Live PD: Cocaine Corral (Season 2) | A&E

– We’re real close to where
there was some shots fired. I don’t know if it’s a
drive-by shooting or whatever. But we’re real
close to the area. We got some people
out here in the park. It looks like a crashed
vehicle ran into a couple of other vehicles. That could be the issue. Just start [inaudible] my way. All right, let’s see
what’s going on here. [police radio chatter] – Hey, how are you? – [inaudible] – Huh? – OK. – OK, did anybody get a look
at the drivers or anything? – A Land Rover? The last description we got
is of a black Land Rover. It should have extensive damage. I’ve got four cars involved
here in the parking lot. They look like they’re 40
millimeter shell casings. – Yeah. – Got one here, there. Let’s see if we can
talk to some witnesses. There’s the vehicle right there. SO 683 radio, there’s a Land
Rover with a lot of damage that just came to the back
entrance of the parking lot, driving around to the front,
the front bumper damaged, the windows blown
out on the backside. See if you can get
that vehicle stopped. All right, we got a
subject right now. – Me? – Yeah, come over here. – Ma’am, drop your
purse on the ground. Drop it on the ground. – Turn around. – Everything in your
hands on the ground. – Hands on top of
your head for me. – Stay in there.
– Hands on top of your head. – Face that vehicle. – On top of your head! – Clear in here. You were driving, right? OK, that’s all I need to know. Ma’am, you just drove
past me in the back. OK, I saw you come
through the back. – Yes, sir. – That’s what I’m
saying, you were driving. – But if you look in the camera,
I wasn’t driving in here. – I saw you with these. You just now came in the back. I’m not talking about earlier,
I’m talking about right now. – Right now [inaudible]? – Yeah, that was my question. – Yeah. – Weren’t you
driving the vehicle? – Just to bring him. – Sir, she’s driving
right now with me. – You talk to that officer. I’m talking to her. She can answer for herself. The suspect vehicle that was
reported involved in the drive by, it’s got extensive
front-end damage. The back window is shot out. The side window is shot out. You can see the bullet holes. It has impacted
this vehicle here. Obviously, the window
is blown out here, another bullet hole right here. So this vehicle sustained
some pretty bad damage. Matter of fact, I
think we have what may be part of a round
up in the windshield. You’re in a vehicle
that has obvious damage and was reported
in being involved in a drive-by shooting. You come back to the
scene in the vehicle. That’s probable
cause enough for us to detain you and her to
figure out what’s going on. That’s how this works. You’re not free to go,
but you’re detained. You understand that?
– Yeah, yeah. – OK. – I just watched a film of it. – OK. – He came up. It was a drug deal. He got out with a blue bag. – OK – And a silver car came up and
they started shooting at him. – OK – He took off up around,
hitting everything. – OK, good. – So at least we got that. We can charge them with that. – This is how it was found. – Whew, here we go, all right. Looks like three
kilos of cocaine. This is a drug deal. Someone come up here to rip him. It’s pretty obvious. It’s pretty evident. Three kilos, maybe four
if there’s something else wrapped in that towel. – Yeah, yeah, there’s something
else underneath that towel. I just don’t know what it
is and I’m not touching it. – Yeah. So right now it’s an
active investigation. They’re going to get search
warrants for the SUV. So there’s a lot
more investigating that’s going to have to go on. Right now, CSI is there. Detectives have been called. And we have the county
officers that are there right now helping them with CSI.

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