(Little) Big History of Gold

(Little) Big History of Gold

The gold is formed in two ways. First, the star needs some elements for nuclear fusion to make gold in nature, At first only hydrogen exist in the star. Next, hydrogens respond and combine each others, and then Heliums are formed. Hydrogens and Heliums combine each others again and then they make silicon, manganese, iron and else. These responses are called ‘nuclear fusion’. When many elements accumulate in the star as star doesn’t endure, the star explode which is called ‘supernovae explosion’. Heavier elements like gold form within the explosion itself. In another ways, the gold is formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. When magma erupts in the form of lava, they are solidified into rock. but some magma aren’t solidified and remains. They contain some elements which are difficult to be solidified. These solution make a hole in surrounding rock and erupt. Then elements such as gold settle to the bottom. Finally solution’s temperature will slowly begin to fall, and they become gold ore.For the second threshold, Gold was used as accessory. Like this, for example. Why was it? Why was gold used as accessory? First of all, it was the symbol of wealth and power. You see? That person chooses the one with a lot of gold, not the one with some crops. This is why gold was used in such a way. Plus, gold was easy to change its form. So its symbolic meaning and unique property worked as an ingredient for being used as accessory. The goldilocks condition of this stage is the occurrence of autocracy and desire of emperors to show off their power. Due to these, Gold, which was symbolic and easy to mold, was used as accessory. Long time ago, there were item exchanges between human as well. However, the usage of paper bills have achieved relatively nowadays. Then, which means did past human use? The answer are various, but shells, livestock, and grain are representative. Most people bought things that they need by them. But, these kind of commodity money had several problems. The typical problem they showed is a difficulty of transportation and preservation. People have to abandon them after certain period of time. At this moment, gold appeared. First of all, we have to consider the three conditions of currency. It consists of having value of itself, maintaining stable value, and convenience of transportation and preservation. Gold qualified all of this condition. Late 15th century to mid-18th century, Age of Discovery was lasted. This age is that European ship pioneered many sea routes and traded actively. In this age, many gold in America flew in Europe and the golden age of gold have started.The next threshold explains how the gold was used in the industrial site. The social climate when people came up with an idea of utilizing gold in the industry is like this. As the Industrial Revolution progresses, the number of factories radically increases, verifying that the occupations people are engaged in shifted from agriculture to manufacturing business. Besides, the scientific technologies got to be advanced as time went by. The following pictures illustrate the progress of science technologies through the development of communication technologies. Unlike the ancient era in which people only could communicate via their verbal conversation, people used signal fire system and post station in the middle ages. In the modern era, the telephone was developed, which was succeeded by cell phones in the late 20th century. Lastly, the communication technology is represented by the smart phones these days. For this social climate, people got to be interested in golds’ industrial use. Initially, the gold is used in the semiconductor. The gold boasts an outstanding conductivity, which is advantageous in producing the semiconductor. Besides, the gold is used in dental clinics for making gold tooth. The gold is easy to process owing to its outstanding malleability. Gold is also unreactive to oxygen and water. These characteristics of gold make it appropriate to be used as gold tooth, which can be preserved from saliva and oxygen. Lastly, gold is used in space navigation industry. The spaceships are highly vulnerable to various radioactive substances. The gold’s reflexibility protects the spaceships from those hazards. To sum up, in this threshold, the ingredients refer to golds’ properties like its conductivity, reflexibility and unreactivity. Meanwhile, the goldilocks conditions are the social climates at that time, the interest in manufacture business and the advancement of science technologies.For the fifth stage, Gold was used as asset. No matter whether volcanoes erupt, No matter whether the countries are in war, the value of gold is believed to be constant. Since gold holds its value in every country and exists eternally, people all around the world believes that gold can serve the role of storing value. Unstable global economy of these days makes the importance of gold even more prominent. In summary, beliefs about gold made people think of it as a way of storing value, and recent fluctuating economic condition emphasizes its role. Well, it’s not always true that gold holds constant value, but people believe so and that’s why gold is used as asset. 

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