Learn how to create the Stone and Leather bracelet set by Fusion Beads

Learn how to create the Stone and Leather bracelet set by Fusion Beads

[Allison] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to create our stone and leather bracelet set. This set includes three
different bracelet designs using leather, metal, and beads. And you can stack them all together or you can also wear them individually for a more simple look. (bright music) To make this bracelet you’re going to need four of the eight millimeter and three of the 12
millimeter twisted hole spacer beads by TierraCast, six of these eight millimeter
lava stone round beads, 14 of the eight millimeter black stone round gemstone beads, and five of these eight millimeter
Bayong round wood beads. You’re also going to need
one of these 22 millimeter, antique silver base metal,
plain magnetic clasps. And then one of these base metal ball chain connector clasps that’ll fit with the 16 inches of the four millimeter black enamel, steel ball chain. And you’re also going to
need one crimp bead cover, two feet of the .5 millimeter, natural, light brown, brown leather cord. And then five feet of the 1.5 millimeter black, brown leather cord, 12 inches of this .8 millimeter black Stretch Magic elastic cord. And then wire cutters,
scissors, and Super New Glue. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. Okay, so we’re gonna start
off and I’m gonna show you how to make the beaded
stretch bracelet here. So to start you want to cut your 12 inch length of stretch cord. And then you wanna do seven
of these black stone beads. And then you have those seven on there, You just wanna add a spacer bead and then three of the lava beads. Another spacer bead and
then five of the wood beads. Okay, and then we’re
just going to do the same as this side here down on the other side. So add your spacer and three lava beads. And then that last spacer and then those last seven black stones. Okay, so once you have
all your beads on there, I’m making mine about
an eight inch length, but you can make yours
whatever length that you need by adding beads or taking some away. So just use your tape
measure, just measure it out. So this is gonna be about eight inches, that’s what I’m looking for. And then to knot it you
just wanna do a square knot. So do one knot and then another knot. Just bring that together and
then down and pull tight. Then I like to do that another time. Another square knot, bring it down. Pull tight, but not too tight. Then one more. Okay, so there you have
your nice knot all secure. And at this point I just like to take a teeny bit of the Super New Glue, just do a teeny little
dab right on the knot. And then let that dry. You just wanna cut the tails of your cord. Okay, so I went ahead and I let the glue dry for about 10 minutes just to kinda set it up. For the strongest hold you’re gonna wanna let it dry for about 24 hours, but I just wanna add the crimp bead cover. And then I’m going to let it dry for the complete 24
hours before you wear it. Okay, so to add the crimp bead cover you just wanna put that
right over the knot. Okay, so the knot’s just right in there, inside that crimp bead cover. And then I’ll just take
some chain nose pliers and just kind of bring
that crimp bead cover, bring those ends together. And that’s just gonna
create a little silver bead to make it look nice and finished there. Okay, so I’m gonna let that dry for another 24 hours for the glue. And that is how you make the
one bracelet from the set with beads and Stretch Magic. Okay, so now I’m gonna
show you how to make the braided magnetic clasp bracelet. So to start you want to cut six 10-inch lengths of the leather. And what you wanna do with those is you just wanna have all the ends, just bring them all
together and line them up. Okay. And you just wanna hold them
in place with your thumb, make sure it’s nice and even. There, all this lined up side by side. Okay, and that’s gonna be
what goes into the clasp here. It’s gonna sit just like that. So what we wanna do is just add a little bit right inside the clasp, just wanna add some of the glue. Okay, then make sure these
are nice and lined up. And you’re just gonna wanna place them right inside there. Okay, and you just wanna set it down. Then I’m just gonna go
ahead and let that dry for about 10 minutes so then
I can start working with it. Okay, so I went ahead and I let the glue set for about 10 minutes. You just wanna kinda give it a good tug, make sure that the leather
cord is in that clasp nicely. Okay, so then from here we’re gonna wanna just braid down about four inches, a little bit less before we add the beads. So it’s gonna be eight
inches with the leather. So you’ll wanna go to
about the halfway mark. So you just wanna separate
into three sections with two pieces of cord in each and you just wanna start braiding down, keeping your tension nice and tight, making sure that the
leather is side by side, not overlapping. And then as you do this, you can kind of pause
and just work it through, kinda stretch it a little bit, so it’s just nice and even. Okay, so let’s see where
we’re at at this point. It looks like it’s a little long so, oh actually it’s not too bad. It’s almost right where it needs to be. Okay, so then at this point you wanna add your three beads. Just hold, hold the braid together with your fingers and then take the other end
here, bring those all together, and you just wanna string bead through all six strings of cord. Okay, and then just bring it down, nice and snug up against your braid. Okay, and then you just want
to separate the cord again. Okay. And then you just wanna continue the braid for another four inches. Okay, see where it’s at now and just kinda run your
fingers through it, make sure it’s nice and even. Okay. So it’s about the same
length on both sides. So now you just wanna hold this end nice and tight with your thumb and fingers. And you wanna line up the
cords right at the ends. And take your scissors
leaving a little bit of room ’cause this little bit of cord on the end is gonna go inside the magnetic clasp. Just wanna cut (snip) all
of those, same length. And bring the clasp, again, few drops of glue inside the clasp. Just add the cord right in there. Push it in, make sure
it’s all in there evenly. And then we’re just gonna
let that whole bracelet set for about 24 hours before wearing it. Now you have the braided magnetic clasp bracelet for your set. Okay, and so next I’m going to show you how to make the leather
and ball chain bracelet with the ball chain connected clasp. So to start you want about
eight and a half inches of your ball chain. And the second piece of ball chain needs to be three of
these ball links less. So you just wanna line them up, just cut it so it’s three
less than the top one there. So then once you have your chain, so you can make it really
any length you want, but just make sure one of the lengths is three of the ball links less than the length of the bracelet you want. So then you take your
two feet of leather cord and you just wanna find the center. So bring the two ends together, just find that center point. So then you take two pieces of ball chain and you want one link on the outside there and then the rest of them are just going to kind of fit in
between each link here. So we’ll start anchoring cord, just gonna take that center
point and then cross. Just wanna keep the tension tight. Cross those cords. And then we’re gonna take one, the cord that’s coming underneath, just gonna bring it up
and between the links, the ball, the ball chain. Just gonna cover the bar part and you just wanna do that
until you’re about three, five times the one end of the cord, making sure your tension
is nice and tight. And then hold that in place, and then you wanna bring the other cord that’s going from the top down and you’re just gonna go between those bar links and zigzag down until you get to the other end. And that’s just gonna create that fun zigzag leather between the ball chain. Okay, so then I just hold that in place, then I start again with that first end of the cord that I was using. And again, just go between, between the balls of the ball chain. Just down three to five, then hold it in place
keeping that tension tight. And then just take the
other cord and zigzag down. Trick here is just to
really take your time and just make sure you keep that leather cord nice and tight. In one end, put that in place and just bring the other end zigzag down. So I’m gonna go ahead and repeat this until I get to the end, keeping it nice and tight, and we’ll be right back. Okay, so now you can see
I’ve made it to the end. So I did that along the whole
two pieces of ball chain. So when you get to the end
you’re gonna have your pieces, they’ll be coming out like this. So you just wanna tie a square knot. So you just wanna bring the ends together. I still like to keep my
tension really tight, so still trying to hold it with one hand and just try and knot it in the one. Okay. Pull tight, but not too tight ’cause you don’t wanna
rip the leather cord. And you just wanna tie a square knot. Okay, so then once that knot
is on there nice and secure, you just wanna take a little
bit of your Super New Glue, dab it right on the knot. You wanna trim the ends
of the leather cord as close as you can to the knot, but not directly on it. Leave a teeny bit of tail. Okay, and then you wanna
just add the connector clasp. So one end, this longer
end of the ball chain here, just place that right there. And you’re just gonna bring this end (click) and then go at the other end there. And so with that knot still drying, we’re gonna go ahead and leave that about 24 hours before
you actually wear it. There you have your leather and your ball chain bracelet for the set. All right, so now you can see
you have the three bracelets for your stone and leather bracelet set. You can wear them all
together for a fun look or you can also just
wear them individually. You can find all of
the tools and materials to make this set at FusionBeads.com. (bright music)


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