Luxor Bracelet

Luxor Bracelet


  1. Hi Alicia! This bracelet is gorgeous! It actually looks like Christmas wreaths components, color and all… thank you for sharing… It would make a great necklace and earrings… When I make a piece, I need to make the whole set of earrings, bracelet and necklace or a pendant to match… I just started to add rings to my sets… #beadweaverpassion stay creative and Blessed 💎💎💎💎💎 and your laughter brings me joy… It's so child-like… And too me that's a great thing…

  2. This bracelet looks like a Christmas bracelet with the colors you chose. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I wish that you had tried it on for us, but I'm sure we'll see it in a future tutorial. Please don't apologize for anything. It hurts to get poked by needles, and anyone who beads knows that. Also, I could not hear the lawn mower at all, so no need to worry there. You just keep being your awesome self Alicia!!❤️🌹

  3. Hi luvvie! Been watching your tutorials and you do such a great job and beautiful work. Love this cute bracelet. Great colours too. Take care!

  4. Oh, Alicia, how boho adorable! Thank you for showing us what we can do with the nib bit beads. Thank you also for challenging me to get out of my colorway rut. Lol

  5. Love the colors. An I for one love to hear you babble on ..because we sit here an talk along with you haha..but you cant hear us. Enjoyed this so much . thank you for sharing.

  6. Wowwwww, I am in loveeeee with this bracelet!! It is absolutely "fantabulous"! So sorry about your needle poking you, lol, I don't mean to laugh, but the same thing happened to me this week, and I was not as gracious as you were, lol. Also, there was absolutely no noise in the background. You did a fantastic job on this bracelet, but then again, that is nothing new coming from you! Thank you for sharing and explaining everything so well all the time.

  7. OH MY GOD ! I finally have those beads and I can actually make this now ! Wwoooohhoooo for me ! Thanks 🙏! I had NO idea what to do with that shaped bead I got it recently in a bead box . So happy and my mail man will be happy also .

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth, “ I’m in love with this bracelet “ ! So beautiful and I love the color way. You are a beading genius my friend. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful design. ❤️🥰❤️💫

  9. Oh my Leash!! Your killing it as usual my dearest friend!!! This bracelet is dah 💣!! Love love love!!! PSA: IF YOU FEEL YHE NEED TO THUMBS DOWN STICK IT BEHIND YOU SIT AND ROTATE FIRST!!! RUDE ASSES! Do you not realize she does this out of the kindness of her heart. She is not forced to share her beautiful artistry with us!! If you feel the need to be rude make your own damn tutorial and see if you can do it!!! Ok im done sorry girl but that really burns me up! Love ya girly!!

  10. A project to get my nib-bits used – woohoo! Exciting! Thanks Alicia BTW, I didn't hear any outside noise at all, so it didn't carry to the video.

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