Lhasa Apso vs. Shih Tzu – Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

Lhasa Apso vs. Shih Tzu – Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

You’re Watching Animal Facts! The Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso are two similar
but different dog breeds which are often confused with each other. To the untrained, it’s easy to confuse them. As both dog breeds are known to have originated
from Tibet, they share a few similarities, such as the long coat and the relatively small
size. But, let’s discover the differences between
these two cute and lovable dogs, as part of a new series of videos contrasting similar,
sometimes confused, dog breeds. Let’s get started, but before we start,
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notification squad. Size The most obvious physical difference between
these two similar breeds is that the Lhasa Apso is slightly bigger than the Shih Tzu. A Lhasa Apso weighs between 11 and 18 pounds,
while a Shih Tzu weighs between 8 and 16 pounds. Although somewhat bigger, a Lhasa normally
has a smaller bone structure, therefore, it may look slimmer than a Shih Tzu, which has
a more solid body structure. Coat Both have a non-shedding coat and can be considered
hypoallergenic, but there are some differences in the coats of these two breeds. The coat of the Lhasa Apso is heavy, dense,
thick, and hard. The Shih Tzu’s coat is described as a more
regal, luxurious double coat, with flowing tresses. Both breeds have high grooming requirements,
but the Shih Tzu is slightly easier to groom between the two. Face The Lhasa Apso has a narrower face, a longer
muzzle, and smaller almond-shaped eyes. While the Shih Tzu has a flatter face and
muzzle with bigger and rounder eyes. The Shih Tzu also has an underbite, while
the Lhasa Apso generally does not. Temperament Both the Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso can be described
as loving and affectionate with average intelligence. Neither has herding, hunting or fighting instincts
and can integrate well into families with other pets and children. Thousands of years ago, the Lhasa Apso was
bred to be a watchdog and will be a bit more alert than the Shih Tzu, which was bred primarily
to be a companion dog. Hence, the Shih Tzu tends to be a more friendly,
happy-go-lucky dog, who is trusting to everyone, including strangers. The Lhasa Apso is more independent. A Lhasa is a happy dog, but assertive, a bit
aggressive, and more stubborn and wary of strangers. It can display extreme devotion and over protectiveness
for its master. Both the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu are good
for new owners, but the Lhasa Apso is a slightly better choice. Unless you have children. The Shih Tzu is very child-friendly. But the Lhasa Apso may not tolerate them so
well. The Lhasa Apso has an above-average tendency
to bark, while the Shih Tzu is an average barker. Lifespan The Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu have different
lifespan expectancies. While the Lhasa Apso can live 13-14 years
on average, the Shih Tzu is expected to have a lifespan of 11-12 years. The difference is that Shih Tzus are much
more likely to be affected by common health issues such as Hip Dysplasia, Collapsing Trachea,
and Hypothyroidism. A Shih Tzu owner should expect frequent trips
to the vet, while vet trips are rarer for the Lhasa, despite the Lhasa being more prone
to obesity. So, who wins? Well, that’s up for you to decide. Which breed do you think wins? Let us know in the comments. If you like this video, check out some of
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  1. Sorry I had to reupload this because of a false copyright claim.

    So, what is your favorite between the Shih Tzu and the Lhasa Apso?

  2. I own a 14 year old, Lhasa Apso who I adopted from my local shelter. She has a short-cut coat a still extremely active. Lhasa Apso is a 100% win from me!

  3. Yep, Lhasas can have a nasty temperament, so they need an understanding owner. I drive a truck, and my Lhasa saved my life when a guy was stalking me. She was being nasty and he was keeping his distance because of her. Our family were the only ones to see her sweet side. Heidi was 12 when we lost her 3 yrs ago. I still miss her.

  4. I am on my 4th Shih Tzu. My last FUR baby girl, passed away 5 years ago, one day after 17th birthday. She was so beautiful, and I still cry for her., but LOVE my current one RAISIN.

  5. I have a shih tzu and a lhasa apso. difference for me is shih tzus are a bit smaller and lhasa apsos look like otters.

  6. my lhasa apso died in 2012. I still cry everytime i remember her. I have been afraid to get another dog ever since. She loved my family so much. She was quite aggressive and was spoiled.lol. Great video.

  7. My little Aldo is a Lhasa around 6 years old. He is the sweetest little guy. He is friendly with stranger's but will snap at one if he thinks I'm being threaten. He only barks if there is some one or something out side. Whereas my little rat terrier will bark at the moon.

  8. My Lhasa Apso looks like a little lion. He protects me He is very intelligent. Always cheerful, loves to run and play. good guardian He has a daring walk. Always happy. In the morning, when he wakes up, he jumps like a madman.
    I love my Lhasa Apso.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    Magnifique beau petit lion… ❤
    Bellisimo como un pequeño león 🦁
    Il mio amore 😍
    From Italy Ciao Ciao! 👋

  9. Shih tzu. I've had 7 and yrs ago bred them. I have 3 currently. They are lovable, friendly, love everyone. They tend to live longer than stated, if fed right and kept healthy. I've had them live 16 up to 19 yrs. I wouldn't own anything else.

  10. My Shih Tzu made 16 years. Until she started going down hill at the end, the only medical issue she had was bladder stones.

  11. If you want a watch dog you definitely should choose the Lhasa. They tend to be extremely smart and sensitive to surroundings. While they can have aggression trained out of them, I will say I was surprised you said they're both good for new dog owners.. Lhasa's aren't as good for new owners because of the aggression. The ones that are less aggressive probably have some shih-tzu in them tbh.

  12. My Lhasa named Hiro died exactly on his 10th birthday last August. His last year was horrible. Had cushings disease, got diabetes and then went blind. It was the most heartbreaking thing i have ever dealt with. He was so special. His personality was so big it was unreal. A week after he died our daschund who was perfectly healthy died. Woke up and realized She died in her sleep laying next to me in the bed. She was heartbroken, they were inseparable. ☹

  13. I have a mix between Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso – the best of two worlds 😊 He's 10 years old and a real beauty 😍

  14. I have had four Lhasa Apso pups the oldest living to be almost seventeen. They are the best dog in the world! I am looking for another one now.

  15. Both breeds are amazing. I have a Lhasa Apso. He’s my baby super intelligent. I also have a shih tzu mix with Lhasa. He’s more calm. I do notice the temperament differences. Both don’t bark a lot and are okay with kids.

  16. I've owned 8 Dobermans, 4 Labs, 4 Lab mixes, 3 GSD, 1 Poodle, & 1 Lhasa Apso only 1 of those dogs was the dumbest dog i've ever seen or worked with & it was the Lhasa… So i would have to say Shih Tzu

  17. We adopted 2 shih tzus about 5 years ago when they were 3 and haven’t need really any vet visits, other than recently when one broke its jaw, and we had two other ones both living to over 16 so I hope the two we have now live that long, they are good pups

  18. I had 3 Shih Tzus who all lived to 15 years old. They are wonderful loyal dogs for people who enjoy doggy cuddles as they always crave your attention.

  19. I love my Lhasa Apso, but they both win. Mine is about 11 or 12 not sure because she was a rescue, and we’ve had very few visits to the vet, except for routine care. Yes she does get a lot of cysts on her body, but there are rarely any problems with them. She’s a sweetheart, and yes a bit stubborn. 💕💕

  20. My lhasa is the love of my life. She is now 7. She literally will stand across my lap and growl and bark at any other dog that tries to come anywhere near me. She is always near me, and sleeps on my pillow next to my head at night. I couldn't imagine life without her.

  21. I have a curly haired Shizu whom I am crazy about. He gets along well with my older dashund and looks out for him. Now instead of being just a dashunds lover I am a Shizu lover too!

  22. A Shih tzu actually lives to 12-16 years in average comes to show some even 20 so please get facts right and also the Shih tzu is a very good watch dog depends on the owner the Lhasa Aspo May be very happy as I said DEPENDS on the owner and the Lhasa can live longer aswell so just get you’re facts right before you post.


  24. Lhasa Apso for sure. I have a rescue & a friend has a Shitzu rescue & my little princess is exactly that. She’s been one of the best dogs I’ve ever had

  25. Hi! Two things that you forgot to mention are that she zoos are companion dogs and Lhasa Apsos bar independent which make them less affectionate than a shih tzu. 🙂

  26. Im so lucky because I have a Zuchon which is both Llaso and Shitzu. Shes amazing and I suspect from this video that she has the best traits of both dogs

  27. I have three little dogs: a Shih Tzu, a shih poo and a Zuchon. Hyper, happy, mischievous, cuddly bed-hogs. I have been blessed with healthy shihs but my Shihpoo does have coat allergies and requires allergy shots regularly.

  28. Very informative. I had a shih Tzu for 12. Years. She was a great traveler and very friendly to everyone she met. She was like a social butterfly,loved people. A little hard to train and stubborn at times but I would have another one if .I could find one with the coloring I like. Great dog.

  29. My Chewie is a Lhasalier, so he has a decent amount of Lhasa Apso as well as Cavalier King Charles. He's the best dog a person could ask for. He likes to bark at times, typical for a Lhasa. But I wouldn't ask for him to be any other way. 💗💗💗

  30. Health is genetic.
    Lhasas are a big dog mentality smarter.
    Most your information is wrong.
    Bred & showed Lhasas for 30 years. Shih Tzu are clowns.
    Yes Lhasas are better they guarded the temple of Dalai lama of Tibet. Mine live til 16-18 years old

  31. I have a year old Lhasa. She can be very stubborn.
    She is very friendly to adults and children. But she does not bark when someone knocks on the door. So much for a guard dog.

  32. My Shih Tzu "Sire" is the best. So stinkin' cute and lovable. His name is Royal and so is he. I love him so much.

  33. Our Lhasa Opso is Cujo in a 19lb body. He's a little terror. Our vet offers to put him down for us every time we take him in. He's only 6 yrs old and 100% healthy! He just hates the vet…and everyone else, but me! lol

  34. I have a preference for the Lhasa. I have had 3 in my life, and have already told my wife, if offered one, I will take it in a heartbeat, even with three Terriers in the house. A Shih Tzu would be acceptable, if it were larger. I want an 18-20 lb dog. I know that is on the large size for Lhasa, but still. Unfortunately, they are rare in NJ, so I can't just adopt one so easily, even if my 3 were all adopted here.

  35. I have two lhasas and they both do very well with children and all the other people i know that have some is true. Apart from that and the fact they say lhasas are more aggresive, this is an accurate video

  36. I own a Lasa Apso a great dog. Alert and always tell me is anyone approaches the home. Intelligent and loving. Adores children although with large dogs he's wary. Wouldn't change him for the world. I would advice anyone getting a dog to seriously consider one as a pet. Great companions.

  37. We own a mix of both! She’s our first dog and is 1 year old now! She’s the sweetest baby, very protective and loving.

  38. Lhasa…We owned our Lhasa for 14 years 8 months…Chewy…love that boy! Intelligent and protective of us, fun to spend time with! Loyal! Always greeted us at the door! Best experience of my life! Miss Chewy every day!😢💔💔💔

  39. Growing up I have a Lhasa Shih Tzu mix. The dad was Shih Tzu with the mom being a Lhasa Apso. He was the best dog. Right now we have 2 dogs – Karly an Imperial Shih Tzu who I rescued and Haystack who we’ve had 8 months. He’s a rescue as well and definitely more Lhasa than Shih Tzu. They are inseparable and both my shadow.!

  40. Shih Tzu's win. Mine has passed the life expectancy and going strong. Only has minor problems with her itchy skin.

  41. Adopted "Cookie" a Lhasa Apso three years ago from a 91-year-old lady who couldn't keep her any longer. She lived in a retirement community, but now is part of a wonderful dog-friendly neighborhood. She is now 8 years old and gets groomed every 5 weeks, plus regular visits to the vet. She has a happy life and loves people! She is disappointed if people don't pay attention to her on our walks, so she is a little bit of a DIVA! LOL!!!

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