Learn how to make the Lava Diffuser Bracelet | Fusion Beads

Learn how to make the Lava Diffuser Bracelet | Fusion Beads

– [Allie] Hi,
welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to create our Lava Diffuser Bracelet. This bracelet is made
using lava beads, and mixed gemstone beads on stretchy cord. The really cool thing
about using lava beads in your design is being
able to benefit from aromatherapy on the go. These lava beads are
porous and will absorb any essential oils you wanna use. To make this bracelet,
you’re gonna need seven eight millimeter mixed
round gemstone beads, 14 eight millimeter lava stone beads, a 13 millimeter antique
silver, lotus puffed coin bead, a 16 millimeter antique
silver lotus guru bead. You’re gonna need a four
millimeter round, seamless bead, a four millimeter sterling
silver crimp bead cover, a two by two crimp bead,
your .8 millimeter diameter black, Stretch Magic
elastic cord, a 21 gauge, two inch head pin, your bead stopper, your round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, cutters and scissors. You’re also gonna use whichever
essential oil you choose. You can find all of these product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. To make this lava diffuser
bracelet, you first wanna cut a 10 inch length
of your Stretch Magic. Now before you start
stringing, you wanna take your lotus bead, and your
21 gauge, two inch head pin, and slide that on; and
you just wanna create a simple loop. You just wanna take
your chain nose pliers, bend at a 90 degree angle. Take your cutters, about
three eighth of an inch. And then with round nose pliers, you just grasp the end of
that wire, make a loop. Just like that. So now you just wanna
attach this simple loop to the guru bead. Just make sure… Open that up with chain nose pliers, attach it… Just open that up a little bit more. Attach it to that loop. Okay, so now you’ll
have just a bead dangle, and you’re able to string this guru bead onto your Stretch Magic. So we’re just gonna set that aside. And to start, you just
wanna take your bead stopper and put it on the end, to make sure no beads fall
off while you’re stringing, and you wanna string seven gemstone beads. And these are just a
mix of gemstone beads. You can use any beads, or any different gemstones you prefer. I like the mix because it gives a lot of different colors in your piece. So you’re gonna do seven of those, and you’re gonna add four millimeter metal bead, and then seven of the lava beads. Okay, and then this is where you wanna add your guru bead, and then seven more lava beads. Okay, once you’re done with that you just wanna take off the bead stopper, and you’re gonna take your crimp bead. You’re gonna string both ends of that Stretch Magic through. Bring it down to your bead work. Just like that. Now you just wanna take
your chain nose pliers, and you wanna squish your crimp bead, nice and flat. Okay? So then you just cut off the tails. Let’s use scissors. And then to cover up that crimp bead so it looks just like this
four millimeter bead over here, you just take your four
millimeter crimp bead cover, just place it over. Place that crimp bead inside. Take your chain nose pliers;
just kind of crimp that til both ends come together, and just
forms a nice little four millimeter bead, just
like the other side there. So to make this your
lava diffuser bracelet, you just wanna place a few
drops of your essential oils onto just a couple of
these lava beads here. I’m using lavender, and
lavender is known to be calming and can be used for stress relief. So it’s always a really good one to use. So you just take your essential oil, kinda just get a few drops onto just a couple of your lava beads. You wanna wait a few minutes
for the oils to absorb into the beads before you put them on. And the scent should last for a few days, and then you can re-apply
your oils as needed once it starts to fade. This Lava Diffuser Bracelet
is trendy and unique, allowing you to carry the
benefits of aromatherapy wherever you go. You can find all the products
and tools for this bracelet at fusionbeads.com. (upbeat music)


  1. Really loved this video! It would almost work very well in one of my blogs I have. Message me if you would like me to link your url

  2. Wow! I love this bracelet I love how you did the tutorial, you're very good at teaching. I subscribed to your channel for more great tips and tricks in jewelry making and crafting. I hope you will check out my channel and subscribe if you feel so inclined, have a blessed day ,thank you!

  3. Have you had issues with the lava beads cutting the elastic? I have made a few of these and have moved between the plastic based elastic, to a material elastic and then on to hemp with an elastic part. These are for Mala Beads and are handled quite often. After about a month of use, the beads have been cutting through the material. What advice do you have to prevent this?

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