Life As An Illegal Immigrant in Greece

Life As An Illegal Immigrant in Greece

so we’ve just arrived in Athens and walked into the middle of an enormous protest of course we did it’s happens this is a place where the economic and the societal problems are still so bad the protests are basically weekly but imagine being from a place that was so messed up do you risk your life and your liberties just to get here in 2014 médecins some frontier visited holding camps for migrants and asylum seekers retained in Greece they described what they saw as a living hell full of disease overcrowding and grotesque filth sadly it’s not that surprising the Greeks have a weird relationship with immigration in fact until recently this was a country that allowed a neo-nazi party the Golden Dawn the sit in Parliament part of the problem is that for a lot of refugees the country is a gateway to the rest of the EU meaning that recently many people have come from places like Libya Egypt Pakistan Afghanistan and Syria looking for the European dream only to get stuck in Greece there they face violence and often exploitation in April 2013 in a small strawberry farm near a town called Mann Alana a group of immigrants went on strike to protest poor pay conditions during the protest over 30 of them were shot by their employer after that stories began to service of slave-like conditions and armed guards on motorbikes in Athens at a protest for immigrant workers rights we met Javad as LOM the president of the Pakistani Workers Association who said he had something he wanted to show us so showboat has taken us to a place called Kinoshita which is home to about 3,000 immigrants and a couple of nights ago some people the shove-it knows were attacked by the Golden Dawn how many racial attacks are there in Athens from last year two and half year old eight to nine hundred in last three days around about 15 to 20 peoples are injured and these are those people’s you can see so the these are everyone there was a time yes yes more than 15 persons was beaten we were driven into the middle of a tiny village just outside Athens the day before schibetta told us three Pakistani men had been attacked the three men were now staying in a safe house surrounded by their mates young man says they came inside our house with broken windows and they start to beat us with stones with iron rods they beat us very badly and so I had her head on the side is your arm broken yes what injuries do you have don’t move the herzman they throw down from the upstairs they threw you downstairs yes so you your nose go ahead the boy do you feel like the the immigrants in other places in Europe have a better time than people in Greece yes of course they are not facing us like these very bad injuries and very fearful every day and when we are going to our job we are not thinking we can return back to our houses safely what we can do if the government is not going to stop them how we can stop it who will give me the justice who will protect me about these attacks those three guys down there who’s so scared I’ve been beaten so badly I kind of trapped between a rock and a hard place because obviously Greece is a horrible place to pee right now and they’re getting beat up by neo-nazis and obviously Greece doesn’t really have the money or the jobs to withstand this amount of immigration so it just does seem like an impossible situation the collapse of the economy and the rise of the far-right have meant that these guys lives turned into hell while we were in here talking to those guys our producer was out front in the car and a great guy came up and started taking photos of the number plate and basically telling us to get the hell out telling us that these guys are scumbags and we get raped if we’re winning here and generally being quite threatening we’ve been in town what 15 minutes in your opinion when an immigrant is attack did they get as much support from the law courts as a Greek would say Lima catechist area in a very poorly armed indication of extra no tea party artist covere put him in a department limit on issues than eleven a capable shooter did not meet the houston catification that he may that is the latest release from a mere Polly McCauley asks is it on a possession Ana Diaz Madonna’s days yeah officially Fiori Eau de bourree napoca me CEO fellows a potatoes Brussels you decide you can yeah they said no one’s not people in what was happening stop them what they do is to stay by the side watch the body within it gives me an athletic key there’s a NASA lavish and I cut off yolks in a Slavic an opera pimps Touche after dissidents a meta-analysis occasionally Kenickie Kanani right and our me the Keystone oppose a thick or less would he picture that’s a CVS and laughing a parabolic arrow when the story of the man a lot of shootings broke not everybody was surprised Deena desk Alalu is a journalist from Athens who first visited the strawberry farms from 2008 since then she’s had a life threatened because of our work that was produced period of four days hitman rule and I got a love ended about the barouche enough understood peace a decree so again yeah well the Buddha’s enough understood selling apartments gloves to Malala don’t go stop rhodiola were you intimidated while you were there I’ve heard that the people who run these farms are very aggressive with journalist apron of calico Plaza demos over are fools hakuna stinking of you so no joke on me on a coon prop like is para pollution every symmetrical OAP status is opposite offered go up to the left for no except MacArthur said I’m fantastic um yeah for Yardley Palin me too he taken a colossal ago if I put him in situ puh-pow so the police get involved to the government get involved historia proconsul pata who’s from the lava Anna gasps can I block on shaft in Astoria he said yeah the vapor naval military silikal special rhinos scorers in a blanket of the finish graphic assesses for excellence if you see me some history of wife colony kenosis gives up image Podesta comma Kato tea catechins man hola Dana Plato’s photographic adieu Monsieur you can I come in to follow a puppeteer story after the hotel is my done night because old case of course is a very famous hero she’s only he likes people tected say that the protocol stays in the answer of the newsman 11 how much is a human life worth around a lotta beauty never serve it all 2,000 euros for an assassination they could have had you killed for 2,000 euros this is what they said I’m not gonna lower the car this to me lava today I believe she nervous of many economic Osama the video scale to n8 and vo vo Kendrick a severe so in italics in college most guitar Louie there this is here is a la vez en artistry of the economic Osama reassured analysts ratash upon us Palestine Musa rocket to play can I get neurotic a disparaging we had a gimmick Anatoly be a cuyahoga tweak and I give you the next canonical Kratos yeah il n’y vest is my sales taxes but he an electric a rule 11 crayons older son me asking me and as falestine making an approach a hit apathy Otto’s again approach a hippo’s Garros born a Jewish areas or design or measure say – we are certain enough to horn a stylist or guardian and of TC Texaco to speak the capitalist Allison it Amina in a key no mystical key missing the Nessie Houdini of that ugly mother away so well groups like the golden donor blaming the economic collapse on the presence of migrant workers actually the Greek economy was propped up upon the shoulders of these migrant workers annoyed opposed no so we’re heading south towards malla lada a place which is home to some of europe’s most delicious most juicy and most valuable strawberries but if room is to be believed it’s also home to some of the least privileged and least well paid workers in the Western world now everything we’ve heard about this place is really intimidating heard stories of immigrants being shot we’ve heard stories of journalists being beaten up with heard stories of photographers being threatened with guns but for going there anyway we’re gonna see for ourselves and maybe see what life’s like for some of Europe’s last slaves agricultural exports play a big role in Greece’s economy for example about 30,000 tons of strawberries are produced yearly but only about 12% are consumed locally yet despite the size of the business few Greeks are employed in the fields instead the industry is carried on the backs of immigrants living around manna Lada or a few activists who campaign for the rights of the farmhand we met one who’d been threatened so badly that she was scared to visit the farms anymore or even reveal her identity how regular have you been down to the farms to be on the board monopoly to the brain function gutter store or Jotunheim pie still if tears for s cats click in a committee Tom after came the synergy speciation come across from brush up on my support for checking meta-genome us there oh she doesn’t see me as a livin Amish coming to the bread-knife chemical sweetie ever since the shooting in a Lada got kind of nationwide press has there been any different is his life got any better for the workers in the fields Oh vegetable quiche CAPTCHA pasta small except on Instagram so this done copycat a fair enough a room type at the Paramount idea can easily chef teah innocent mini park honesty sigma11 questionable uncuff the scope to see the body for tenable security after sonsaku’s eternal avocados cassava in this analytic support at the zoo level in this problem so we drive in tamanna Laden alley for my strawberry fields and I’m gonna meet a guy who works there and I talked to him about what it’s like to live and work there and if it’s possible we’re gonna get into have a look at it we’d arranged to me to worker from the man a lot of farms inside the nearby town but we’re told to hide our cameras it was all very clandestine and paranoid but eventually our contact agreed to take us into the farms themselves Kester Farook casa yeah so do you work in Manila the fields and the no sorry steveo the yeti imma open a person at the levees cut off’ and acutally not deliver my java yesterday would leave us enough in the printed receiver okay unless i go test Rehana mathemagical for simon a daughter Kathleen Sarah can Anakapalli liftago Makka pakka he he he he talks about his pity came to a petunia cola-cola pathetic appointment – Peter Thomas – Peter they’re gonna learn the pro pro a Kato a poem Akashi mr. Burton penitent possessed an average model gotta see mistake the Doria food the millenia duty a must severe into a greenhouse where the migrant workers leave but Paddington I get in this game guys trying to turn the cars around tells us being in the club so this is that this is the field where the workers of man a lot of work and it’s pretty grim man it’s like a refugee camp only these guys are actually working and a large amount of their money every week goes on renting these places to stay in this camp we saw no water electricity toilets or showers and it’s just one of many the fruit fields go on for miles and each one has to be worked on by scores of men I’ve counted 12 of these big things and there’s between 10 and 25 men staying in each of them that means there’s about 300 people here in this tiny spot in these plastic cages this is in Europe this is in mainland Central Europe it’s like walking into a country it’s pretty unbelievable stuff you know just the kitchen yeah okay this is the kitchen pretty basic fire going on a lot of firewood sweet kitchen do I think the roof won’t catch fire you might want to watch out on that how long have most people been here for five days yes yes yes no money not working not a food not of water a detain no email arrest of Polly them born upon appointments come here didn’t own a fire pharmaco did you know pharmacotherapy landfill McCarthy abou pool another mahalia we must show no surrogate Semien una carta tipo de o ter kilo to the Buddha are you scared of the bosses or do you stand up to me walkie talkie Torah bring fun on the Toro one is scared of the many more they’ve got comes yet the Torah routine LT prep auto mechanic of his Casa Mia for other para poner demonic and Nevada Nepali Veronica anorexia algebra Kafue Damona Rishi Torah a murder exept Austin account game is cut all the possible many members are Kuchma Jabba Metro logo I wouldn’t dare sorry dr. Hamid Estella Kappas dr. pesto Dana Qaddafi for loop Linden s we’ll stop talking piranhas deliver make a course I lift a cane at TK anavar I surround here just from the back of this camp are the vines which they work on and as fields and fields and fields in them this is the laborer upon which Greece is supporting his economy at the moment and the enormous amount of money that people are getting from selling strawberries to Europeans was not coming back to these guys all right they do have a mosque here so we’re gonna go and have a look at that is this you okay so this is this is where you pray do you pray to leave man a letter do you pray for life for life okay so we’ve only been here for about 25 minutes but we’re being told it’s time to go time to move on in case the boss has come back and that won’t be good they’re like refugee camps they’re like something you expect to see people living in outside war-torn countries they’re not the kind of thing you expect manual laborers in the Western world in 2013 to be living in 25 men to a tiny room ten men to room half the size of my bedroom the conditions are unbelievable and all the money is coming out of those people their hard work and their suffering is it’s kind of somewhere else I guess it’s going to houses like this and all the strawberries they’re picking are going in fat European mouths like mine all over the West for those farmers in the region who had nothing to do with the shootings the PR surrounding them has been disastrous we spoke to one about the effect its had on both his town and his business was it a big shock for the community a big shock for everyone in Lunada Nagesh aladdin’s think I make a malloced I only pulled around loitering around like an asparagus alpha where you almost get eaten as well as much yo look at last assess Eden as well as a mask to pray orders what kind of people do you employ in your family regardless of the baccalaureus and then melon astronomers will lose their domain and if a dose is disarmed is abysmal oh my dearest assertion or liquor god I don’t even got a bogey a la política of Tyrrhenian trophy that salami dynasty go medieval on – reality of the tour after ability positive in the air oh mercy I was in America unless there’s a lot of controversy around the conditions that the people who work in the fields and mana laden live in and around whether or not they’re even getting paid what what’s your point of view on that a lien for atella stephania kaepa goes like risk a crease in the lava hmmm I was doing let’s have it a Miss Hellman a fair amount of top Iran let’s see Kanna a poorly together grotto she was from skadam here take another rush to zero poo after Samia lava hey Maggie operating model 33 must not make a painting like a shiny brass mala lanna calf in a photo seminar secondary parabola chronic quick aqui para a poly fear kind of push the cattle of any post ignore eased off Emma Nome in Windermere pragmatic RAC Europeans have gurus support of the entrepreneur 11 a normal man deafness fire nazuna Kotoko’s indica see again is Matakana even Robin old I get adora in it is rate so the loss epoxy or many do you know who the people who shot the workers in a lot of work still video he I possibly can throw people more easily prospective prog what an EF that a lefty economy McGarrett area letting appoint me of Adela toes okay after sex para por last remote I keep elusive Roku COPD levels after native yep establish to see decrement Roku eaten after yo PPO volition to Sarah got his keys I thought the pragmatic lost a part of Ronald’s video scenes can Emotiv EPOC mecanomoto Beckett a Levin my OTD Toronto preliminary Marian Keeney Ramachandra ope personal colony in America motto Joseph admin kappakappa Episode VII Daniel a microphone last three of the other opening segment I never deny with the quality of life solo many immigrants the grease quickly realized the country isn’t the land of opportunity their first believed it to be and a desperate to escape into Western Europe doing this without getting caught and kicked back into the country they were first so desperate to escape isn’t easy though last year more than 1,500 illegal immigrants were caught in Patras for immigrants hoping to get into Western Europe is the best bet with boats leaving for Italy every day we’d heard that the most common way to smuggle themselves onboard ships was either by sneaking into the cargo or more commonly waiting at traffic lights for trucks to stop climbing beneath them and holding on as they drove off this though is both hard and dangerous so many immigrants were left in Patras for months or years every day tried to find an opportunity to escape as such for many immigrants Patras has become a place of limbo and life there is just a constant struggle to get out okay so behind me is this enormous warehouse where apparently loads of the migrants in the area live we were told that we’d be able to film in there so we went to try and get in and two guys came up and stopped us and said don’t come in don’t come in they were saying that they’d been a massive fight there a couple of days ago but the two guys are going to talk to us so we’ll see what I have to say do you live around here no no just a little meow can you tell me what the place is like how many people live there var upon or de la cosa he must is no cravat the old man oniy hippota nestor self is Estonia he Macedo vo Pedialyte cotterpin Meeta was this from an attack the army friend Alli Bhandari go cable you know you know my face koopida artists fashionistas boom middle G c’mere so Camille who started resist resist resist and this this fascist this fascist rest hit on my friend goodbye you don’t fight G then bore a a Matheny in a loop to the cut see in olive tapenade sedan manager allah-allah de del burro Nepal today by astronomy boom-boom mijo today together in yeah I see it’s not good so we’ve just walking off the main road took a left just I kind of have a poke around so a couple of guys started talk to them and they’ve taken us here this bridge they’ve built through the sewer it’s like an assault course and if you slip up you fall in what are those smells like a toilet so this is just off the main road like we just turned a corner randomly we’ve walked into this kind of amazing jungle dilapidated Castle thing I think some of the lovers are getting pissed off the way head someone’s shouting us out I looked up to Neffe game a Miss canvas we get the bingo meadow detail you made other I’ll absolute that figure people have to miss you and Estonia didn’t even get three – oh god oh Budhia – ooh c’mere dvd-video true teen economy of penis TV miss a few enemies people more than the native Olympic like Nikita Canada be dinner the cosmos theater I mean you know how long have you lived here – month two months are you staying in Patras so that you can get on the boats to do Italy by container by the bus okay you don’t so you get down any when inside the ship sit down and the 16 hours 20 hours without food without drink okay you know it’s not good when you sleep you die yeah yes have you ever held on yes but you got caught yes police caught me and commandos taught me it’s not good I know it’s not with this bad is illegal but what I can do I have no papers one of your friends was saying that please sometimes come here and make the people police sometime comes here and thoughts many people’s really what do they say they just say do they hate you the register st they said to go to Afghanistan go to Pakistan what Afghanistan too much problem but he can do he’s coming here for earning well good future yeah but you get to go to UK it’s worth risking your life to get out of Greece and get to the UK okay thanks very much no problem yours nephews walking around the ports of Patras it’s impossible not to notice just how many people are looking for their chance to escape the country with the fences the rocks the sea and the guards standing in their way it’s easy to see why so few people actually achieve this there’s a certain sad irony and the idea that people try for so long to get to Greece but when they get here they realize they don’t want to stay they don’t want to stay because the economy is botched they don’t a stay because the police hate them they don’t want to stay because the Golden Dawn make their lives misery in fact the only people who welcomed the migrants into the country are those who want to exploit them in the fields like the ones that we’ve seen I guess that’s why so many people spend so long trying to get the hell out of this


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