Louis Vuitton Items I’ve Sold and Why

Louis Vuitton Items I’ve Sold and Why

– Sometimes relationships
just have to come to an end. Today, I’m talking about
the Louis Vuitton items that are out of here. (bright music) Hello and welcome back, or welcome if this is your first time. I am Jill Maurer, and today, I’m talking about Louis Vuitton items that I have parted ways with. Louis Vuitton is one of
the brands that I do enjoy and I have several pieces but not everything always works out. So, I was not doing YouTube
when I owned these items, so I don’t have photos of them or video. I will insert pictures for you to see. And remember, this is why
they didn’t work for me. These items might work very well for you and I would love to hear
in the comments below if they did work for you, but
these are the items I sold. And I’m going to start with the small, sort of the smaller items and
work up to the bigger items. The first items I sold,
and this is a category, ’cause I sold quite a few of ’em, probably eight or nine of
them, and they were charms. I do continue to have some
charms, but I had quite a lot and I realized that with
the bags I was selling and the types of things
that I was selling, I had purchased those
charms to go with these bags and they are mostly gold tone. They would start out gold tone and then have different colors in them. And a lot of the bags that I sold had more of the gold
tone and went with that. The ones that I kept were, I have every leather bags, mostly, that have silver tone hardware, so I just sold the ones
that were gold tone. The next item I sold was a coin purse, and I was excited about this. It’s not the round one
that you normally see. This one, when I look at it
on the second-hand market, they call it the Men’s coin purpose. It’s not on Louis Vuitton anymore. It was until recently. I am somebody who, I look at
the Men’s and the Women’s. I just don’t even understand, I’ve done videos on this,
like, I don’t understand how you tell the boys from the girls in accessories and bags,
so I look at everything, and I suggest that you do too. And this was sold as a Men’s coin purse, and it was interesting
because it flipped down and you know you’d open it and tilt it and the coins would slide out. And I love the design. I thought the design
was really kind of cool. The reality was that I don’t
really carry coins that much. I don’t use coins that much, so if there’s a place
for coins in the wallet, I’ll put it in there, but
it didn’t make sense for me to keep carrying around this extra item when I don’t really use coins very often. And I just couldn’t think of another use for that little piece,
and that is why I sold it. The next item I sold was the Josephine Wallet
in the Monogram print, and mine had the blue, the cobalt blue. I think they came in blue, red,
and green, I remember those. They might have come in
yellow, I’m not sure. I had the blue and it had
a beautiful blue interior and it had a little zippered
coin purse that went with it. I love the layout of it. I loved a lot about it. Here’s the problem, the button
on the front was covered in that cobalt blue
leather and it wore off and it happened pretty quickly. And the first time, Louis
Vuitton replaced it, but then it just happened
pretty quickly right again. And I’m somebody who’s not
that rough on my items, so it was irritating me. I really wish there was just
a brass button to put on it so that it didn’t keep wearing off. And in addition to that wearing, on the inside, there was
some curling starting in the card pockets and I just thought, “This thing is too high
maintenance for me. “I’m the one who’s supposed
to be high maintenance “in this relationship,” and it
wasn’t working out like that, so I sold that Louis Vuitton wallet. Next was the Louis Vuitton Eva Crossbody and I had it in Damier Ebene. And I enjoyed that bag okay, but it was one of those things
that YouTube made me do it. I don’t think, on my own, I would have gone in
and selected that bag. I liked it because I saw
the way people used it and carried it and the
way that they packed it and that it was small and it
was sort of good for traveling, and you could also kind
of use it as an SLG, but I always felt like it was just a
little too young for me. It doesn’t feel like me the way that the Alma in Epi Leather does. It just didn’t quite feel like me, and so we eventually parted ways. Somebody is making good
use out of that bag though because it is a very practical bag and it is an attractive bag. I think I just decided that canvas bags aren’t really for me. I do like some of the canvas SLGs but while I admire the
canvas bags from afar, I’ve just never really connected
with one, so it had to go. I also sold the Louis
Vuitton Speedy 30 in Epi. I thought, “Oh, you know, “since I love the Epi in most of the bags, “I will love it in the Speedy,” and I was incorrect about that. My other bags are much more structured. I have Almas and I have the Jasmin, and they are structured bags and the Epi leather is perfect for that because it kind of stays
nice and structured. It didn’t work well in the Speedy. The Speedy needs something
a little more supple. The Speedy does work well in canvas. That is the one bag that I
did keep that was canvas. I have the Louis Vuitton Speedy in Canvas but it’s the Kusama edition, which I love, but it didn’t work well in the Epi. The Epi is stiffer. It just doesn’t want to
sort of be malleable, and when it does, it gets a creasing look. It also is very easy to scuff it. And because it’s a big, round bag, it’s more likely to be scuffed. It did not seem like it was
going to survive very well. It wasn’t going to be a
very nice, long-term bag. I like a bag that looks
even better when it ages or at least will age well, and I didn’t think that that
was going to happen with it, so I did let that one go. Next up is the Louis Vuitton
Sherwood bag, the GM size, and I had it in Vernis
leather in the Amarante, and I think this is a beautiful bag. It is a beautiful bag, but
it is sort of a prissy bag. I could carry it on my shoulder but it’s not something that I could carry and sort of be comfortable with. It’s a structured bag
and it’s a bigger bag and you want to be a
little prissy with it. And for me, it was a little
too big to kind of be prissy. It also is a little harder
to have go with any outfit. I really felt like I had to
start with the bag in mind with that one, so I
didn’t wear it as often. And as much as I love the bag, I decided I really need to edit down to things that I’m just carrying a lot because I have way too many
bags, so that one had to go. Next was the Louis Vuitton
Lumineuse in the GM size. It is in the Empreinte leather and I had it in kind of a burgundy color. And this bag I thought
would be great for work. It’s secure, it zips, the
straps went over my shoulder. Even with a coat on, there
was another pocket that unzips so I could even put my
wallet on the outside. It carried everything I
needed for work and more. Here was my mistake. I got that one in a GM
thinking I needed the GM size. It was way more bag than I needed. It looked very big on
me and it always looked, like, when I was walking
out the door to go to work, like I was leaving for the weekend. It just was too big. And that’s what happened with that. We might have been able to get along if I had gotten the PM
version, which sounds small, but in the Lumineuse, is not small, so it was just my mistake. That bag is a nice bag, and
actually a very practical bag. If I had gotten the PM it would
have worked for me, I think. The last item I sold was
the Louis Vuitton Keepall, and I had it in the 60 size. And so the Keepall is very much, like,
just like a giant Speedy and I made the mistake of
getting it in the Epi leather. I had it in the Menthe,
the green Epi leather. And while I love the look of the bag, it was not going to hold up. We just made a few trips together and I could see this was
not going to go well. This was a bag I would
only take in the car. I wouldn’t carry it on anywhere
because in the 60 size, I would have had to check
it, which I don’t wanna do. But even when I was
just carrying it around, again, it’s not supple,
the leather isn’t supple, it was very easy to scuff up. Somebody once thought
they were being helpful and pulled my bags out of the trunk, threw ’em on the ground,
and I just cringed. Epi leather, you just can’t, you can’t put it down on concrete. So again, it was just too high maintenance to be in a relationship with me. I may eventually get another Keepall, and I would love to
hear from you about this because if I do, I’m
gonna do it in the canvas, and my favorite canvas colors are the Damier Graphite
and the Damier Cobalt. Those are two that I like. I know they’re on the Men’s side. If you know me, that means nothing. I don’t even understand why they do that. I don’t know how they
get separated by gender. I don’t understand that. So, I’m not sure what size to get because I wanna get the biggest size that I know will always be a carry-on because if I ever got on a plane and they told me that I had
to give that up and check it, I would not be happy. So, I don’t know if that means that I need to have the
45 or if I can get away with something a little
bit bigger than that. If you have an opinion
on this, let me know because I have never tried
to travel with a Keepall. I didn’t try to travel with my 60 at all. I would love to hear from
you in the comments below, and also, the wear and tear. I do think the canvas would
have better wear and tear, and both the Damier Graphite
and the Damier Cobalt, they don’t have the Vachetta leather, so there are some problems with that and I just haven’t done it yet because I’m just not
sure which one to get. So, that’s it. Those are the Louis
Vuitton items that I sold. I would also love to hear from
you in the comments below. What do you think about these items? Is there one that is your favorite bag that you would never sell? Or what are some of the items
that just didn’t work for you that do seem to work for
a lot of other people? While you’re here, please
be sure to subscribe, I would love to see you again. Until next time. (bright music)


  1. In every one of your videos, my eyes instantly go to the iridescent blue Chanel Reissue. It is such a stunning bag. Your taste is always exquisite!

  2. It’s okay to change our minds on things. I am the first to admit I bought things from LV that I look back now and I’m thinking “what the heck was I thinking!” It’s really fascinating to see how our opinions and thoughts can change on an item over time. We as humans are constantly evolving!! Great video Jill!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s.

  3. I love looking in the men’s section on line and in store, it’s amazing. I would also love a keepall in monogram eclipse, although I can’t say that someone throwing it on concrete would still make me ill even if it’s canvas. I sold my mini Pochette (prefer the Chanel o pouch) some CHANEL dangle earrings (they were starting to tarnish) my Pochette Métis (I rarely wore it and when I did it was not a pleasant experience). Thanks for sharing your items you sold Jill.

  4. I always look at the men’s collections as well. Two bags that I love and use a lot are a messenger bag and a back pack both from Jimmy Choo’s men’s collections.

  5. I travel with my Keepall 45 as my carry on. It fits above and well as below (at my feet). I have not been asked to check it in about 30+ flights. I often use a samorga organizer in it as well.

  6. Love, love, love ❤️ your new entrance, Jill! Great job.
    I’m glad you gave input on the Speedy 30. Lots to think about

  7. I got some Louis Vuitton handbags that i hate because they didn't work for me and some have glazing issue. I couldn't sell items due to shipping processes as well. So sad… Thank you for sharing some of the things you sold and why. xoxo!

  8. I'm glad to hear your thoughts on the epi bags. I agree. That's what has kept me from purchasing one. I want a black Speedy and like the structured look of the epi but almost all the preloved ones I see are scratched and wrinkled so the Speedy in empreinte is on my wish list instead. I do enjoy my vintage epi Noe which still looks almost new. I also want the Neverfull in epi. Would that be your ultimate nightmare bag? I've heard the Keepall 55 is the largest that can be used as a carry on. I've thought about one and looked at them but have heard from many people that they're soooo heavy. Also, I don't fly much but would be worried they'd still want me to check it since they allow people to bring too many things on the place which causes the overhead storage to fill up. On road trips I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving an LV bag in the car at restaurants and other stops. The vernis bag you showed is beautiful.

  9. I totally agree with you about the wallet button, it happened to me too. I had Emily wallet. After I fixed button , I sold it. You had very beautiful items. Thank You so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend darling ❤️

  10. Wow! Lots of gorgeous LV items. You had quit a few Louis Vuitton that you got rid of. If it does not fit your lifestyle, I get it. I have one that I'm not sure fits me due to it being patent leather. It is gorgeous and I will use it here and there. I think I just don't want to get rid it of due to what I can get out of it. It is my Wilshire PM Vernis Leather bag.

  11. Great information and I have the graphite in a wallet I’m not sure if it’s the 40 or the 45 have to be checked depends on your ticket now if you go economy they won’t let you travel with the big bags i’m so glad you said that your Eva was too young of a bag I thought that right away when I started looking at LV

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