpowering, but when you combine the
softness of the smoothness of the gravy along with the chili Verde, it made for a really, really good sauce. I really liked that. The yin and the yang on this
one really came together. – I agree. It’s almost like when
you have sour cream on a chili Verde burrito and it kind of cools down the chili Verde, cause it’s a little spicy. It’s got a kick, but it definitely has flavor. This is huge. If you have a huge appetite
you’re gonna love this. For me, I wasn’t a fan
of the sausage in it. I would much rather have bacon. – Oh, no, no, no. – I would like bacon, but I liked it. I thought it was good. The flavors were good.
– I thought the sausage really added a lot to it. – Well, that’s your opinion.
– More than bacon. Exactly. – Next, we have southwest
bacon avocado burger, $10.95. Now, you can get your choice
of a side, and we did fries. They’re kind of a batter fry, very crispy. This is more of a patty melt. They’re calling it a burger. I’m gonna call it more of a patty melt. This is a third a pound
of Angus beef patty. It has bacon, really good
avocado, pepper jack cheese, tomato, I think it had pickle
on it, a chipotle mayonnaise, and then it’s served on
this really delicious, I have to slow down cause it’s so good, Parmesan garlicy toast. – [Allan] Parmesan toast. – Yeah, so, that’s what I just said, Parmesan garlicy toast. – I’m still thinking
about the corn beef hash. – So, you know, when I
bit into this I was like that toast is so buttery
and garlicy and cheesy, it was so delicious, the meat itself had a really great flavor. The only critique I really
had is I wanted to have more of the chipotle mayo. I felt like it was a little dry and it needed that extra kick to it, but I loved it. I thought the flavors were really good. – [Allan] Yeah, I agree with that, and they actually made another one – [Tricia] Yes. – Because they heard me
say it needed more sauce, and you’ll see me eating it. Now, this one had a lot of sauce. I would definitely order more sauce to it. – [Tricia] Or get it on the side. – [Allan] And it wasn’t overpowering, but it brought out the south west flavor. – I agree. – That’s what made this
burger, between that and the Parmesan toast.
– Toast, aw my gosh. – It was a very good winner.
– That’s a winner combination, that toast. So good. – [Allan] Next, we had the
steak and eggs, $13.75. Now, this is a New York strip, it’s hand cut here on the premises, it was surprisingly juicy and tender, and I really, really liked it. On the screen it looks a bit overdone, but the first time they served
it to us it was just perfect and that I think they
were just rushed because we had ordered like five hundred items. – Yeah, they’re like, “Get
out of here, chubbies.” – Again, six thousand
people here doing it, so, but no, it was a very nice cut of meat. I was very happy with it. – [Tricia] Yeah. – [Allan] It came with potatoes, eggs, and your side of choice, our choice of, what do you call it, toast, or biscuits and gravy. – [Tricia] Yeah. You could do a pancake,
one of the fluffy pancakes. I mean, that would be like trifecto. – Did they give you breakfast, too? – Yeah.
– A pancake? – Yes.
We’re gonna take it. – Yeah, go for the pancakes. So delicious. – Steak and eggs, ugh. – So good. – Heaven, speaking of heaven. – Okay, last but not least. – Let me shut this over here. – I know, you guys, okay, so we have these two examples here. This coffee cake is like, to me, love. I mean it’s just like the best thing ever, and, of course when you get it, they warm it and the butter
is just oozing down the sides. I mean, just perfection. They also have a new variety. There’s a gluten free variety now, – [Allan] Which I think is very good. – [Tricia] It’s very good. I think it’s nice that they’re catering to people that have a gluten sensitivity. or if you are just
staying away from gluten. My critique for the one,
for the gluten free, is if it doesn’t have a
lot of cinnamon in it, but it still has a great flavor. They’re both so good. The coffee cake is $3.50 and
the gluten free is $4.50. The cost is a little higher to do it, but come for just the coffee cake. Take a pan home. Your whole family will love you forever. – And it’s really funny, when you mentioned Carolyn’s Cafe, the first thing people say – Is the coffee cake.
– Is the coffee cake. – And, you know, I know there’s
a lot of rumors going around about, “Oh, blah, it’s boxed cake.” They tweak it. I mean, they put their love into it, they decide how it wants to be, and I’m a very semi-homemade cook myself, so I can really relate to that. I can take something from
a box and make it fabulous. – [Allan] Yeah, I have no problem with it. – [Tricia] No, it’s fabulous. It really is. I mean, it’s the one reason you
want to come here, for sure. – Okay, speaking of fabulous, what are your three most fabulous dishes? – Well, for sure the coffee cake. I don’t even have to open
my menu to know that. I love the coffee cake. I actually loved the Southwest
bacon avocado burger. I’m calling it a patty melt. So, so good. And I’m gonna say, yeah, I’m gonna say the crunchy French toast. I like the crunch and the banana. – [Allan] Okay, for sure the pancakes. They were spectacular. – [Tricia] They were.
– Very, very good. – [Tricia] Yup. – [Allan] I would say the
southwest bacon burger, but order more of the chipotle meal. You got to have them with that. – [Tricia] Yep. – [Allan] And I would say the
steak and eggs was very good. – [Tricia] Can’t go wrong. – [Allan] Just make sure
the steak is medium rare. (Tricia laughs) – If you like medium rare. – Yeah, well, most people do. (upbeat guitar music) (Allan sighs) – Well, there we have it. Two great restaurants,
Riverside and Redlands, and this show is all
about showing you the best restaurants and some of our favorites, and not only Riverside
in San Bernardino County, – They’re all over.
– But throughout Southern California. – Yeah. – Until next time, food
critic Allan Borgen. – And I’m Tricia Janzen. – Happy eating everybody. (Trisha laughs) I’m grabbing this cause
she took every one. She asked for, “This one’s no good. “Can I have a little more?” She’s got two boxes of this stuff. This is mine. – I love this cake. It makes me happy.
– Eat your heart out. – [Both] Let’s dine out. – [Tricia] We can do a little cheese love. – [Allan] Go ahead.
Cheese love on the eggs. – [Tricia] Can you get it stretching? – [Allan] Yup. Is there any other way, Trish? – [Tricia] I know. – [Allan] Five, four, three, two. Oh, you’re gonna like that one. Okay. You’re out of my stretch limit. (Tricia laughs) – I love cheese. – Is the janitor looking? – I don’t know. – Do they realize it’s
just us and the janitor? – I think they just left us here. – Well, we’re gonna have a little piece, so I’m just gonna have
a little piece, okay? Here.
– No, I can’t. – Laying down. (Allan laughs) (upbeat pop music) – [Voiceover] Closed
captioning provided by Sammy’s Cafe #2, open
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Sammy’s Cafe #2 in Rancho Cucamonga. Let’s Dine Out is made
possible by support from Food for Life Baking
Company, makers of over sixty organic, all natural
sprouted baked goods, as well as gluten free and vegan products. Food for Life Baking
Company, dedicated to better health since 1964. FoodForLife.com. SERVPRO of South Redlands
Yucaipa, providing 24 hour emergency service to any size
residential or commercial emergencies like water,
fire, mold, or storm damage. Professional, insured, and bonded. SERVPRO of South Redlands, Yucaipa. Bratworks gourmet hot dogs in Redlands, contemporary, fast, casual
dining featuring gourmet hot dog and sausage sandwiches, salads, and other culinary creations. Other locations in San Bernardino, and soon to be open in Palm Desert. And viewers like you supporting
local public television. Thank you.

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