Local Coin Shop LCS Pickup and Junk Silver Hunt and Score!

Local Coin Shop LCS Pickup and Junk Silver Hunt and Score!

let’s take a look at what my local coin
shop pickup yields hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I’ve been asked for a couple of things people have asked me to
do a coin shop pick up as well as a junk silver hunt so I’ve done that I’ll tell
you I went down to my local coin shop and I took a look at all the civil
rounds he had and he had a couple of containers full of them about 15 in a
container a lot of them were buffaloes but I asked if he had any mixed ones and
he showed me the mixed ones and I picked up ones that I thought were the best and
we’ll go through those in a second then I asked if he had any constitutional
silver or any junk silver and he had $16.60 Worth and I really don’t want to
pay that much money for that today so I said alright forget the quarters because
they are pretty sworn slick but in that he had a bunch of dimes and some half
dollars so I said give me all the dimes and all the half dollars came out to 810
face so I went ahead and separated by the Mercs the rosies we could get a
barber dime and then the half dollars I ended up trading back in and not wanting
to buy the forty or ninety percent half dollars I just kept the older ones and
I’ll show you what I got here first on these and then we’ll get into that and
then I got to start sorting I even looked at the dimes yet but first half
dollar we found in the pie was a 1953 Denver so that was a pretty good find we
also found a pretty nice 1956 philadelphia not a bad fine there and
then check it out I didn’t even look at the MIT marker the date I want to draw a
lot of attention to it but I did see was a barber and when I just pulled it out
of the bag right now it’s a 1901 s 1901 s so based on the
rates that I paid I paid he only charged me 90 bucks for this so about 11 times
face so a little bit high I like to pay around 10 but still this right here 800
and I think 47,000 minted only yeah that’s pretty toasty but even in good
condition it’s a $32 half dollar I’m sure based on 11 times face I’m sure
I’d get more than 550 for this so this guy alone is probably somewhere between
18 and 25 dollars maybe not that much but close but I was not expecting to
find an almost key date barbar half and then in the rosies we
got a 55 and I believe the 55 is an S yeah
55 s so that’s a good pickup we got a 57 D I’ll take that and then a nice 64 d
you can’t get mad at that that’s a pretty good condition for junk silver
and then mixed in all those mercs we also found in 1903 oh not a key but
nice was the 1903 s as you can see but I’ll take it when I saw his 1903 and I
noticed we have some s mint marks I got excited but it’s a no but also take it
so pretty good finds there we’ll get to the second part of the video when I go
to the Mercury dimes like I said I’d even check them yet so I’m gonna stack
them by year and then buy mint and we’ll go through those later but just a quick
look at what the silver rounds I picked up I picked up five of these Morgan
dollar ones I thought they’re pretty good he gave me a great price on these
16 dollars around and that’s not bad yeah they’ve been handled but you know
what I’ll take him especially when just three months ago they were asking 18 to
20 dollars around at that same shop so I’ll take him for now we picked up five
I’ll probably use some of these in my live streams as giveaways cuz I think
they’re pretty cool that’s why I picked up five of them there’s a lot of Buffalo
rounds going around but I hadn’t seen one with this kind of design with the
fields having some lines in them so I thought it was cool it’s different the
ones I have so I picked that one up I also picked up this reno 2007 nevada
44th annual Air Races I just thought it was cool I’ve never seen this one so we
picked that one up as well this one has a really cool design on the front I’m
not exactly sure what that is but maybe you guys can help me I still thought it
was awesome got the beautiful eagle on the back it’s
made by Silvertown I haven’t done any research on
he’s yet picked this one up because I just thought it was cool with the Texas
star in it and I’m in Texas so one Texas dollar not a bad round there grab this
one because it has the scales and I love the scales right there it’s one troy
ounce silver trade unit and again beautiful Eagle on that side thought it
was awesome we also picked up this u.s. assay office San Francisco 1981 yeah
made from stockpile silver I thought it was cool and of course anything with an
eagle on it I love picked through this elemental one
because I had never seen this and the back has the atomic weight the Tomic
number everything Tomic simple I think it’s great
never seen that one AG 47 gotta love it I like this silver round because it has
the 200th anniversary of the US Constitution 1987 it’s got some toning
as you can see but it even has part of the Constitution we the people on there
I think it’s great and of course another Eagle power and beauty awesome and then
looked at all his bars and they’re pretty basic but I like this one because
once again had that classic Morgan face on it and can’t go wrong with that
pretty cool design one troy ounce we’ll take it
so hopefully you like the rounds I picked up my last time I showed my
silver stack a lot of you are saying things like you don’t have enough rounds
and you’re right so we’re getting in the round business I’m gonna go ahead and
get these into a folder when I get my rounds folder we’ll see how that looks
in a folder I can’t wait to get them all separated out and put in there now that
I’ve done that let’s go and hunt do these Mercury dimes since we end up
getting a pretty semi key date barber and that 55s is pretty cool plus a
barber dime as well that’s not that bad maybe there’s some key dates in here for
Mercury’s looking for a 16 D in 1921 P and a 1921 D that’d be awesome to find
them or the semi keys which won’t get into now maybe if I find some we’ll talk
more about him let me get these separated and let’s see what we got
all right first order of business was getting them separated by decade we got
four in the 20s five in the 30s and 53 in the 40s as expected
now that we’ve done that let me go ahead and flip these over and see what the
Year and the MIT marks are on these 20s and 30s all right for the 20s we did get
to 1927 s here this one’s out of Philadelphia pretty common but this
one’s a 27 s and only 4.7 million of these are minted in higher grades au 15
above it’s a solid solid dime but this is in not that condition so still it’s
definitely worth more than a few bucks for sure and we’ll take it
19:28 we got a philadelphia common in 1929 this one also is an S so I think
around less than 5 million of these minted as well another saw it find so a
couple of San Francisco mints in the dimes we’ll take that all day only for
here but I believe I need a couple of these for my book so that’s pretty good
we’ll find out in a minute now let’s move on to the 30s so in the
30s pretty good finds we got a 30 for Philadelphia not bad shape a 36 Denver a
37 Denver 38 Philadelphia and a 39 Philadelphia and I don’t know if that’s
a scratch or a lamination issue looks like a scratch or a ding but still
pretty cool coins as well couple with mint marks not too shabby
now we’re gonna move on the 40’s and get them separated by year and we’ll take a
look at the MIT marks and then we’ll see if we have any of the varieties from the
40s so I’ve got them stacked by year obviously 43 has the most with 42 and 41
right behind it then we’ve got quite a few 44 s and then 45 and 40 are light
there are some pretty nice dives in here as well let me start off with the 1940
year and see if I have varying mint marks on those it’s always nice when you
have only three coins in 1940 and you have all of the mint marks P D and s so
that’s nice let’s move on the 1941 we had eight
coins for 1941 six of them were the Philadelphia Mint this was the best of
the bunch right there there’s some lines on that column there which is cool we
also got one from the Denver Mint and one from the San Francisco so it’s
always nice once again getting a complete set for the year with some
extra pills let’s move on to 1942 and I’ll be checking both the Philadelphia
Mint and the Denver mints if I have them for the two over one air
all right nine Mercury dimes from the 1942 year and once again we did get a P
D and s as you can see pretty clearly so we’ll take that I did check the 42 peas
for the two over one variety did not find any and I did check the 42 DS for
their 42 or 41 variety none of those either but I will show you this 42 P
it’s not in bad shape whatsoever not in bad shape so pretty happy with that and
once again all three events from that year now under the big stack of 40
threes for 1943 we had a good distribution of mints we had 10 from
1943 from Philadelphia 5 from the Denver Mint and 5 from the San Francisco mint
so pretty happy with that once again complete mint set for the
1943 year we’ll take it and now move on to the 44 Mercury dimes 1944 same thing
eight of them eight total dimes from that year we have all three minutes four
from the Philadelphia two from the Denver and two from San Francisco all
right now I’m moving on to the 1945 dimes and we’ll be checking for the
micro mint mark we’ll see if we have any variations continue on the theme guys
1945 we had five coins three Philadelphia’s we ended up getting a
Denver and a San Francisco as well so we’ve completed all of the 40s we had a
PD nest for all of them it’s the 45s
so if the midmark was small then it would be worth more and that looks like
a standard sized midmark to me but we did get a mint mark on each of the 45 44
43 42 41 and 40s so complete set for all six of those years I should say so
overall not a bad pick up from the local coin shop I’m pretty happy with it
really excited about getting these rounds excited about the Mercury dimes
that I picked up he does have a big bag of quarters but like I said they’re
pretty pretty washed down I think what I’ll do is I’ll take a look at my
quarter book take pictures of it and go down there and maybe pick up some coin
fillers and fill my book if I do that I’ll make another pickup video and we’ll
share that with you guys as well before I sign out I do want to let you know I’m
gonna go ahead and grab my Mercury dime book here and I’m gonna go ahead and
fill up what I have I don’t have a lot I just recently started getting into the
Mercury dimes and so but I’m gonna use these coins pick through the best of
every mint mark we’ll get them in the book and then I’ll give you some shots
of what I have in my book all right we’ve got to relook that rechecked check
for the details and I’ve added the ones to my books that we could replace or add
so in the first page all I’ve got is in 1916 it’s really toast obviously don’t
have a 16 d we also only have a 1925 on the first page so need a lot of the
earlier Mercury dimes page 2 we have a 27 27 D and a 27 s we have the 28 we
don’t have the D we don’t have the S we don’t have a 29 what we do with 29 s
we’ve also got a 34 Philly a 36 a 36d and a 36 s with a hole in it we’ve also
got a 37 d on the next page start getting a few more we got the 38 the 39
we got all three from 40 all three from 41 we’ve got all three from 42 but we
don’t have the 42 P 2 over 1 or the 42 D 2 over 1 we got all the 43 s as well
all the 44 is is well and all the 45s as well except for the 45 micro s and that
s that I showed you on the back of this one it would be half the size it’s tiny
so we’re missing that one but I’m able to add quite a few to the Mercury dime
book so it’s always fun I know so we were just filters but we’ve got some
pretty nice ones in there too hopefully you guys enjoyed this LCS pick up and
kind of a mellow mini hunt if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and if I go
back and get those quarters we’ll do another video anyway everyone as always
happy hunting and thanks for watching


  1. Local Coin Shop Pickup and a Junk Silver Hunt!
    Since I have had several requests for me to do a local coin shop (LCS) pickup video, as well as a junk silver purchase and hunt, I decided to go to my Local Coin Shop and kill 2 birds with one stone! It was also mentioned when I showed off my silver stack that I needed more Silver Rounds… So, I decided to grab quite a few of them as well!

    Hopefully you all enjoy this video as I ended up picking up some really cool Silver Rounds, Silver Bars and even a BIG BAG of junk silver – which ended up having some really good coins and a few semi-key date coins! 1901 S Barber Half Dollar? What???

    I may also hit up some pawn shops and thrift stores to see if there are any hidden treasures hanging out in there too!

    As always – Happy Hunting and Thanks for Watching AND keep Stacking that silver my friends!!!

    PS – My Stacking Silver Hunting Mats are now ready and are listed on eBay, if you want to check them out:


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    Thanks for watching!

  2. Awesome coins Rob!!! Sorry I can't make that logo you want. But really nice junk silver!!! Have fun sorting through those, and looking forward to another CURRENCY HUNT!!!

  3. Rob, I just went to a local coin show, and I got a 1935 Hawaii $1, a 10 cent Military Payment Certificate, AND a 1798 cent for FREE! Then I bought a 1807 cent from that guy because he was giving me so much stuff and I spent $40. I plan to send another small package soon for you!!!

  4. Nice pickup Rob! Really like the rounds you picked up, I go to the Reno Air races every year and those coins sell for around $50. They put a high premium on them at the races of course 😊. Thanks for sharing Sir? See ya next time!

  5. That’s a nice coin! My best deal on junk silver was on a key date quarter. I found a 1939s and 1939d and I got both for only $2.90!!

  6. Very cool score. Junk silver is awesome. Always pick some up when silver is down.

    That silver round, the front looks like a St. Gaudens design. The back kind of looks like the Walking liberty half but a little different.

  7. Is tax charged over there in Texas? Here in California we are charged tax for purchases under $1500 which is quite a lot if you’re buying just silver. Otherwise great pickups!

  8. Awesome Coins Rob, I really appreciate you going into detail on your coin shop pickups, you definitely got some cool stuff there, thank you for uploading this type of video I look forward to seeing more videos like this.

  9. Hey Rob. What is the oldest coin in your collection. The oldest coin I own is an 1861cent. Awesome finds especially the barber half.

  10. Hey Rob. What is the oldest coin in your collection. The oldest coin I own is an 1861cent. Awesome finds especially the barber half.

  11. At about 3:40 you showed a Morgan Dollar (from a stack you had picked up). Were these real Morgans or silver round made to look like them? You showed the head/obverse, then flipped it over (north to south) and the eagle on the reverse side was upside down. I've checked one of my Morgans (which I assume is real) and flipping it over north to south, the eagle on the reverse is standing (or sitting) up. Your videos teach me a lot, like how to question things I think may be odd… note that when you flip the buffalo next, north to south, the Indian head and the buffalo are both upright. The following coins are also odd (to me) (except the Elemental coin and the mercury dimes) so maybe it's just me…

  12. Cool, haven't been to a coin shop in a long time. Hunted dimes yesterday, found a silver sandwich with a 1964 and a 1952. As well as a 1981 S proof.

  13. Thats awesome rob. I have a coinshop in my area in australia that sells everything. They also sell silver quarters. And i know your luck with quartes😊

  14. Nice silver. I recently got 4 64 dimes out of a coin star return at a local grocery store. Couldn't believe it. Great video.

  15. I believe you're Ag round is digital the marks around the edge of the coin allowed to make sound when placed on a digital player

  16. Great video again Rob. Out of all the Youtube Coin Roll Hunter vids on here I enjoy yours the most. I am disabled and spend many hours on here and really look forward to seeing yours. Unfortunately we don't have any silver coins in circulation here in the UK any more. As your probably aware our coinage went decimal in 1971 and the thrill of finding anything old and valuable suddenly disappeared. I just love your US coinage and have a particular love of Indian Head Cents. But trying to find them here in the UK is very hard and those that do appear are so expensive. Anyways keep up the great job your doing. Looking forward to your new ones as you do them. Good hunting Buddy !!

  17. That barber half reminds me of when I bought a bunch of barber dimes for about $3 each and found a 1903 s that was really worn and tarnished. It more than payed for all of them.

  18. A couple months ago I went to a swap meet and they have a bin filled with miscellaneous coins. I came across a set of five 1/10 gold eagles asked him how much for them and he was like $12. I don’t think I bought something so quick in my life. I got them graded and they came back genuine

  19. So, I found something interesting in my last box of halves, and I'm not sure what exactly I've got. Uploaded the hunt if you want to check it out and help identify it.

    Edit: Oh yeah, I should check my own Mercs for '45 Micro-S mintmarks. Certain I don't have any '42 2 over 1 though. Would've caught that immediately.

  20. Agian nice pick ups on the silver. My LCS always sales junk silver at whatever the melt value at the time is.

  21. HEY ROB!!! i made a thank you video for you and others on the gaw win last month hope you like it!!! thanks again!!!

  22. Hi Rob Congrats on your 1901S Way cool! This was my first Coin Shop pickup video very interesting thank you for sharing🌻 We have obviously second hand shops & thrift shops so how do i approach them to purchase old or silver coins? What do i say besides hey i want to buy… Also dont want to look like i would pay any $ to get them how do i know they're not overcharging me? Its rough being a semi newby to the Coin World lol Appreciate your videos thanks 🌻 Lauren

  23. I was just about to ask about your Silver Mat and then I opened my eyes and red your details on how to purchase so I clicked the link! 🙂 HH

  24. Love the video Rob! I've been going to my local LCS every week for junk silver. I got a barber dime last week as well. It was a 1908 but I'll take it. Hope to see more videos from you like this one.

  25. That siver St. Gaudens is a silver round .999 silver Minted at the Silver Towne Mint ……. it goes for about 20 bux shipped free from the mint …….

    Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

  26. I'm really learning a lot, and have been playing, my eyes are bad, how can I see you videos better than a magnifier on my counter? What the trick, so I can see the dates, would save me a ton of time, thanks Rob!

  27. Great addition to your stack!..I dig your channel and Loved your half Daller hunt mother load…lol..Prop$ from Cali!!

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