Lindsey Williams 💰 Elite Secrets Oil Gold Dollar Debt Crisis Economic Collapse 👽 NWO Conspiracy

Lindsey Williams 💰 Elite Secrets Oil Gold Dollar Debt Crisis Economic Collapse 👽 NWO Conspiracy

Lindsey Williams Elite 💰 Opec and Bilderberg Illuminati Oil Price Secrets 👽 NWO Conspiracy Agenda


  1. Considering bible prophecy was written by the elite it is almost comical to hear someone making predictions about the elite and comparing it to prophecy.

  2. We need to stop calling these foolish ones…Elite. Thinking themselves wise…they hv become fools. God allows…Not these fools. It's His providence.They can say or do whatever they think they can..but there is only ONE ALMIGHTY GOD…not a group of destined for HELL rich and powerless satanists.They are in charge of NOTHING..God USED PHARAOH for His purposes..NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!Keep lifting God up not these walking/working dead. Remember the rich man & Lazarus…1 drop of cool water dripping from his finger was what he begged Abraham.Respectfully, Margo

  3. If God can find you in Hell…what difference will it make moving OUT of a town/city? You can only die once anyway. then the Judgement.No one can ADD a day to their lives..not even the so-called elitist satan worshipers. To b absent from the to b present w/the Lord.You can't SELL that or BUY that. But I guess you can Buy Lindseys'..DVD, right? Q:Why are you "friends" w/these folks…you can tell you ADMIRE & HONOR their devious manipulations..why is that? But God is OUR PROVIDER..remember Elijah w/fed by ravens. God can make water come out of rocks…don't forget that! He w/always take care of His children.Respectfully, Margo

  4. Always about the dollar…always! Even L Wms..down to the very my DVD's so you can PROTECT yourselves. Buy Gold, buy Silver…you still can't eat them.Q: What does Lindsay hv to GAIN?…by telling All who will listen to his revelation(s). God is usually somewhere "hidden" in these prognostications.Now this NEW SET OF DVD's with New set of "BUZZ" words now.How about asking God folks?His Holy Spirit knows ALL THINGS!Not Mr Wms 1st,2nd, 5th-hand info.Trust God..draw near to Him!

  5. Buy food, water, seeds & bicycles. Fear not! Do your best…God w/do the rest. His hand is NOT to Short to save. #1. Get into Jesus/Jeshua is SAFETY.#2 Get into His Word and get His Word into You! That you will b able to Stand in the Evil day. Not a DVD about what the devil-worshipping Mammon worshipers are doing or think they are going to do. Get your priorities straight.this world is NOT your home. Margo

  6. God is THE ALMIGHTY GOD…it's in His Providence, not some elitist, rich & dying w/o Jesus. God USED PHARAOH, not the other way around.He[God]w/use anyone to draw those that will to come closer to Him & His purposes.Have the mind of Christ…not some demon possessed man/women. Yeah right!…on the phone; but the government doesn't listen in or tap Your phones…right Lindsey?Think about this seriously folks. All this is Not to edify but to "prompt" you to do something…what? Buy these DVD's. You can't TRUST any man.. Have faith in God.Be encouraged..He is in Control.Stuff w/happen, that is "fact", but it is NOT Truth! Exhausted but Respectful, margo

  7. He always drags what amounts to be about 5 minutes of information into a 3 hour long long repetitive ramble. That makes me suspicious.

    I mean seriously! "What you are about to here." "It is by the providence of God." "My elitist friend." "87 years of age." "I have had the privilege." "I'm here to tell you that." "I must tell you." "You must take action." "You must know about." "There is going to be……Now now please I must tell you….listen please you must hear me…." MUST HEAR WHAT?????? WHAT DID THEY TELL YOU???? SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsPIT IT OUT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Program error code 53289-8 runtime loop repeat. Reboot system. If this doesn't work call technical support.

    Eat sleep rave repeat. I could make an EDM track out of this video.

  8. hes missed on everything. he never said oil was going down until it went down. Don't believe this clown economies are ruled by supply and demand not some fake elite group. Why would some elite group let some chaplin listen to what they are saying that has nothing to do with him. they just decided to invite him someone they barely know? Ya right. Rothchilds i guess you could call some elite group but its just a rich family. Whoever has the most money run the world and they have over a trillion dollars.

  9. There are so many people who cannot afford money to go everywhere now. Best advice for anyone who does not have "surplus" is to purchase food ahead of time and store it. Same thing with water. And build something that will generate electric (remember no money to buy it). Get things, including knowledge, to produce the things on your own that you need to live.

  10. people who do tea leaves, read cards etc etc know a LOT more than your elite Sir. Perhaps you should contact some of them???? They knew all you are saying LONG ago.

  11. HA !

    1:23:50 …"i was told by an 87 year old elitist hours ago" "

    oooooooooh, old crafty Lindsy…he got all this info and slammed together a DVD set in world record time…amazing guy that Lindsy..


  12. DO NOT TRUST THIS  good MANS JUDGEMENT. Wake up he was totally wrong in 2012.He does not know when he is being lied to. So he passes on the lies to you and me.NOT GOOD.He does not seem to fast and pray before he speaks publically. DONT TRUST!!!!!!

  13. Very annoying in it's production but there may be some truths contained. God is not coming to the rescue. Not because there is no God but because the universe is vast and it doesn't get involved with our petty affairs. God is a big picture force but we are not insignificant. Our energy is important. We either lean towards the negative or positive side of the spiritual world. Sort of like Star Wars. Here's my advice to the western world: Be fruitful and multiply.

  14. Dont know why you were surprised to hear China is strong. They have all the gold now, they have the worlds largest boots on the ground Military!

  15. there will be plenty of food and water, but you gonna get hungry.
    when you're living nearby a supermarket or a food storage warehouse, you have an advantage.

  16. He was right about oil prices at least, they went way down over the last few years, right to about $50, just like he said! And it's true that the dollar's purchasing power has also declined.

  17. 98% der Frauen, die diesen Test als Ergebnis der veränderten Haltung gegenüber sich selbst bestanden haben und verbessert ihr Selbstwertgefühl !

  18. LYNDSEY WILLIAMS Snake-eyed, fearmongering Judas goat/ nwo illuminati predictive programmer GATEKEEPER-CONTROLLED OPPOSITION

  19. As a Canadian that has lived and worked in the USA . I shook my head when Obama turned down the offer of the keystone XL pipeline from PM Harper. We already supply quite a bit of energy of the USA and we could of alleviated most Middle East reliance. But mind you America has increased shale fracking by 15-18 % But maybe this was all planned too? Who knows?

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  21. Very nice information about the world overall economy but generally there is a paradox here! despite the fact that, this video clip gives very effective information and facts on the uptrend of the precious metals price, seeing that I am one in not so many persons knowing about this first, I have ly end up being delighted about what i know. But absolutely not ! i really feel disheartened.I am surviving paycheck to paycheck similar to many 9 to 5 folks here. I do not have available money to buy precious metals while the storm is approaching. I wish i never ever watch this video. if the owner of this video makes one other good video, remember to make a video on just how to have income to acquire precious metals. Thumb up if you experience the same way.


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  23. If the Elites are so secretive why would one of them tell him something and allow him to make videos telling the world about their plans? The 87 year old man must have lied to him because nothing happened within a year like he said on this video. It’s now three to four years from the time he made this video. Whatever the Elites are planning I’m sure they wouldn’t tell him or allow him to be all over the media telling it. Anyone can pretty much predict what he’s saying based on what’s happening at the time.

  24. This was recorded in 2008, Lindsey Williams claimed that the Elite told him that the economy was going to collapse in 2010, so I told everyone, prepare for the collapse of the economy. The economy never collapsed, and I lost credibility with everyone I told. I gave out DVDs about the collapse of the economy, I wasted about $200 dollars on making DVDs, and giving them away to people at Church for free. And when nothing ever happened, I looked like a crazy person, and felt like an idiot.

    Don't trust Lindsey Williams, he never apologized for being wrong about the collapse of the economy. He makes money off of this propaganda.

    The economy probably will collapse some day to make room for the new world order and the mark of the Beast monetary system. But Lindsey Williams doesn't know when, and he makes money by spreading lies.
    Can the prophecy club be trusted, I don't know, I hope so. But why do they keep working with Lindsey Williams, when he cannot be trusted, he never apologized for being wrong. Shame on him, fake Christian make all Christians look bad.

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