Lesbian Gold Digger Exposed ??? Gold Digger Prank Part 25!!! | UDY Pranks

Lesbian Gold Digger Exposed ??? Gold Digger Prank Part 25!!! | UDY Pranks


  1. ima be honest with yall but this girl is clean she aint no gold digga she loyal its just that she has some issues with herself its her life we aint got nothin to blame her for what she is i hope yall understand

  2. okay at first before the confrontation, I was confused why people were so loving of the girl.
    Then the end came, I feel bad for both and her not feeling safe to say her sexuality (I wouldnt either especially to a bf)

  3. You didn't do anything wrong, is just the way " the virus " works …. the only way to avoid the Virus, ( 1 ) NEVER get BLACK OUT DRUNK or SUPER HIGH ON WEED around people with that virus , because they will fffffffff you and the time you realized what happened, you already Black-out fffffff BY someone. Then you GET MAD also cried and walk away , because you messed up. And once you messed there's no going bank again, but to make yourself feel better , YOU START DOING " BOTH " to look cool . guess what YOU STUUUUUUUPID . NOTE: only drunk people can understand this comment . Thanks.

  4. I feel so bad for her. I think she wasn't a gold digger at all, I guess she just wasn't ready to come out yet. It must've been hurtful and difficult for her to come out that way.

  5. Cheating is never ok and the fact they made it look like she was not that bad……. never will it ever be ok….

  6. Omg omg omg I love u so much like I would die to meet u but I don't live close to Fullerton or any other place but I love it videos and how they end up butt everything u say grab it takies I never have any!!!!

  7. Wow well if I was her boyfriend, I would hear her out but still dump her because she still cheated. So now she can be with a woman and he can get a straight girl.

  8. $3,000 a month? You would barely be getting by in my city. That would only cover rent for a below average place and a few groceries. I'm not trying to bash him but I'm not sure why he's so worried about her being a gold digger and after his "money". I think if she's with him then she doesn't care about his money since he doesn't make much. (Haven't finished watching it yet).

  9. Hahahahhaha I call my female friends babe, honey, pretty, sista, etc. But not in a romantic way though. This is hilarious

  10. This is horrible. I feel so bad for her. Of course she didnt want to tell him because sometimes people dont take it how she would hope. This is a extremely sensitive subject and I only have the most respect for both of them. I hope she feels okay because this is traumatizing. Good luck to them both.

  11. I cant even watch the show in peace cuz my man got all butt hurt cuz his ex cheated on him twice with a female
    Once a cheated always a cheated 仄領儭

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