Limousine Gold Digger Prank | UDY Pranks 2017

Limousine Gold Digger Prank | UDY Pranks 2017

This shits going to be good [upbeat music] [money chiching] In This series I place an emoji on all of our targets whether they end up being a gold digger or not in order to be respectful, prevent and defamation and keep you all guessing I also don’t want to get sued what is up you guys and welcome back to another episode of catching gold diggers and today I am chilling here with the homie AVERY he thinks he is ready to move out with his girlfriend however he has some doubts that his girl friend might be a gold digger and he doesn’t want to move in with her until hes for sure certain she isnt whats up Avery how you doin? Good man. Chuckels so first question man why the hell would you want to move out with your girlfriend ???


  1. WE GET IN THE LIMO TWO TIMES! FIRST, IS WHEN I SHOW HER THE LIMO, SECOND IS WHEN I OFFER TO TAKE HER TO HER CAR ๐Ÿ™„ Sorry, had to put that in caps and pin this because a lot of people aren't listening to mine and Cassie's conversation ๐Ÿ™ƒ Yes, we get into the limo twice not just once people.

  2. Omg Lindsey ur gf I knew when I was watching criminal minds the girl in that episode looked like her and her name was Lindsey too I think that's ur gf idk if it is I love her so much

  3. When I get a boyfriend, I'm gonna watch these videos with him just to let him know I know these guys. So that he won't be able to test me like this easily.๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  4. Who knows what could of happened to that poor woman locked in that weirdos limo. She should of smacked the 4 eyed idiot out.

  5. good to see the change that you asked him to swear not to tell her girl friend, if she is not GOLD digger. I like it.

  6. OMG, I'm this account is I'm 11 yrs old my sis watch you but then I started watching you and it makes my day like seriously you should be in a film omgggggggggg tysm for making these vids but kinda wanted to kick some of the boys in the nut when they seriously like cheated and disagree to freaking apologies your helping me with my anger lol. omg, I'm speechless I have nothing more but here A,W,E,S,O,M,E AWESOME WORK KEEP IT UP GUYS, love it. if your in Milwaukee I would crazy fangirling omg I'm your new sub when you laugh you made me laugh pls pls pls shout me out I really hope you shout me out tomorrow it will make my whole day trusting that I could count on celebrity cuz some are busy and can't reply but I understand :/ I was so bored doing nothing but dance in my life but I am very happy doing my dreams but I do love YouTubers and your one of the YouTuber who should shine I really really hope you reply omg OMG OMGGGG I'm just such a big fan I'm shaking right now I'm just crying of joyful tears. but keep the good work. I forgot your name the boy who owns the channel you remind me of my friend he is a male not gonna say bf cus it'll turn out weird but yup your personality and half of your looks are just like him gonna snap chat him to say I found the number 2 of Ruben hehe byeeeeeeee

  7. Women โ€ฆ their all the same, they lie, lie lie, deny, deny, deny, and then when you do produce proof its your fault, you made her do it.

  8. That entire video was awkward; but the first guy asking her out at the train station was just creepy. Who comes up from behind someone and walks right up asking for a date? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. ngl if I had someone walk up to me in that outfit at 5:15 I would take it as a fat fucking joke because no wealthy man runs up and asks for a date….

  10. she is not even a gold digger, every girl wants a cool dude. no body wants to with a loser. so you think your own gal will pass the test?

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