Live Here, Be Golden

Live Here, Be Golden

*Music* Living on campus was definitely the right
choice for me. Now, I was a little bit hesitant, but once
I moved in I knew I had made the right choice. I have great housemates and roommates and
we all have a lot of fun together. Living on campus has helped me be a better
student. I just feel like commuting really takes a
lot out of you and it’s really convenient being on campus. I live at school, so… it just makes it easier. I mean, the library is right here. It’s easy to… if I need to go study I can
just walk right up. The biggest convenience of living on campus
is just the idea that I don’t have to drive because I used to go to a community college
that was 20 minutes away from my house and… that always was irritating, having to drive
back and forth. It felt like I had to drive across town just
to get to class from work or from home and… That’s why I like it a lot better living here
on campus. So definitely living on campus is a lot more
convenient because 1) I don’t have to worry about parking and 2) it’s just… if I’m,
like, tired and I have a two-hour break, I can come home and take a nap and be ready
for class. I’ve lived on campus for about two years now,
and now I work for Eagle Patrol. It’s in my field and I get to walk to work,
which is a great experience, and I feel more at home on campus now. I chose to do the Meal Plan because it’s a
convenience for me, being an athlete here at Cal State LA, because it gives me that
convenience of being able to come and grab something quick to eat rather than having
to set aside time in my day to cook when I could be studying or doing homework. It makes it a lot easier to build relationships
with my peers. I feel like if I didn’t live on campus I wouldn’t
have met a lot of the people that I have met. It’s kind of interesting meeting people coming
from different backgrounds and being raised with different, you know, mindsets. I’ve actually formed good friendships with
my roommates my first year here as well. We still talk and hang out to this day, even
though I don’t really… I don’t live with them anymore. The Resident Assistants have been a great
help to me in the past two years. If I have any issues, I go to them and they
immediately help me out. There was an RA event where we had… just
to get our mind off of finals, we would eat ice cream and watch movies and I thought that
was really nice. Life on campus is definitely exciting. I never miss any opportunities to go and participate
with different events going on on campus. I’ve been at several sporting events on campus,
such as basketball games, baseball games, volleyball games and I’ve also participated
in the Farmer’s Market. I’ve been up there and experienced those events. There’s also the 323 Night Market, which is
a pretty cool event with music and a whole bunch of food and everything, so it’s an awesome
experience being able to just walk on campus and experience all those events. Living so close to Downtown LA is probably
one of my favorite things here living on campus because – okay, not only is the Uber prices
really cheap, but we have a Metrolink here on campus, so I could take the Metrolink straight
to Union Station and I feel like I’m already at the heart of LA. There are a lot of historical places Downtown,
like The Last Bookstore that’s been around for a long time and a lot of photographers
go out there to take pictures, so that’s a lot of fun. There’s another park where they shot La La
Land – Griffith Park. So, if you want to just go up there, park
and hike, that’s incredible. I think for anybody who’s questioning living
on campus or not I think it’s definitely a great experience to get involved with. I’ve been nothing but pleased with my decision
and it’s just made me happy as a person and as a student and I – if I could make this
choice again, I would. Living on campus has been such a great experience,
and it has been so much fun. I definitely feel like the sky’s the limit. *Music*

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