Lee Sneaks His 9 Dogs Into A Hotel — And Rescues 16 More | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

Lee Sneaks His 9 Dogs Into A Hotel — And Rescues 16 More | Ruff Life With Lee Asher

Okay guys. So here’s the deal. We’re sneaking into a hotel room. Why? Because at the hotel that we’re about
to stay at — they only allow one dog. Why is that? Because — we only told them that we have one dog. That’s why. I’m not
paying $50. I’m not paying $50 per dog. That’s like what, Luke? Nine dogs, $50 a dog. $800. I’m not. That’s at
least that. I’m not gonna do it. However, we told them we have one dog
and at least that way they know that if there’s some fur, that they should rescue
because it’s definitely going to be a mixed breed. All right. Let’s get this thing rolling. Let’s go. Back. Previously on Ruff Life. Today is rescue day, today is rescue day. Just a few weeks ago he was living
inside of a shelter and weighed 148lbs. 123.1 No way! We’re headed to San Diego. Drive safe, homie. We’re gonna go to San Diego. Have a short trip. Get some dogs adopted. We pulled over to go on a quick hike and
of course, we got the RV stuck in a hole. We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out. We’ll figure it out. All right. We are currently stuck in the middle of nowhere. All right. We gotta figure this out. Is that a truck over there? Flag them down and see if they can help us. If they get stuck I’m gonna feel so bad. Yeah. You guys are awesome. That is fantastic. Yes. Oh, man. We are blessed. We are so blessed. Thank you, guys. Look at this, Tony. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful, T. Do you like it? A little better than the shelter, no? You wanna go back to the shelter?
I’m just kidding, buddy. I’m kidding. Come on, Tony. Okay, guys. So, here’s the deal. We’re sneaking into a hotel room. I’m gonna film it on my phone. Everybody — Okay guys, best behavior. Best behavior. You know what to do. You’re a stud. Tony, get it together, buddy. Tony. Tony. Ready. Ready guys? Let’s do it. Come on. Tony! Tony! Not a good first — Tony! Come on, Tony Too-Toned. We are in like Flynn. We are in, baby. We are in. Good job, everybody. Round of applause. Round of applause. Good job. Hello? No, no, no. We’re watching — Woof Woof Animal Planet. You see. We’re watching the show. There’s a — Many noises. But there’s no dogs. Let me call you right back. My mother’s on the
other line. I’ll call you right back. No dogs in here. I don’t like all this traffic. I wanna go back to Tahoe. I am excited about
the event tomorrow. The more I express my feelings to this GoPro here, I feel a little bit better. She’s scratching up my shoulder. We need to cut your nails, love. We need to get you a pedicure, girl. And a manicure. Hey! We are out here in San Diego and
it’s Tony’s first time at the beach. Got him on a leash because not sure how he’ll do. I’ll take them off in just a
second but he looks pretty excited. You ready? We’re about to go talk to the school. What are you about to do right now? I’m gonna go speak to some kids. Let them know the importance of animal rescue. Let them know the importance of
being kind to people, being loving, compassionate. Why am I nervous? It’s just kids, have some fun. Let’s go get some dogs adopted. What’s up, guys? How’s it going, everybody? Come on, guys! Wow, Tony! Lillie! How’s it going, everyone? We just got back to Tahoe. San Diego… San Diego was just incredible. We had the best time ever. Tony went to the beach — all
the dogs went to the beach. But it was Tony’s first time in
the ocean and it was so beautiful. Let’s take them
for a quick walk. Let’s go over here. So, we wanted to find a little — wanted to find a little
trail behind the house. As I said, we just got back. I haven’t been on the
road in a while. It was Tony’s first big
trip on the road. It was Tony’s first big
mission and it was amazing. It was just so beautiful to
see all of these people who are part of the
adventure, part of the mission. And most importantly part of the
outcome — to get dogs adopted. And I don’t know, guys.
I just feel super grateful. Anytime I see a dog go
to his or her forever home. it is that reminder, that fresh start, that energizer I need to keep on going. I’m getting ready to go on the
next tour. This time with all nine dogs. And we’ll do at least 40 states. We’ll have over 60 different events. And I feel very strongly we’ll get at the very least 500 dogs adopted this tour. And that’s my minimum goal,
at least 500 dogs adopted. And I just can’t wait. So, I hope that you want
to continue following along our journey. We’re going to start
the next season soon. I hope that you’ve
loved what you’ve seen. I hope that we have inspired you to rescue, inspired you to live a positive, loving, healthy, beautiful life. And it’s been such a pleasure. So, thank you all so much. And I hope to see you next season. Much love. Bye, bye. Come on, guys! Let’s go! Hey everyone, I hope you
enjoyed the episode. Please don’t forget to like,
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behind the scenes footage in the community tab. It’s gonna be awesome.


  1. You should end each video telling people to give their dogs time to adjust to their environment and people. Some dogs don't show their personalities until the know they are safe and loved and in a stable environment.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when strangers help strangers!!! Restores my faith in humanity!! Just love it cause EVERYONE needs help at least one time in our lives!! Just absolutely amazing!!! Love this guy and be safe everyone!!
    EDIT: Guys that LOVE and CARE FOR animals/kids are the absolute hottest men ever no matter what he looks like… Remember this men!!!

  3. I’m 17 right now and honestly I want to do what you do , your so inspiring . My dog means everything to me and I just want to help other dogs find a home as great as the one mine has.

  4. I can’t wait for the next season! I adore this man, and Luke, amazing dads taking care of their nine children

  5. Be careful doing this because I have been a night auditor at a place that can and did fine someone after they left for doing that same thing, per pet. Plus you post to you tube their is their proof.

  6. Rescue dogs and working toward having them adopted. Giving them an awesome life. So tell me, what kind of person would click thumbs down?!??

  7. Why did you lie about having a dog in your room when you were allowed one dog to begin with? And that’s all the front desk asked about??

  8. I came across your channel and couldn't believe the energy and love you have for your dogs. I cried when you both went to get Tony, and came back with 3! I've watched his body language. It's like he still can't believe he's landed in heaven. 💖 You both are to be commended for your mission to educate the public and get shelter dogs adopted.

  9. Crazy good in the best way possible. Way to go Lee you are truly the man. We need many more like you in this world.

  10. These dogs are so well behaved. I hope they all get adopted. I have three dogs at home. I would adopt more if I could. Love you guys…😍

  11. Gente, que coisa mais linda ❤💖💕🐶🐶🐶🐶. Que família linda. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  12. What an inspiration you are, the fact that all those different breeds flow together with you is testament to your personality, YOU are the STAR, I love what you do and I love your pooches, but Tony Two's has an extra special place in my heart, the way he has blended in with your pack and the effort he is puting in to being alive with you all is beautiful to watch, bless all of you from the UK xxx

  13. You guys ROCK!!!!!!! Love all that you do and if that was my hotel, I would let you all in for FREE!! <3 Keep up your "ruff" life! 🙂 I work with a local rescue and we had 5 kittens and cats and 1 dog adopted last Saturday! I foster cats for the rescue. Plus, I have a rescue Pit-Mix and 5 rescue cats at home! 😀

  14. This us so heart warming! I remember when I adopted my dog Bella it was the best day of my life. I just a connection with that dog. I only had eyes for that dog. It's so heart warming when people adopt pets.💚💙❤💜🐕🐈🦊🐎

  15. God will Bless you two guys always. I'm so glad you are teaching young kids to respect and love their pet. You guys are angels in my book.

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  17. I want to adopt Tony! Please get in touch with me! I already have 2 Sheps, I can understand Sheps. I am rather madly in love. Live in Canada, in a nice rural area. Please gmail me!

  18. How dare y’all sneak those fur babies in a hotel room.
    Just kidding…..
    Been there done that.
    The weight limit was 40 lbs.
    I had to do it, because River could not lose 40 pounds before nightfall!!!!!
    THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE DOGGIES YOU RESCUE!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘

  19. It's like stealing from the hotel. Nobody is making them stay at that hotel and the agreement is $50 per dog. It's just wrong and deceitful to sneak them in.

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  24. Motel 6 in get right in with the dog no problem I don't ask you for any money down payment at least they never used to and he just go in I never even say I have a dog unless I ask because

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