Lesbian Gold Digger Exposed ??? Gold Digger Prank Part 25!!! | UDY Pranks

Lesbian Gold Digger Exposed ??? Gold Digger Prank Part 25!!! | UDY Pranks

In this series a place a emoji on our targets whether they end up being a Gold digger or not in order to be respectful Prevent any defamation and keep you all guessing. [oh yeah. I also don’t want to get sued] What is up you guys so we’re supposed to be recording a video with the homie Kevin right? Which is supposed to take place? About an hour ago, but we’re running into some complications so right now. We’re going to meet him up at his girl’s house That’s right. His girlfriend’s freaking house. We’re big complications guys Cameras follow cameras follow Cameras follow, cameras follow? cameras follow Kevin!!! What is happening man? I’m telling you She wants my moneeyyyy meet the homie Kevin he’s a 20 year old car salesman pulling in an average of $3,000 a month Kevin lives comfortably but we can’t say the same for his relationship. He has many many suspicions that his girlfriend May be with him simply for his money And that’s why he’s asked me and my crew to pull a gold-digger prank on his girlfriend to proof or if you these accusations So if you guys have seen my videos before you guys know exactly how I worked Kevin is supposed to set up a date with his girlfriend Keep me in the loop of when and where it’s gonna take place and see everything was going to plan he did that just that what’s Happening now, Kevin. What’s happening now? She wants My money Dude! Oh, But how, why because I know but the viewers don’t know pleases gonna ma she’s about out? So there’s [butabi]. She’s about it I said [this] guy have a nice Netflix and Sean please Claire take it her cars over there, and she’s not answering okay. How do you know she’s not asleep? I already went knocking doors her mom was like. Oh, I thought she got picked up by you Have you texted or called it? She don’t ask Okay guys time for a little recap Kevin’s girlfriend is an hour late her car is here But she is not and Kevin claims that when he went to go not to her house her mom told her that she went out With someone whom she thought was supposed to be Kevin But it isn’t so what we’ve decided to do [is] [Park] Kevin’s car down the street now We’re gonna stake out in my car and see if somebody or when somebody drops her up We don’t know how long this is gonna. Take you could take ten minutes thirty minutes an hour three hours a day And it’s hot and I might waste my gas and my cameras might die or they might overheat so Kevin are you sure you want? to do this So someone took out Kevin’s girlfriend And we really wanted to know what it was Especially [because] she chose to hang out with them over going on the date with Kevin we waited in the car for over Thirty five Minutes of course I don’t want to bore you with any of that footage, but finally our patience paid off Whoa, Kevin Kevin Kevin is that her is that her getting into the [goin] shit focus focus focus. Is that her is That her yes or no Sarah is gonna. [shoot] ya, guys shit. I’m gonna [get] some seats Oh my God, I get the cameras get the camera He was Gonna. Go world Star. If that was a gun My guess is guys is that she was out shopping. She was out eating She was out doing something and this guy over here as me like yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna do some [CSI] do it Well, you girls back. He is home. She is safe. So let me know if you still want to do it. You someone do it Okay, oh, I got a chicken. It’s a frickin girl [alright] guys. It is three days later since when we were playing undercovers yup? She don’t want to hang out with them until today go fricken bigger Anyways, we’ve chosen this lake to be where it’s all going down just that we’re having a little bit of complication Again it probably wasn’t the best idea to film at a lake simply because it was so hard choosing where the camera should go But here’s how we decided to make it work across the lake is my brother looks like he’s just taking pictures, right? Wrong he’s getting a clear and perfect shot right where we want the spring to happen. We’re also Gonna be hiding a second camera, right? There see it, but here’s where it gets complicated Kevin is supposed to leave this bench to use the restroom But it’s gonna be almost impossible for him to go to the cameras without being seen or making it suspicious So he’s simply just gonna hide [behind] this shrub here It’s gonna suck guys that Kevin isn’t gonna be able to see the events unfold live in front of the camera But he is gonna be able to hear them. I’m here with Kevin’s best friend, [Gio] Who’s here for Moral support? And if we’re gonna be connected to a phone call [for] Kevin when he goes to the restroom is Gonna come hide behind the bush Come to [gio] and hear everything that’s happening. So now that you guys know how this is going let’s not waste no more time I’ma text Kevin let him know it’s okay to come through and ya ya ya ya guys, [lo] let’s make this happen All right [guys] so they are here [that] just [pork] that is them right there walking Perfect [Kevin] is taking her to the spawn You believe everything you said okay, okay? [cool] all right guys here. You headphones. We’re on the phone. Call you guys I got my lottery ticket my fake money in my bank account [in] my freaking backpack. Let’s hope she’s not with Spelling yeah, we spoke All right guys. I’m going in I’m going in convincing [Gold] [digger] [Pimp] [R-25] What’s up, girl? How you doing? My name is Georgia. What’s your name? [oh]? My God that was like the name of my first good crush You’re like so much more beautiful than she is uh what are you doing here? All alone? I’m You waiting you have a boyfriend Look in all honesty I came here because I [think] you’re really really beautiful, and I was wondering good You’re good at you’re gonna be rude and take that right now I’m trying to have a conversation with you gonna be really take that. It’s fine. I’ll walk over here. You want to take it You’re gonna let that go to voicemail. Oh It’s so nice [to] me. Oh my God anyways anyways anyways as I was saying Alyssa, [I] Think you are the most Beautiful thing [that] I have ever laid eyes on and I want to know if I could please get your phone [number] So I could take you out on a beautiful beautiful Do you have a boyfriend [I] know but you also hung up the phone for me see that’s an act of love you see so I’m hoping that you can overlook, but I Think your phone is ringing again Who is calling your boyfriend? Yeah? Oh? Are you sure that’s your boyfriend calling? Yeah, you’re positive. That’s your boyfriend [garlic]. Yeah, take it then take it Kevin please tell me you’re the one on phone call right now, please what da Guys, did you guys just hear how she answered the phone? Here, I’ll put it a little slower Okay, yeah, she said hey, babe [it] sounds suspicious But still it’s not enough proof why because she could just be saying that just to get me to go away I needed more proof. [I] wanted to continue this prank. That’s not help conclusions. I’m just talking to her sister freaking selfish She doesn’t have a sister foo It could be your mom it could [be] a friend obviously if I throw her the money and she gives me her number Then yeah we can call her out on it and not yet right now. We got no proof proof enough. Yeah, it’s not enough I’m telling you she’s playing [us]. You just said her boyfriend. Just sent me away No, no, no, that’s not how this frickin works. It’s too freakin silly Let me go up to her show her the money show her the check and then I ask for her number We see if it happens then but this is too fucking soon. What the hopkins guns [oop] [enough], no Hado oh my God weaver CT. Scan says [your] [cannons] on 20 A sign of [proof] Kevin it’s not enough flu. It’s not in [uniform] of [7s]. [wit] stay back with [Michael] [Frank] Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it Please stay tuned for part two of just kidding guys. This is your [britt]. Go use the bathroom Go get some of your mom’s food get a bag of hot cheetos while you’re at it The talkies this time come back get comfortable give this video a big old thumbs up because you guys already know vic It’s Gonna be good [Alyssa] Kevin tonight action, then we kill her actually working together getting stuff like that What the fuck is that we actually have [you] on audio and on video answering the phone saying hey, baby And then also pushing me away telling me that you had up on the phone with her boyfriend Step back a little bit so like I said my name is George oh
I have a Youtube channel online where I catch gold diggers Initially he thought that you were just with him for his money And so we were pulling a prank on you to see if he was right or if he was wrong now It looks like you’re cheating on him And you know the way you answered the phone that we push miss a saying It’s my boyfriend and stuff like that when it wasn’t really him on the phone I Want him to leave me on this. I just [fuckin] heard ya Do you see do you mind if you absolutely do you have something? Hi? I Don’t have anything to hide do you mind giving? Me your phone then and I call the person who was who you lost called is that cool? Why would I do that now? What what did you have to prove [its] improve it. I don’t have anything [Elissa] look for the sake of your relationship. I suggest that you do just give me the phone [I] step to the side I call whoever you were calling and then Kevin take it out Kevin’s dressed you know it’s just for the sake of your relationship in you if you do have something to hide then just take it off your Chest with the cameras in my face, okay? Can you get a camera pointing on him and then step back a little bit okay? We’re good I’m gonna call over here. Okay? What’s it? What’s your pass good? Do you mind putting in for me? Good here. Give it give him some room. He was throwing cameras follow me give him some nobody insert and try then Hi, my name is Sergio. [I] Don’t even know how [to] I don’t even know where to start. I don’t [even] know how to explain this Okay, first off. What the fuck is going on with my hair right there, but second off. This was by far The hardest conversation of my life someone ended up picking up I explained to them the situation And I told them that it was time to end the deceitfulness if there was any and then we indulged in an honest conversation Which I promised them I would not record because they ended up coming Clinton Stacy told me everything come she does [mention] to a friend. It’s okay. I just don’t want him to get hurt thing Is that you’re already hurting him? You got me like? He’s already going absolutely insane Three days ago. We were outside of your house because your mom told us that you went out with someone I don’t know if that was You know but like also the healthiest thing to do is like ranges until it’s ready if you’re ready [I] know I know I honestly can’t even imagine what you’re going through you know but Kevin is my homie And I want to look out for him And I want him to be good and happy you know I don’t want him to be going crazy Do you want to tell him with me today? Are you sure 100%? Yeah She was my buddy. You know the one she focus focus focus there Do you mind giving me [your] phone then and I call the person who was who you last called? I need you. I need you to hear her [out] like girls do some girls called [stacy] picked up the phone and she said that her and [Alisa] have been in like a relationship for a while now. It’s nothing you did is nothing you did wrong. It’s It’s you didn’t do anything wrong Kevin you didn’t do anything wrong. There’s nothing wrong with you It’s just something that you me and her that we just we just can’t explain It’s just like who she is you feel me you guys should continue. You guys [this] day Talk about it discuss it, but I [love] [you] [man]. I Hope you’re sort of in a way at peace [alright] guys this one from a gold-digger prank to a cheater video to them which you guys just witnessed But let’s go back to the original concept shall we Technically she was being unfaithful to Kevin so was she really only with him for his money [well] unfortunately that’s gonna remain a mystery simple because of how delicate the situation became Do me a giant favor guys and go show some love to the homie Kevin snapchat He’s holding up good, but a little extra. Love is never a bad thing But if you made it to the end of the video, I love you guys so much because without your support We would have never made [it] to half a million subscribers, so thank you guys so [much] for that I do plan on uploading more consistently So if you haven’t checked out some of my other [videos] be sure to click on any of the two links below [oh] yeah, and I got a pretty cool special coming out so you don’t want to miss that [I] love you guys and stay [ut]


  1. ima be honest with yall but this girl is clean she aint no gold digga she loyal its just that she has some issues with herself its her life we aint got nothin to blame her for what she is i hope yall understand

  2. okay at first before the confrontation, I was confused why people were so loving of the girl.
    Then the end came, I feel bad for both and her not feeling safe to say her sexuality (I wouldnt either especially to a bf)

  3. You didn't do anything wrong, is just the way " the virus " works …. the only way to avoid the Virus, ( 1 ) NEVER get BLACK OUT DRUNK or SUPER HIGH ON WEED around people with that virus , because they will fffffffff you and the time you realized what happened, you already Black-out fffffff BY someone. Then you GET MAD also cried and walk away , because you messed up. And once you messed there's no going bank again, but to make yourself feel better , YOU START DOING " BOTH " to look cool . guess what YOU STUUUUUUUPID . NOTE: only drunk people can understand this comment . Thanks.

  4. I feel so bad for her. I think she wasn't a gold digger at all, I guess she just wasn't ready to come out yet. It must've been hurtful and difficult for her to come out that way.

  5. Cheating is never ok and the fact they made it look like she was not that bad……. never will it ever be ok….

  6. Omg omg omg I love u so much like I would die to meet u but I don't live close to Fullerton or any other place but I love it videos and how they end up butt everything u say grab it takies I never have any!!!!

  7. Wow well if I was her boyfriend, I would hear her out but still dump her because she still cheated. So now she can be with a woman and he can get a straight girl.

  8. $3,000 a month? You would barely be getting by in my city. That would only cover rent for a below average place and a few groceries. I'm not trying to bash him but I'm not sure why he's so worried about her being a gold digger and after his "money". I think if she's with him then she doesn't care about his money since he doesn't make much. (Haven't finished watching it yet).

  9. Hahahahhaha I call my female friends babe, honey, pretty, sista, etc. But not in a romantic way though. This is hilarious

  10. This is horrible. I feel so bad for her. Of course she didnt want to tell him because sometimes people dont take it how she would hope. This is a extremely sensitive subject and I only have the most respect for both of them. I hope she feels okay because this is traumatizing. Good luck to them both.

  11. I cant even watch the show in peace cuz my man got all butt hurt cuz his ex cheated on him twice with a female
    Once a cheated always a cheated 仄領儭

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