Loom Week Finale- Which is the Best Friendship Bracelet Loom? | EpicReviewGuys CC

Loom Week Finale- Which is the Best Friendship Bracelet Loom? | EpicReviewGuys CC

Parris: Hi, it’s Parris from EpicReviewGuys here with my longtime looming assistant, and it’s finally time for the Ultimate Loom Review! We have here on our desk all eight looms that we have reviewed previously. Today we’re looking at them all together. We’re going to tell you which is the best portable loom, the best value loom, and the best overall loom: if you’re only going to buy one, it would be the loom to get. Now we have links to all of these looms down below this video if you’d like to check them out. And I do want to mention that after doing the Sunshine Loom review we got a very nice email from the Sunshine Loom company thanking us for reviewing their product and letting us know that with their particular unique loom design you can make all kinds of different styles, and that on their website they have videos how to do that. We have reviewed all of these looms at different times, and throughout this video we’ll have the links to them up if you’d like to go see the specific review. But really all we have time for in this video, in addition to our awards, is to let’s say one word for each loom, okay? All right. Let’s start with Rainbow Loom. What’s your one word for that? Winnie: Original. Parris: Original. That’s the original loom. How about BandaLoom? Winnie: Painful. Parris: Painful. And we really mean painful. CraZLoom? Winnie: Easy. Parris: Easy. You do like using that one. Okay. Twist-n-Loop? Winnie: Cheap. Parris: Cheap, but not in a bad way. The Sunshine Loom? Winnie: Quality. Parris: Quality. We both agree with that. What was the deal with the Wonder Loom. Winnie: Fine. Parris: It was fine. What about the FunLoom? Winnie: Average. Parris: Average. Works okay. And what about the DIY Loom Bands possibly AKA RoyalLoom? Winnie: Stinky. Parris: Stinky. Okay, our first category is which of these is the Best Value Loom? Value mean it’s still good and easy to use, doesn’t have any major defects, and costs less than $10. Which was your choice for best value loom? Winnie: For mine, it was the Twist-n-Loop because that it costs $5 and you got everything you needed in there and plus you could take the things apart. Parris: Yes, so it’s very flexible. Also, it only comes with 300 bands, and fewer S clips, but you can buy more. It’s a good starter loom if you’re just trying it out to see if you like it. My vote for best value loom is also the Twist-n-Loop. Very inexpensive, but we thought it actually a pretty good loom. Our next category is Best Portable Loom. Which one is the easiest to take with you when you’re going on a road trip and you want to loom in the car. All right, which was your choice for best portable loom? Winnie: My first choice was the Rainbow Loom because of the little mini-loom so you can just take that and a bag of rubber bands. Parris: Show us the mini-loom. Winnie: This is the mini-loom. Parris: Okay with that and the hook, and they do fit together, right, with those two pieces and a bag of rubber bands you can just sit there making bracelets, correct? Winnie: Correct. Parris: All right my choice for Best Portable Loom, not that I get to sit in the back in the car on road trips and make bracelets, I have to drive; it is the Sunshine Loom. Now the reason I like this, this has got to be about the biggest of all the looms we have, but it comes with its own case. It’s latched on each end, and everything you need is right there: Of course you have the loom around the outside edge, the hook, the bands, and those really cool charms. Before we announce the winner of Best Overall Loom, wanted to take just a minute to mention a fellow YouTuber, her name is Katherine Schroeder. If you’ve watched our other loom reviews, you probably heard us mention her. She has a looming channel where she makes different loom creations and designs of bracelets and so forth. Very good at that. If you’d like to see those, be sure and check out her channel, we’ll put up a link to that. But right now, she’s writing a campaign to get on the Ellen Show. She has a congenital heart defect and she would like to go on the show to educate people about that and to show that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. So we’ll put up a link here and go ahead and click on that if you’d like to see how you can help her achieve her dreams. All right, it’s finally time! Now that loom week is done, it’s time to announce the Best Overall Loom. If you could pick just one loom to have, which one would it be? And why don’t you go first and tell us your choice. Winnie: My favorite loom was the Sunshine Loom. Parris: Okay, what did you like about it? Winnie: Well, I liked about that there was a place for everything and it had charms on it. Hardly any of them have charms. Parris: Yeah. Only two of the looms have charms. It has very nice charms. That was very unique, we haven’t seen that before. Okay, so your choice is the Sunshine Loom. Now my pick for Best Overall Loom, even though I don’t make bracelets, is the Rainbow Loom. It’s sort of the standard that most of these are trying to live up to. And there are so many videos out there that show you with the Rainbow Loom, without a hook, with the mini-loom and so forth, how to make all the different designs. So if I had to pick one, and if I actually made the bracelets, I think I would pick the Rainbow Loom. What about your number two choice? Winnie: Well, my number two choice was the Rainbow Loom. Parris: What did you like about that especially? Winnie: Well, I liked the little mini-loom, again. Parris: Okay, for me, if I had to pick a second one, I would pick the Sunshine Loom. This is just so nicely packaged, seems so well-built and high quality. I really do like it. So, between the one and two, we pick, of all the looms, our favorite- your opinion may vary, and if you want to mention your opinion down below in the comments, please go ahead- for us: one and two, one and two, the Rainbow Loom, the Sunshine Loom. So now that we’re done with all of these eight looms, what are we going to do with all of these eight looms, well we’d like to actually send them out to people who have watched our videos, so we thought how can we best do this? And what we think we’ll do is: go to the video review of whichever loom it is that you like and make a comment below the video about why you like that loom. And we’ll let this go through the end of this month. So, March 1st, my assistant will go and randomly pick one person who’s made a comment on each of the loom videos, and we will get in touch with the winner, and we will be sending you one of these very gently used looms. Thank you for watching our Loom Week videos. Even if looming isn’t your favorite thing, remember that next week we are doing As Seen On TV week. Every day a new As Seen on TV product. Be sure to check it out. Captions by GetTranscribed.com

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