LIVE High School Football – Arlington vs Hillcrest

LIVE High School Football – Arlington vs Hillcrest

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away it’s Friday night it’s late August it
can only mean one thing high school football is back in the City
of Riverside and we have it here on the Riverside TV game of the week we’re
coming to you live from Ramona high school Stadium as Arlington is gonna
battle Hillcrest to start the season I’m Jeff Gorham he’s Nick rice welcome
Nick what are your thoughts on tonight’s game high school football season it
should be an incredible matchup just as we had last year in the opener Arlington
a team led by head coach Jeff roni which in his first full offseason with the
weight training with the different regimens and the schematics that he
employs for his football team this club looks a heck of a lot more ready
last year it was his first year this is a former with 23 years of coaching
experience a former champion as a head coach of La Sierra so he certainly has
the experience and the resume to really bring this team to new heights in 2019
Arlington and Hillcrest the Lions certainly looked like it seemed poised
to have a big run this year well I’ll tell you what
Hillcrest comes in as the defending River Valley League champs they were 5
and OH but they lost their head coach John ran him step down into retirement
Travis Carter steps in and I’ll tell you what he doesn’t lose much he’s got a
great quarterback and he’s looking to repeat in the river valley league it
should be a great one tonight on Riverside TV we will be right back with
a start of the game on Riverside TV game of the week and welcome it’s Friday night and it is
the Riverside TV game of the week between Hillcrest and Arlington a big
big game here at the Riverside Stadium well more on tonight’s game we’re gonna
kick it down to our third man on the field JR Ibarra well guys just to expound and what you
guys have already been talking about it’s a really good matchup tonight of
two very different teams for Hillcrest you want to take note of their
quarterback Cameron Payne he was a starter as the sophomore generated
twenty four hundred yards of offense with twenty five touchdowns eighteen
hundred of those yards were in the air and the rest on the ground so he’s a
real threat to run if he can’t find an open receiver on the other side of the
scrimmage isaiah luta a senior quarterback has some pretty good skills
when it’s Zeke Valentine the running back you want to take note of for the
Lions of Arlington and why not the offensive line has really beefed up over
the offseason and talking to head coach Jeff roni the average player gained
about 29 pounds per offensive lineman so it’s got a lot of girth specifically
also with Jaden Kinnear 63 310 pounds he’s a big kid who’s going
to try to push his way into that defensive line against his opponents for
tonight’s football game so guys let’s get it teed up let’s start off 2019 send
it back up to you Thank You JR it’s great to see you again
and it’s great to have another year here on Riverside TV once again I am Jeff
Gorham he is nick rice and we are getting ready for the kickoff well it
should be an incredible matchup I mean last year at a 28 to 20 football game
both teams played very well especially offensively five total touchdowns split
between the two quarterbacks and with most of these rosters returning for the
2019 season we may just have a very similar football game tonight Jeff you
think that it may be a similar type score well you know I think there’s just
two separate teams you know last year Arlington they struggled I mean we’re
not gonna sugarcoat it they didn’t win last year coach Maroney took over
late in the season he didn’t have a full time to spend with his weight room in
the summer didn’t didn’t get to do the seven out of seven like most programs do
but they were close in a lot of games they have to play in a very tough tough
conference but coach Moniz changed his style they’re gonna run a you know a
Smash Mouth type football you could see an eye back maybe a
wing but they will control the clock they will control the tempo and try to
really just have field advantage and keep it close on the other hand you have
Hillcrest Travis Carter who was a protege of John Branden learned a lot of
great things and I don’t think they’re gonna change the scheme too much because
they do have some outstanding athletes on the Hillcrest I remember they went
five and OH in the River Valley League and really dominated everybody and
they’re looking to reestablish themselves this year and go back-to-back
in the river valley league just to piggyback off of what you mentioned and
this game featured just the top two running backs nearly 60 carries between
the two so we may have a flashback to the past for those football game tonight
with two teams that could certainly establish the run early Hillcrest in
Arlington yeah and I’ll tell you what there’s a
couple playmakers to keep your eye on and that is number one Cameron Payne
from Hillcrest a very very athletic quarterback and he’s got some weapons
he’s got great receivers the receiving corps of Julian Bishop Ryan Howard
Xavier banks and Johnny Rivera are potent but they’ve got a running back
that they have to fill and that will be on Anthony Correa Arlington has those of
you joining us here on Riverside TV are dressed in the beautiful maroon uniforms
tops and bottoms were getting a good representation of the Trojans of
Hillcrest fresh off that river valley championship that jeff aforementioned
near christ Jeff Gorham jr. abara here from Riverside California glad you’re
with us meanwhile of course Hillcrest is dressed in the all whites with the dark
red numerals and also the red helmets and Oak Hill crest will be kicking off
to begin this game and I’ll tell you what the uniforms look pretty nice you
can actually see the numbers which is great when you’re calling a game but
like you said just a year ago these two teams battled it out at the Alvord
Stadium 28:20 victory for Hillcrest Hillcrest went on to do great things in
fact two seasons ago there was a five way tie for the River Valley League
championship so you get five out of the six
Kings could call him selves League champs right and right now coach Jeff
Roni who’s been coaching here forever in the area they’re looking to rebuild this
Arlington program and he’s got it going on the right foot that to be specific 23
years of coaching in high school athletics kickoff is squib to the 25 and
a Hillcrest by that defense we’ll take a good look at them as Arlington hits the
field offensively first and once again let’s keep an eye on that big man right
tackle Jaden can either he’s 310 pounds can run like the wind number 58 keep an
eye on him and the great talented senior quarterback Isiah luta last year luda
corner MaxPreps four touchdowns five interceptions in the game that he played
he’s a dual threat with four rushing scores and he feeds inside on the first
play of the game and Sean will pick up the first down for Arlington straight at
run to 14 yet Taylor Damacio the junior as you see it’s almost it’s a single
back that will win yeah run it off tackle run off guard
it’s gonna be House right house left all night long here if we anticipate the run Taylor DiMaggio runs again over the
right hash across the 50 he rumbles with a 44 of Hillcrest and we had just
mentioned that Arlington with an entire offseason to prepare they beefed up the
line and it has paid huge dividends in fact coach mone talked to us before the
game said you know he had hadn’t had a chance to really work with his guys but
they have and on average twenty nine point four pounds each player has gained
in the offseason 29.4 they certainly do a good job there of keeping track
sweeping run for Taylor Damacio outside and with a flag thrown he motors to
about the 35 it’s been clear about where Arlington
wants to feed the ball to the begin this game like I said they’re gonna run off
tackle a lot of double wing stuff with a single back I’m gonna keep this
Hillcrest aligned honest look for them to maybe throw occasionally five foot
seven 185 pounds tailored Damacio has been a bell cow to start this contest
but a hold brings back Arlington the Trojans won a hotly contested affair
last year in the beating between these two 28 to 20 it’s that run to Ezekiel
Valentine who finds a seam outside and takes a tumble to about the 44 yard line
wiping out the holding penalty yardage yeah coach Roni talked about Zeke
Ezekiel Valentine the senior said how hard he worked in the offseason he’s
kind of the leader of this ballclub and coach had talked about him as being
someone who could certainly compete at the next level in collegiate athletics
as the capabilities of doing that 510 hundred ninety five pound tailback he
will dot the eye in front of him as Damacio again fifth straight run down up
by Arlington it’s a stretch handoff left and he’s escorted out of bounds it sets up a third down and potentially
a passing down on the part of Arlington Valentine and Jaden can either both want
to play college football together in fact being recruited by Utah State
they’re on campus about every month checking out the guys and they want to
kind of go as a package deal they certainly have the capabilities of doing
it the to Arlington stars as the Lions face third and seven we have whistles
just past two minutes into the opening quarter of our Riverside CV game of the
week there’s like Coach bony called timeout you know the first game jitters
yeah you know you have timing difficulties you try to shorten your
playbook the first couple weeks try to get your guys going
but with Coach roni seems like he’s thrown the playbook that he’s had out
the window and has really gone to that the Smash Mouth football though he did
warn us that they would go heavy ground to start the game and throughout now
he’s got a friend across town guy named Ken batt Dorf maybe you’ve heard of him
he’s been coaching at Norton Vista for the last 26 years and really has built
his entire career off the double wing runs off a single high back and so they
spent a lot of time in the offseason kind of going over coach batt dwarfs
playbook and as we’ve seen so far coach Veroni has thrown a lot of it into his
arlington lion team here now with the Lions certainly returned many of those
players from a season ago so he had a offseason to talk about schematics to
them Lions face third down and seven loda fakes the handoff to Zeke scrambles
right unloads towards the sideline and the pass is drops incomplete intended
for Deshawn Bell and if you watch I was a great move by the senior quarterback
he rolls out to his right throws to his left across the body a tough pass
probably a pretty good ball thrown hey Sean Bell probably should have caught
that ball yeah once that’s set up here as we look at
the replay nobody takes a good roll out southpaw gets rid of it – that was
inches away from really being a a pinpoint throw Luda who had in the last
meeting between these two 25 pass attempts and 26 run attempts and that 28
to 20 decision against Hillcrest a timeout is called yet again with a
fourth and seven upcoming for Arlington it’s just like we’ve said when you have
a new playbook you’re gonna have some issues and so coach knows Roni decides
to call another timeout kind of maybe get his guys acclimated you know you got
the first game jitters playing in front of a great crowd here
Ramona Stadium I mean a very capable runner Isaiah Luda is the quarterback
for Arlington that certainly makes for head coach Jeff Roni a man that could
take over his offensive schematics a run heavy football team and he could
certainly be a threat in this football game with how he can pass a run yeah
especially when you’re running such a heavy running game with the you know
your running back fullback the quarterback sometimes I have to lead the
block and he’s just that kind of guy he’s very aggressive very strong but
very quick so open field could be trouble if they’re Hillcrest doesn’t pay
attention to that young quarterback Hillcrest will line up in a base for
three defense as Arlington will go for it on fourth and seven with the pistol
snap Isaiah Luna loses the ball turnover on downs as he fumbles and it’s scooped
up by way of Hillcrest Gabriel Dominguez senior linebacker who was just in the
perfect place as luda faked the handoff I’m sure he didn’t anticipate that sort
of pressure up front it looks like no luda held on to the ball a little too
long he wasn’t sure if he was going to keep it or get rid of it but the Travis
Carter offense for Hillcrest making us debut here now Cameron Payne
is the quarterback for Hillcrest he takes the snap and feed straight ahead
to his running back and with a flag thrown he is hit by a cloud of dust and
taken back after a 2 yard gain yeah Cameron Payne is one of those cerebral
quarterbacks very very athletic able to run he sees very sees basically two
passes ahead if he’s runs the option is smart enough to get rid of it smart
enough to keep it he’s one of those guys to keep an eye on if he gets open in the
field he could be dangerous certainly could his running back Anthony Correa
had four runs all of last year but he emerges as the starting tailback to
begin his junior season but this offense may be in a passing situation first down
and log Correia sweeping run to the left he has hit in the backfield slips two
tackles and bulls ahead to the 38 physical run of four yards for Anthony
Caray on first down I’ll tell you it’s a man Jay Cartwright he knew he got him in
the backfield there from Arlington but slipped right through it and get this
he’s five foot three 130 pounds about the size of my my six-year-old you know
I’m 6-8 to 35 and I’m telling you my six-year-old could rival that size right
Wow off the play action to Correa the quick flip on the right hash that pass
is caught on the run it’s Xavier banks and he moves the chains out to the 45
yard line dazzling 20 yard catch and run from the junior receiver Xavier banks
and we talked about those receivers you know that was their bread and butter
with pain the last couple of years is they’ve been able to hit those receivers
they have always had great running backs but now we’re gonna test it let’s see if
they can get get to that Lions secondary here early in the game third play of this Drive direct snap to
pain with a design quarterback draw and he scrambles over the hash for a seven
yard pickup strong first down run for the quarterback well if he can do that
give him the ball every time yeah a little Michael Vick the man was was
solid in the game last year against Darlington five for thirteen 151 yards
and two touchdowns in the 28 to 20 win Payne off play-action dumps the banks
who spins and then has wrapped up with the line of scrimmage days on bail nearly with the tackle
there I am pretty impressed with Arlington’s quickness
maybe not they’re tackling here so far but their quickness off the line has
been pretty impressive here semaj Cartwright who just recorded the last
tackle is threatening blitz for Arlington though go draw and banks is
spilled for loss daniel gomez that just shows another one of the athletic size
right there the the defensive end came across the field to get him on that play Arlington missed the fourth and seven
offensively to begin this game suffering a turnover on downs
after five plays Hillcrest faces fourth and seven of this drive snappers to pain
as they’ll go for it he fires deep downfield and the pass he had to come
back for it but his caught downfield by Howard and he is tagged inside the 10
like I said Cameron Payne very cerebral pretty patient there’s he just backed up
the saw you know picked his targets and pick the
right one there my Ryan Howard was all alone downfield a better pass he walks
into the end zone flag is thrown with 6:30 to play in a fast-moving opening
quarter there Christ Jeff Gorham jr. lebara
glad you’re with us from the Riverside TV game of the week between Hillcrest
and Arlington that’s great to be back here this is my
my fourth year calling these games for Riverside TV look at this great pass by
Payne Wow Howard credit to him to adjust to make that catch snap is to Cameron Payne who squirts
through a small hole over the left guard and gains about three or four there
I get very giddy for football season you know I’m a basketball guy but that’s a
what I’ve been calling these football games now for years and I say this it’s
the best it’s like Christmas for me I will sure morning I was open to open up
presents let my kid go to our high school football it’s the best thing in
the world it’s the here’s the inside run breaking
out to the left there is lilo Maeva touchdown
Hillcrest Manny Robert rather the Hillcrest with a sensational job on that
fourth down conversion Ryan Howard put them inside the 10 and the Trojans punch
it in to score the first points of a game that so far has been pretty well
balanced between these two hard with a very athletic move and they’ll bring out
the extra point team will Hillcrest and that phe is good yeah Mason Hutton was the man who
chipped it in you’ve done this now going on your fourth year as you mentioned
Jeff what have you noticed from these football games over the years I’ll tell
you what the Inland Empire is the best football area in all of California you
have the Trinity League you give it to them but you know they can go out and
they can recruit but you look at the best players in the area they yeah
across the entire college football landscape you look at all the power
conferences and there’s always a couple guys that are superstars that have come
from the IE and so I’ve just had a chance to see great players the last
years how Jaden Daniels I sure was the number one quarterback in the nation
who’s now starting at Arizona State Alexander Madison a great running back
place for the Minnesota Vikings I’ve seen some great ones but I’ll tell ya
the best football in the entire state of California is here in the IE and also
some of the most entertaining football games that would say to I mean this is
for these leagues in Riverside the multitude of them it does seem to come
down to like the final game final drive it could be this situation same here as
the kickoff is that sounded around the 23 I mean we were entertained with a
thriller the last time these two teams met that was in the opener August 17th
of the season ago in fact the first minute of the game
Hillcrest scored two quick touchdowns and it you thought it was over but
Arlington battled back and got within they end up losing by eight but it was
an interesting game if they hadn’t made those early mistakes possibly might have
had the victory season might have been a lot different for the Lions certainly it
seems these early games could certainly put together the momentum you need to in
conference play to potentially win a league championship inside run for the
Lions to Zeke Valentine Gaines to to set up their second drive they featured a
heavy dose of Taylor Damacio with four straight carries to begin their opening
drive which ended on a fourth down and seven stopped by Hillcrest on a fumble
from Luda which resulted in the short yardage
touchdown drive by way of Hillcrest 7-nothing is the lead for the Trojans Damacio straight ahead run and he surges
past the tackler and has wrapped up after a seven-yard gain mok wallah is
the Trojan on the stop setting up third and short and he watched Damacio here as
he as he gets hit he really continues to move those legs and that’s what gets him
those extra yards in fact got him the first down it wasn’t short it ended up
being a first down but very impressive so far from mr. namazi oh the junior
fullback sailor DiMaggio’s just 2 steps behind his quarterback in lieu de will
hand off to Valentine stretching to the left Valentine Sprint’s towards the
sideline and motors to about the 40 strong gain on first down Ezekiel
Valentine in all three levels of football professionally collegiately and
also in high school you typically see teams employ four five wide receiver
sets spreading out defenses this is a blast of the past and it certainly
worked for Arlington to begin this game they have got heavy ground which could
over the course of this game exhaust that Hillcrest defense yeah and that’s
really what you’re aiming for is you’ve worked on your strengths all season long
let’s see if your conditioning can handle if you stay close in this ball
game through a half it might tire down that Hillcrest defensive line with a
five-step drop ludo goes long and the pass is
incomplete flag has thrown this could be pass interference intended for the
senior receiver Devon Johnson I hope it’s pass interference oh he tripped
over the 40-yard line and I don’t think he did that I believe it was a good call
there Asante MUC wala was on the coverage for
Hillcrest and with a team that will really almost more you with the amount
of runs they employ on every Drive those quick throws can catch a defense
off-guard it really doesn’t it will spread that
defense that secondaries gonna have to look at Arlington they’ve got to keep
him honest Arlington doing a pretty good job of of
clock management running the ball making smart plates you just can’t have
penalties the pass interference is a 15-yard infraction which moves the
chains for Arlington late first quarter down seven so the 45 yard line of
Hillcrest inside run Damacio he reaches the second level again and on second
effort crawls to the 35 yard line once again continuing to move those legs
those tree trunks getting right through the poppy patch there watch him takes a
hit right there but you watch those legs he’s moving and moving getting those
extra six yards on that play Manny Robert was the one I’m sure he was
I mean to his chagrin he had he was assigned to make that tackle he did but
it took him an extra couple yards I’m sure that’s point Hillcrest is not
interested in tackling DiMaggio too many more times the run netted them just
inches short of the first down Valentine is on the run he’s got one to
beat at the 20 and spins to the 17 Mach Wallace saved the potential touchdown
for Valentine that’s a gain of 17 I am very impressed with this new run game
from Arlington two-headed monster they’re in the pack
filled with the traditional old-fashioned I formation tailor Damacio
in his zekiel Valentine Damacio remains in the game but he is
joined at running back by number 44 Arlington’s senior Brian Wright’s first
out in 10 late first quarter Luda tosses right with his first carry of the season
you’ll sweep right and has wrapped up after one yard gain the cornerback for
the Trojans Nathan Bernal a junior records the stop he had 39 tackles last
year part of the Hillcrest defense joined also by Arlington two of the more
experienced teams out of their respective leagues we had talked to head
coach Jeff Roni of Arlington of their 22 starters 17 or seniors the single receiver left is Devin
Johnson for Arlington DiMaggio runs again and his doubt of the 13
and that’s gonna go against mala Hillcrest and Arlington’s gonna be
knocking on that door here at the end of the first quarter great hit but it’s high school the NFL
you can get away with that high school that may be motivation for him to get
there right yeah that’s a Necessary Roughness on the part of Hillcrest it’s
not a full 15 yards cuz Arlington is closed and that speaks to the time of
possession for the Lions significant in this first quarter and really that’s
what’s kept him in the ball game in fact coming into this week talking to both
coaches that was Jeff Ronnie’s goal his goal was to to really utilize the clock
run play smart try not to get yourself in any penalty
situations and if you play smart do those things you have a shot to beat
this really good Hill Kristine from the seven first in gold Luda under
center turns hands the Valentine dances to the six and slips through to about
the three Arlington’s got one slow to get up this Lions Drive started at their own
25-yard line impressive opening possession for the
Arlington Lions as we look at our packed house from Ramona Stadium here in
beautiful Riverside California for the Riverside TV game of the week
well Arlington we had mentioned a tough season in 2018 under the first-year head
coach at the time Jeff Roni he’s a former league champion at la sierra
around here in riverside as mentioned Jeff he’s been here a long time he
assumes the position in favor of a very successful rich Lunsford who had eight
and three in his last year with the team and Arlington as we see right now has
made some significant improvements under the tutelage of Jeff Roni from year one
to year two yea sophomore season remember he had rich Lunsford who had a
great great season three seasons ago and it uptake going to Redlands East Valley as we look here on the replay we’re
gonna check out what happened here oh there’s 70 right there Alejandro
Conrado he got his leg cut under the left leg looks like yeah
Dominguez hit him an awkward yeah knee issue but the good thing is he’s
walking on his own yeah look look bad but yeah kudos to him coming up on his
own power Arlington is knocking on the door with a second and goal at the
Hillcrest 3 with a minutes ago first quarter Luda under center turns in hands
the Massey Oh heads to his right and dives over the goal line touchdown
Arlington here’s the strength of the offseason workout like I said two twenty
nine point four pounds averaged games by the entire team and right there’s a big
one my Taylor DiMaggio was the
difference-maker throughout the first two drives are the Lions first then with
a fourth down stop Arlington marches 75 yards they attempt 1 Isiah luda pass on
that drive it was clear their game plan coming in the Lions so far have only
attempted two passes I believe in the first quarter of this matchup it could
be a quick one we could be home tonight TV you go home I’ll be home before uh if
I felt bring some some TV not as great as this tow kidding me with the good
hold the extra point splits the uprights from Isaac Conrado the sophomore knocks
through the p80 we are tied at 7 replay here great
inside move here’s the whole Drive as you see Damacio a whole lot of Damacio
peppered in with Valentine and even a run for right they had three different
runners on that drive and of course the pass interference certainly helped them another big run from Damacio as he
gained a six extra yards after the initial hit and there’s old Zeke the
spin move and why not give it to your workhorse you can see the chemistry with
Damacio and with Valentine as they set their sights to division one football
I’m sure in the future they certainly have the capability of doing that a
little thunder and lightning how about that yeah I’d say so Conrado his kick-off end over end is
taken inside the 15 xavier banks their wide receiver they’ll
also pitch the Hillcrest wide out running back plays and the kickoff
return man reaches the 38 banks will be out of the game however for Hillcrest the last Trojan drive was sparked by a
fumble recovery from their linebacker Gabriel Dominguez led to the short
yardage touchdown drive they begin their second possession at their own 38 pain
reels in the high snap and hands off straight ahead it’s a seven yard gut run
for Arlington and Bryan and rather Anthony Correa four receivers out there for Hillcrest
tied at7 high snap Payne fakes the handoff dances straight ahead and has
spun down to the line of scrimmage that may just end the first quarter well you got to be happy if you’re both
coaches right now 7/7 really both teams controlling the ball here on the ground
early movement for arlington no flag first quarters completes well it was
definitely a great first quarter and we are gonna go down on the field to our
third man JR Ibarra yeah guys we obviously have a really good matchup for
tonight’s contest but looking down the road to the River Valley League
Hillcrest and north abyss for probably the two top teams that most experts are
looking at to be the contenders for the league title in fact North Avista
already has one in the win column last night they beat Paloma Valley by a
score of 28 to 14 and get this they rushed for 483 yards on 64 carries in
fact it was Eddie Elaine the sophomore running back who had 241 yards on just
40 carries so Ken bat Dorf the head coach of north Avista already has his
team up and running and looking the challenge for a league title both send
it back up to you thanks Junior in fact last night the the inland sports show
pep Fernandez and myself we had a radio broadcast up that game Lakes at 28 14
against a very good Paloma Valley team can bat Dorf has one of the better teams
he’s had in his 26 years tenured at Novi and the Braves were in the river valley
standings second only to the Hillcrest oceans a season ago at four and one of
the league nine and three overall they’re every bit as capable as
challenging Hillcrest this season toss to Correa outside on third down he calls
near the first down marker could have been a Pierce a bit short and talking
about the phenom sophomore Eddie Elaine he is the younger brother of the
starting running back at the University of Hawaii Freddy Holley the third so
good pedigree there he’s a little bigger than Freddy was he’s a taller leaner
kind of a Eric Dickerson esque running back very upright very quick
very strong Lorna this is gonna have a great running back for the next three
years fourth down in shorts Arlington is
calling signals defensively as the Trojans will go for it they have
converted one earlier no painful putts the quarterback sends it with no one
deep for Arlington and the punt rolls inside the 20 in his mark down at the
1835 yard punt for the Hillcrest quarterback no return and Arlington with
11 minutes to go in the half already with a significant time of possession
edge will take over inside their all 20 yeah great game plan by coach roni a
completely different ballclub than what we saw last year like said hey short can
here be becoming the head coach didn’t get put a lot of what he wanted to do
but he’s had some time this year and it’s definitely paid dividends there
Christ Jeff Gorham JR abara glad you’re with us in the
Riverside TV game of the week and the football season opener for us for these
two teams and for high school programs across the country today’s the day a
really special day it’s our version of Christmas first intent for Arlington
fullback dive and he’s loose as Tyler DiMarzio 50 40 he’s chased from behind
and has dropped at the 17th samasya rips off a 55 yard run
great move but I’ll tell you what Wow and he’s shaken up the quickness of
Manny Oh Robert incredible as we watching a replay as DiMaggio’s down
looks like he might have got hit in the shoulder yeah Robert he he made up about
8 to 10 yards of traction there in favor of Damacio he looked like he was running
a hundred pretty darn fast kind of remind tried to slap the ball
out but I really do think he heard his shoulders we look on the replay here
great play I’ll tell you what you got to give it to that offensive line now
Robert was behind about seven yards when he began that full-on Sprint’s DiMaggio
was looking up at the field goal posts running as fast as he could as well
Robert did an incredible job of also hanging onto the ball after he got
shaken up and if and during this time when he’s out this will certainly be a
loss dearly missed by Arlington as the Trojans less than five minutes into the
game scored the first points Arlington has established the run throughout this
first half stretch run to Valentine des gets a good block at the 15 cuts to the
Ted that loses the ball scooped up by his quarterback Luda at the 16 yard line
all of the effort he did to gain near first shot yardage he lost on the fumble
looked like he was carrying a grease to pick their squirt had happen the the
grease to pick his kin yeah it’s a little tougher to hang on in first live
action to the season I would assume he’s quite a few these players were nervous
coming out of a locker room for the first time onto the field knowing that
now the service they’re wearing they have they have helmets on and gear I
should be scared of anything you’re like warriors out there
hey you’re a former football guy you know all about what it’s like coming out
there it’s like winter filled it’s like Game of Thrones down here yeah there’s
nothing quite like Game of Thrones that’s quite the show you got Lions
fighting some Trojans it’s similar yeah I guess you’re right yeah this has
certainly been a battle you can’t be nervous coming into a football game
wearing all of that the shield’s the helmets the only thing they’re missing
is amazed that if they had a mace or a sword I’m sorry that would make it like
8u then you’d be nervous but right now don’t be nervous
Oh No now Hillcrest I’m sure their fee they
don’t have time to be nervous they’re pretty darn exhausted I’m sure after the
another time-consuming drive employed by the Lions who will go Ground Valentine’s
at the 10 touchdown Arlington and just like that you talked about the
Hillcrest roaches possibly being tired I’ll tell you what Harlington seems have
had the ball the entire first half here ground-and-pound that was an 83 yard
drive by the Lions Damacio was the key play throughout that
possession with the long run extra point by Isaac conrado just the sophomore the
kick is up and he splits the uprights with plenty of room to spare so Arlington as mentioned less than two
minutes into the game as we see Valentine scores here with a good block
also this could be a good opportunity to rave about Alejandro Conrado the man who
we saw in the first quarter go down with an injury where he got his leg cut under
him by Dominguez Conrado was the one who paved the way with a good downfield
block springing loose Valentine for the touchdown and once again welcome back to
the Riverside TV game of the week Hillcrest versus our inton we got
another great one next week great oak versus King if you’re watching us
tonight on AT&T channel 99 on charter spectrum channel 3 and Frontier Channel
21 you can also check us out on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube so we are
everywhere tonight yeah Nick rice glad to be a part of a line drive kick off is
fielded on the leg of Colorado at the 10 a good return between the hashes by the
Trojans senior Ryan Howard as he is spill to the 28 yard line and we’d also
like to mention this year Riverside TV has joined forces
Oh happening Riverside City College oh yes we will be having covering five
games this year in fact we’ve got the big one in September September 21st the
crosstown rival oh yeah Moreno Valley vs. Riverside City College and we hope
to have you check out all the games here this season on Riverside TV first and ten for Hillcrest pain reels
in the high snap inside run to Bledsoe who heads to his left and he’s got a
convoy 50 and Bledsoe’s run out of bounds near the 40-yard line I have never made the stop and the thing
about Hillcrest is they do have playmakers they have athletes you know
across the board men boys basketball CIF champions baseball fantastic soccer
every sport Hillcrest is does a very good job how it certainly looks like a
man who can assume the starting running back spot for most of the year Korea
runs outside and motors across the 35 yard line dazzling run of 14 for the
five foot three running back Anthony Correa first down Hillcrest you know we
talked about my son being that size but I don’t think my son could take that
kind of hit yeah he may also be the most physical player on that offense right
now he’s certainly displaying a Correia runs again inside and has wrapped up
after a three yard gain you mentioned a few moments ago the joining forces with
Riverside College their football program has been sensational
and according to JC gridiron they are the third ranked team in the country and
first in California for football this year of course preseason rankings mean
one thing postseason another we’ll see how they played throughout the year but
that’s certainly something special to be ranked that high as pain as sacs by
Dustin Wagner yeah looking forward to watching the
Tigers Tom craft the former head coach at San Diego State I believe yes a guru
of offense can’t wait to see them this season now we’ve seen a couple of
different schematics and I would say some gurus themselves with Hillcrest in
Arlington I mean the Lions completely changed their game plan offensively and
sometimes the best part or the most important part of a coaching staff is to
recognize what you have in the strengths of your football team the Lions with
Jeff Maroney certainly appeared that way Hillcrest spreading it out with Travis
Carter and his first year certainly appear poised for a strong season as
pain as pressured spins out of two defenders pain is still going he
scrambles right looks flips it short the pass is caught downfield it’s Ryan
Howard touchdown Hillcrest like I said big-time playmakers Howard
taking it to the house Cameron Payne appeared to have been tackled about four
different times dazzling moves inside the pocket by way
of the junior quarterback who had an incredible season a year ago
and has added on to it in the first half of a game that is an extra point away
from being tied at 14 and that looked almost effortless for Cameron Payne yeah
he’s such a good athlete extra point is no good missed by Mason Hutton and
Arlington retains the lead and it seems in this sort of football game that may
be a very important miss we’ll see 1413 it almost made the catch and run by Ryan
Howard almost look traditional in comparison to the incredible acrobatics
in the pocket and like a ballet dancer keeping up his footing and I’ll tell you
what you know we talked about Norda this to being you know the frontrunner but
I’ll take a hill crest five and Oh last year in the River Valley lady looking
like they’re just as athletic as they were last year don’t count them out as
they repeat yeah so Hillcrest in the river valley standings went eight for
five and OH in the league notre Vista nine and three four and one in the
conference but also in the middle of that Packham in the league Ramona and
Patriot both had overall winning records seven of four and six and five La Sierra
went five and five it’s too bad because if you take out their conference record
they were four and one going into lead play with a short kickoff muffed there
is a scramble for it at the 32 yard line this would be the first turnover of the
game if you take out the turnover on downs that was suffered by Arlington in
the first quarter Trojans nearly at possession Lions will
retain it with 706 to go in the half in fact talking about that Hill
Christine last year I mean they walked through the league they beat North
Augusta 53 to 14 nearly beat Ramona 14 to 3 but then went on to score 42 versus
patriot 50 versus lost Sierra and rounded out the season putting up 63 on
her Roopa Valley why Mary potent offense last year and the lines have the lead
against them Damacio runs over the right guard and takes a tumble to the 43 yard
line first down Arlington or it appears yes late signal first down demacia runs
for another 10 yards taylor Damacio in just the first half has eclipsed to 100
yards rushing incredible performance today by the
full-back and he hasn’t been the only one running the football joined by Brian
Wright in Ezekiel Valentine who scored the touchdown a moment ago DiMaggio has
the other one at a 14-13 lead for the Lions luda backs five steps fires right
sideline and overshoots Devin Johnson in completes and Luda took a hit as soon as
he got rid of the football just the third pass attempts of
Arlington so far in the first half in a backyard old-fashioned offensive style
they crashed Jeff Gorham JR abara Riverside CV game of the week and we’ve
got a good one in a back and forth affair lewd on second down with the
i-formation we’ve got a flag thrown both of these coaching staffs as you
mentioned about Hillcrest and Arlington they have some tough schedules before
they begin league play and especially for Arlington they talked about playing
some upper league teams throughout the preseason and that certainly could shape
to be a more successful conference season for them in fact Arlington will
go on to play Xavier prep next week or and then they will play Haruma hills and
the 13th it will play Ramona ears Weldon and they will get into Leake
play versus Valley View man hillcrest we should have that
matchup on October 11th so we’ll be able to see that this team again in the
coming weeks and how they will progress as will Arlington this second down run
gains a few by Zico Valentine we will see if some of Valentine’s reserves that
running back have many snaps in this football game Valentine has been a
workhorse at the running back position today for Arlington third down and 11 at wide receiver Devin
Johnson is outs just as Robinson they split to the left on third down
Luda retreats seven steps pass rush coming and Luda sax so now but the tide
has turned a little bit here his Hillcrest is able to make some stops
here versus the Lions and for the first time head coach Jeff roni brings out the
punt team I mean the resume of roni is incredibly impressive 23rd year coaching
high school football is fourth as a head coach he guided in just two years lost
the era to an undefeated league championship their first outright
undefeated league championship since 1978
yikes yeah snap is to Khun rot oh who gets rid of it on the punt end-over-end
on a hop it’ll roll across the 35 yard line and the Trojan return man Xavier
banks has a stop up to 31 and talking about that Hillcrest non league schedule
they will go on to play next week versus Notre Dame a very good team then they go
on the road to Grand Terrace Kaiser and finish up with timís Cal Canyon so a
very tough schedule before they go into River Valley League
hillcrest looks to avenge their second round playoff loss they suffered last
year to the Bearcats of Bonita 45 to 40 they’re also a premier team out of the
CIF as that run gains nine Vanita in that game took a 24 to nothing lead
early in the second quarter Hillcrest came all the way back if the Trojans
didn’t suffer such a slow start they may have wond that playoff game in advance
to the third round in the CIF pain back rares up and throws left sideline and on
the run yet again for the Trojans his Correa a Trojans able to get on the
outside there a quick pass from pain and Hillcrest is on the move quickly on
a drive the start of their old 38 inside around acharya and he is wrapped up
quickly by xavier right out the junior linebacker six-foot 170 pounds he bust
into that gap quickly and delivers a four yard tackle for loss great
defensive effort there by the Lions as we look here on the replay bad snap but
right out shut a block of the right tackle there incredible effort as he
shed Mason Hutton and made the play tunnel screen right a quick flipped
towards the sideline to Howard and he is wrestled down quickly a viata Leeloo may
Yaba with a flag thrown wrestled him out it looks like Arlington might have been
involved on the sidelines there they’re gonna call a personal foul looks like
you know the sideline with a call here backbreaker for the Lions
Arlington if you take away this penalty they they had forced them into a third
and 15 the ball advances to the 35 yard line yeah tough play there you got to be
smart first game of the year I understand jitters let’s you have to
play smart you got to play patient and you got to
play with a little bit of composure yeah Jeff not everybody has can get rid
of those jitters quite like you can right Oh only certain people can nag
their laser focus I have ice in my veins I’m starting to get ice in my veins
because it’s so cold now pain flips it in the hash and the passes drops pain
did his job at wide receiver dropped by xavier banks who otherwise is out of
fine first half performance a beautiful night here at the r USD Stadium got a
nice sunset going on this is all just a beautiful sunset coming up to our West hillcrest faked a fourth and one
attempts they had the offense out there but pain had a design punt they
converted a fourth and five in the first quarter but Arlington will reserve their
second of three o’clock stoppages with 302 to go in the first half glad you’re
with us Riverside TV game of the week Nick Bryce Jeff Gorham junior ybarra who
so eloquently pointed out pregame arlington had beefed up throughout the
offseason your impressions of the first half for a Lions Club that in the
previous matchup trailed by 14 early now they lead 1413 late in the first half
well they just played with composure they played smart for most part this
last penalty not too smart but they’ve controlled the clock they’ve controlled
the ball and they haven’t turned it over that is key if you’re gonna run the ball
as much as they do and they haven’t turned it over that shows that they have
worked hard in the off season the strength is there and they’re playing
smart footballs they’re playing roni football and this crowd knows it
they are jazzed as Hillcrest has the offense out there off the timeout from
Jeff roni fourth down and two we have an update King is now Martin Luther King
high school plain Temescal Canyon 0-0 at half a little different than this game
pain all owned in the backfield takes the snap flips at Short banks makes the
catch this time that is wrapped up by Tyler Jones pickup of 5 yards first down
for Hillcrest quick pass and spread the field there as
you see got three up top and just a quick pass perfect right on the money
Hillcrest is their quarterback Cameron Payne has shown some composure
throughout this late first half drive now a flag has been thrown Cameron Payne
just a junior signal caller last year 27 total touchdowns in just six
interceptions five year for him with over 2,400 yards all-purpose that’s
quite a few yards yeah as just to do a sophomore he’s a dual threat certainly
and actually a triple threat if you add in his punting ability first and ten
from the 29 of Arlington empty formation Payne will run over the right guard and
he is hit initially at the line of scrimmage by right out and tumbles to
the 23 scamper up six yards for the junior quarterback well it’s nice when
you have pain it’s almost like a wildcat offense just give it to your running
back quarterback and as you see here a good angle the offensive line is spread
about three or four feet between each other allowing for paying more
spread-out defense in order to make reads against direct snap Payne will run
again and he squirts to the second level then is knocked down to the 19 4 yard
run and near first down the tackle was made by Deshawn Bell the senior
linebacker of Arlington first down Hillcrest and if the Trojans used this
drive wisely they may take all the two minutes off as the Lions have just one
timeout in their back pocket we are in week zero I know it makes no
sense if you’re listening but it is week zero of the high school football season
sure doesn’t the pass is off the hands of Howard and intercepted Payne had that
quit flip sale over Howard he couldn’t Corral it leaping in the air and
Arlington takes over we watch the replay looked like it was tipped and it was a
lollipop up there somebody had to go up and grab it and the one who did was
Deshawn MRSA Dell now pretend the senior he was in the perfect position to record
the interception and for a team that employed to run about 85 to 90% of their
snaps the so far the first half they may have to throw the ball they’ll spread
four receivers luda off play action scrambles right and is lassoed by what
looked to be potentially the horse collar as he was spilt by way of of
Bernal Sosa was in there as well no penalty flag thrown as luda Gaines along
eight yards our lead in electing to go to the two-minute offense here no huddle Lions certainly short on time belt high
snap Ludo scrambles to his left as he rolls the pocket goes deep downfield
nearly intercepted off the hands of bird all with a flag thrown the pass was
intended for Deshawn Bell fifty-seven point six seconds remaining in the
opening half Lions have nearly double the time of possession of the Trojans in
a one-point football game and it should be noted Hillcrest will receive the
second half kickoff that’s a 15-yard penalty on a pass interference and that
certainly is a very fortuitous call considering that the Lions would have
been backed up inside there all 25 see if arlington will place a
conservative football here if your Hillcrest do you bring more than four
after Luna the quarterback I think you got to be smart you got to play you know
you got to play zone you got to keep them from running it up right up the gut
maybe put seven in the box here currently Hillcrest has six of the box
but the safety creeps up towards the slot receiver tossed left to Valentine
who scampers out of bounds at the 43 he is hammered at the boundary by asan SEMA
guava of the Trojans after a run of five he said how do you do young man
okay time he hit but the clock is stopped we have yet to sieve their
sophomore field goal kicker and kickoff man Isaac Colorado attempts a field goal
this season he has none last year but from the looks of it they are about 30
yards away from field position field goal range rather as the Lions are at
their own 43 in the left hash 1413 Arlington play-action to Valentine and
the pass was off the fingertips of Devon Johnson incomplete he might have taken that to the house
hit him in a bad spot yeah the hands man if Luda only caught for him huh yeah I’m
telling you third down and five the Lions have been
very efficient on these third downs of the first half led by their quarterback
Isiah Luda who himself was also a dual threat he’ll take the snap from the
pistol against the Blitz he evades to his left Ludo will run and shimmies out
of bounds at the 48 yard line shifty run of nine yards for Isiah Luda our head coach Jeff Roni has to be
encouraged about the promise of this offense this year led by his signal
caller yeah just the poise they haven’t turned the ball over in half they’ve
done a great job here controlling the tempo of this ballgame 1st down and 10
from the Hillcrest 48 luta the snap inside run Valentine heads towards the
edge and he has wrapped up with the 40 to 30 seconds and counting here in the
second quarter see if they try to get a playoff here they are still about 10 to 15 yards away
from field goal range and ludo will clock the ball with fourteen thirteen
point nine seconds to go in the half what’s the play call here as now they
face a third down and short would you do well you know if I’m Arlington I’m going
to play it safe obviously they have something they want
to try to put up their sleeves they they stop the play you see if they are smart
I wouldn’t go deep I probably go short yeah they may not even have enough time
if they wait for receivers to stand in the end zone there four receivers out there on third and
three snap – Luda four-man rush he’s looking long and his sax clocks
still running no time out is called Jeff Rooney’s signaling time out even
though the clock does expire here he’ll have one more snap that may have been by
design I’ll leave them a couple of seconds just the four-man rush and
Hillcrest got they’re led by Armando Sousa who had two sacks last year for
the Trojans the junior defensive end records the first sack of the game for
Hillcrest we’re gonna see how many seconds he put up on the clock here now
the Trojans we had spoken spoken at nauseam there about Arlington but
Hillcrest has a very exciting quarterback in Cameron Payne just the
junior and he has been one of the stars for the Trojans in this first half he
was phenomenal last year like he said put up some huge numbers but you’ve seen
the maturity of a year has done on him you know he’s taking the loss they’ve
lost some key players in this offseason but he’s taken right where he’s left off
at the end of last year’s we look at our our crew up wonderful crew at Riverside
TV remember you can catch tonight’s games on 1899 spectrum channel 3 and
frontier 21 the award-winning crew here at Riverside TV online as well right we
are all over the place oh man too many places to access these on Facebook
Twitter and all over the world wide web yeah you do
hey about that so really this is the last snap of the half barring a penalty
as they may just take a shot to the end zone here luda back with a four-man rush
solsa chases him again as Luna guns it over the middle tipped and nearly
intercepted now there is a penalty deflection by jail Bailey who’s juggling
it he thought he had it that number 12 there in the white with
Marui numbers I believe we’re gonna get one more play here and a half the
defensive penalty Darlington will have one more shot let’s see if it’s nope
they’re gonna assess on the kickoff they’ll send it to the 20
Isaiah Luda no shame in the way he played it was very well and also limited
snaps passing so a fine first half performance 14 to 13 well you got to be
happy if you’re a coach Roni and we have coach Roni with JR Ibarra
go ahead junior coach how would you assess that first half you know I’m
pleased with our effort there’s a lot of mistakes we have to clean up and improve
on but that’s I mean I think the only brought issues we’re having is when
we’re beating ourselves I think if we execute better in the second half I
think I like where we’re at I mean we’re up at the half that’s a good start but
definitely have a lot more work to do being effective and running the football
yeah ya know we have and mixing it up with our fullback Merck Adel and our
tailback Valentine yeah kind of just mix them up with the two of them they’re
doing a good job not bad defensive play as well yeah we need to improve our
tackling we definitely need to improve our tackling and execution
you know the drives we got stopped on we had penalties on them you know every
drive we’ve had that’s clean we were able to score so it’s just better
execution on our part but it’s week one stuff then we just have to you know keep
at it and make some adjustments here at the half all right coach thanks your
time good luck to you thank you all right we’ll have a chance hopefully to
talk with Travis Carter as we come back for the second half you’re watching all
the action here on Riverside TV Thank You junior there Christ Jeff Gorham here
at the booth in the half before then we’ll step aside the Lions are strong
performance through 24 minutes with an incredible ground game a two-headed
monster over there we’ll talk about them and so much more coming up at the half
this has been the Riverside TV game of the week lions through two quarters lead
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back to the Riverside TV game of the week it’s the first game of the season
pitting Hillcrest and Arlington the Trojans got off to a flying start with
that pain connection to Howard who wound up scrambling for a 70 yard touchdown
and Hillcrest led early 7 to nothing Arlington employed a heavy dose of the
ground game led by Ezekiel Valentine number six this first drive was capped
off by way of Taylor Damacio to tie the ballgame at 7 between Arlington and
Hillcrest but the Lions continued
use a heavy dose of Damacio the run game racked up nearly 200 yards in the first
two quarters in this game the MA co again is 65 then this Valentine
touchdown to give Arlington the lead 14 to 7 late in the first half
Hillcrest responded Payne was great as was the running back for Hillcrest the
Trojans Bledsoe as he rips off this long run nearly four touchdown then pain this
may be the play at the half he scrambles evades two tackles slips another there’s
a fourth pain somehow it gets out of the pressure and dishes this touchdown to
Howard of Hillcrest extra point no good and through two quarters our score is 14
to 13 Lions and and I will say that was one of the better halves we’ve seen in
years two great programs we’re gonna join JRE Parra with the new head coach
of Hillcrest Travis Carter jr. go ahead yes here with coach Travis Carter coach
how would you assess that first half a little sloppy press on both sides they
had it going on offense we just got to get back we got a block and tackle right
now we’re missing tackles were arm tackling we’re missing blocks especially
on the perimeter just not being physical we just got to be overall more physical
both sides of the ball yeah yeah it seems like they were really pushing that
football pretty good as far as the run yeah we definitely got to stop the run I
mean that’s number one objective yeah all right good luck to you guys right
thank you alright guys we’ll send it back up top yeah if you notice both
coaches mentioned the same thing Miz tackles early in the season you’re gonna
have those issues you just want to tighten it up going into Leake both
teams playing a great tough non league schedule but tonight is a jam so far ya
know it’s been very entertaining and just just think that these two teams
have an entire season to improve to get their weightlifting regimen to get those
tackling practices in in preparation for conference play and of course what both
of these teams not only hope for but are very capable of as CIF playoff berths
Hillcrest wanna postseason game last year and came within five of knocking
off the benita Bearcats in the SEC round of the CIF postseason and
Arlington is just two years removed from a playoff berth themselves under former
head coach Rich Lunsford the Lions current head coach Jeff roni we had
talked to him earlier with excellent work from Junior the game plan
throughout the offseason was to get that offensive line with more strength with
more girth and power to push that defensive line led by Hillcrest but the
other teams they’ll play and so far they did an outstanding job of that yeah they
did in fact we talked about him you know jokingly 29.4 pounds they they averaged
as a team and who’s doing that math and that’s pretty impressive when you have
that many guys but yeah what a what a great half for the Lions conrado with a
short kickoff on a bounce it’s taken at the 39 yard line returns from Howard who
crosses the 50 and is filled by Justice Robinson at the 49 yard line of
Arlington High that certainly bodes well for the Trojans excellent starting field
position to set up the second half and talking about you know thinking about
this game let’s think about next year these two teams will be in the same
league Arlington is leaving nearly to join the River Valley League so a little
preview of what is the future of the River Valley League currently with notre
Vista rabona patriot la Sierra and Drupa Valley are one of those teams bouncing
off a roopa Valley is leaving a Carlington comes in pain designed run
the quarterback dances across the 50 and it’s taken down to the 40 Ford to Sean
Bell makes the stop after a five-yard gain
my Cameron Payne as mentioned 17 touchdown passes 10 touchdown runs last
year the dual threat now a junior quarterback for Hillcrest but he has
been sensational the first half of this game the one critical mistake whether it
was him or Howard who is the intended target on that red zone past late in the half
it was overthrown and intercepted and that really changed the momentum of this
game scrambling left his pain gets a good block
excellent open field tackle by Brian Wright the senior defensive back makes
the stop preventing a first down run for pain yeah Cameron Payne the quarterback
I’ll tell you he shows such great poise in the pocket both teams haven’t turned
the ball over they’ve controlled it they’ve made very few mistakes so far in
this ball game that’s attributed to these two very fine
quarterbacks snap to pain on a third down in short and this gut run is close
to the first down marker with a tackle from semaj Cartwright number one run
from Ryan Howard I’m sorry from Sean Bledsoe rather first down he just gained
enough and I Anthony Correia the five-foot 315 pounders there is the
running back alongside Cameron Payne two receivers each side fourth snap of
this drive at the 39 of the Lions Korea runs scampers to the left turns the
corner at the 35 yard line and has escorted out by ride out at the 32 joined by Dustin Wagner try the Trojans
of given Arlington a taste of their own medicine here to begin the third quarter
with four straight runs Correia flanks pain in the backfield second and short
inside run Koran he squirts over the left guard and crawls in space to the 26
yard line 6 yard run first down Hillcrest Smash Mouth football at its
finest the second half to be very very quick let’s talk about the upcoming
schedule here I’m Riverside TV next week xxx we’re gonna have King vs. great oak
at King high school Mike Craig gets a good run here and motors to about this
17 18 yard line pickup of 13 but go ahead Jeff yeah
we’ve got a great slew of games this upcoming season we also mentioned we’re
gonna be covering our CC football on five Saturday so Riverside TV pulled out
all the stops we’re gonna have 21 games in the next three months
are you ready I’m always ready I was born ready
alright so the next one is King King high school next week next Friday night
okay Green Oak alright make sure to join us on Riverside TV game of the week it’s
the first of 21 games it crashed Jeff Gorham junior Ybarra
for all the coverage of that and so much more
you’re on Riverside TV Arlington early third quarter leads 14 to 13 Trojans had
a good mix of running pass in the first two quarters into the credit to their
head coach Travis Carter they scrapped the gameplan forget about that balance
we’re going ground every play they’ve gone five straight runs to open up the
second half a hand I’ll tell you if you can eat the clock you can you get the
lead you play this smart football it’s a chess game it will be whoever
doesn’t turn it over playing this kind of Smash Mouth football down lines do go
up against the four receivers set after the timeout from Jeff rody
a two and a half minute long drive taken out the locker room by Hillcrest High
snap Korea runs Bulls over a tackler at the 15-yard line
he is yanked down the tackle from Cartwright at the six of the Lions first
and goal Metheny Correa he has been an absolute force between the tackles today
and on a second down one of those preseason tight penalties the offensive
line jump with no snap yet false start we have another score update Notre Dame
7 Xavier prep 3 at half and King and Temescal Canyon still scoreless in the
second half Wow live King next week we’ll see if
they can get off to a better start offensively as pain is taken down the
pass rush by way of yeah Conrad Farley was a 1-yard loss Dustin Wagner black
numbers in there too yeah very quick and that was just with a four-man rush
third down and 11 long 11 for Hillcrest the Trojans started this Drive of the 49
yard line they’ve taken advantage of the short field pain looks left scrambles
right as he sees nothing there directs traffic fires into the end zone
incomplete looks like the referees are gonna talk
about this looks like the ref from behind the back judge just thought he
was out of bounds I think they’re gonna overturn this I think it’s going to be a
touchdown because they had that on the there he goes there’s the replay and
they after meeting they did call the touchdown he was inbounds touchdown
Hillcrest good call by the
back judge she was the baseline at the end zone all right
the Trojans have reclaimed the lead and after a strong push on that red zone
tribe by the Lions pass rush they just could not seem now they did get mitts on
Cameron Payne but they couldn’t seem to drag him down
and the Trojans come back down 7 to take a 20 to 14 lead here early in the third
quarter and talking about Cameron Payne I think he is better when he is rushed
we’ve seen him rushed tonight he is so so poised he’s just but he’s run and
throw so athletic makes great decisions and under pressure great throw in the
end zone we look at the crazy fans the what would
you cut the lion’s den they’re pretty good okay that was real good a pride of
lions yeah I don’t know how you do that is you have a pride of lions and if
Knight of lions you had flock of geese block or gaggle you can have a village
you can have a gaggle of geese a gaggle of geese herd of cattle right yeah what
do you call a bunch of Trojans Trojans is tough guys tough guys with helmets
and swords but look at that look at the student section Arlington coming alive
here I love a you want to know what you called the Trojans fighters definitely
warriors that’s right short return out to the 30-yard line
here early in the third quarter the Lions through the first half had
dominated time of possession led by their excellent duo of running backs in
Ezekiel Valentine and Taylor Damacio now midway through the second quarter
Damacio their fullback was shaken up by a tackle from Rodriguez he did return
but was less than an the sharp self he was in the early stages of this game
we’ll see how that continues throughout the second half but Arlington employed a
heavy dose of the ground game Trojans open up the third quarter with a 49-yard
touchdown drive capped off by a scoring toss from Cameron Payne and now down six
Damacio takes the fullback handoff and is wrapped up quickly by Manny
Robert number nine he has been very involved in the tackling Department
tonight for Hillcrest so pick up of four maybe five and we saw Manny Robert run
with the man down yes seven yards behind I thought it was a touchdown but no
Robert took him from behind brought him down yeah a 65 yard run there in the
second quarter second and five I formation
Damacio and Valentine are in the backfield luta fumbles and falls on it
loss of six that looks like week zero definitely a week zero yeah
I don’t understand the week zero let’s call it week 1 until 11 weeks you gotta
have an integer I’m with you the injured party for Arlington is number 71 the
senior Jonathan Medina and now he is down he joins Alejandro Conrado as two
offensive linemen who have been on the wrong end of some they had some some
foots from Hillcrest he took a foot right into the Achilles there and he is
wincing in pain he was 713 to go in the third quarter see when I played I would
just take a dive like that just so I could get a rest oh yeah
his first game yeah they’re tired I mean it’s just part of the game if you’re
allowed to do it then do it right yeah but a great crowd here at the district
Stadium at Ramona high school now Hillcrest head coach Travis Carter he’s
got some big shoes to fill he takes over for John Brandon who
guided Hillcrest to a league title in an 8 and 4 record of 2018 just last year
and he had a winning record all four years with the Trojans at seaman
Hillcrest that shutout Rubidoux to open up the CIF southern section playoffs
last year Travis Carter takes over for a head coach who was very successful I’ll
tell you what he’s successful any scary I grew up with the John random and the
best way to describe him is if we could look over to the far sideline over there
John Brandon was the largest man over there and I say this you know why yes
see he’s giant over there he’s the big giant guy oh hey there oh wow yeah he’s
a big man I’ll tell you what though if he had the gauntlet and he flicked his
fingers I’d be worried that you disappear because that man over there
looks just like Thanos are you big are you Avengers fan I’m familiar but Thanos
Thanos come on John Brandon is Faye knows just make sure he’s not wearing
that Infinity Gauntlet with the play-action ludas hit as he
throws and fires incomplete it’s because I know so much about the Riverside
football teams just don’t have any time for the Avengers
what are you kidding come on man you’re the only guy in the entire world that
you have no idea what I’m talking about yeah probably not
I’m probably the only guy inflicts his fingers in there yes he’s not wearing
there is he he’s look at look at Phantom’s over there
tosses at John Finn the athletic director at Hillcrest but no if you see
if he’s wearing that glove it looks like he might be wearing the gauntlet if he
flicks that finger I’m gonna be alone in the booth you were just gonna be ashes
and half the people here talking about well now I do that’s why you’re here to
help me out man you’re just a kid man I need too much help huh yeah all
right well here is the plot from Isaac and righto and that punt is taken on
abouts while the return left is Xavier vel banks rather and he has wrapped up
to shore to the 45 mile sighs were not John Branden really put this program in
some Heights that really makes for a tough contest our look to next year when
they joined this league yeah I like John random but he is a Riverside poly guy
and I’m a Ramona Ram so oh no we’re we’re natural-born enemies but now that
we’ve been out of high school for 30 plus years you can we can bury the
hatchet Behance house but a great coach at Corona high school for a number of
years was over Santiago and then finished his coaching career at
Hillcrest pain runs and dances across the 50-yard line the quarterback
continues an excellent rushing performance today that’s an eight yard
scamper Cameron Payne he was great last year against this team where he
accounted for over 200 all-purpose yards in the 28 to 21 a season ago here they
lead 2214 midway through the third quarter Cartwright threatens blitz heel step
back pain hands Howard slips through a tackle heads to
his left he gets a downfield block from his quarterback and is wrestled out by
ride outs inside the 35 yard line we’re seeing bodies kind of hitting the
ground here in the second half I’m guessing we’re getting some cramps you
know it’s still pretty warm out it’s pretty nice cool evening but first game
of the year still a 100 degrees during the day guys are gonna be cramping up as
we see the fantastic training staff of Arlington running over trying to get one
of the players you look at the replay there there were two opportunities for
Arlington to wrap him up in the backfield
bludsoe wound up moving the chains there if this were conference play or headed
to the postseason I’m sure with that experience that they would have a better
opportunity to kind of make that tackle I mean you playing football as well in
high school and beyond you know that I mean there’s really very little tackling
opportunities in the preseason in training for the first game oh yeah the
thing is that the game has changed so much in the last you know 10 years you
know coaches are now teaching players how to tackle properly you know if we go
ten years ago guys are taking you know heads off but game one to Game three
usually you know you’ve got to fine-tune your defense you got to fine-tune your
tackling and you are gonna see miss tackles we saw several the first half
several in the first series for that matter but as you see guys are going
down with cramps all over the field and that’s just first game jitters yep
there’s Xavier right out the linebacker for Arlington number 42 Xavier right out
and the linebacker for Hillcrest number 9 Manny Robert those have been the to
tackling machines so far through two and a half quarters for their respective
sides first down in tenth play action to Correa and pain is taken down Caray is back in there flanking Cameron
Payne Hillcrest is in plus territory up by six pain runs Sprint’s past the first
level and the now exhausted defense of Arlington wraps them up just short of
the 20 yard line Brian writes brings them down in fact at these 17 and you
can see the fatigue setting in a little bit with that Arlington front line
Hillcrest really try and take advantage going no-huddle Correia squirts over the
left guard and the 5-foot 315 pounder is taken down at the 12th the Hillcrest has
taken advantage of two short fields to start their third quarter drives and now
it have advanced into the red zone the Trojans of score touchdowns on all of
their red zone trips but one so far today that was a pain interception to
DeSean Merced Elle of Arlington and a five-year penalty there my the Lions got off to that flying
start but Hillcrest quarterback Cameron Payne
kept them in the game with a couple scoring drives in the first half I was
like really I would say the important part of the first quarter that fourth
down conversion that was to a Ryan Howard on the long pass play that really
kept them in the game if Arlington made the stop they could have had a chance to
really take control that first quarter they did they definitely a very key part
of that first quarter but I think coach Maroney called timeout just because of
the fitness of his guys I really think you know it’s the first game they’re
tired Hillcrest has the momentum they they’re
showing their athleticism they’re going no-huddle offense I think this is a
great timeout by coach Veroni to kind of get his guys back in order kind of get
him mellow here yeah because I’ll tell you what Hillcrest is coming out no
huddle playing on all cylinders right now
well Arlington continues to be battle tested in the near future for their next
five games are on the road beginning Friday with a visit to Palm Desert to
take on the Xavier Prep Saints and that’s all before conference play where
they compete in the tough Sun Belt snap the pain off play action to Correa he
scampers to the left touchdown Hillcrest pain a score three
consecutive touchdowns that’s a 7 yard scamper the Trojans have taken a
two-score lead and like I said I think fatigue is set in for that defensive
line of Arlington I mean babe both teams pounded it in that first half
you got to figure somebody had to get tired and right now it looks like
Arlington is suffering on the other end of this one off the
hold from Johnny Rivera Mason Hutton checks in for the field goal Hutton has
it up and it’s no good again he missed it twice to the left now he’s 2 for 4 on
PA T’s Trojans lead 26 to 14 I think he might go 4-2 next time hey Cameron Payne
has been sensational they crashed Jeff Gorham gay or Ybarra just the junior and
now Arlington this is the tough spot that they’re in the Lions had
established the momentum running the ball the receivers in the quarterbacks
didn’t have much opportunities in the first half to establish some sort of
chemistry and continuity in the passing game now they’re almost forced with a
short clock year to figure out that passing attack yeah it’s gonna be rough
Isaiah we’ve seen the momentum definitely shift in Hillcrest the
Trojans direction here let’s see if Arlington can counter here try to get
back in this ball game Mason Hutton to heat up the ball at the
40-yard line that’s the high school spot for the kickoffs he approaches and
swings the right leg taken at the 12th returned from brian
rights out of bounds of the 26 like the sideline of Arlington whether
the late hit but I honestly I think the Hillcrest
tackler there was just trying to keep himself from falling on his face down Xavier banks
there’s no look at him he’s a receiver he can run the ball he can return punts
and kicks and here he is making special teams tackles I mean that’s one of those
players where if you’re a coaching staff you just love the versatility that type
of guy he never gets off the field they’re almost never he is a workhorse
brings his lunchbox to every game yep fullback dive – Taylor DiMaggio and he
not only he surges for 6 yards he dives for that extra yard that’s another type
of play if your coaching staff I’m sure they would love until he stretches the
ball out risking a fumble I believe we’re going to get an
interview with former head coach John Branden the conclusion of this quarter
oh we I would love that we get to hear what Thanos has to say over there second
and four then Valentine’s takes a tumble excellent push up front by that
Hillcrest offensive line led by number 23 Nathan Byrd all my homework
assignment tonight is to watch some Avengers and you’ll have much tonight
you have to watch it all weekend there’s like 30 movies 30 there’s a bunch of
them you gotta watch them all in order what and that’s your homework assignment
young man for this week you got to start with the first movie and go all the way
through and then I don’t even think there’s enough time in a week for that
unless you’re a doctor oh you got plenty of time right no truer word spoken
that’s a first to hover hon for a valentine is it really that good yes
fantastic Wow what’s the I have little kids you don’t you have no children no I
have three boys and that’s all they talk about is the Avengers so I’m kind of
forced and then my why my wife forced as well so you’re kind of like my wife I’m
not sure if I agree with that you’re good-looking but you’re not that
good-looking though you know what that’s right I mean then again you haven’t seen
your wife and what has it been now seven and a half years no yeah I work too many
games yeah that’s true I mean there’s plenty of room here to
pull up a sleeping bag and a pillow or something kidding me I have a palatial
estate you know all my family works for me
so yeah I’ll go ahead and watch some Avengers tonight I want you to on your
list young young padawan yeah make sure to come back next week when I give you
my impressions of that year’s old film loot off play action is pressured on the
second down he’ll take off and dives towards the Barker he got a good block
as well Anthony Gonzales sprung him loose the chains currently signify first down
I don’t think we’re quite there yet I believe it’s third one third one seven
Johnson and Justice Robinson to the true receivers Arlington goes I formation
fullback dive to the spinning Damacio incredible display of power and will to
plunge the 42 yard line that was rugby that was a scrub yeah even the public address announcer is
amazed at that run then I don’t blame him and now yet again Alonso conrado
unfortunately for Arlington seeks the attention of the Lions training staff
with 216 to go in the third quarter as for Hillcrest they return to Riverside
next Friday in a road contest against defending some Belt champion Notre Dame
so that should be an incredible matchup Titans were 9 to 3 last year the Trojans
were eight and for a season ago we’ll get a chance look at Hillcrest in a
couple weeks when they host Notre Vista hook crest looks every bit a team that
could repeat another Arlington player going down it’s
the same guy who got his leg chopped under his Achilles in the first quarter
Alejandro Conrado you just hope that he ends up being okay because while these
games matter I’m sure for coaching staff they’d rather take if they’re going to
take some lumps and some losses they’d rather have it now yes very much so this conference play begins in about a
month for Hillcrest at Arlington and many of the CIF southern section teams
that are just underway tonight’s luda turns hands the valentine who searches
for a hall and squeezes through to the 35 yard line
that tackle from Gabriel Dominguez of Hillcrest a fine first game here on a Riverside TV
with a cord – all season long you join us on Friday nights yeah and a few
Saturdays for some college football yeah make sure to stick around now for
Hillcrest they should be encouraged by the excellent linebacker play of both
Gabriel consumed Inga’s and Manny Robert they have played very well in the
opening game of the season the run to Valentine lose his yardage that time
Aiden McHale makes the stop the junior with
just four tackles last year steps in and makes an important play on second down
number 28 and I’m sure the running in the first
half from Valentine hand from DiMaggio may exhaust them too I mean they have
been bell cows today yeah it’s really tough the first game you were running so
many running plays you know the adrenaline flows through you gimmick
you’re gonna get tired I don’t care how great of an athlete how it your fitness
is you’re gonna get tired Ludo and the lines go ground again and Damacio gains
a couple fourth down and a four from the 36 yard line do you go for it here now
you have a third quarter break to think about it you know I think you have to
you know you’re down two touchdowns you got to go for it I think they will I
think they’re gonna let this clock run out you know what maybe we should ask
John Branden you think we should ask him no no okay he’s done no yeah he’s done
he’s done enough of that he is retired but we are gonna hear from him in just a
minute now they may go for it first let’s see if they do probably not yet
the Lions are set for a fourth and four when we come back through three quarters
Hillcrest comes back down six they score three unanswered touchdowns and take a
26 to 14 lead over the Arlington Lions fourth quarter action coming up next
this is Riverside TV’s game of the week first no let’s send it down to the field
junior ybarra is caught up a former Hillcrest head coach John Randle Jeremy
yeah we’re used to seeing him on the sidelines but not quite like this John
Brandon it’s good to see out here looks like you’re relaxed for a Friday
night yeah it excites me to see these guys playing so hard you know
I mean neutral clothing I got no purple or no you know with you know the Crimson
or whatever and you know these guys are doing a great job
the coach is doing a great job you know I’ve been I’ve stayed in contact with
them quite a bit over the summer this and that so their struggles I know about
and this and that so it’s kind of interesting you know sometimes in my
situation you would kind of like not with know what the heck’s going on and
this and that but I kinda have a decent insight and these guys are doing a great
job and I’m just fired up to see that now essentially you kind of groomed
Travis Carter because he was on your staff since 2016 yeah he you know he
came in and I actually tried to hire him the year before and he came in and the
year later and did a great job coaching all right our quarterbacks and ended up
being my assistant head coach and a lot with the offense this and that and he’s
got like Chavez has got it he’s gonna be a great head coach and it’s gonna be fun
watching him progress real quickly because we’re going back to action going
back to coaching at all some eras are completely done no no I don’t know what
to what capacity I think I’m gonna end up going to college or JC down the road
kind of get a different clientele per se you know I suck it it’s tough sometimes
when you’re in the high school or the public education and there’s just a lot
of snowflakes I guess you’d say and I’m tired of snowflakes so on the next level
I won’t have to worry about that so myself but I will coach again though all
right coach great to see you all right thank you very much
all right all right guys we’ll send it back up your way well you heard it here
first John brand of the excellent head coach what were your reactions of what
he said I was just worried he was gonna flick his fingers and make assault half
of us disappear no you know he’s one of those guys he’s a lifer he’s gonna be a
he wants to coach yeah I think he just needed a break and I
think like he said the college game is probably gonna be great too for a man
cuz I’m sure he’s gonna retire soon he can his son still playing college
football I think down the line he’ll be back Hillcrest takes over with the 1st
and 10 Cameron Payne scampers to the 40 yard
line and sometimes I mean you see coaches and players all the time
they’re almost rejuvenated after a break yeah I mean sometimes it does I mean
Brandon’s been coaching for a long time and it’s one of those things like said
he gets to watch his son play college football he’s you know needs to
re-energize and just that maybe in a different place different setting
Correia on second down hedge to his right and gains two of the flag thrown
one of the greatest examples of that is a Dick Vermeil who was a great coach
took a couple years off returns and Wednesday’s Super Bowl yeah man the Rams
and Dick Vermeil when he was first started out came in and he was fiery he
was crazy I would just say he was nuts and then came back you know after a 25
year absence to come back and coach and he was a different guy you know he
really went with the times he was a he was an old school coach became a new
school coach put him to you know the greatest team on turf with that bar show
on turf yeah and I think the greatest offense ever fantastic and just kind of
evolved with the times now so maybe we’ll see John Branden evolve yeah
greatest show on turf as well we were planning on turf tonight pain looks like
he’s the only one playing on turf he’s running he’s 40-yard dash has passed
some of these Lions incredible display of athleticism for the junior
quarterback that time he runs for five setting up a third down and seven and
just like it’s a wildcat setting he’s able to kind of run off off tackle off
guard there that’s not our cameras he’s blurry because he’s just that fast third
down and long paint looks unloads deep over the middle tips and the passes in
it’s caught off the deflection xavier banks reels it
in excellent effort to track the football off the bounce in fact we’ll
see here at number 50 gets his hands on it but you got to Pat that ball down if
you’re not gonna grab it you got to hit it away can’t give him an opportunity
and just like that the tip right into the hands of the receiver now it did of
your banks yeah it was a close cashing in
Xavier banks continues his great performance today
so put Hillcrest in a position to what might just be an early knockout punch if
they can push this into the end zone with 1008 to play in the game
Trojans leave by 12 just outside the red zone helmet high
snap to paint off play-action heads left and he takes a tumble to the 17 pickup
of for DeSean Merced l was on the Arlington tackle false start jaqen eyes are coming out of the
ballgame limping a little bit the 300 plus pound right tackle we take a look
at the student body of the lion’s den great crowd here and a great crowd
Riverside Stadium with plenty on the other side as well those are the
visitors or I guess maybe some of the home quote-unquote home is a neutral
site correct Ramona yeah well Arlington doesn’t have a field
so they share it with Ramona said it’s a quote unquote home game then for
Arlington yes it would be okay fair enough certainly looks like it
let’s–oh lost the ball the lines take over on a halfback draw blood so headed right
but lost the handle on the quarterback exchange we’ll take a second look at it
Cameron Payne and Bledsoe just slipped out of his grasp
Merced Elle jarred it loose and then he was in the perfect position to recover
Jeff great great plays great second effort there defensively and to be alert
enough to get the ball there Arlington big play the fumble from Shawn
Bledsoe was a call from the governor per se giving them an extra shot here down
by 12 and also an opportunity to wipe out a chance for a three score lead for
Hillcrest ludic and off Valentine continues but has been a hard effort in
this football game and as a physical run for Valentine
Gaines along five yards about six yards on first down the Lions are gonna have
to do something fairly quick here yeah do you continue to dedicate the heavy
ground game they make the first half you do to a point because you’re you’re only
down 12 so you know you do want to try to gain some momentum here but just keep
it on the ground keep that defense close and maybe throw
a pass or over the top over the sideline here try to get that secondary honest
here well it was clear from the start Arlington had a game plan to feature the
ground game Taylor Damacio and Ezekiel Valentine each scored first half
touchdowns and the Lions led by as much as seven and 14 to 13 at the half the
trojans quarterback Cameron Payne did a good job showing poise passing the ball
in the first quarter he converted a fourth down with a long ball to Ryan
Howard continued his excellence in passing in the second half accounting
for three touchdowns including one on the ground to allow Hillcrest coming
back down by as much as seven they lead 26 to 14 and appeared on their way to a
very important touchdown here just outside the red zone a moment ago but
their running back Sean Sean Bledsoe lost the fumble
by DeSean Merced Elle and now the Lions early fourth quarter have the football
down by 12 it was it has been the Cameron Payne show for the Trojans has
another timeout is called ear this time by the Trojans it would be a quick game
but everybody wonder if those timeouts will come back to hurt you later in the
football game when you need those to a preserve time
and once again next week we’re gonna have King great oak at King great oak
out of the Southwest League and one in nine last year their only win came
against King yeah that’s something and then Ramona and Fontana’s after that the
following week and then we get our CC versus El Camino that will be fun
calling the first game for Riverside TV and our CC me with all these football
games it just appears like it’s college football in the making I mean all these
names that you hear right now these are guys that you will hear up again quite a
few of them at least in Division one athletics in the future I certainly know
that for our CC but also some of these high schools and speaking to these head
coaches they know that these players this isn’t it for quite a few of them
yeah and I’ll tell you what we’re gonna have some great ones we’ve got orange
Vista who’s ranked number one of their division we’ll have them later on the
season versus John W North we’re gonna have nordicist who I think will win the
division 10 CIF championship this year and Norco we will see as well Jake
Killingsworth one of the better quarterbacks in the nation will get to
watch him play very very exciting football we also have the holy war on
the 20th of next month that is Notre Dame and Aquinas that is
always a great one fact the winner of that gets a she
old and they get to keep it all year long the holy war one of the best local
rivalries here in the Inland Empire no disagreement here yeah they do they play
for a shield and they take that shield and every time they play each other
there’s somebody holds the shield in the bleachers it’s a fantastic thing they do
every year they’ve done it for centuries centuries my friend yeah back to the
Avenger days oh I’m telling you man those Catholic schools they’ve been
around forever third down Luda off play action he is
quickly smothered in the backfield wrapped up from Armando Sosa it’s his
second tackle for loss today that on Isaac luda forcing a fourth down and
long by the time Luda attempted either a pass or a read option run he had hardly
been hit by Sosa fourth and seven this could be the clincher if Hillcrest makes
the stop yeah it could be but the clock is gonna continue to run Nick and I’ll
tell you what they’ve got to convert right here Luda gets rid of it high
incomplete intended for Devon Johnson good coverage downfield by Devon Mesa of
Hillcrest turnover on downs for the Arlington Lions they could not take
advantage of the Merced el fumble recovery right here so that yet again collapsed
the pocket number 52 just out of the reach
I mean Armando Sosa yes he only has one sack today but I mean he is just really
wrecked havoc company Arlington offensive line sir Luda would agree from
the 25-yard line stop the action here 710 to go in the fourth quarter if the
lines do not make a stop preserving points on this possession then that just
may be the important clinching drive for them we’ll see Trojans up 26 to 14 here
with 710 to go the game line still have a good shot out of here at the moment
the crash Jeff Gorham jr. ybarra near the City of Riverside Riverside TV game
of the week in Arlington and Hillcrest right now an
update Temescal Canyon up six nothing over Kingma 3:15 in the fourth quarter reminding yesterday notre vista 128 14
over Paloma Valley out of the River Valley Conference I’ll tell you what
Marta Vista looked better than they have in years and we’re gonna go back three
seasons ago when they had the leading rusher in the country and they’ve just
continued to get those backs they’ve had Freddy Holly who’s like said to starting
running back in University of Hawaii they’ve got another his younger brother
they’re gonna be something special this year looks like a false start was
committed by Xavier banks of Hillcrest in fact we will see Nord Avista as they
will play Hillcrest on October 11th now that should be a great game and then the
following week we’re gonna have Nordica stew on the 18th versus their big rival
La Sierra we will have those games later on this upcoming season on Riverside TV
awesome second down and eight your midway through the fourth quarter
Hillcrest looking to take advantage of the turnover on downs suffered by the
Lions just a moment ago false start is yet again committed
second in a row buying the Hillcrest Trojans even though Arlington is behind
by more than what they were in their 28 20 loss last year you have to be
encouraged about the team that’s making significant strides going into 2019 Oh a
much better team for sure this team will not go winless this year coach Veroni
hasn’t gone in the right direction Payne downfield tipped away from banks
incomplete good coverage by it the linebacker
Deshawn Bell the senior records the deflection forcing third down of 13
yeah great defensive effort there by the Lions xavier banks will head over to the left
joined by the wide receivers Ryan Howard and Johnny Rivera on third down and 13
Anthony Correa is in the backfield for the Trojans high snap to Payne pass rush
is coming he’s hit as he throws and the pass is reeled in leaping catch towards
the right sideline short of the first down marker Brian Wright made the tackle there on
The Hitcher out right Cameron Payne that’s the type of play it
won’t go down to the statue to be able to feel the pressure coming from your
backside is critical for a quarterback and he has been phenomenal at that all
night long great on the run he wasn’t even looking at the pressure from the
linebacker after a timeout is called by Hillcrest the Trojans have won as do
the Lions right now 5:45 to go in the fourth quarter now none for Hillcrest it
definitely a different half in the first half they looking a little tired
the referees even looking a little tired out right I mean it’s a good game for
them considering that’s their first it’s really like a dress rehearsal out there
yeah but no a very good game tonight we’ve got some great ones this upcoming
season looking forward to going to other stadiums as we look around here at the
beautiful spectacle of the Riverside district stadium at Ramona High School
here a beautiful night for football so you got a great camera angle there yeah
have fun with your one night here without a coat and about a week or two
these nights will be super chilly yeah we were here last year calling the game
and we had to call the game because it rained and there was lightning really
and the entire room sight TV staff was it wasn’t kids this game Hillcrest in
Arlington no I was gonna say Matt the end of the year we ran out of here the
game was called it was it was an amazing sight and I got to go home early and
watch some good TV but yeah it was it was a nightmare to be here watching all
these guys scurry to cover the cameras now kudos to the Lions I mean they
certainly deserve credit their defense does the last drive Hillcrest inched to
the red zone DeSean Merced L recovered a fumble the next drive lines are pinned
deep there I mean part of it is these false starts by Hillcrest 3 on this
drive but the Lions are preventing any sort of positive yardage here down the
stretch of this Trojans drive if they make a stop that gives their offense one
more chance here’s a fourth down pain fires a deep slant and the pass is
knocked away by Bell two deflections by the senior linebacker on this drive to
Sean Bell and the Lions will take over with 540 to go in the game taking over pretty much the same spot
they had last time let’s see if they can capitalize here with time running out
now Payne had the time to get rid of it to Sean Bell did a good job as we see
here number 11 really giving him no opportunity number 44 rather Brian
Wright was the first one there Bell converged late that gives the Lions one
more shot at it here midway through the fourth quarter down to scores his
Arlington starts at their own 27 they’ve got heavy ground in this game they’ll
continue with that gameplan and with a four yard run from Taylor Damacio the
clock runs under 532 in the fourth quarter short gain of that play jail Bailey made
the stop number 12 Lions are letting the time slip away here 510 to go on the
fourth quarter if they score quickly it should be noted they have just one
timeout to go so they really don’t have too many opportunities to stop the clock
with the deep drop this crossing pattern intended for Bell is knocked away it
incompletes deflection from Bernal downfield joined by Gabriel Domingues good passed ball here just may be thrown
a little too hard there clock does stop which does help the
lines with 457 to go to the fourth quarter the Lions were very efficient
the first half on third downs they have struggled to the second half in that
department and they falter yet again third and seven it’s a run of five yards
for Ezekiel Valentine the highly touted running back for Arlington fourth and
short is coming up lines are up on the ball quickly Valentine was a shoestring
tackle away from what looked to be a first down run timeout call by Hillcrest okay as the Trojans lead by 12 look at
that sideline so coaching staff will have to win or
loss for Arlington go back at this game and look at the tape what would you take
away from this game well if I’m Arlington I take away you know we’ve
changed the way we play there was opportunities for them to win tonight
they played a great first half of football if you could take away anything
you won the first half you looked a little tired in the second half but you
stuck with the game plan I appreciate what coaches say they’re gonna do
something and they stick with it they didn’t deviate from his his program he
was gonna run the ball he ran it and I’ll tell you what they’re gonna get
better if we see this Arlington team week zero and we see him in week five
they’re gonna be a completely different team I think coach brownie has them
going to the right direction and I think they can hang their hat on that they
took care of the first half those are small victories but they’re not the game
victories but their victories that will help this program yeah he’d forth and
two lions are Anna pivotal down in distance here a stop for Hillcrest would
be to be integral for them in trying to secure this win
Arlington goes ground Valentine surges near the first down marker and he’s
close he takes a tumble at the 37 yard line tackle from Gabriel Domingues it
appears that he just gained enough yes he did
physical run for Ezekial valentine there’s no hold out for this Zeke and he
lowered his shoulder of physical run and now he will be spelled by Damacio number
10 there if I were the Lions I would certainly be thinking about maybe a
hurrying things up here Valentine dots the eye first down in 10
off play action ludos scrambles left he’s hit as he
throws and fires incomplete that does stop the clock with 349 left if you don’t get something you’re gonna
have to run a hurry-up offense here you gotta get some urgency got a score you
gotta go on sidekick my team’s Isaiah Luda at that time
didn’t have too much food opportunity to throw downfield excellent pass rush was
delivered by way of Armando Sosa yet again and we’ve said his name quite a
bit tonight yeah second down in ten strated handoff to Valentine he’s down
to the 44 tackle from luis Maldonado third down and four now with 327 ago the
fourth quarter for a Lions Club that’s run the ball over 80% of their offensive
snaps today ludo with a fullback dive that handoff is to Taylor Damacio six
yard run first down lions this is the type of run game that can really win you
some games in the sunset League the Sun Belt leg rather yeah that split to the
it’s a super conference three conferences there in the middle tier but
they have to cross play each other against the top tier of the league and
the lower tier it’s a tough tough toughest gnarling since got a tough run
game that will certainly compete in those conferences under three minutes to
go in the fourth quarter luga juggles it does reel it in and takes off across the
45 and he may have gotten the first down there as he stripped up with a 40 by
Sosa indeed clock stops momentarily as a elude arriving this Lions Club down the
field you wonder if he’s taking too much time but he certainly is moving the
chains first intent Luda with the deep drop
scans the field he’s pressured and throws short Bell juggles it in
completes that’s a couple times tonight that Bills had his fingertips on the
balls just had to pulled it in good initial pass protection by way the line
for Luda had it break down after a few seconds Maya Deshawn Bell has also had a
good performance considering the amount of snaps he has taken offensively and
defensively to begin the season second down to ten five step drop Luda rolls
right throws short incomplete intended target Dustin Wagner just play right
here this next down could release see you of the game for Hillcrest or prolong
it here yeah come down with this play really change say third and tenth is at
third or fourth its third third and ten yeah third and ten snap Luda stumbles
and falls one yard loss a convoy of Trojans record the tackle Sosa was there
joined by Bailey and the other one there was number 23 Nathan Bernal Harlington
has about two minutes left to go they would be forced to attempt an onside
kick if they I mean with enough time left if the Lions do score a touchdown
here the 4th down and 11 for the Lions with under two minutes to go in this
football game against the rush of Bernal he somehow
gets out of it momentarily but Isaiah Luda is sacked and this game is all but
over a great second half by the Trojans good call by Coach Carter here in the
second half great adjustments Arlington almost near-perfect first half versus
this great Trojan team but they looked a little tired here in the second half a
little worn out that running game both teams played very well but like he said
I think this is gonna do it I think the Hillcrest Trojans are gonna walk away
with the victory here in week zero Anthony Correa runs and gains three I
mean to the Lions credit they got off to that fast start the run game is powerful
that certainly should be their strength going into conference play but when
Arlington down by two possessions was forced to pass that sort of
predictability made it tough for them to get the deep throws yes it did and I’ll
tell you what this our league team Arlington team is not going to go or
intend the season coach Maroney like said has them going to the right
direction that a much better team tonight than I saw in week 10 last year
with Arlington so much much better the future’s bright with these guys this
season now the experience is there our head coach Jeff Ronny said that of their
starters 17 to 22 or seniors and we saw some of those veterans make huge plays
tonight and some of the biggest plays was made by the running back Ezekiel
Valentine who was the first player he mentioned and he would be the first
player I would mentioned to that man was sensational tonight despite a loss
meanwhile for the Trojans they were led by their incredible quarterback in
Cameron Payne who was great as well yeah coach Travis Carter and his head
coaching debut that’s right with a victory as Hillcrest continues of their
dominance here in the Riverside one of the better teams was the best team last
year in the City of Riverside they continued to do well and good victory so
this game was from the start for the Lions a game plan Arlington used to
establish a lead 14 to 7 at one point the second quarter the lion’s head by
way of an incredible ground game the two teams come out of the Huddle’s and for
Hillcrest they came out firing with their quarterback Cameron Payne Shawn
Howard scores this touchdown run for the Trojans the lead 7 nothing but Arlington
came back led by their dual threat at running back Ezekiel Valentine begins
this Drive then the scoring effort to tie the game was by Taylor Damacio who’s
turned in an incredible performance with over a hundred yards rushing we would
see his name later the drive as DiMaggio rips off the 65 yard run the touchdown
saving tackle by Manny Roberts however Taylor Damacio in the first half
was incredible and Ballentine caps it off to put Arlington in front with this
13 yard score but late in the first half Hillcrest would not go away here is yet
again Shawn Bledsoe he breaks it outside for 27 yard gain and the drive by way of
Cameron Payne would be capped off with this 30 yard scoring strike where he
would break free of four tackles from the Lions and Payne throws the scoring
toss to receiver Ryan Howard he would do the rest himself and with the extra
point missed at the half the Hillcrest LA to Hillcrest Trojans would trail 14
to 13 pain and company would come out in the second half firing as the
quarterback scores this go-ahead touchdown toss initially ruled
incomplete then overturned after a four and out by way of the Lions Payne
scampers in 26 the 14 is the score at this point neither club would score from
that moments and of course with the wind in the
season-opener the Trojans are 100 with a 26 to 14 victory I’ll tell you what a
great start for a great new head coach of the Hillcrest Trojans Travis Carter
Jake our Ibarra you are with the winning coach miss Travis Carter congratulations
first win as a head coach thank you thank you very much well what was it
that really helped you guys in the second half there
I think definitely second half I mean first off hats off to Arlington I mean
that was just a tough well coached football team that was physical the
whole time I think really third fourth quarter just kind of our conditioning
and I mean hillcrest kids as long as I’ve been there just been really
resilient kids just a lot of fight no Quinton um I’m really proud of them
right now a lot a lot of you know things to clean up and fix but really proud of
those guys right now yeah what’s the most positive you can take away from
tonight the most positive we just had guys step up you know no couple running
backs we had to put in there the last couple weeks that really we didn’t know
what they were gonna do this week next um you know Anthony curry and Manny
Robert you know they ran hard oh line block their tails off you know defense
got down a little early and like I said resilient we made adjustments and we
finished that’s the biggest thing I’m happy about as we finished that game
what are some of the big improvements you think you have to do oh just right
now offensively ball security we can’t get down in the red zone a few times and
either cough it up or you know throw pick or penalties and just being overall
being more physical we were doing a lot of arm tackling today so a lot on both
sides to clean up special teams as well all right coach congratulations on that
first win I appreciate it thank you very much
I guess we’ll enjoy this just for a short moment yeah for a short moment get
back to work tomorrow all right thank you guys thank you all right guys we’ll
send it back up to you for tonight’s wrap-up
all right well the wind from Hillcrest to open the season 26 to 14 s got to
feel pretty good for head coach Travis Carter oh I’ll tell you what he’s got
the monkey off his back his his team shows that were they finished
last year they’ve they’re better this year it’s gonna be a great season for
the Trojans that’ll do it for our coverage here of this football game
football season is back Hillcrest 26 Arlington 14 make sure to continue
watching Riverside TV and prep football as we’ve got the king and great oak
matchup next Friday night for junior Bara and Jeff Gorman the rest of her
excellent Riverside TV crew Nick rice saying so long from Ramona high school
at Riverside where the Hillcrest Trojans opened the season with a 26 to 14 win
over the Arlington Lions good night

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