Leather Cord & Brass Tube Bracelet | Making Jewelry

Hi. I’m Tam and I’m going to show you how to make
another fun wrap bracelet with blue wax cord and these brass tubes and these cool dangles
that I found at the bead store. I have a yard of wax cord. And basically, this is another organic project,
meaning there’s no exact dimensions that you need to measure every few seconds. First I’m going to do a button closure. Here I’m going to put the button on first
so I’m going to make a knot at the end as a stopper for the button and then the bead
here and then I’m just going to knot and that will be the closure. These are fun if you make a bunch of them. Like a bunch of different colored cords and
then you can stack them all together. That’s always a very popular look in the summertime
with lots and lots of bracelets. It appeals to everybody. I’m going to put the tube on and these are
curved, you can buy these curved or flat. I’m thinking this is more of a bracelet so
that is why I got the curved ones. Then all you do is knot wherever you’d like,
put the tube on. With the tubes you should knot them securely
because you don’t want them moving around because they’re curved. It doesn’t have to be super tight or anything. Then I will throw on a dangle every once in
a while. These summer bracelets are just sort of fun. If you go to any store, beading store and
just pick up a bunch of things that you like. That’s basically how I go about doing this,
and then make a lot of them for the summertime. They are fun to take to the beach or make
them on the beach and give them away to friends when you visit them. In the summer, everyone is very casual. Usually I try to go with blue if I’m going
to make gifts because everyone likes blue is what I sort of find. It’s the most popular color. Here I’m going to put two dangles in the opposite
direction so they look like that, which is kind of fun. I’m going to make a knot so that these stay. Maybe I’ll put on some more because they look
cool like that. See they look kind of interesting like that. Opposite direction. Make them tight so they don’t move so much. So far you’ve got this cool bracelet with
lots of different elements. If your cord starts to fray all you have to
do is trim it at an angle so that you have a sharp edge again. A pointy edge like that. Then you can fit it on your wrist and see
how it’s going to look. This looks kind of cool. I think I’ll do another segment like that. Usually for a wrap I allow seven inches and
then you just multiply that by how many times you want it to wrap. Seven inches is usually the normal size for
a woman’s wrist. I’m going to go to about here and I’m going
to eyeball that and I’m going to add on one more thing. \ For a man I would allow seven and a half inches
around the wrist per time around the wrist. Also you have to consider you’re going to
wear something lower on the wrist which is smaller because a lot of people like stack
them now above their watch so if you were going to wear up here you have to allow for
that as well. I’m going to show you here how to do two different
knots so that you can adjust. I just loop over, I’m going to make it a little
bit longer because I’m going to do two adjustable closures. I’m going to make a knot, and then you’re
going to make another knot because that’s going to give you two different options where
you want to close it. So you can close it here or here. Then trim this. I also have this loop option if I want to
wear it higher up where it’s a little bit bigger. So, that’s basically it.

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