Live in the D: Dine in the D – Mr. Paul’s Chop House

Live in the D: Dine in the D – Mr. Paul’s Chop House

fathers is this weekend and many people may have barbecues planned but instead of grilling why not let someone else cook up the fake man is the studio smoked gouda this next place has been serving up delicious cuts of meat and seafood for a half-century so you know it’s gonna be good that’s right Michelle Oliver takes us to Roseville to dine in the D at mr. Paul’s Chop House meats meat and more delicious meat is what you’ll find at mr. Paul’s Chop House I guess you could say it’s in the name but what about the other part of the name who’s mr. Paul mr. Paul was my father he started the business in 1968 with his brother Peter my Uncle Peter had a coffee shop in Greektown my dad came from the Georgian end here in Roseville the building came up for sale my dad always wanted to have his own place but he talked his own his brother into coming over and it’s been history ever since now is the children of those two men that run the place all of us are Sosa six of us that are in the business from the family out of seven we’re all in the business we love it it’s what we love to do over the 50 years of being in business mr. paws Chop House has become a beloved part of the community we are very very fortunate we have a great clientele we get to know their children their children are coming in they graduate they get their jobs they come in we watch them grow up they watched us grow up the restaurant is dimly lit with a romantic atmosphere they have some tableside service where they really put on a show with these giant pepper grinders but what they are really known for are their steaks we’re steakhouse so it’s beef for front prime rib New York’s porterhouse we do a Chateaubriand tableside 20-ounce tenderloin we’re known for our perch we’re very versatile our chefs are very creative on our specials today we’re going to serve up a French style steak called tournedos Henry the fourth now the name may sound complicated but we start off with a beautifully simple flaming young we’re gonna cut it in half season on both sides we put them in the pan with some clarified butter clarified butter sticking out of it it won’t burn in the pan as it cooks we add in some garlic and shallots Salizar kind of like onions but they’re just a little more aromatic then we take the meat out so it doesn’t overcook and we deglaze the pan with some burgundy wine we want to reduce it by a half so what that does is it takes now for the Bordelaise sauce all that smells red wine reduction with shallots garlic and beef stock we add the steak back in let it cook for a little more and then it’s time to plate the steaks are placed on top of toast points with a mushroom on top of each the Bordelaise sauce is then poured over them a grilled tomato and artichokes garnish the plate and then top it off with a Bearnaise sauce tarragon reduction we had whole eggs wine white wine and he had whole butter to it whip it in real slow we have an incredible team we’ve had an incredible team since today we’ve opened up and it shows to our guests and joining us today in studio is John ganker the executive chef at mr. Paul’s Chop House just the video alone had us hungry all week I wasn’t sure to know that so I’m glad you brought in this spread it’s beautiful tell me what we have well first of all the picture that’s on mr. Paul Go Go he’s one of the original owner and his brother Peter and there they’re not with us anymore but their legacy lives on that’s right in this wonderful food obviously so what do we have here that’s a Chilean sea bass with the basil butter and fire roasted garden vegetables okay that looks great and what’s right in front of it that’s our Lake perch Lake Geary perch it’s fresh all the time lightly dusted and flour and sauteed that looks great Jason is coming in with all work and then what do we have here that looks like a seafood yeah that’s some of our items on our seafood that’s we have the lobster 10 ounce Australian lobster that’s the best you can buy right there our king crab legs and mussels awesome and this beautiful plate of all steak and looks like lamb chops as much Wagyu steak on there the marbling in that is second and none beautiful and the bone-in filet what’s what’s unique about the bone-in filet as it cooks the bone marrow kind of gives the meat extra richness richness and flavor very good in our classic porterhouse then this is the porterhouse now this is it’s the Henry that’s the porterhouse yes okay yes you see we’re food crazy in here and sooner just a bear and bone marrow seasoning the meat I was kind of losing my mind so tell me what this is that’s a tornado Henry fourth Bernays Bordelaise sauce artichoke hearts okay shallots and garlic in the sauce it’s really rich I’m amazing amazing so tell me about what you guys are doing for Father’s Day actually we are closed Sundays right but you’re you people can come and celebrate on Saturday there you go yeah absolutely and we expect a lot of people to come yes well you’re on live in the D so a lot of people are gonna come especially have to see that beautiful video Michelle created and all of this beautiful food in front of us so yes you guys are open on Saturday bring dad in on Saturday and enjoy a beautiful meal never remind us all where you’re located it’s on gross spec Highway in between twelve and twelve and a half on the east side all right you guys have it there and if you want to try out mr. Paul’s Chop House we are giving away four or $50 gift cards for your chance to win go to our live in the D Facebook page or the contest page at make sure you hit them up Saturday and we’ve also started a dine in the D group on Facebook please join it to see all the places that we cover get suggestions on places to eat out and share your favorite meals for the local eateries if you love food we would love to have you be a part of it


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