Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 10.10.2018, NBA Preseason

Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 10.10.2018, NBA Preseason

Sold out spectrum Sportsnet body presents Laker basketball this evening the Lakers take on the starters for them with Draymond Green cleared and then for the Lakers Rajon Rondo is going to be the star last Friday night This place is packed. It’s rocking. It feels like a playoff teams who last year averaged nine rebounds per game a career-high With a three point minh Durant being defended by Brandon Ingram in what sweet move by the into last couple years. He just didn’t feel comfortable consistent prawns been a big help his team’s get the steal gives it up and Face Thompson was not going to get LeBron Uncle mark in his upper body his shoulders in back in particular looks a lot stronger LeBron James beautiful hanging finished Caldwell-pope on the attacks far away by Damian Jones Duran Thompson spa, great. Let’s go James loves to defeat And both team misses The speaker you can’t be satisfied with an 8-3 you get an alligator Sorry, Joe. It’ll work on branding in middle school. I Think you could get it. I know you can get away with it. Great pass by LeBron. That’s a play that Cleveland ran successful in that whole exaction at the elbow and allowing him to be a decision maker Durant knocks down the jumper the point was the summer league MVP here in Las Vegas Just a few months ago. I ran over James hits a three No good and change clears and looks to push tempo the Lakers ran a lot last year. They’ll run even more this year Spectacular Curry from the corner wide open buries it against the top teams in the Western caucus History right or wrong You call your best players. The guys is invested guys. I think for McGee who spent the last two years with the Warriors winning championships He was part of that veteran complementary group Stephen outside So musty us enough though, he did outstanding job You want to be a better defensive team and those numbers offense really fast rate wise will go up Could they improve defensible curry hits another one’s? Nice cut by Kuzma and great fine by lots of balls to write to do something I used to coach Here’s a lob from deej to fall and James gets the clear now looks to push tempo Listen in the speech talked about at the lead by Cleveland different because he has younger players around the all-stars It’s going to be more about having fun last year as big addala finishes little wind took gets the loose ball after kuzmic ant finished And put gets to the basket and scores he was 250 Thompson, and he was able to swish home And look at Stephen some of the great defensive plays three-on-two for the Lakers James instead of the bling it’s Hand and flexes How about LeBron James clearly to grab my movie but the roll beds Yet makes it look easy on place like that Thompson, thanks pass to Looney and he’s able to step it down coach You always wanted to do it so I won’t say his name but his initials are JVG. Here’s the way finishes off the window boarded by Thompson warriors push tempo, here’s Deja, dawa takes it to the rim and JaVale McGee was better defensively Rondo on the attack caldwell-pope pull-up good The Lakers back in float at the 3 minute mark of the first half good job by LeBron James running the lane So you create opportunities when you run you may not be the guy that scored this step first Look at recent ones, but I’m talking about historical they match up with any franchise. Oh He said you can blame me don’t blame don’t blame my wife for that He’s told the media. He’s to blame for that history It connects on the journalist historic run and you look at curry Durant Thompson Iguodala those guys stay in shape and stay ready beautiful box Thompson gets a lot. No good the key with the board two seconds to go James a puzzle feeder It’s unlikely we’ll see them in the fourth quarter Here’s Thompson again target from three-point range And say go make a play He has a gift of being able to score the basketball and it’s only gonna get better right on target Over play like that. They actually make us look good We’re talking about it. He happens to hit a fade away You meet absolutely here’s the rant nice speed and the gym by day via gel unbelievable time Impacted these guys are making across the board. Yes speakin of that mark Kevin Durant won the NBA Cares community assist award For his contributions to the community is caldwell-pope gets the Throwdown in the last year So it probably helped a lot of people out there not probably the NBA is led by those guys, especially Kevin Here’s Brandon Ingram from outside good on the three-point ball And then Ingram the go-to guy here the Lakers in the third quarter with this group on the floor Bella the extra pass and what finish by Damien And I say that with all due respect without love England’s nation Well, he’s nine years younger than Durant and really the sky is the limit for this kid on cue again great Penguins score by Steph Curry you now has 23 Foul on Durant just fouled out of a preseason game 8279 Lakers four and a half to play here in the third quarter. Here’s ball on the attack He got a lot stronger in the offseason. You could use of that body to eliminate play Thompson’s ability to do tell Lettings go behind the back Jones come out it and look, you know, I love the degree to the table Yeah, I think you take the challenge across the board defensible ball finds Ingram bears Kuzma from outside good Got the recognition As a top pick and a future the Lakers confu go was the best rookie play Oh will always hit UCLA I know it’s a different three-point line, but he did shoot 41% about there over the head of Damian Jones Sir up chillin at traffic finds Livingston underneath for to be caught in the numbers and I’m thinking as a former coach on a Team, I can see guys that can help elevate Talk For three got it with two tenths of a second beautiful Shoot my rules in college with great players being coached by Phil Jackson in the pros and how he handled great players watching situations like that the three guys that’s gonna be on the floor in my opinion to finish most ballgames and rightfully, so Now in the home right now of the Vegas Golden Knights who made it to the Stanley Cup finals last year Mr. Eko connects By the way The sun’s have to be the first franchise in NBA history to fire a head coach and a general manager if they do have talent Fresh off of beating the Warriors the other day We go to the state getting Bones and five assists in 18 first half minutes. He did not play in the second half Nice move by Steve Benson in the pan. I had a good summer league also he gave them good minutes rebounding defending and time They score We’re four three Guys, you never know who’s watching High School a you pick up ball The Vancouver Grizzlies at that time and he says it people in this arena This might be the only time they ever get a chance to Seaton Technically and LeBron James comes out in place the way he does in the first half He understands that as well as the kitty flushes it down on the other end Williams nice move. It just wouldn’t fall where great hustle with the follow Ulis lost it as he turns it over to Banga Banga national hall of famers warm up and They all delivered quite the show here under the lights on the strip in Vegas


  1. I aint gonna hide as a longtime W's fan. This was about as bad as it gets. Im sure everybody is extremely happy right now and talking crazy. They should be cause this was embarrassing but this is how we've played since the Dray/KD incident. We have totally lost our mojo and Im not 100% sure we could beat every team in the playoffs when healthy for the first time in 5 years. Im pretty worried and absolutely bewildered by it all. I still think we'll win the 'ship but I never woulda thought we'd need Boogie so bad.

  2. Wow, good to know when Lebron plays the Warriors in the playoffs A) it won’t be for a championship (thank god!) and B) he won’t be a one man show again.

  3. Laker's young core are playing so good that KD was texting Magic, and Lebron after blow out lost asking if he could join them soon.

  4. To the Golden state warriors: we are the faithful association for the nation of sports. FANS. We are a conglomeration of sports fans based primarily out of Pontiac Michigan. But are from all over the state and growing. We like a great sports competition. Please do not be offended at what we are suggesting. We watched the last game you had with the Lakers, when Lebron James got hurt and you still lost the game by 26 pts. Iguadala (Forgive us for not spelling his name right) came off the bench and gave you 23 pts, Kevin Durant I believe had over twenty, but Thompson, Curry, Green, all had sub-par games. This happens from time to time. What worries us that Livingston and about 5 other team mates had 5, 2, 7, 8 pts if these guys cannot or won't step up maybe you should get rid of these guys and get someone who can and want to step up. I don't know why you got rid of Magee the center you had in 2017 championship against the cleveland Cavaliers. You need another good center, seven footer or six ten player who can score, pass, block shots, run and rebound. You need another good scoring guard and forward who both can got to the basket. Trying to hit threes when they are not dropping is crazy, a 15 to 20 footer jumpshot is just fine. Give the ball down low to your good scorer, center then have the three point specialist try in that game, why? Get a good scorer, rebounder, defense minded bench with a center who can clog the middle, and you will win another championship. When tried to talk to the Detroit Tigers, the Pistons, and Lions front office but all they are interested in gaining some profits, they have no vision on insights like back in the day. The Pistons front office does not want to got an NBA Championship, Maybe you guys do!!!!
    Signed The F.A.N.S.

  5. Thes. Ben. I. In. The. NBA. Want. To. Have. To. Help. The. Lakes. Want. Wan. Tay. The. Play. Can. I. Do. With. Wattres. And. Lakes. And. Jordan


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