Luxor Bracelet

Luxor Bracelet

Hi and welcome back to another project. Today I a’m super excited about this one because it looks so Egyptian to me and it’s just the colorway is so beautiful. This is a very beginner friendly extremely easy project and I absolutely love it. This is not finished because I’m going to show you how to do it in sections that’s how we’re gonna build it But we’re gonna run through the material list and get started because this is a fun one You’re gonna need some super duos some size 8’s Some size 11’s some 3mm rounds and some of these beautiful two holed nib-bit beads. Then I’m using a button. I’m gonna actually put a charm on the other end of the clasp. This is just a really unique charm that I’ve had lying around for years and then if you if you want to. Accent beads and these are just a couple of round Gold beads that I’ve had lying around and this is just a beautiful vintage button. I found so it looked very old and like an old coin so I’ll go down so you can see how beautiful this design is and You can make a ring to match what you know I’m going to be doing so once you see how to do the component You’ll know exactly how to make a ring because you’re your my professionals now Okay, so I’m just gonna move this to the side for a minute we’re just gonna make component just like this and I’m gonna make a total of 6 So I need to make one more and we’re gonna do that together and they literally whip up in minutes. So we are gonna begin by picking up. Oh, I’m so sorry We’re also using fireline or whatever stringing material that you like I’m using 8lb a size eleven beading needle scissors or thread burner and Now I went ahead and just pulled one yard for this because each component takes about a half a yard so it doesn’t take much So we’re gonna begin by picking up an 11 I’m going to go down just a little bit and a super duo and we’re gonna do this until we have three super duos and four size 11’s and I really apologize if you can hear the mowers running next door I never make a video in the late afternoon like this just because of all the noise So I really apologize and I’ll try to talk louder Alright, so you want three super duos and then four size 11’s One of the tapered end of your nib bit beads, and then we’ll repeat that pattern again So 11, super duo, 11, superduo until we have four 11’s and three super duos and Then one more of these beads right here from the tapered end and I’ll show you what the pattern looks like Just like this then we’re gonna slide it down like we normally do leave a very small tail Pick it up and we’re gonna tie it into a knot and I can guarantee you This is not gonna grab today cuz I have a lot of lotion on and that’s just what happens. Oh it did it grabbed Good and then wrap and pull really hard pop a needle right onto this tail cuz we do not want to deal with any more extra threads than we have to So let’s pop a needle right on here and We’re just gonna go through that nib -bit that’s I’m so sorry. I’m way over that size 11 and the super duo and then right here in between that thread space. I’m gonna pick it up and I’m gonna throw in two knots so one Two just like I normally do we have a couple beads away and then we’re gonna burn As closely as you can get And now we’re just gonna weave through this whole piece so I’m gonna go and weave around one full time just so it’s a little bit more stable for when we go to make it turn because we want to jump from the Lower hole of the Nib-bit into the upper hole So god, I was having problems with my needle Yesterday, so I swapped out for a brand new one today and it just got me again It’s that kind of pain that makes you sweat. So I’m sweating now I’m gonna have to use my gripper. Oh my god. I don’t know what is happening Maybe they’re defective because tulip needles don’t usually shred my fingers like that All right so enough of complaining I’m gonna step out this bottom hole and we’re just gonna jump right into this one and Then I’m gonna flip because you know me one direction. That’s how I like to work so I’m gonna pick up a 3mm round and we’re gonna run right into that super duo The next space will get an 8 One more size 8 a 3mm round and we’re gonna repeat that same pattern Right over here. So again, it’s a 3mm round into the super duo an 8 I can’t wait to make myself a ring to match this to it’s rare that I actually get to do both I usually run out of some material. So I’m really excited Okay. So once you finish see how loose everything is pull down and now I want you to go and Step up through the super duo and that one 8 We’re gonna pick up two size 8’s and go right down this 8 and Through the work to the other side This is going to strengthen everything up this whole process we’re doing right now because you can feel it in your fingers It’s still a little loose So again, it’s two more 8’s cuz we’re stepping out of this one eight two 8’s on the needle right down here and it’s still really way wiggly. So what I’m gonna do is weave around Just like this pull really hard and Step up. This is how I figured an easy way to tighten everything up without having to go back and reinforce See how it just buckled a tiny bit and it got real real solid and secure so now We’re gonna pick up a 3mm round and go right down those two 8’s and into the work all The way around till you get to the other 8 on the opposite side So we can pop in a little round right there 3mmr round straight down and This is it. That’s your entire component That’s how quick and easy this is it took a couple minutes and we’re done so I’m gonna do just a little more Reinforcing because I want it little bit tighter and want stuff moving around so I’m gonna weave around until I feel that it’s very secure Through these beads cuz they’re a little bit bigger holed on both of these the 3mm rounds and the Nib bit beads So I’m gonna make sure it’s good and secure all Right and then right here in between these 8’s I’m gonna pick up that thread space and throw two knots in There’s one and two now We’re just gonna weave away. So I’m going to go just that size 8 through that size eight. And burn now. What I do is I keep this thread running. I’m gonna start a whole new Component with the same thread and build build as many components as you can With one piece of thread and then continue that way in that way you don’t waste anything for your very last component keep an extremely long tail I would say About let’s see what I did here I did one and a half yards and that is gonna get me through the rest of this project Alright so here we go. I’ve already joined these sections together. This is so simple We’re all done with this. So I have plenty of leftovers. We’re just going to need some rounds and then We’ll begin so just line them up like this So my thread is coming out of the 3mm round in this direction this way So I know I’m gonna pick up around and go back up through this one in this direction So we’ll pick up around and we’re gonna go right. I’m not gonna cover the work on you up in this direction We’re just doing a right angle weave right here And then one more round and back down this one Just like that and pull Here’s the part where I’m going to pick up the work and pull and now we have to reinforce so I go through this See how it separates I’m going to go through this I would say four times This is the joint. This is the area you Definitely don’t want to have fall apart on you So just keep weaving around Tightening everything up and then I’ll show you how to add the last one And also our finding findings excuse me Okay, so that feels good right there. Perfect. So now all I have to do is weave over So we’re coming out right here we’re gonna weave to exit this round read the tip So I’m gonna go up carefully Because I don’t know what’s happening with these needles that and I said, I wasn’t gonna complain anymore, so I’m not but Truly it hurts. It’s not a fun time Okay up through Here and it’s tight this this whole area here is very very tight And I’m afraid here Only because I have gone through this thing so many times and reinforced it an Off-camera, alright, so we’re at the last one where we’re gonna sew this together. Oh, it’s so pretty. I cannot wait to wear that I want to see how long So 5 I’m gonna add on my last one It’ll bring me exactly to 6. So I have to keep in mind. I like my bracelets to fit really snug I don’t like them rolling all over So I want this exactly six-and-a-half. So I’m gonna have to keep the button really short All right So we’re gonna pick up a round again coming out the bottom. We’re just going to attach it in this direction now Right up through here pick up one more round and go right back down this one and Again, I’m gonna hold the work. It’s just so much easier for me and Then reinforce this whole thing So up and around Back down and one at a time and pull that way. We keep that nice shape And you can feel it getting nice and soft and secure real quick It’s quiet I just I just totally jinxed it you’ll see It’s one of those tutorials though if I Said oh, I’ll do it Monday morning. I honestly would put it somewhere and wouldn’t remember what I did with it or How I did it, so I like to get them done as soon as I finish a design Okay, so I’m done reinforcing there I’m gonna run up through the beads again, very carefully taking my time because I do not want to slip I’m gonna use my gripper to help me here and I’m gonna get through there And then all the way to the end and like I said since this is already gonna be Very very close to my wrist size. I’m Going to make sure I keep that loop for the button really really short Alright so right through there Pop out that 3mm and we’re ready To add our beautiful button. So like I said, let’s measure one more time I’m at oh geez. I’m already Directly at 6 So I’m gonna keep it real close just because that’s my preference. So I’m gonna pick up three 11’s One size 8 and then I’m gonna pick up Just one two, three, four five Let me see if they go through the shank there. Yeah, so five six, I’m just gonna pick up six It’s a pretty big shank. So let me see Six 11’s, and then go right back down and see how that looks See if you can even see it cuz that’s a pretty big button you know what Something really quick I Just all right, I’m gonna make it work only because I like the button that was pretty much my inspiration So what I mean by that look at the size of that hole right there I don’t want to make this loop way too huge Okay So I’m gonna pick up like I said three 11’s one size 8 and then I’m gonna do one two Three making this four five six seven eight Because I don’t want it told half finished either if you can’t see the loop Okay, then we’re just gonna run right back through that 8 Skipping everything the button and the Levens and we’re gonna pull down and then we’re gonna pick up three more 11s And we’re coming out in this direction we’re gonna come around this way now, so Our thread is here We’re just coming around and going right back through and we’re gonna reinforce This whole area and let me see how much room that took up because it looks like quite a bit Let me get that nice and even in there there we go So I’m definitely not going to use those extra beads cuz I was gonna put those in there But that’s just gonna make it a lot longer and like I said, I want this for myself as If I don’t have enough jewelry, right? Okay, so I’m just gonna reinforce it once on camera go down back into the work and then we’re gonna run down All the beads now. This is gonna sound really Tedious and time-consuming and I’m just hoping I have an easy time here, but It’s nothing but good for the work So we’re just gonna weave all the way to the other side of the bracelet rather than attaching a new thread So you at home take your time go nice and slow. I Only struggle in the area of the super duos because there’s a ton of thread in there So that’s where I’m struggling But take your time you can crisscross if you want and go back and forth like this I’m gonna go this way now And like I said, it’s nothing but good Flippin and floppin just because I really want to show you just how cool adding a little charm to the loop looks Yes my hands are very very sweaty today It’s like a hundred degrees in here, so I just shut all the windows It’s super stressful when you’re Like oh my gosh, it’s quiet it’s quiet. I’m gonna quickly run in the room and make a video and then No joke the lawnmower right right next door fires up and that’s it Wait and I wait I Mean, it’s okay. That’s what happens when you have, you know, neighbors right next to you. I can’t control that so but I get impatient and excited and I just want to do the project and Have fun And this one I sent a picture to my daughter this morning. And I said, what do you thinking she absolutely loved it so I Said cool. That’s what I’m gonna be doing. Later All right. We’re almost there So you don’t have to listen to me babble on Alright here we are at that super duo and I think that’s what keeps bending my needle So I’m gonna go through those two 8’s Trust me. I know this looks tedious, but it is so much better than adding in thread For just a tiny little piece that we’ll need to do the loop Yes, that’s super duo That’s giving me a difficult time Otherwise, I’d be all the way to the other side by now And this needle was brand new this morning and I already bent it Beading like a crazy person All right, almost there So again, I want to keep that loop nice and short nice and close I’m just gonna go through these two 8’s No picked up the super duo. Oh my goodness Yep, my struggles are real today sweat and stabbing myself Gosh that’s why I perform better in the morning because first of all I get my Coffee and then it’s quiet so I don’t stress But We made it. I’m on the other side Here we go. We’re gonna add the loop and attach that beautiful little charm and I used to work at a beautiful bead shop that closed down it was in Mystic, Connecticut, and it was just outstanding and I I’ve had that ever since that’s a good Ten years now, I believe What beautiful stuff it was a great great job Okay, so here we go I’m gonna keep it short again, so I’m just gonna do three 11’s One size 8 and then enough beads to encircle my button and I think it’s gonna take about 22 maybe okay So I’m gonna try 24 and I’m gonna go right back down that 8 and I’m just gonna do a test fit And I can tell it’s already a little too small So I have 24 on definitely too small. So I’m gonna pick up four more This is just how I test fit it, I’m gonna go back down this 8 pull Hold on tight You want it to slip through comfortably and just like this But you don’t want it to be too loose to where it’s gonna fall off So that did it for me. And so I’m going to pick up three more We’re coming out of that three millimeter in this direction so I know I’m gonna bring it around Go right back through in this Direction and then I’m gonna heavily reinforced this part and see how we have just enough thread left so that’s why I Had you on the last Piece that you Build pull that amount of thread and it’ll get you very far I mean we went through the entire bracelet and we’re doing this. I’m gonna double reinforce this part just because I want to put a pretty charm up off of that little section and I want to make sure it’s very very secure All right, so I’m going to go back down these three just retrace everything Gosh if I could see that’d be wonderful. So one two, I Just missed them all one two, three, there we go through that round And then right back up into the 8 And I wanted to use this beautiful matte Finish on here because there’s so much shine going on with those beautiful super duos and I love the new color of these beads that they’ve come out with they’re Absolutely stunning All right, so here we go we’re gonna go right back down step out that eight and then I’m gonna weave down those three and into the round and Again, I’m gonna put a knot in the same place. So I’m going to go through this eight It’s just one Pull and then pick up that thread space. I’m gonna put two knots in here and I’m gonna pull really hard Just like that you can hear it snap in there and then just go right through the next eight and burn you’re done All right Now I Wanted to just jazz up that area just a little bit. Like I said just because it’s a really unique piece so beautiful So I have two jump rings. Three, excuse me because I want it to just dangle a little bit and I always open them like this never like this and These are 6mm 18 gauge and I’m gonna hook mine right in here in this area That’s why I went through and reinforced it and I want a really nice dangle so that’s why I’m doing three and Here’s my second one hook it right to the one that we just did and Lock it in there. Here’s my third and then I’m gonna slip on this charm. Let’s see. I’m gonna do it I want it hang him like this Right there, okay Right on and close up and let’s see how that looks and It’s so funny cuz you know me I always stick with silver for some reason but I Was playing with color the other day and I came across this and I said, oh my goodness. Do I love that? So, there you go That is stunning, super cool It looks very very Antique, too. I’m just in love. I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. It was so much fun to make sorry that I had a little bit of a complaining session. Thank you for listening It’s it’s the truth everything I spew out of my mouth is the truth My husband says you have no filter and you need to learn how to work on that but it’s just me. It’s Truly just me the real deal so I apologize, but I want you guys to have fun with this. This is one of those bracelets that work up real fast and are so much fun And I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will see you very soon. Take care. Bye bye


  1. Hi Alicia! This bracelet is gorgeous! It actually looks like Christmas wreaths components, color and all… thank you for sharing… It would make a great necklace and earrings… When I make a piece, I need to make the whole set of earrings, bracelet and necklace or a pendant to match… I just started to add rings to my sets… #beadweaverpassion stay creative and Blessed 💎💎💎💎💎 and your laughter brings me joy… It's so child-like… And too me that's a great thing…

  2. This bracelet looks like a Christmas bracelet with the colors you chose. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I wish that you had tried it on for us, but I'm sure we'll see it in a future tutorial. Please don't apologize for anything. It hurts to get poked by needles, and anyone who beads knows that. Also, I could not hear the lawn mower at all, so no need to worry there. You just keep being your awesome self Alicia!!❤️🌹

  3. Hi luvvie! Been watching your tutorials and you do such a great job and beautiful work. Love this cute bracelet. Great colours too. Take care!

  4. Oh, Alicia, how boho adorable! Thank you for showing us what we can do with the nib bit beads. Thank you also for challenging me to get out of my colorway rut. Lol

  5. Love the colors. An I for one love to hear you babble on ..because we sit here an talk along with you haha..but you cant hear us. Enjoyed this so much . thank you for sharing.

  6. Wowwwww, I am in loveeeee with this bracelet!! It is absolutely "fantabulous"! So sorry about your needle poking you, lol, I don't mean to laugh, but the same thing happened to me this week, and I was not as gracious as you were, lol. Also, there was absolutely no noise in the background. You did a fantastic job on this bracelet, but then again, that is nothing new coming from you! Thank you for sharing and explaining everything so well all the time.

  7. OH MY GOD ! I finally have those beads and I can actually make this now ! Wwoooohhoooo for me ! Thanks 🙏! I had NO idea what to do with that shaped bead I got it recently in a bead box . So happy and my mail man will be happy also .

  8. You took the words right out of my mouth, “ I’m in love with this bracelet “ ! So beautiful and I love the color way. You are a beading genius my friend. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful design. ❤️🥰❤️💫

  9. Oh my Leash!! Your killing it as usual my dearest friend!!! This bracelet is dah 💣!! Love love love!!! PSA: IF YOU FEEL YHE NEED TO THUMBS DOWN STICK IT BEHIND YOU SIT AND ROTATE FIRST!!! RUDE ASSES! Do you not realize she does this out of the kindness of her heart. She is not forced to share her beautiful artistry with us!! If you feel the need to be rude make your own damn tutorial and see if you can do it!!! Ok im done sorry girl but that really burns me up! Love ya girly!!

  10. A project to get my nib-bits used – woohoo! Exciting! Thanks Alicia BTW, I didn't hear any outside noise at all, so it didn't carry to the video.

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