Lego Star Wars: Solid Gold Lego Vs. Darth Vader – Untold Han Solo Story

Lego Star Wars: Solid Gold Lego Vs. Darth Vader – Untold Han Solo Story

It is common knowledge that Han Solo did not
have the smoothest relationship with his future in-laws… So when Vader randomly invited
the young Carillion to the jewelry store before his daughters wedding… Han had a bad feeling
it would be a trap. A devious torture was devised by Lord Vador. As usual, Han shot first, but was not yet
a mach for Vaders superior skill with the force. The torture began… large wax sprues were
added to Hans back and feet… it was around this time that Han realized the was reliving
his Jaba the Hut carbonate days all over again. After being affixed to the wax pedestal, a
circular chamber was placed around Hans body and high grade ceramic plaster was poured
all around the pedestal. Han never did stop smiling – Everything was awesome… The plaster was dried… and Han’s circular
carbonate-like sarcophagus was inserted into the red hot Burn out Furnace. Which radiated
more heat than both suns on Tatooine. With time… the 2000 degree heat vaporized Hans
former plastic Lego shell… leaving his ghost trapped in the void of the plaster. But Vader’s Plan was not yet finished… As
The mold was removed from the furnace, the Sith lord watched as 14k gold was brought
to a molten 1900 degree molten mess. Ignoring his Mustafar flashbacks, he had Solos cavity
filled with the precious metal. After quenching, Hans carbonite enclosure was
beaten from the outside. It felt a lot like flying the falcon through the asteroid fields. After being released from the high grade ceramic
plaster, the golden sprues were cut from Hans new solid metal body, and the remaining plaster
was removed from his crevices with a flex shaft drill. A brutal round of polishing was
in order. Vader had Han thrown into the tumbler. While reminiscent of a Sarlacc pit, instead
of being digested over 1000 years… this tumbler only requires a few hours to reach
a perfect shine. A mini pneumatic hammer brings back Hans vest
and holster. One last round of polishing and buffering… Doesn’t look too bad for a scoundrel! And finally Han gets dunked into the Ultrasonic cleaning bath. A bacta tank
of sorts for golden star wars legos. It was around this time when Vader realized his torture
was not going to have had the outcome he was looking for. Instead of weakening Captain
Solo… it seemed to have the opposite effect…. {Small exposion} {Blaster and Saber sounds} {Big Explosion} {Darth Vader Breathes Heavily} {Darth Vader uses Force Push} {Saber and Blaster Sounds} Vader: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” {Lands in trashcan} Big thank you to S.E Needhams for showing
us the way of the master jeweler. Thanks as well to Player Piano for the music, and Ideas
for Hollywood for the awesome special effects! You can check out both of their channels HERE.
Make sure and share this video with everyone you know who loves Star Wars! Thanks for watching! {Chewbacca roars} {Victorious Explosions}


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  2. This video puts all other DIY videos to shame. It was entertaining and funny and you didn't want to skip to the end cause you wanted the whole story.
    Perfection and 10/10

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