Let’s Talk About Yoshikage Kira (Diamond is Unbreakable)

Let’s Talk About Yoshikage Kira (Diamond is Unbreakable)

So I’ve seen 10 more episodes of Diamond
is Unbreakable, I am now up to episode 31 and I feel it’s the perfect time to talk
about the main villain of the series, Yoshikage Kira. And this guy… hoh boy, he deserves multiple
videos with everything he does in this show. But as you have guessed, we’ll only be discussing
up to the events of episode 30 and thus the video for him in particular will be somewhat
incomplete, I won’t be talking about his full story, just around 90% of it, which is
why you should subscribe and ring the bell, not only will it help me, but I will be finishing
up my thoughts about him likely in my next video about Jojo, which should be one of the
last handful of videos I’ll be putting out for Diamond is Unbreakable before I move onto
Part 5 to talk about that. So let’s talk about Yoshikage-san, shall
we? So, believe it or not Kira is somewhat a massive
presence in this show throughout Diamond is Unbreakable. Most will know this because one of the first
scenes show’s a disembodied hand. This is Kira’s calling card of sorts, but
not actually his most distinct one, that’s saved for Morioh’s local radio jingle. Any time that jingle is played, Kira is around
somewhere and not only is he around somewhere, he’s getting ready to claim another victim
for himself. It’s a great way to identify him to the
viewer or act as a trigger to show that we’re about to see him do something… not so good. It’s so iconic to his character, that whenever
I hear that jingle I can’t help but sing along to it and think about Kira. This aspect is easily the most identifiable
one to the viewer among every other, and in my opinion is why he’s so recognizable. So Kira is a constant fixture, he’s always
there in the background and it isn’t until episode 21 that he starts to get his introduction,
which for the next 10 episodes is still pretty much always pushing that Kira story at least. And his first two episodes are solely dedicated
to introducing this character in all of his glory. And what other way to do it in than in the
patented Jojo style. He has a hand of the victim and is seemingly
taking it on a date, and they go to buy a sandwich to which the hand punctures the plastic
wrap and gets sandwich stuff all over it. And of course, since it’s Jojo, he starts
to just chow down on them fingers in a public place. It’s really disgusting, which isn’t anything
new to Jojo as Araki doesn’t care what emotions you’re feeling, it only matters if you’re
feeling in the first place. And also it’s just vaguely sexual enough
as well to creep you out on that front, and if you’re into sexy hands, please comment
below if the hand is sexy so we plebeans can try to understand that side. Anyways, besides sexy hands or… well we
don’t know.. Ehh… uhhh anyways moving on. So this episode is great because while he
is enjoying his sandwich in a part, he puts the hand in his sandwich bag. Shigekiyo though accidentally picks up the
bag with the hand, and so Kira tails Shigekiyo who has Josuke and Okuyasu along with him. Push comes to shove, basically Kira murders
Shigekiyo who may be the perfect first victim we get to see in this show. I mean, Shigechi was in a pretty good set
of episodes and his introduction to the series was both comical and funny, but also told
a great story about his character. I also liked about Josuke and Okuyasu even
continued to be friends with him after they get into a fight. It showed to us that they could put all of
that behind them, that they didn’t let money ruin their friendship forever and that they
still liked each other. And for Shigechi as well, he was a person
who was ostracized by people and didn’t have any real friends. So after all of this, when he redeems himself
for doing what he did in his episodes, and finally getting those real friends, he is
killed by Kira. And arguably, Shigechi didn’t deserve any
of it at all, his worst crime was being a dick and trying to keep the money for himself
through underhanded tactics. At the end of the day, the guy is greedy,
but that’s it. So to see him me coldly murdered by the fucking
hand guy… well needless to say I was sorta not feeling the best about that. Shigechi, keep in mind, is a very entertaining
character, you can’t help but like this guy even though he has a face only a mother
could love. And the way he goes out, also shows off an
important aspect about Kira and that’s Killer Queen. Of course a reference to Queen’s song of
the same name was released in 1974 off Queen’s 3rd album Sheer Heart Attack, this stand is
able to turn anything into a bomb. So this is exactly the way Shigechi is disposed
of. Killer Queen is simply one of my favorite
stands in Jojo right now and it’s for this ability to turn anything into a bomb. As we’ll see this fits into much of his
personality of being the ultimate opportunist, a man who can seemingly become so hard to
get to and do anything against. And even then, he may simply just slip away
if you even give him an inch to do so, he’s incredible in that sense, a true villain much
like Walter White from Breaking Bad or Lelouch from Code Geass. For example, my favorite scene so far with
Kira is when he uses Sheer Heart Attack to try and get rid of Koichi and Jotaro, and
in this killer set of episodes (pun intended) we see him basically be forced to go retrieve
Sheer Heart Attack and deal with the issue himself. This leads to easily some of my favorite scenes
and episodes in Jojo currently, right now. Kira just absolutely murders Koichi and almost
kills Jotaro. It’s important to note that Koichi recently
just had Act 2 evolve into Act 3 which is how Koichi was able to cause Kira to come
and retrieve Sheer Heart Attack. Jotaro though makes the save, though beaten
to within an inch of his life. After they’re all basically knocked out,
Josuke and Okuyasu finally arrive after being called to the scene by Koichi earlier. They ask Kira what the deal is and after he
is unable to pass off himself as an innocent civilian, he cuts his own hand off to make
the escape. And before we continue this is another instance
showing that Kira isn’t just a killer, he’s once again, an opportunist. Fearing nothing, he tries to play himself
off as a bystander, a victim by collateral in this instance. Except Josuke and Okuyasu aren’t 12 year
olds on Xbox Live trying to snipe you on Rust, no they aren’t spring chickens. This just shows that Kira will do anything
he can, and it doesn’t matter as long as he lives. He says as much, almost as a promise to the
audience and Josuke that he will make it out of this alive, seemingly because he is willing
the outcome to be in such a manner. I love this aspect about Kira so much, he’s
the heel that you want to see the conquering babyface defeat and get his comeuppance against. I am waiting with bated breath because I know
that when Josuke gets his revenge on Kira for murdering his friend, it will all be so
incredible. So as after that Kira basically goes to the
beauty parlor where he kills the same stand user in episode 20 which made Yukako’s face
perfect so that it would make Koichi fall in love with her. Along with killing her and blower her up,
he kills someone and makes her swap their face before she gets killed by Kira. This leads to something I just never even
expected from Jojo… family man Yoshikage Kira. So to stay undercover and safe from anyone
finding out who he is, he takes on the persona of the man he killed and stole his face from. Surprisingly, the man had a family, a wife
and a kid. The kid is rather strange, and sorta knows
something is up and when I do say strange I mean it. This kid has a camera in their parents room
and spies on them in seemingly any situation… and I mean any. The wife, Shinobu though notices a change
in her husband as well, but not in the same way Hayato does. Shinobu starts to fall in love all over again
with her husband who she hasn’t really loved in a long time. She acts more like a school girl in love than
a married woman, she just loves this guy. So much so that she’s trying to do pretty
much anything to be closer to him, including randomly yelling and jumping into his arms
and even trying to seduce him. That latter part almost gets her in trouble
though as Kira almost lets his murdering tendencies loose, but he is able to hold back. You see, Kira is still Kira and if he kills
Shinobu or even Hayato, then his cover is completely gone. But a surprising thing happens, after Shinobu
send him down to deal with a stray cat, he basically takes shards of glass and kills
the poor thing. The cat had turned into a stand user and he
got rid of it quickly. So he buries Neko-chan in the front yard and
all is good… except this is Jojo and it’s really not, because as you probably could
have guessed by now the cat is now a plant. That’s right people, the expression pushing
up daisies was used in the making of this stand. And honestly, this is another example of Araki
being this super creative mind that for maybe any other show would be a bad idea, but for
Jojo it’s actually a really good one that shows that this guy can seemingly make anything
work in this series. So the cat eventually injures Shinobu and
this is where their relationship get interesting, he’s protecting her from Neko-chan which
catches onto himself. Of course, on one hand having her die would
be bad, but maybe it could be something more. And I am excited to see which one it is, because
either way would just be putting the icing on the cake of this Yoshikage Kira character. He’s just so fascinating and to have him
possibly actually really fall in love with Shinobu (not just for her hands) would be
funny and charming in a weird way. This guy who took over this other man’s
life ends up falling in love with his wife, but the wife thinks he just finally grew a
pair. I mean… that’s just so freaking weird
and cool… I love it! Of course we will we see more on that front
as this is the last episode I’ve watch for Jojo. But I think Yoshikage Kira is one of the better
main villains in Jojo and I like him a lot. Of course he’s DIO, but I do believe he’s
better than Dio Brando and KARS. Don’t get me wrong though, KARS is a badass
and a bastard to kill, and his send offs is one of the best even to this day. Plus his fight with Jonathon is easily one
of the best parts in Phantom Blood itself. So I love KARS, he’s great and even Dio
Brando, which the reason I separate those two is because I think Dio in Stardust Crusaders
just comes off so much more like an important character than in Phantom Blood. So while they technically may be the same,
I just like to make that distinction for myself as I think Phantom Blood in of itself even
deserves to be fenced off from the others for how unique it is. Kira though stands as one of my favorites
and that’s because he’s unlike any other villain we’ve seen. He’s not like Dio and he’s nothing like
KARS, he’s just a coward and an opportunist. He would rather live without being caught
and continue his murders that have to face anyone or anything in his way. Plus he’s just so weird that in real life
if you say this guy, you would probably think he is some weird murderer. He’s that distinct in this Jojo and along
with Killer Queen who is a fantastic that’s a complete natural fit for him, it’s honestly
no wonder why so many people like Yoshikage Kira. And that’s why I can’t wait to finish
up the last 9 episodes of Diamond is Unbreakable that I have left. I desperately want to see what happens to
Kira and if Reimi Sugimoto will ever get justice for being murdered by Kira.


  1. Kira is easily the most well written antagonist in all of Jojo, only rivaled by the antagonist of part 7

    In the manga Kira wasn't present in it until his introduction, in the ANIME tho if you look at the previous episodes he is EVERYWHERE.

    He's the guy that takes the document in the Invisible Baby episode , we see him chilling in the backgrounds and most importantly he is IN THE FIRST OPENING as one of the figures that flashes in the beginning.

    And while I love part 4's David Bowie my personal favorite villain is the villain of part 5 , you'll see why… 😉😉

  2. I think a great aspect of Kira is what he represents. To me, Kira represents a different type of serial killer. He's the type no one suspects, the one that blends in with the rest of the world while never being a part of it. His desire to blend in just so he could continue his murders in secret feels so real, makes me think someone like him can really exist

  3. The best thing about Yoshikage Kira is that he is so grounded as a villian. His introduction was so smooth in both sub and dub. Dio and Kars were supernatural in the things they do, but you can actually believe in the logic of Kira's actions. Dude just wanted to live quietly. The death of Shigechi was such a sad scene, while Aya's death came in the time f Kira's explosive escape. The show was already entertaining, but my eyes stay glued watching when Yoshikage Kira makes his appearance.

  4. Thanks everyone for watching the video, I appreciate it and I'm still glad you guys want to see me talk about Jojo. So thanks!

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