Love Anousta – The benefits of Silver…there’s quite a lot…

Love Anousta – The benefits of Silver…there’s quite a lot…

hello my name is Linda Anousta and
my company is Love Anousta this video is about silver colloidal silver and there is so much to say that we’re actually only going to just touch the
tip of the iceberg and just give you a very very quick overview of a pretty
amazing product my mother used to talk to me about colloidal silver probably 25
30 years ago and as the way of daughter’s I didn’t really listen I wish
I had because I’ve had an awful lot of dental work done in my life and it would
have saved me an awful lot of pain if I’d listened a bit sooner however we get
there in our own time Henry who’s doing the filming has done a very attractive
job here so we’re not going to mess with the design but I’m just going to pick
out a few products just to point out a few things so first of all what is
colloidal silver well you can go onto YouTube and find millions of videos
explaining in great detail but basically it is a solution of silver and it is
antibacterial antiviral anti-parasitic antifungal and team mold so it does a
lot most of us are looking for antibacterial so whether we have got for
example conjunctivitis in the eye whether we’ve got a thumping earache
whether we have a sore throat whether we’ve got a rip-roaring chest infection
whether we’ve got athlete’s foot almost you name it you can apply it but
obviously you would apply it in different ways so just a little note
here I had a video before which had all about silver and it had 97 thousand hits
which was great because it was educating an awful lot of people and then I got a
call to say I had to take the video down because I was giving I was making planes
no I wasn’t I was just telling people’s stories so the powers that be do I need
to mention any names I really don’t want you to know too much about it so I have
to be very careful in what I say and this is just a little kind of a
reminder of the things you can and cannot say so basically we’re just going
to say it’s rather good at or it helps or it soothes and I’m not really going
to give you any of the case histories all the stories that people have come
back to me and told me all about which is a great shame however let’s explain a
couple of things very quickly this is the company that I’ve dealt with the
longest that I know it’s American it’s called nature’s sunshine products this
is the gel this is the liquid if you had a chest infection or you were poorly or
maybe you’d had some surgery and the antibiotics won’t kick in in and doing
their job you would be taking this you’re always welcome to call me or
email me and ask for further details about that the gel this is my own I
always keep one in my handbag one in my car door I always take one traveling
this is the gel I don’t know if you can see that from here but it is a clear gel
and say for example if you cut yourself you’re gardening if you had an earache
if you had conjunctivitis etc etc this is what you would do and you would just
apply it to it’s a topical cream or a gel should I say it’s a topical gel so
you would just put it on your skin and it will then start killing the bacteria
or whatever is now causing a problem in whatever area of your body I take this
flying because I will put some into my nose because if I’m sitting on a plane
with 400 and plus people and they’re all coughing and giving it their best I
don’t want their bugs so I don’t my holiday ruined so I will take some of
gel put it into my nose and I’ll also put it into my ears I’ll also take a
teaspoon full of that liquid I’ll put it in my water and before I get on the
plane I will have some silver in me to help fight against the bugs and the
bacteria that I’m going to come across whilst on that plane these two items
come in from the states and are very useful in all sorts of different ways
some of these things are produced in the UK the cost is slightly different
because obviously you’re not importing something from America
so in equivalent to this gel would be a gel that is produced by this company
which is nature’s greatest secrets and as I said we’ll do a much more in depth
video about it this clearly is in a tub not in a tube looks like that and the
only thing we have to keep saying to people is do not stick your filthy dirty
hands in it because it’s only going to be able to kill off so much bacteria if
you keep on putting grubby mitts into the pot whereas this is a bit more
convenient because you just squeeze out the equivalent of this liquid for your
chest infections and your bronchitis and whatever else would be this product
which is called colloidal silver but it’s amber not enough time to explain
all that now this company also do a smaller travel size gel so that might be
useful for your handbag or your bum bag or whatever when you’re traveling and
take that abroad this company also produce a great little spot thing so
silver because it’s antibacterial is wonderful for dealing with spots on the
face and if you like something in a kind of a roller format like this you might
find that that is just the ticket for you to deal with those zits that come up
usually at the wrong time I actually take some of my gel and I put it on on
my face about twice a week and having spoken to Dr. Gordon Pederson who is the
gentleman who trained me about colloidal silver and what it’s useful he said to
try this and he said it will hold back the years so I’m kind of enjoying that a
little bit and it works you can also use it as a hand if you don’t want to use
the sort of antibacterial pumps that you can come across this is a far gentle a
kinder product that you can use and it will kill the bugs and the bacteria on
your hands so that’s useful to know the British company also make ear drops for
dogs if you’ve seen dogs with you know infections in their ears etc there is an
ear drop thing then and also pet gel that they do I use
colloidal silver in the Rose toner that I make now these products are all
getting new labels soon so that will confuse everyone but these two products
which is the deodorant and the rose toner they have colloidal silver in them
because they are so brilliant and naturally antibacterial the silver also
makes a brilliant slightly expensive deodorant but if you’re giving a talk
somewhere or standing in front of a camera doing a video it’s quite useful
to apply that under the arms because it works and very effective again back to
the British company they produce currently two different sorts of
deodorant both of which you will find on the Love Anousta dot com website This one is a nasal spray so if you’re finding you’re somebody that suffers
with sinusitis you might find that the use of the nasal spray is exactly what
what you need and dealing with that infection so for those of you that like
to know more there are books out there which will give you masses of
information this one is brilliant this is by Dr.
Gordon Petterson who is a very very interesting man and you can go on to
Amazon or perhaps order it from your local bookshop
and that will give you masses of information this book here is another
one that a friend very kindly bought me and again it’s very scientific lots of
information about it silver is catching on I mean it’s not it’s not new it’s
been around a long time if you think about go back 3,000 years urns were made
usually in pottery but there was also silver and silver urns were used for
things that were precious generally wine and they noticed that if something went
into a silver urn it didn’t really seem to go off which is quite useful when it
comes to wine if you go back 200 years ago when beer or Mead was being made
they would put silver coins into the barrels where the beer and the mead was
being made because again it stopped the product from turning and going off if you were unfortunate enough to be severely burn
to landed up going up to one of the big London hospitals they would use silver
so we’re dressing silver spray to stop the bacterial infection destroying you
and getting into your body if you had quite a severe wound and you went even
to your local GP you will now find that the nurses that work within the practice
will often put silver dressings on if you look on the chemists shelves you’ll
find men’s foams and gels that will say now now with silver and if you also look
for things like with plasters you will see those are now available so it’s it’s
coming back it’s more mainstream now than it used to be but again big pharma
have interest in you not knowing too much about it because they don’t produce
it strangely enough I did explain in the previous video we used to have this great little book little booklet it’s called the colloidal silver report the
company that produced this no longer produce it and won’t give me a reason
why but it the the brilliant thing about this was that it used to headline all
sorts of different things that you could use a silver for so if you were thinking
well I don’t know can I use it for nappy rash yes you can can use it for earache
yes you can can you use it on bites from insects absolutely you can so the list
is quite endless about the different things that you can use it for and that
was such a blessing that people could look at this and check for themselves
eczema it’s absolutely superb on so whether you have sort of broken eczema
whether the eczema is dry or not or whether it’s wet you can put the gel on
straight away and it will stop that terrible itching where you’re sort of
scratching away yourself all the time seeing that a lot so unfortunately these
little booklets are no longer available what I do want to finish with is a line
from Dr. Gordon Pedersons book and this is about malaria and he went out to a
country where there was a big problem with malaria and he wrote the following he traveled to Ghana where we gave liquid silver to
children with malaria even the most severe cases remedied in five days these
children continued to follow the treatment for ten days
I saw one two year old child who was literally hours away from death
suffering from ear and throat infections and fever associated with malaria within
four days of using silver he was completely healthy now that’s from as I
said Dr. Gordon Pedersons book I never said that but I can absolutely say that
I have used this with great confidence for at least 12 years now and I’m very
happy with all of these products and we will do another video and go into a lot
more depth but for now thank you for listening if you liked it give us the
thumbs up look on social media we have articles and videos going on there as
well and if you’d like to check out the website it is Love Anousta dot com
thanks for watching bye bye you

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