#Live #Minnesotasilverrollhunter #Coinrollhunting 1965 Kennedy Half Dollar #40% silver video.

#Live #Minnesotasilverrollhunter #Coinrollhunting 1965 Kennedy Half Dollar  #40% silver video.

Hey, how’s everyone doing today, this is a Minnesota silver old hunter here today. We’re gonna be talking about the 1965 Kennedy half-dollar, so let’s get down to it quick quick look at silver clad Kennedy half-dollar circulation strikes Talk about an honor achieve series or underappreciated series a silver clad Kennedy hat Half-dollar has always played second fiddle to its one-offs 1964 in 1964 d 90% silver counterpart parts and while role hunters enjoy fighting these 40% silver pieces with their current interest Accustomed $4 scattered among bankrolls the real excitement comes from studying and collecting the important And I’ve neglected series of mid-century American coinage no write-up on the Kennedy half is complete without a description of the Circumstances thrown in its creation will spare you the drama over an effort to get the slaying President’s likeness on a coin as soon as possible, but we will say that the timing of the coins release couldn’t have been worse Considering the the transition away from circulating silver that was going on at the time any of those to say Public shock and heartbreak surrounding the Kennedy assassination led to public to save the coin as momento silver Speculators it seems claimed much of what was left the decision to continue production with debase silver composition while Every other circulation coin was fully debased all but snuffed out any chance that the coin would service as a circulatory circulatory medium Still the government Did not make an effort to get these coins into the stream of Commerce And it only now due to elevated prices of precious metals that we see a fuller appreciation and understanding of them Okay the 6’5 half tout Kennedy half dollars forty percent silver composition they meant Meant at sixty-five million eight hundred seventy nine thousand three hundred and sixty six of them minted at Philadelphia designer and engraver Gilroy Roberts metal composition, I already said forty percent silver, but at sixty percent copper to diameter thirty point six millimeters Mass weight is eleven point five grams Okay Metal content is zero point one four seven nine troy ounces phase value of the coins fifty cents, and it was issued in 1965 with the silver prices rising and Strom Eagle levels back in sixty five was becoming cost-effective for the United States to mint coins And silver so after much Debatable the US Treasury approved minting of the half dollar and forty percent silver composition the dime quarter Were minted and copper nickel clad with silver completely removed from those coins There was another coin related issue facing the US government that year, and that was the growing coin Shortage which was partly to blame on Silver’s hoarding? however the US Treasury also held coin collectors Responsible in general who were removing coins based on their mint marks to fill coin albums and books based on date and mint mark Sears collecting The US government therefore deemed it fit to remove mint marks from coins altogether an effort to stave off coin horton as further punishment to coin collectors Usmaan stop producing proof sets and Conventional men cents that year instead of a so-called special men set that includes one coin from each denomination each special mints at sms coin features a semi mirror-like finish With some being a little more lustrous and reflective than others uncirculated 1965 kennedy half dollars are worth while four dollars each while SMS eighty six five half dollars are worth around five K so that’s the front of the 1965 Kennedy half-dollar and That’s the back of it I? Don’t know it’s women. I like this coin It’s one of my favorite top five Okay, thanks a lot if you liked my video please subscribe subscribe please thumbs up and please Share and thank you for so much for your support. I really do appreciate it and Thank you and have a good day. Bye bye


  1. You need to show the side were it is fused with copper and silver….. I have a 65 but you cant see the copper silver fusing

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