Los Martillados Bracelet

Los Martillados Bracelet

Simple, well made, and one of a kind, the Los Martillados Bracelet is a timeless design, enjoyed by customers for almost forty years Forged from a single piece of sterling silver, each bracelet is transformed from a simple circular shape to one that is sculpted with angular planes, and smooth contouring lines. Los Martillados, which means “the hammered” in Spanish, refers to the distinctive, light-reflecting surface created by a time honored hand-hammering technique. Strengthened by each strike of the hammer, the subtle variations in texture make each bracelet unique unto itself. A design that may be worn alone or paired with other bangles, the Los Martillados Bracelet is versatile for everyday or special occasions, as the classic lines convey a sense of feminine elegance. www.jamesavery.com

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