Leather Wrap Bracelet Using Firepolish Mix

Leather Wrap Bracelet Using Firepolish Mix

Hi Everyone Leah here from Eureka Crystal Beads.com with another helpful beadinng video for you
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to always know when we’re posting new content alright to get started what
we’re gonna be doing today is a really fun leather wrap bracelet and it’s gonna
be featuring two great new products so we’ve totally up to our selection of
buttons and these are really nice quality Tierracast buttons so I’m gonna
be using this really great copper colored but with a little tree design on
it and the bracelet is also going to utilize four millimeter firepolish and
what I’m using to do this bracelet is our new mix call this is this one’s
called babbling brook and we have a whole selection of 20 new firepolish
mixes that are gonna be going up on the website by the time you see this video
actually they will be up on the website so definitely go check them out
they feature four millimeter firepolish in a selection of colors and finishes
and textures each mix is five different colors and a whole strand of each of
those colors so you get a whole lot in there so that’s what I’ll be using for
this particular bracelet and it’s a really nice way to pick out a mix that
you know is gonna look great and there’s sort of just no thought that has to go
into it so that’s why I think I’m loving these mixes lately so as far as the
other materials we’re gonna be using I have some leather cord here this is 1
millimeter black leather cord and we carry black as well as some other colors
I have some fireline here this is 4 pound fireline you can use 6 pound or
something thicker as well because I am using a 4 pound I am gonna double it but
anything thicker than that you don’t have to double I have my little shears
here whatever you use to cut your fire line I have my wax and I’m only using my
wax because I’m gonna be doubling my fire light so this way the two strands
stick to each other if you’re using something thicker and so therefore a
single string you don’t have to wax if you don’t want and then I have my needle
and I just have a little u pin here that’s gonna help me secure my bracelet
while I work on it so the first thing I’m gonna do is cut some of my fireline I’m just kind of cut a comfortable
amount you don’t want to work with so much that you’re gonna get all tangled
up if you have to add on more you add on more it’s not hard and the amount of
cord that I’m working with is 24 inches and that’s gonna be a comfortable amount
for me to make a bracelet that will just go around my wrist once if you want to
do this even longer and have it be a really fun long wrap bracelet that’s
totally fine you’re gonna want to cut a bit more than 24 inches though and again
this is just because I’m doing doubled fireline if you’re using anything
thicker you don’t have to bother to double it I’m gonna wax it nice and good
just so it sticks to itself and always pull out or pull off the excess wax
running it between your fingertips this will also help those two strands to
stick to each other okay so now that that is all set stick my needle over
here alright so I’m gonna start by taking my leather I’m gonna slide my
needle I mean my needle ha I’m gonna slide my button to the very center of it
keep those two those two ends together and now I’m just gonna tie a knot right
up at the button it’s a secure it there in the center just like that now I’m gonna use my
little upin here and this is we’re working on a board of some kind is gonna
be helpful depending on what kind of surface you utilize it might just be a
piece of fabric but you’re having something like a piece of cardboard
underneath or some sort of board is gonna make this a lot more helpful and
so I’m just gonna take my u pin and slide it right through the loop that I
created with that knot and then just right into my board here just like this
this way I mean if I pull hard enough it’s gonna come out but I’m not really
gonna have to pull super hard anyway so that’s how we have that there now to
secure my fireline onto my leather here I’m just gonna keep it simple I’m just
gonna tie an overhand knot just like this bring that all the way up and then
I’m gonna tie another one to make it a little stronger just like that okay we’ll worry about
that tale later we could weave that into our beads later on it’s up to you whether you want to do a
pattern of some kind but to be honest I really love the look of when you just
pick up your beads randomly we already know that whatever beads we pick up it’s
going to look gorgeous because the colors are all worked together for me
already so I like to put a little less thought into it and I’m gonna end up
just picking up my bees randomly so what I’m going to start by doing is you want
to have your thread coming out from the side like this coming out from
underneath the cord pick up one of my firepolish and I’m gonna place it so
the bead is right in between the two cords there and my cord right now is on
the top going along the top of those two cords
but what I’m gonna do is now take my needle and I’m gonna go under the cord
and through the bead and this is gonna create a loop of cord that’s gonna catch
itself a loop of fireline rather that’s gonna catch itself on our cord there so now it’s like we’re back where we
started where we have our fireline coming off of our left cord and it’s on
the top so we’re gonna go underneath again like this so now we have a little
loop of fire line that’s catching itself around our left cord gonna pick up a
firepolish bead now we’re underneath so now we have to catch
ourselves I’m gonna go through my bead again so now my thread my thread is
coming out from underneath the cord I’m gonna go around and go through the firepolish again and if it’s if it’s wiggling away from
your previous bead that’s okay you can you ever tighten anything up yet so you
can just push it forward push it up and just like that all right so now my fireline is coming out from the top of my cord I’m gonna go underneath again pick
up a firepolished bead we’re essentially doing exactly what you would
do on a bead loom get my beads situated into place and my cord is coming out
from underneath my fireline is coming out from underneath the cord so I’m
going to now go through the firepolish you can just hold it in place with your
finger tight hold it with your finger give it a little bit of a tug okay so
I’m going to have you rejoin me once I’ve gotten the rest of the bracelet
finish so I can show you how you finish it off so I finished the beaded portion of my
bracelet and I do want to show you how many beads I have left over from that
mix there’s actually a whole huge amount left so it really doesn’t take that much
to make the bracelet so if you decide you want to go the route of our firepolish mixes you’re definitely gonna get more than one project out of it by far
so to end up this little fireline part here what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go
underneath my cord and then go through that loop and that’s gonna tie a knot
and then I’m gonna go through back through my firepolish and I’m gonna do
the same thing on the other side so again that’s just going underneath if
you want you could alway dab a little a little GSI hypo cement on there if
you’d like so snip this off now I’m gonna leave
that a little bit long for now because if you want to put a little dab of glue
on there you’re gonna want to wait to cut the tail off
close until after your glue is dry so and then to end it off it’s really
really easy all you have to do is we’re going to first tie a knot right after
the beads just like we did right after that button when we first started that’s
gonna help to secure that last bead into place just like this now we’re gonna tie another knot
slightly above that now this knot will have to play with the measurement
because we want to make sure that it’s big enough for our button to go through
but not so big that our button could come off easily so first just worry
about getting created it’s not so so tight that we couldn’t take this out if
we wanted to that’s it being pretty perfect and then
what we’re gonna do is do one more after that so this way it actually makes you
our bracelet adjustable if you’re wondering what we’re gonna do with that
little tail you want to be about the same space
that’s the first section nice and tight and you can actually just
leave these ends to me it actually adds to sort of the funky look of the
bracelet so I actually like to leave them there alright folks that wraps it
up thanks for watching make sure to visit us at Eureka Crystal Beads.com
for all the materials used in this video as well as any of your other beading and
jewelry needs bye everyone!


  1. I love this bracelet with the firepolish beads, I wish you would do the tutorial with the chain and firepolish leather wrap bracelet!!! great job !!

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