1. Yeah what’s up with that ending….. 👀 wanted to watch the expression when the fish 🎣 oil landed in your stomachs .

  2. Josh just looks sad here. I feel like someone should have given him a hug.
    also last time I went to LJS, i'm pretty sure I just got hush puppies (literally only went there for hush puppies bc no one else serves them here) and they were inedible. That LJS has since become a starbucks.

  3. Why did this end when they end as they were trying the fish they were talking about the entire time D: the subplot will never be answered!

  4. Never seen a battered and fried sausage? Oh boy … do we have a treat for you in a good old greasy British Fish n' Chip shop, Josh 😀

  5. Too bad you guys aren’t around the Central New York area, Doug’s Fish Fry local restaurant is some of the best “fast food” fried fish in the area in my opinion.

  6. hey guys….question what ever happened to the 4k videos? I loved the great quality. The show is amazing in itself but i liked the UHD look 🙂 just wondering

  7. You're going to build up the whole episode to the taste of the fish and then cut right before they give their opinion I'm literally losing my mind WTF GMM WTF!

  8. Those LJS/KFC places are disgusting. Ordered a chicken meal and a fish meal there once and could not tell the difference and both were gross.

  9. They said Ljs was the only one doing what they do and I take that as fast food seafood but Captain ds is also fast food seafood and Imo is 10000 times better than Ljs

  10. sry, but I have to call Josh on some of his pronunciation. (I used spellcheck to fix that last word.) He just failed with 'feral' and he blew a more egregious word during the show before MORE.

  11. I think the people here are forgetting that the video was about the sausage. Why would they need to show a reaction for the fish?

  12. I’m not really into seafood because lots of it makes me sick but a place around where I live is called Captain D’s and it’s acceptable so if you’d like you should try that also you should make decals for cars for your Murch store

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