Live PD: Officer Gets Emotional After Talk w/ Veteran (Season 4) | A&E

Live PD: Officer Gets Emotional After Talk w/ Veteran (Season 4) | A&E

So, we’re backing up Officer Snyder on a traffic stop. He’s pulled over a vehicle for expired tags and it has multiple occupants. Step back there for me. He’s uh suspended and everything Okay Well, no. It’s my wife. Alright. Just relax right there. -That’s my wife. What all is going on inside your pants? *laughs* I don’t know. What do you mean? Got stuff over here, I can clearly see it through your pants Where? You can search me. There’s not going to be any drugs in the car is there? There’s not going to be any drugs in the car is there? No. Huh? What if I told you I’m looking at drugs right now. Officer Ross, it’s not his jacket. It’s not his jacket? Whose jacket is it? but it’s your pockets right? Alright. Did you grab this out of there too? -Oh, come on. -Tell me what’s going on, man. but he has meth in his pocket. He has meth in his pocket and you’re saying it’s not his jacket. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me, “These aren’t my pants”. I get that once a week. The driver has a felony warrant out of Lincoln County. So, he’ll be going to jail today. Come on, man. I’ll walk with ya. Alright. The elderly gentleman. We’re gonna let him go for his part in all this. He has stage 4 bone cancer, lung cancer, and all kind of things going on. I can’t tell you how much I want you to stop doing those drugs, man. You still got something to offer people. Alright? I’m talking to ya. You’re intelligent. You got stories to share. You got history to share. Man, don’t let that dope take that away from you. You still have value. No! If you need pain management, medical marijuana is out there for you. Alright? But meth? That’s not helping you. You might be right, I have no idea because I haven’t messed with weed. Well, it’s less damaging than meth. Cause meth will burn what’s left of your life up. Alright? It’s some horrible, horrible stuff. I’m not opposed to anything that will work for this. -Alright. Hey, brother. Good luck, alright? So, my partner is gonna give him a ride. So, uh. I became a cop because my brother went off to the military and came back, uh, hooked on drugs. Excuse me. and he reminds me of my brother. So I uh, take a couple of minutes to talk to him. Poor guy is dying so my brother, ah He came back, uh, hooked on drugs and he got killed because of his addiction. and uh, that’s why I’m a cop today. I really feel sorry for the guy. I just wanna give him a few minutes to talk to somebody that will listen to him. Yeah, alright. On to the next one.


  1. On a real note, I was gonna write something sarcastic, but the officer crying at the end really hit my heart harder than a brick of meth!

  2. Some wonderful people around us and we bump into them a few special times in life. Maybe several times. Or just a few if not a couple..I don’t believe those people to be any different from everyone else….they just got noticed by someone on a good day….Jesus said, we “are the salt of the earth”… olden times you had to preserve meat by dousing it in it wouldn’t rot…I try daily to follow that…be kind/not judge…praying for a solid C with those expectations..

  3. this sort of thing brings a tear to my eye…even a old cynic like me…we dont see enough of this…the humanity of policemen and women..good people with even better hearts doing a difficult thankless job…bless em

  4. Now I'm sure this PO can bust some heads if need be, he's a pretty big dude. Someone said times are changing when a PO tells someone to use weed. I tell ya POs have a long way to go with changing. The country need more POs like this man.

  5. OMG….That officer is a perfect example of a MAN….I bet he is is an incredible husband and father and son. God bless him and keep him safe and all the officers across this country.

  6. Heart goes out to this officer, his brother, and the veteran. Moving forward through adversity is to conquer and achieve victory through change. We will not stagnate and remain the same, but we will prosper on the other side of pain.

  7. That was just beautiful! My brother is killing himself with drugs and I worry about losing him everyday so I can't even imagine this mans pain! What a decent human being.

  8. I turned off incognito because I believe this police officer is realGod bless in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen be safe may all your chores be safe may you never ever have to dry your weapon amen

  9. How does this cop even know he's a veteran? Did I miss something? He could be wearing a hat that he got from a thrift store.

  10. Just a reminder that cops are human beings too and aren't exempt from hardships or heartbreak.
    Like any of us we can choose to let situations make us or break us.
    Ive only had one encounter with an officer that was less than favourable.
    I dont break the law and I respect them when I talk to them…SIMPLE!
    Only people I've seen hate them are either trouble makers and or they give attitude.

  11. Majority of officers are actually like this, the media hardly ever reports officers being human beings. They are not robots, yes their are some bad apples but the tree is big and the roots are strong with officers like this.

  12. This channel is a joke. They only allow pc comments to stay up, if you say something that isn't pc they take your comment down. Go ahead sheep, keep supporting tyranny.

  13. That officer right there has my full respect not only of his human being but as a police officer he cares about people God bless you sir

  14. Nah. We're too busy giving money to illegals and corporations to help our vets. Glad the cop let the guy go. We need to see more of this instead of the minority of cops that do bad things.

  15. TRUMP 2020 – for cops and vets, what the media wont tell you; "Now that President Trump’s signature has made them law, here’s what the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act and the Forever GI Bill Housing Payment Fulfillment Act mean for veterans and military families."

  16. You are the type of officer we need on the streets. Firm but compassionate. Be safe Sir. Sorry for your loss. I lost my husband to drugs too and I understand the pain,

  17. God bless you Officer and your family, men like you are very rare today, your compassion, empathy and professionalism is truly appreciated, sorry about your brother and again God bless.

  18. I feel bad for the Vietnam veterans my brothers didn’t get no respect or care when they came home. many veterans use drugs when they came home to get over pain they were having physically and mentally

  19. You're a good man with a good heart and a fine police officer. The world would be e better place with more people like you.

  20. If you don't have compassion or respect for the people you serve. Why do the job in the first place? Mad respect for TPD officer Ross.

  21. Now that is one excellent police officer a true professional a man of integrity of honor of compassion I salute you officer you are an example of excellence god bless you

  22. It is so unfortunate that more of this is not shown in our media. Our media strives on the negative instead of showing the amazing heart and character of the vast majority of America’s law enforcement.

  23. I don't know if you will be able to pass it on to this officer, but keep fighting the good fight, and thanks for you service! 🇺🇸✊🏽👮‍♂️🚔 I'm a Navy vet and we need more like you willing to support us.

  24. America pretends to love veterans, but they wont raise the minumum wage where hundreds of thousands of vets make outside the military, they wont extend work benefits, they wont take care of homeless vets

    Be smart and never join the military because conservatives will pretend to care for you, then laugh as you ask for assistance after your service.


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