Live PD: Stolen Truck Surprise (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Stolen Truck Surprise (Season 2) | A&E

– We’re behind this vehicle. It’s showing as a stolen
vehicle out of Chicago PD. The plates are matching back to
the stolen car out of Chicago. What we’re doing
now is we’re just following him where we’re
waiting for another unit to get with us. This isn’t something that we
want to initiate by ourself. So we’re going to follow him
and just see where he goes. We’re communicating
with the other deputies to let them know where we’re at. And as soon as we
get another deputy, we’ll attempt a traffic stop. Greene County Sheriff’s Office. OK.
Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Turn the vehicle off. Driver. With your left hand, open
the driver’s side door from the outside of the truck. OFFICER: Open the door.
– Driver. Keep both hands in
the air and step out slowly out to your side. Driver, face away from me. Driver walk backwards towards
the sound of my voice. [inaudible] Yeah. OFFICER: I’ll take him. I’m going to
bring him to Miller. Driver, keep walking.
Stop. OFFICER: Ask him how many
other people were in the car. Your son?
How old is your son? MAN: 13.
– OK. Seriously? Well, we’ll sort it all out. So he says that he got
it from a friend of his that bought it for his company. During some time there, there
was a dispute over money. And he says that his friend
just gave him the truck. He was supposed to be
sitting him the title, but the title was
never sent to him. So. He seems pretty forthcoming. And usually stolen
vehicles don’t just pull over right away. So. We’re going to go
through it now. Unfortunately, he
is in a stolen car. So we have to address it. But we’re still trying to
piece some things together. So on Glenstone? Just north of division? Where that Sonic is? We’re right in front of Sonic. You’ll see it. There’s a bunch of
cop cars and lights. OK. All right, thank you. Show this driver is
having ownership of this. Or anything that could
corroborate his story. Because he offered me a job,
so I went to work for him. The guy that used to
fund his operation got posted for drugs as I left.
– OK. [inaudible] I didn’t even know
nothing about it until now. I had no idea. The second time she didn’t go. What do we have here? That looks like methamphetamine. I have a field test kit. It’s definitely meth. But we’ll field test it. I’ll go get you one. I’m sure he’s probably
going to say that it’s salt. I mean I guess it could be. It’s gotta have Fireball. Gotta have Fireball. Did you already Mirandize him?
– Yes. The heck do you
suppose this is? Don’t know.
So. Oh, it’s a meth pipe.
OK. Well. This is a glass pipe
that would commonly be used for methamphetamine. So we found drugs and
paraphernalia so far. All right.
I’m going to get a test kit. Do you have one in your car? We didn’t know quite
what you were going to do. I was going to try
to turn in there. – I know you were.
– To get out of the road. Yeah.
But the traffic kept coming. I was trying to holler out
the fields you guys see [inaudible]. Right, right, right. It’s hard to hear. Oh, I got some. I want to update you
on a previous situation in Greene County.
Remember the guy with the beard? There was this stolen truck. Well they confirmed that
that vehicle was stolen. That guy was charged with
possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of meth.


  1. 3:02 complete violation of rights by accessing/trying to access cell phone without a warrant. Yes, they can look through vehicle for “illegal” items. NO, they can not access/try to access any digital devices without warrant There’s ZERO probable cause to do so. Being that was pretty much first thing officer did I’d be very interested to know what happened with this case considering the scope of the search was violated from almost the start. I would like to think the officer would know better than to do that. There is no conceivable way the mobile phone was a danger or contained illegal material. SO! Buy a dummy phone and hide your meth and pipe in it! Lol!! 😎😎

  2. Awkwardly mentions a story about the truck owner being around drug users. Also said he didn't know anything about the details. Also had meth in his possession. Priceless lol

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