Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete Review! [PlayStation] The Game Collection

Early on in my life, I was spoiled by the
RPG greats, like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana. And once I got the taste
for them, I was hooked, and began looking for more. Playing through retro games is sort
of like a journey in and of itself. you never really know what you’re going to get when
you pop in a cartridge or a CD for the first time. In that journey, you come across a lot
of mediocre games, and even some really bad games. But what’s even more rare is when you
come across a game that makes the entire journey worth it. And this is one of those games. Welcome back to The Game Collection. I am
SuperDerek, and this is Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete! “Luna! You have to come with us!”
“What?” “Luna, all of the exciting adventures will
mean nothing if you’re not with us. This isn’t just my adventure Luna, it’s ours!”
“Oh Alex, what if –” “There’s no time to think about it, hurry,
give me your hand! Come on!” “Check this out!” “I won’t give you up! You mustn’t give up
either regardless of how hopeless things may seem. There has to be a way.” Lunar is an RPG that was originally released
on the Sega CD. it was developed by Game Arts, and localized and published by the late Working
Designs. Since it’s original release the game has been ported and remade from the ground
up a few times. Silver Star Story Complete was originally released on the Sega Saturn,
and then ported to the PlayStation. To paraphrase the words of Kei Shigema, while
each release of the game tells the same story, the PlayStation is perhaps the best story-teller
of them all.” In Lunar, you play as a young man named Alex,
a musician and swordsman who dreams of becoming the next Dragon Master. With your friends,
you set off on a short journey that quickly snowballs into an adventure of epic proportions.
I want to tell you more — I really do. But more than that, I want to not spoil the adventure
for you, because GameArts primary objective with this game was to tell a story. And to
their credit, the story of Lunar may in fact be the best love story ever told through the
medium of video games. That’s right, this game is a beautiful love
story. So if you’re too macho or too jaded to admit that you’ve got a heart, this game
may be a bit too much for you to handle. But if you are a hopeless romantic, brace yourselves,
because the feels are coming. Lunar plays for the most part like a standard
turn-based RPG. But you can breath a sigh of relief because this game doesn’t feature
random battle-encounters. Instead all enemies can be seen from the main map where you walk
around. You can choose to either fight them or heal up first, or you can even just walk
away. The battles, which take place on a separate
battle-screen, have a hint of tactical RPG mixed in, which helps keep the battles feeling
interesting. Characters can only perform melee attacks if they are close enough to an enemy,
and vice-versa. You can even change your characters starting positions in a battle, which makes
for a pretty flexible system that you can build strategies around. Something else to note is that you’re greeted
right off the bat with a higher difficulty than most RPGs, and you’ll probably die a
lot, like I did. So be sure to save often. This game offers a good challenge the whole
way through. A pretty good portion of this game’s emotion
is evoked through song. If you’ve already played through the game, you too have probably
developed a Pavlovian response to get weepy when you hear a certain ocarina play a certain
song. Noriki Iwadare also famous for his work in the Grandia series, knocked the ball out
of the park with his compositions for this game. The voice-acting within the game is
also quite good, though since it’s a PlayStation game, the voice-acting is a bit limited. “Alex, you’re late again, silly!” Throughout the game you’re also regularly
treated with greatly improved full-motion animations created by Toshiyuki Kabooka, who
is also well-known for his design and animation work in the Giant Robo series. Outside of the animations, I think that some
of the scenes within Lunar are perhaps some of the best looking visuals on a 2D top-down
RPG that I’ve seen. Since the game was released, it’s also received
ports to the GameBoy Advance as Lunar Legend, and to the PlayStation Portable as Lunar:
Silver Star Harony. Lunar has also received a Sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. Prequels
have also been made and released for the Game Gear and Sega Saturn, but were never brought
to the United States, though we did receive the latest prequel, Dagon Song for the Nintendo
DS in 2005. There are 2 versions of the PlayStation release
of Lunar: the Silver Star Story Complete. The 2-disc version can be bought for about
$25, and contains only the game which spans 2 discs. The 4-disc version contains both game discs,
a making-of video-disc only viewable on the PlayStation, and a soundtrack. In addition,
you also get a hard-cover manual, a cloth-map of Lunar, and a nice box to store everything
in. A complete copy of this will probably run you about $60, but it makes for a really
nice collector’s piece. Lunar has easily found it’s way into my heart,
and into my top list of RPGs of all-time. And it’s perfected the art of weaving a story
that just leaves you wanting more. And there is a sequel! So that’s awesome! And I can’t
wait to review it, but first, I’ve got some requests to fulfill next time on The Game
Collection! What, you want some more? Okay well you could
check out one of these videos, they’re kind of cool. Oh and since you’re already clicking
on stuff anyway, maybe you should click on this button, you know, since you’re checking
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  1. The only game in this series I've played was Lunar Legends and I loved it, this is the first time I've heard of the others. I should give it a try.

  2. Ugh. I literally just finished this game for the 29th time and watching just the first minute made me want to replay it all over again. I adore this game so damn much. First RPG I ever played and the nostalgia is too strong. ;-;

  3. Just beat this game and I must say it was very engaging. The vulgarity, smart-mouth, sexism and sexual innuendos of Nall and the NPCs made this game worth it.

  4. This is the best JRPG outside of the Final Fantasy series. Honestly, it is better than most of the Final Fantasy games. I think I will play it again!

  5. This game and Suikoden really made Playstation RPG's. And I rather enjoyed the hardcover book and cloth map that came with this game.

  6. This and Lunar 2 are pretty cool retro-RPGs. Its gameplay has aged a lot, but the quality of characterization and dialogue has stood the test of time.

    Only thing that brings it down a bit for me is 1. Alex has no personality; and 2. his love interest is his adopted sibling. Like what? >_>

    OTOH Jessica was pretty cool. Best white mage ever.

  7. When i first got this game i got so fustrated when I was fighting the last Boss, i could not for the life of me beat him, and i gave up for 5 years. I came back and beat it and o regret not beating it sooner. My uncle bought me the collecterscollection, and later one i bought the collectors of Eternal Blue. I love these games

  8. I found this gem long after the playstation had it's heyday as well, and I couldnt put it down. The story , the gameplay, the music, it's nearly perfect. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories. I think I may have to give Lunar another play through soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Awesome Game!, the first time I got it , was in japanese and I finished it without knowing the language, it took mee over 150 hours to finish it. Then I replayed it in English when I could catch the English copy of the game. Here in Argentina most of the Jrpg came first on japanese. Awesome review @SuperDerek RPGs

  10. This is one of my all-time favorite game franchises. So much so that I am going to release it as my next project, after I finish Mass Effect 3.

  11. Yeah and please people "harmony" is not the same thing so don't think that it is. If your playing this version your honestly missing out on alot of what made this game so magical.

  12. I played this when I was 12 on the Sega CD and my mind was blown!!ย  So many great memories with my best friend at the time playing together for hours.ย  Amazing music and cut scenes and awesome battles.ย  I always hoped for a Lunar 3, but we all know that's never going to happen =(.ย  I'm 35 now and I have a young son that I hope to introduce this awesome game to when he gets older.

  13. Believe it or not , I have completed this game about 43 times so far since my childhood. Best game ever and it never get's old like some of those books that you would like to go though every year or two again.

    About eternal blue , for the first time I was frankly expecting more and more relation to the first Silver star story complete, however it goes into it's own story quite nice in awhile so worth it as well (though there is no better RPG for PS1 or most of the consoles if you ask me). SImply a MUST to have this one. <3

  14. I'm in Canada and my local retro game store has the 4 disk version for 299.99$ plus tax! Is this a fair price or should I walk away from it? Please help me!!!

  15. This is ABSOLUTELY the first game that I actually got drawn in and connected with the characters. All I thought about was this game everyday while I was at work. Couldn't wait to get home and continue the adventure. Then came Lunar 2, and then got my hands on GRANDIA which had the same affect on me. Good ol days.

  16. i grew up playing the sega cd version and its still my fave better music and combat but this version wasnt bad…. just not quite as good

  17. Thank you so much for convoncing me to play the lunar games. I fell in love with the franshise. Have you played the sega CD version? Its different enough that its still worth playing.

  18. I loved this game , I think i actually cried playing it. Is there another game after this that is similar something newer? I played Chrono and Earthbound I wanted something a bit newer any ideas???

  19. This was a great review. I just bought Lunar the complete on Ps1, so happy to have it in my collection. Glad you didn't spoil the story for the new players.

  20. This is probably the first game that ever made me tear up. I'm 34 now, and this was close to 20 years ago. The mention of a Pavlovian response to the music is spot on, still, to this day.

  21. Lunar SSSC was my first game for the PS1. Back in 1999 I remember getting it at Gamestop used for $50. The 4 discs in the box, I was like… This has to be good, plus the anime style sold me.

  22. I just picked this game up for $75 and that's cheap compared to the usual asking price of $120+. I'm loving it so far! Great game.

  23. Hey, quick question. Is Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (the remake of SSS) any good? Does it do anything better than the original?

  24. RPGs were a genre i couldnt get into when i was a kid. it was difficult because i just wasnt into the whole turn based movement. then came games like Symphony of the night, pokemon and chrono trigger. These three games created what i loved in RPGS and they opened up a world of enjoyment for me. Somepeople dont believe SotN is an RPG but it was what opened the door for me to other games like Grandia, final fantasy, Lunar, Suikoden and the games i mentioned earlier.

  25. Love this game so much. This suikodien 1&2 and grandia2 secret of mana this is to awesome man bringing back the feels love how you keep the games music in the video.

  26. sweet. I have this mint. bought it back in summer 99. I was in 8th grade. I was in love with this game and with a girl in school. good times. found you in Johnnys channel. you're awesome!

  27. Yea, Lunar has a warm and touching love story i adore. Sadly i lost it a few years ago and need to get a new copy. I always loved the battles, how they felt and how they were animated. The music is top notch and the game really does look amazing. Lunar :Eternal Blue also has a powerful story which just gets into your heart without fail.

  28. 1. How do you play this-on playstation, or do you download?
    2. Is the story less than, equivalent to, or greater than xenogears?

  29. Working Design had the best localization and packaging back in the days when most localized game packaging looked horrible. Wish they are still around.

  30. I really enjoyed this game when it came out on PS1. I found it to be the best rpg (with the notable exception of Grandia 1) for conveying adventure. Its characters were interesting and amusing and the antagonists were pretty cool. However, when I revisited it on its re-release on the PSP, I found it did not live up to my nostalgic memory from before. It is definitely a good game, but I found it much less charming. Also I found myself in a considerable amount of agreement with Ghaleon. Anyway, good review.

  31. I love this game so so much. Great review, and amazing game. Glad I still have my copy. I totally still sing songs from the soundtrack too.

  32. I really tried to like this game, but I couldn't get past the first 5 hours. Didn't like the art style, especially in the battle screens. The difficult was a bit dense to get through, and I've never really liked tactical style JRPGs.

  33. I can remember my friends and I playing the "pong" secret feature for hours a day… It was a very interesting take on that style of game and a secret all at once.

  34. I didnโ€™t think anyone loved this game as much as me and Iโ€™m so happy to see that you do. Itโ€™s wonderful. Iโ€™ve played it so many times and keep it on my iPhone for whenever I need it.

  35. Seen this video yesterday and downloaded this game the same day. Im 8 hrs in and I just gotta say, THANK YOU FOR THE RECOMMENDATION!!! This game is so addicting ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I played this when I was in high school. I loved it. I have Eternal Blue Complete, but never played it. I need to.

  37. the difficulty thing was something wd did. they did not just localize the games they brought over they also made the games harder by making enemies hit hard and giving less exp and money.

  38. I still have my Sega CD copies of Eternal Blue and Silver Star.

    For as small of a library it had, the Sega CD had some decent RPGs and adventure games.

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