Legacy of the Silver Shadow – Series 1 Trailer

Legacy of the Silver Shadow – Series 1 Trailer

Who are you? I am a memory. A recording of a man’s mind. When I walked and breathed, I was the one you all knew as The Silver Shadow. You mean, you were like a superhero? I prefer the term “costumed crime-fighter”. I believe evil should be stamped out in all its guises. And that we should make no compromises in our quest for justice. These biscuits are stale. Are you prepared to take on the legacy of The Silver Shadow? I do. And the fact that I’ve been activated can mean only one thing. That my arch enemy, a criminal madman known as The Crab, has defeated me. Do you need more grenades? Are your voltage claps fully charged? Do you have a clean hanky? Heads up, suit up, load up and out. I’m testing for a response time people, and I don’t take kindly to disappointment. Let’s go! Let’s rock. Shadow 1 to Shadow 2, do you read? Not while I’m driving. Who are you? You can call us The Silver Shadow…squad. Hey Turkeys, you wanna tell me what’s up? Code names only! I’m Shadow 1, you’re Shadow 3. Will you two stop whining. And trust me Josh. Being caught in public
in a silver suit is the last thing my social life needs right now. What’s happening? The design specs prohibit use of the device other than for its original purpose. And revenge is not an appropriate use? Yuck! There are some things little kids shouldn’t
be exposed to. Looking forward to your dance tonight my dear? What will you be going as? Doom. From now on, things will be different. Campbell, you will remain with me and learn to coordinate operations. Alex, you will be stealth, reconnoitres in
the field. Josh, you and the exoskeleton will supply
the muscle, and Gretel, you’ll drive. Yes! Trust me, I’m a superhero.


  1. No wonder I am such a sci-fi fan in my mid 20s!!! Thanks for this! I could never remember the name of this show, it was lost in my memory

  2. this triggered my cosplay obsession ! and this was the best tv show of my childhood ! I really really loved this ! hope to see a reboot !

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