Learning How to Make Jewelry w/ Mr. Kate (Beauty Trippin)

Learning How to Make Jewelry w/ Mr. Kate (Beauty Trippin)

You know how you’re like, I just think about what I would wear. I’m like yeah. Me too. I’m like what would Mr.Kate wear That’s what I want to wear, same girl same Here we go, Lil it’s been too long. Im so excited. I mean not like i see you every day, but What’s the clue Hashtag Creative weirdos stop the car. What does that mean? Anyone who knows anything about our dear friend Mr.Kate knows that she owned that hashtag are we gonna go hang out with her? Sometimes we will have to do something more than that’s what we gonna DIY ( do it yourself ) guys if you don’t know Mr.Kate is like the DIY / decorating / Jewelry Have you seen my apartment? I just opened my eyes to see like all of my dreams come true at fun fact I was actually a fangirl like a total fangirl for her before we ever had her on Beauty Break right then I think she’s the person Who’s come on the most times? I think like on Clevver Style like I feel like she is an honorary like Clevver Style employee. Hope the whole games there. I hope we get to see Joey and Brad And all the people. I love them so much. LETSGO Its pink. Its so cute I feel like i’m home Hit me in the face We’re here This is the best thing ever! Welcome to Mr. Kate’s studio We are in Pinterest, Yeah welcome to pinterest. How does it smell? Here at pinterest Like pumpkin spice. Really? Oh good okay Wait so what are we doing today? Im going to teach you guys how to make jewelry What? Yes Like Mr. Kate jewelry. Mr. Kate Jewlery I make it out of wax Is it edible? So weird It is not edible, actually I’ve never tried..GREAT lets do that. Maybe today we’ll try maybe it’s like corn in it I dont know if you should do that! Okay Oh my Gosh. What is this magicness Its the swargish board of jewelry making this is the whole process I laid it out for you guys from sketch to Wax to mold to finish, I know you have a jewelry line, but like you’re like What is that? I’m not to squirt for you made that I may not yes. I made the original one That’s actually one that came out of the mold, but the original pieces I like to make as many of them as possible some of them We will do in cat or a computer program okay for the majority of our pieces I do hand carve them Okay, know it starts with an idea that we get we as in me And have many personality Which are more creative than us no no no so basically I I just think of things that I would want to wear and I think about then The sketching part is more of the movement of the way that they’re gonna technically work together The form of a weak piece where the chains are gonna connect etc so that then I’m informed by the more technical side of things When I go to make the wax right yeah, right, right? It looks like something like I don’t know like the spindle from Sleeping Beauty Yeah, I know. It’s smoking you guys see the smoke rising. It is a wax Carver so I learned how to do all of this in college. I took metal smithing classes like as an Okay, let’s it interact with the wax, so these are waxes that I never cast into metal obviously. This is a Mess up. I said another the earrings that I am now wearing Yeah, it doesn’t all work out But it really is a creative process of the wax also dictating the design You know like I can have an idea I could sketch it out, but then the wax doesn’t always behave in the exact way But sometimes it’s a happy Do you trust the way I trust you talk to them with the wax do you guys want to like make them? So there’s two different kinds of wax I know This this is soft wax as a sheet wax, so it usually comes in sheets and sheets I usually design jewelry in front of the TV while watching and you know that’s all great artists like Real Housewives You never know when inspiration is going to yeah exactly These are just little wax wires basically, but you could use this to make a ring band. I just warm it up over up candles liable yeah I’m just telling you guys all the options so that then you can creatively just bar their way or to create What is the piece that you’re most proud of that you’ve ever made where you’re like whoa I did that I am really proud of these that are gonna be coming out next year sometime Yeah, so these are just all the astrological signs look at this mermaid. That’s for Pisces This is people were all over the fish for me, and I like mermaids better – people yeah Once you have the wax then you would take it and you would attach Truth to it so that this is a piece that has screws attached so screw. Oh, I used to like visiting That’s like this exactly exactly so the screw then Becomes the funnel for the metal to move up so this is the part that happens in a lab And we don’t have the lab here okay in our minds if their lab is and downtown LA so this brew then attaches to a base that and then you pour a it’s called an investment so a Plaster goes inside a tube so you basically create a plaster mold around them And then you’ll cook it like in a kiln Or if you would pottery so then the investment the plaster becomes hard and the wax melts out So then there’s a negative cavity in the tube and the negative cavity With this little funnel is where you then shoot the molten metal into it, so it’s it’s a very Hashtag sign yeah, then once that’s done you have you you take the plaster. You dissolve it in water and outcomes oh So this is the cap sheet that obviously also has now a metal screw attack Okay, so then you have to clip this off And then you’ll still have an oven and that’s me file away at it pullin up well nothin I have one Do you just repeat that okay? Yes good question you will you oh my gosh? We’re at school you’re learning you That’s a very very upper class so if I go. Oh, I like how this bracelet turned out I want to make more of them. Let’s mold it so that’s what these are these are rubber molds you can get up to a Thousand pieces just right in front of mold no and then obviously you have to originally want to keep the original Because when you mold something at shrink that Center site No, I’m so you have so much knowledge To cut a shape using the blade guys, and this was very creative prizes I am NOT going to I just didn’t cover, and we go I do ring do rings oh Sorry the magnate talking. Ya feelin. Let me go with it. We please yeah oh I love that Lily we don’t need to actually Thought about the technicalities of this this engineering yeah, this is very high level right here And if you need to hire a new jewelry no, but you have absolutely You’re gonna come over and watch TV. And me okay? Don’t worry party. I’m so impressed with you guys, so these are Your now Wow feel pretty you not all like her future. Yeah. Yeah, no, I don’t want even ask Thank you for you, so that would get cast into metal and then you know we go through the whole process and then set off you would have some ring Maybe you status down in it these are No and you can wear like five at a time like you have that’s Until it looks like they were all just one because all the stones fit together here. These are uh Oh, my gosh like oh my goodness. It’s like Those are the party animal ring stop? Don’t stop no. Yeah This is so cute. Okay, so that’s all profit I really wish I could send you home with the rings that you guys mean I’m sorry that I don’t have my molten metal laughs acting yet. Gold guys But I do have a whole room just right around the corner full of art jewelry Oh my Pillar this is like my fantasy. This is like a room of a desert. Yeah, full. Oh my god. Oh my god oh oh Yeah, all this stuff is gonna be on sale during the Black Friday all whatever stars at midnight tonight tonight funk Thanksgiving in its crew Yes through Monday through Cyber Monday all weekend but you gotta get in early you want to get to something cuz I mean it we it’s our biggest sale of the year and It’s up to 90 percent off. So it’s free essentially. Yeah, basically all right oh Yeah, that we you challenge right now. Okay? I agree. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Oh here you want it wait You didn’t get one of these Are you have in my apartment – I feel like I have a show, but she is my favorite 100% look how beautiful yes, I love every single piece and now that we’re jewelry designer Also most likely we’re gonna be like probably just getting tons of offers have to do joy anything I know she’s so glad she gets like a little glass of it You know she can sell for Do you think after we leave people are like oh good to know? there’s no one else out there capable quarter in market and also I’m Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you, and you and give you and you and mr.. Cake all of you Thanks for watching you guys have a great weekend and before you go click to love to see our brand new show called dude view this episodes all about guys guessing who the Kardashians are or click to the right to see us get our faces shaved because that is the thing


  1. i totally didnt know what to get my mom and sister for christmas but clevver never lets me down!!!! totally black friday shopping on mr.kate!!!

  2. petition for the clues to be the titles of the videos πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  3. I'm actually so excited rn because I'm a jeweller and wax carving and casting is my line πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜

  4. joslyn is almost 40 now and it starts to really show. when you think about that, it becomes kind of sad to watch her act so clueless, silly and quite frankly stupid. the woman has no family, no children and she acts like a prepubescent girl on the internet. just sad…

  5. I've been taking a metal jewelry making class this semester go get my art gened and I am shocked I understood every word she said yusssss

  6. I love all 3 girls πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—but I would've liked if they showed the actual things ,materials and how it's made …..😐😐😐
    If this was a chatting vlog coolπŸ‘

  7. This was a great promo for mr kates website, i just ordered a ring because it was $10 and it doesn’t even fit my finger I just though it was too cute and such a good deal. Probably gunna wear it on a chain as a necklace

  8. I love that Mr. Kate is actually explaining it correctly using the correct terms. I have seen people do metal casting and not use the correct terms (sprue, investment, etc) and it drives me crazy (I also took metal casting class in college).Β  It doesn't help people learn anything if you don't use the correct terms – so great job Mr. Kate!

  9. Gabriel Tzukishiro one giant ad….. kinda wanted to see lily and jos get involved in creating. Instead of promoting products. No offensive.
    Thumbs down on this one. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

  10. Ya'll literally left with like almost 300 dollars each worth of jewelry on your necks… You go Mr.Kate! All the pieces in the shop look amazing, Great collection.

  11. Damn!!!!!!! I wish very badly I would've seen this in time for the sale!!!!!!!! I've been dying to get a few Mr. Kate pieces, & the sale would've allowed that to happen sooner! Also I would definitely buy jos' ring design too. I know they're not your own designs, but I think it would be a great idea to produce both her's & lily's! I just personally wouldn't wear lily's because its not my style. Or if you made one like jos' with little ivy leaves on it omfg I would die even more!!!!!!!!

  12. I love how lily looks so confused and in wonder throughout the whole time whereas Jocelyn seems to be completely in tune with what mr Kate is saying

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  14. joslyn gets on my nerve. she’s always in someone’s business and the way she speaks is annoying. β€œazzezories” and always asking if something is edible. πŸ™„

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