Limousine Gold Digger Prank! Exposed!! (BF & GF FIGHT!!!) | UDY Pranks

Limousine Gold Digger Prank! Exposed!! (BF & GF FIGHT!!!) | UDY Pranks

There’s no doorbell There it is Hello? Can you hear me? My name is Sergio And I was just wanting to test my friends’ girlfriends to see if they’re gold diggers Thing is, I’m not rich. Like I just sorta want to like flash your house as if it were mine *silence* Im not selling girlscout cookies I promise *quirky music*


  1. Y’all are so nice but to nice I am like you mom so be good lol JK or is it a joke hahaha lol ok Ism going to stop I have no friends

  2. The limo driver is just like, what is this, is this really happening in the background 😂 probably lost hope for our generation

  3. If I was rich and had a house like that and asked me if he can use I'd say ya but I'm a kid so I can't well more like 13 but still a kid

  4. look you guys you need to get things really okay, the girls that you are texting have the right to behave that way because the guys are not having money okay ………. so tell me sone thing why want the girl live them, hmm the serious thing is if the guys have money and yet digger for more

  5. wow sergio, the lengths you go through to having to make these pranks happen, robbing and stealing then asking people to use their house lol also, goldiggerisim is a thing ? :O did he just say " you're not my type because you're a gold digger? oof!

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