LoveGreece presents Kontakis Jewelry

LoveGreece presents Kontakis Jewelry

I started in 2013, the reason was the information that I had about the existence of the Stemnitsa Silver-Gold Smithery School. That was a true revelation for me. My inspiration comes from the Caryatids, located in the neighboring village of mine in Sparta, where they were born and then decorated the Acropolis Erechtheion. These and other historical forms of my place are a source of inspiration to me. My creations are a journey through time from the past, the present and the future I dare to say. They look like sculptures, Cycladic figures, kouros, and Parthenon figures. It is aimed at those who see light, hope, future. The highlight of my journey is the 2018 award ceremony of A Jewel Made in Greece and in 2019 I got two awards at the same event. There is no place more blessed than Greece to live and create art. In Greece, my work has been shown through exhibitions, my next step is for my jewelry to travel the world. My vision is to make a journey through art that will have beauty, morality, and timelessness. My name is Pantelis Kontakis and I’m the designer of Kontakis Jewelry.

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