Leather Wrap Bracelet Featuring Toho AIKO Beads and Peyote!

Leather Wrap Bracelet Featuring Toho AIKO Beads and Peyote!

Hi, everyone Leah here from Eureka
CrystalBeads.com with another helpful beading video for you before I get
started just a quick reminder to go check out the rest of our channel and if
you like what you see hit the subscribe button and notification bell and you’ll
always know one we’re posting new content so today what I’m gonna be
showing you is another fun variation of the wrap bracelets so if you recall from
previous videos there were two other wrap bracelets with the leather that
I’ve done videos on we had sort of the pretty simple one that showcased our
four millimeter Czech fire polish mixes and then I did another one that
showcased some seed beads as well as the fun Czech two hole beads like superDuos
and you know and the tiles and then some cool button beads so this is gonna be
another fun type of wrap bracelet for you to see this one is gonna be a little
bit more involved what I’m gonna be utilizing today are some a color palette
that we made using the TOHO AIKO beads and we’re also going to have a really
fun flat peyote accent bead as well but that’s gonna be a little later in the
video so first I’m gonna show you how to get the bracelet started so to give you
a close-up of what I have here I have some colors of TOHO AIKOs and we have
together these beautifully coordinated mixes up on the website of TOHO AIKOs
this is the mix that I made called sand dune and it’s a lovely mix of sort of
blues and and bronzy golds and browns and really pretty and then I have a
tierracast button of course because I just love using them and then I have a 1
millimeter sized piece of leather cord and it’s in sort of like a nice
dark bronzy gold color so we’re gonna start by sliding this through our button
here make your two ends meet just like that we’re gonna slide this to the end
and as far as how much you need figure you want it to there to be enough for
you to go around around your wrist plus a little extra because it’s going to be
a little bit wider and we also want to have some cord at
the end so we can do just like we did here and we can have several knots so
that way it can be adjustable so better to overestimate than underestimate and
you can also make this as long as you’d like if you want it to wrap around your
wrist three or four times you can just make this extra long but I’m just gonna
do one that goes around about once so now that I have my button on there I’m
gonna tie this in a knot and get that knot nice and close to that button I’m
just gonna shift it up there and if it’s not exactly up close or an exactly
perfect looking knot that’s okay that’s sort of the the beauty of this sort of
technique it has that sort of more organic feel to it so you know my knot
doesn’t look perfect but you know that’s alright again I don’t really mind in a
sort of a project and the rest of the work on the bracelet is gonna be much
more precise so it’ll actually be sort of a nice contrast so one of the reasons
why I love all of the bracelets that they’re doing with the leather cord
nowadays because they’re really using some beautiful contrasting pieces like
crystal with the leather or these beautiful very precise seed beads with
the leather and it’s just such a nice contrast so now what I’m gonna do is
take a piece of fire line so this is 6-pound fire line I’ve threaded it on to
a size twelve needle a size 10 needle would work fine too I’m just I’m a size
12 kind of a girl and I’ve pulled a tail and I’ve waxed it and the reason that I
like waxing for this particular project is because I’m hoping that this amount
of fire line will take me through the whole thing we’ll see won’t we but it
allows me to pull a nice long tail and then the tail will stick to the rest of
the working thread and this allows me to work with a longer piece of fire line so
I’m gonna start by taking the very end of the fire line and I’m gonna tie it
right here right up at that knot as close as I can get it and as you’re
making the knot if it’s not super close that’s fine you can slide it up a bit
once you have it tied and you’re just gonna do a nice square
knot so if you’re not familiar with a square knot it’s like a double knot but
the second knots backwards so it’s right over left and then left over right and
I’m leaving a tail on this fire line that’s long enough that I can actually
weave it in later because I don’t want to rely on just that knot to hold this
all together so later on what I’ll do is this tail will get a needle on it and
I’ll just weave it through some of the beads so that way it can be a little
extra secure and I’m not cutting it off right at the knot so my fire line is a
little bit further away but that’s alright because I can just slide it
right up and that’s no big deal just like that so now it’s nice and
up-close all right so now the rest of the technique for this part of the video
is gonna be very similar to a loom bracelet which is where we’re gonna be
going over and under with what’s essentially our weft thread and the two
cords here are like our warp thread so I’m gonna start I’m gonna get caught
that’s what I did you I’m gonna start by picking up some AIKOs and you can sort
of play with your own pattern here we’re gonna have row after row after row of
the AIKOs and you can make this also as wide as you’d like I’m probably gonna do
about maybe four beads wide and you can play with the pattern you can do solid
rows you can do rows that have you know random other color speckled and it’s
it’s totally your call I’m probably just gonna go a little nuts and just kind of
wing it so this first row I’ll just pick up a solid color to get started so I’m
gonna slide my AIKOs down you can use delicas for this as well we’re just
really wanting to show off the beautiful new AIKO mixes that we have because this
really works out perfectly for them you get five coordinated colors that I’ve
put together and they just sort of well one-shot you have a beautiful project no
matter what you make with it you know actually I’m gonna start with two
because I’m gonna graduate up to four so let me take off those last two there I
meant to pick up just the two to start with
all right so right now my weft thread which is my fire line is going
underneath the warp threads which is my leather you bring this nice and close
for you so you can see just like that so my fire line is actually underneath the
two pieces of leather and now my needle is going to go back through those Eiko’s
but with the leather behind it so now my needle and therefore my thread is gonna
be in front of the warp threads or my leather and I’m just gonna hold it right
in place with my fingers and we’ve now secured our beads in place here and now
the same thing is gonna happen I have my my fire line behind my pieces of leather
I’m gonna pick up another two beads then I’ll move to three beads and then I’ll
be at my four I’m gonna move my two beads down get that little tail out of
the way once you’ve gotten maybe an inch of bead work or so you can go ahead and
weave that tail in if it gets too annoying okay now we’re gonna go back
through those two AIKOs but now we’re in front of the leather and again I just
kind of pinch it between my fingertips to keep everything in place give it a
nice tug and you can see how they start to sit in line nicely and even that
first row now is a little bit more straightened up so again I’m going
behind the leather I’ll pick up maybe three beads now maybe
I’ll start in with another color I’ll do a row of this next sort of Iris-y brown
color bring this all the way down and remember my my weft thread or my
fire line here is behind the leather currently and now I’m going to go back
through those AIKOs only now I’m in front again before I pull my needle all
the way through I like to pinch it with my fingertips that way nothing moves as
I pull everything through and if you have to gently nudge the beads up a
little bit that’s fine just like we had nudged that knot up at the beginning we
can nudge the beads up a little bit too so that’s what we got here alright so what I’m gonna do now is
we’re gonna take a quick break I’m gonna work up a little bit more of this and I
will have you guys join me back in a minute when we’re ready to talk about
our next fun little part which is the peyote beaded bead see you in a minute
okay so I’m gonna show you what I have so far which is this and all I did was I
just kind of picked the little random patterns to do so I have some that are
little just solid lines I have some where I did little diagonal stripes
running through them you can have fun with it and you can also plan it out on
a piece of graph paper if you don’t want to just kind of wing it like I did but
what I’ve done here though is I did taper back down to a few rows of three
beads and then some rows of two beads so this way we can add our next element
which is what I’m gonna show you how to make now so this is what it looks like
almost finished but I’m going to show you how we start it and then we’ll
bounce back to this one to finish it up so if you’ve never done flat peyote
before that’s all this is so for those who have done flat peyote before this is
just even count flat peyote it’s ten beads across and it’s ten beads up the
side if you want to count up that way or it’s 20 rows total up all I did was just
kind of a nice little color shift with those same five colors of the Toho
AIKOs and for those who don’t know how to do this I’m gonna show you how you
get this started so I have a nice short little piece of fireline here just
because I’m just doing this as a sample so I’m gonna pick up my ten delicas here and it is important to have an even
number for this it is even count flat peyote so you always want to
double-check yep that’s ten I’m gonna bring it to
within a few inches of the end of my thread and we just have that nice little
line of seed beads right there so the way that we start the peyote is we pick
up a new bead which is gonna start the next row we skip over the last bead that
we picked up and we go in and out of the bead before it just like that and when
you pull this through the bead that we just picked up will sit on top of the
bead that we skipped over which was the bead at the end which was the tenth bead
that we had picked up and so now we’re gonna do that again we’re going to pick
up a new bead we’re gonna skip over the next bead and go into the bead after
that so another way to look at it is if your thread is exiting out of bead
A you’re skipping over bead B and going into bead C that one just like that
okay and you pull this through and again the bead we picked up will sit
on top of the bead that we skipped over let’s get a better shot there just like
that there we go and see you then you just continue down the row of beads pick
up a bead skip a bead go through that’s sort of the little mantra you want to
say in your head pick up a bead skip a bead go through and I did at one point
drop a bead off of here because I have one less I did I must have lost- oh here it
is right at the end let me get that back up there the very last bead that we’re
adding pick up a bead skip a bead go through so in this case the bead that
we’re going through is the bead at the very very end give it a nice little tug
and you’ll see that this is the start of our peyote just like that and then to
start the next row I like to just pinch it between my fingertips and I like to
always turn my work so my needle is always pointing away from me
I’ll pick up another color for this row pick up a bead skip a bead go through
and in this case it’s so much easier because you’re just going through all
the popped up beads or up beads as they’re sometimes called let me show you again just like that okay you can see where my thread’s
exiting you can see I’ve picked up a bead and I’ve gone into the next up bead
after that first row of peyote it makes it a lot easier to know where you’re
going and we do have another video on how to do peyote as well but it’s pretty
much the same info you’re gonna get right here so it’s probably not too
necessary to go watch it but you certainly can so then that is the next
row down so basically all you do is you keep working up your rows and whatever
pattern you like you could do a solid color you could just mix some of your
beads together and just pick up a random mix or you could work out a pattern they
do have peyote graph paper which is different than regular graph paper
because it’s not a perfect grid it has the actual the little empty cells are
are staggered just like peyote is and if you could just go to Google and just
type in free peyote graph paper you’ll find printables and you can always play
with some colored pencils and and come up with a cute little pattern so this is
what it creates and this whole thing which is going to now get sewn into a
tube and I’m going to show you how to do that this took about a foot and a half
of fireline so the neat thing about peyote is it can zipper together by
zigzagging through all of those up beads the up beads on the row I just finished
and the up beads at the beginning now if you find that the your up beads and
lower beads don’t match up it means you have to go back and back across one more
time to create the the alternating beads that you need to do this so basically
what you want to see is if you look here I have a little lowered space right at
the end here and then I have an up bead down here that’s that is where it’s
gonna fit into and the same thing down here I have a little empty space right
in that corner and I have an upbeat right here in this corner that’s gonna
fit into it and if you see you have two empty spaces opposite each other like
that it means you have to do one more row so all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go
into the up bead on the opposite side as the side my
thread is coming out of and then I’m going to go back and do go through the
next up bead back on the first side and don’t worry about pulling it all super
tight you can do that once you’ve gone all the way through and you’re just
gonna keep going back and forth diagonally through your up beads and
I’ll give you a nice good close-up where you can see the thread path as well to
give you another idea of what it should look like you can even go through both
of the up beads sometimes at the same time but okay almost done just this up bead and
now the up bead back at the very beginning okay let me see if I can show
you that thread path before I pull it tight let’s see if we can get a nice
good view know if you’ll be able to see that but anyways it becomes seamless
nice and seamless and then I’m gonna give it a nice good pull and we have a
completely solid tube that is completely seamless and what I did was I did sort
of a light to dark or rather a brown to turquoise color shift for my tube so
that way as it turns on the bracelet it’ll kind of keep shifting colors which
I really really like so now to finish this up all I have to do is weave out
this thread so I’m going to weave through some of the beads and I’m going
to tie some half hitch knots so along the way so that way we can make sure that
it’s nice and secure you can also go back through or across the same seam
that you just sewed shut as well and I’ll show you how to do a half hitch if
you don’t know how to do a half hitch so all I’m gonna do to do half hitch knot
is I’m gonna dig my needle underneath a stitch of thread where my working thread
is exiting my beadwork just like that there we go and when you pull almost all
the way through you get a little loop of thread here and you just go through that
loop and when you pull it down that ties a knot into place so now you can weave
through some more beads and then you can tie another knot and then weave through
some more beads and then you can tie another knot just so that way you can
make sure that this is nice and secure because the last thing you want to do is
do all this beautiful work and then have it end up not staying together that
would be a heartbreaker for sure and this is definitely this is what’s it
what I call a nice one evening project you can definitely get this done in an
evening have your good lighting out cuz these are pretty small beads nice cup of
tea feet under a warm blanket as starting to get a little chillier and
it’s a really nice project to get done in an evening all right so now I’ll trim
that off in a minute give you another idea of the look of this so you can see
that way I did a little color blending and again you just do that by working it
out on some peyote graph paper and you can have fun with some colored pencils and
what’s gonna happen is my two pieces of leather here are gonna feed right
through it and we’re gonna have a cool beaded bead accent on our bracelet how
fun is that and so before I cut away again to finish up the bracelet so that
way I can come back and show you guys how to completely end it you’re also
going to feed your working thread through that loop as well so that way we
can continue the beadwork on the other side of our beaded beads so your two
pieces of leather went through it as well as your fireline super fun and then
a little as it twists you can see that nice little color blending alright so I
will be back in a minute and I will show you the rest of finishing up the
bracelet okay folks so here is our fun finished
almost finished bracelet you can see we have our bead in the middle that has
that nice kind of color shift going on and it kind of ends up looking pretty
cool I think pretty neat so the way I’ve finished it off or the way we’re gonna
finish it off is all I did was I tapered back down to groupings of three and then
some groupings of two and I just then wove out my my fireline I tied some half
hitch knots along the way and just wove out that thread I did the same thing on
the beaded bead I did the same thing to the tail in the beginning now I’m gonna
take my two pieces of leather here I’m gonna tie them in a knot just to secure
off that area nicely okay and now we’re gonna tie another knot ways away from
the knot we just did and we want the space there to be the space perfect for
this button so we’re gonna start by tying the knot and then we can move it a
little as we need to before we tighten it up completely so we’re just gonna go
ahead and see if this kind of works that actually does that works pretty well so
now we can just sort of tighten it up against that button and we’ll know that
we have a pretty good size just like that and then we can remove the button
and we can even do that again to have it be adjustable on another length same
thing tie tie a knot get that button through there just partway and then tighten up this knot down
against your button there we go I can snip off our ends here
I like to leave a little a little bit of a tail here just so we’re not cutting
off right next to the knot because we don’t want the knot to come undone but
that is our fun fun little leather wrap bracelet that sort of done in a Loom
style again I did just kind of like fun little patterns along the way I just I
just kind of went with it just like that give you an idea of some of the
different patterns that you can do and again we have that nice little beaded
bead in the center that gives us that cool color gradation but you can do
whatever you’d like there and then of course we have our fun button closure just like that so I hope you guys
enjoyed the project thanks for watching make sure to visit us over at Eureka
crystal beads com for all the materials that I used in this video and I will
link them below for you as well and hopefully you will subscribe and
check back and we’ll see you again soon bye

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