Learn how to create the Sunset Crochet Bracelet by Fusion Beads

Learn how to create the Sunset Crochet Bracelet by Fusion Beads

[Katie] Hi, today,
I’m gonna show you how to make this beautiful
sunset crochet bracelet. This bracelet uses our
crochet beaded rope technique and combines size eight seed beads to create this beautiful
beaded bangle bracelet. So, for the supplies
that you’re gonna need to make this bracelet, we’re
gonna use size eight seed beads here and I picked out six colors in kind of a gradiated color scheme. We’ve got a silver lined
alabaster purple plum, a galvanized pink blush, a
silver lined alabaster papaya, a galvanized hot pink, silver lined alabaster light berry
ice, galvanized eggplant, and these are all in the
Miyuki Duracoat colors and so they’re nice and colorfast. We’re also going to be
using a Perle cotton thread and this is the number eight
size in the dark lavender. Our bead crochet hook
is the Tulip number zero and it’s a 1.75 millimeter crochet hook. To get our beads on
our string, we’re gonna be using a twisted steel wire needle here and that has a nice collapsible eye which allows your beads to
get onto your thread easily, and to sew up our bangle once we’ve stitched it all together,
we’re gonna be using some of the Tulip tapestry needles, and I’ve just got a nice
pair of scissors here to cut our thread when we’re all done. Alright, let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, so to start our
sunset crochet bracelet, the first thing you need to do is to string up all your beads. So, on our inspiration
page, you will be able to print out this pattern and you’ll need to string up your beads in this order. So, to read this bead chart, how you wanna read it, this is one continuous bracelet pattern just broken up so it can fit onto the page
and it’s nice and large so you can read it, but down
here, this lower left bead is row one, so this is where
you’re gonna wanna start stringing row one to all
the way up to row 90, and so I’ve already
pre-strung my beads here and you’ll just want to go
ahead and follow this pattern to get all your beads on your string. Remember with bead crochet,
do not cut your thread before or during when you
are stringing up your beads. You want your thread to
remain on your spool. If you need just written instructions, there are also written instructions too where you can follow along and there’s a key to which beads are which. So, go ahead and string
up all of your beads and I’ll meet you right back here. Alright, let’s get started. So, you’ve pre-strung all of your beads and we’re ready to start our
beaded crochet rope bracelet. So, this bracelet is going to
be using a beaded crochet rope of six around, and so
we’ll get started by making a six bead chain to start our bracelet and then we’ll connect it to
start our tubular shape rope. So, you wanna leave about
a six to eight inch, well, maybe an eight to 12 inch tail ’cause we use this to sew
up the bracelet at the end. So, go ahead and leave about
an eight inch to 12 inch tail and then we’re gonna make a slip stitch. So, just wrap the thread
around your fingers and pull up through that loop
to make a little slip stitch. We’re gonna slide our
crochet hook in there and then we’re gonna bring up a few beads and we’ll start by bringing
one bead up to the slip stitch, yarn over your thread,
around your crochet hook, and pull through the loop on the thread and that starts your chain. We’re gonna do that five more times to create a six bead chain. So, pull a bead up, yarn
over, and pull the loop off and we’re just gonna keep on doing that until we have a six bead chain. Okay, there we go, and then we’re gonna connect this by going underneath that first bead that we made the chain with. In this case it’s nice ’cause it’s at a different color, it’s
that bright orange. So, now I have two loops on my hook. I’m gonna pull up another
bead and nestle it in between the two beads there on the hook. I’m gonna yarn over, catch that new yarn, and pull off the other
two and that’s connecting our loop together, and then
we’re just gonna continue on crocheting, so I’m going
under the next bead, pushing that bead back, pulling
a new bead up in between, yarn over, and pulling through. I’m gonna continue to do
that all the way around. So, push under that next
bead, push it towards the back of my crochet
hook, pull a new bead up, yarn over, and pull off the two loops, and we’re just gonna continue to do this around, and if you need a tutorial or a slower start,
you can go and look at our bead crochet technique tutorial. That will show you how to get this started a little bit slower. So, it’ll take about three to four rows before this is starting
to look really tube shape, so keep working your way around until you have about four rows and then it should start to look more like its tube shape. Okay, so you can start to see
it’s kind of coming together and looking a little bit more tubular and we’re gonna go ahead
and continue working on just crocheting all of these beads up. Now, this pattern makes
about a seven inch bangle, but if you need it to be any longer, you can add solid color rows to add in. So, if you added, there’s
six colors in this bracelet, if you added six solid
color rows to this bracelet, it would add about a half an inch. So, if you need a little
bit of a larger bracelet, you can add in solid color rows in all of the solid color spaces
along the way in the bracelet and I’ve noted which rows you can add on the pattern so that if you need a larger bracelet you can do that or if you need a smaller bracelet, you can take out solid
color rows along the way and that shouldn’t change kind of the gradiated pattern
color way in the bracelet. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
keep on crocheting here. Okay, and I’m just gonna
keep on crocheting. You keep on crocheting and we’ll meet back and I’ll show you how to zip it all up to make your nice bangle shape. Okay, so we’ve finished
crocheting our bracelet and we’re ready to make it into a bangle. So, where you ended off you wanna go ahead and cut another eight to 12 inch tail. So, I’m gonna go ahead and use my scissors and just cut the tail, and with your last loop that you have, you’re just gonna pull that tail through and that is going to tighten that up. That’ll create a little
knot there at the end. So, then, we are going to take our tapestry needle and thread our needle onto our beginning end and we’re gonna sew right straight into the middle of the tube on the other side. So, that’ll start the connection
here on the other side. You wanna come down about an inch, a half an inch to an
inch into the bracelet, and I’m gonna take my
tapestry needle off of that side and we’ll move it over to our end where we ended and
we just turned off our knot, and you want to match up your ends. We started with this
orange bead right here and we ended with this
tallest bead over here. So, we just wanna make sure that those are going to come together
and match up here, and just tighten that
and we’re just going to zig-zag stitch back and forth
from one side of the bracelet to the other and that will
sew the ends together. So, I’m gonna start by
going underneath the thread that is on my orange
bead on the beginner side and I’m just gonna put my
needle right under there and tighten that guy up, and
then we’re gonna come over here to not the tallest bead where we ended but the one next to that
so it’s right there, and sew that guy up, and
then we’re just gonna move around the bracelet going back and forth zig-zagging from side to side
stitching up our final end, and you don’t have to pull too tight. You still want the bracelet
to move around a little bit and you don’t want the
beads to be tucked in there. So, just kind of a nice natural tension as
you’re sewing this together, and I just kinda keep
rotating the bracelet so that the bead that I’m
stitching up next is on top, and you’re just catching underneath one side and then as
you’re going underneath on the other side, that is going to flip the bead into its side position so that it matches up with
the one across from it. Okay, and we’ve gone ahead
and sewn up the whole bracelet and now, we’re just
going to sew back through the bracelet this way with our thread here and you just wanna stick
your needle in where you finish sewing and kind of
feel the center of the tube and sew down it until
your needle comes out and just keep stitching down a little bit and that will finish off your thread. Just go in. Okay, and then you can cut that tail off and then on this starting thread I’m just gonna do the same, just sew back down the inside of the tube a little bit further
just to kind of reinforce and bury the thread a little bit more. Cut that final thread
off and you’re all done! You’ve created your
sunset crochet bracelet. Now, we also have created this
bracelet in another color way and this is the sea breeze color bracelet. So, you can use this same pattern and tutorial to make this
in any colors that you want. So, go ahead and play around. You just need six different
colors of seed beads and you can make a fun kind
of gradiated color bracelet. You can find all the supplies to make this bracelet at FusionBeads.com. (upbeat music)


  1. Can you post a link to the close up, slower tutorial. I cannot seem to locate it. Or a zoomed in version of this technique. Thank you!

  2. In reading the stringing chart do I read row 1 left to right and row 2 right to left and so on? T y. I can't wait to start this gorgeous bangle.

  3. I note your comment re adding solid coloured rows to increase for a bracelet. How much would I need to increase for a necklace?

  4. Is there a tip or trick to ensure you are crocheting through the correct bead. I bought the bracelet kit and the spiral pattern went great. When I got to the saw tooth pattern I started over at least 6 times because I did not seem to have 6 in the round in the 2nd and 3 rows. Picking up the same color is definitely more challenging. Thanks for your tutorials – they have helped me quite a bit.

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