Legenden Wayne Gretzky blir delägare i Gold Town Games

Legenden  Wayne Gretzky blir delägare i Gold Town Games

We’ve always said that we need a great product which is good enough to attract the best players and
ambassadors. For hockey, we’ve said that Wayne is the Holy Grail because he is so
incredibly well established Gold Town Games has now signed Wayne Gretzky CEO Pär Hultgren comments Yes, it is great that we have signed Wayne Gretzky right now we are incredibly
excited about the opportunity to work with the absolute greatest hockey icon ever We have worked hard and for a long time to get this deal done in collaboration with his
agency and Wayne´s company Through our collaboration, Wayne will step in as ambassador and the face of World Hockey Manager and as a partner in Gold Town
Games How have you attained such success as a small company? Yes, that is a good question. I think it’s a combination of things Firstly, we have made a good niche product in ice hockey, a sport that’s obviously
very close to Wayne’s heart. I know that Wayne as well as others in his circle,
including his son, played the game thought it was fantastic and could foresee great
opportunities with it Through extensive negotiations, we agreed upon a good
solution moving forward. I would also like to add that with Wayne joining as a partner in the company, we jointly hope to work together for many years. How big is Wayne Gretzky for those who don’t know much about ice hockey? When it comes to ice hockey, Wayne Gretzky is an icon and legend he is by far the
most famous ice hockey player in the world He holds 61 NHL records has scored
thousands of points while many of his records are likely to go unbeaten for a long time He has also remained very active in ice hockey after his own hockey career by for example, serving in Canada´s Olympic team’s owning the Phoenix team,
and coaching an NHL club. what does this mean for you in concrete terms Specifically, this means that the ambassador´s team Wayne Gretzky enters into willbecome the front man for World Hockey Manager We will first run Wayne-themed
ads for our users and branding which will result in an implicit stamp of heightened quality not least in North America especially in Canada, where he is huge as well as in the US where he is renowned in hockey circles We then plan on highlighting Wayne as the face of the game, which doesn’t mean we will change our game name Users will however see a recognizable face as the game icon instead of what they see today Wayne will eventually guide users in the game For example, we plan on adjusting the game so that it’ll be Wayne who greets new
and existing users and gives them instructions/guidance. There is also the potential for users to challenge Wayne’s team opening up the possibility to conduct contests and events associated with Wayne within the game So, overall, Wayne will
permeate the product in several steps This is precisely why he will also join the
company as a part-owner strengthening our collaboration and ensuring the higher
likelihood of working together for many more years to come It was incredibly timely that this happened now during your global launch and desire to increase the number of users. How happy are you? Really, it has been a strong hope for a long time that this will land Everyone understands it can be complicated to get into this business. There are several partners involved, agencies etc, but with this partnership in place we now have a really big ‘puzzle piece’ in our strategy enabling us to delve deeper into the game of hockey We know it works. We also know that it can be even better. With Wayne’s increased recognition factor in the game, we will perform stronger branding as well Our hope is that we will be able to generate greater confidence in our product and learn from our users We view this as a crucial aspect, as we believe our collaboration with Wayne will open us up to other interesting collaborations between, for example, in Nordamerica that it becomes even more interesting to work with Gold Town Games and World Hockey Manager Many thanks to CEO Pär Hultgren Thank you so much, Cornelia

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