[Mabinogi] Pay 2,000 Gold, Get +4 MA and +2 Dmg! New Food On Japan Server

[Mabinogi] Pay 2,000 Gold, Get +4 MA and +2 Dmg! New Food On Japan Server

Last month, 20 of new foods are updated on JP server! Every food information we can find on the JP server’s website. These are not the event food which are only for some days, but the new things that have their own recipe. This time I’d like to share the information of them All information are from Japanese mabinogi wiki site [Practice Rank : Mixing] Cheese Burger [Bread+Cheese+Cabbage]
Chicken Burger [Bread+Chicken+Cabbage]
Bacon Burger [Bread+Bacon+Cabbage]
Shrimp Burger [Bread+Shrimp+Cabbage] Effect : Life+50, Mana+50, Stamina+60 Egg Sandwich [Fried Egg + White Bread]
Will+5, Luck+3
Cookie Cake [Recipe Unknown]
Luck+10, Max Dmg+1, Protection+1 Birthday Cake [Flour dough + Whipped Cream + Strawberry]
Luck+10, Max Dmg+1, Protection+1
Red Bean Shaved Ice [Recipe Unknown]
Magic Defense+4, Magic Protection+2 Apple Soda [Apple + Brifne Whiskey] Magic attack +4
Highball [Lemon + Brifne Whiskey] Max Dmg +2
Pan’s Special Beer [Barley flour + Water + Malt] F Rank : Baking
C Rank : Boiling Takoyaki (Recipe Unknown) Stamina +39, Dex+6
Egg Soup (Recipe, Effect Unknown)
Miso Soup (Recipe, Effect Unknown) B Rank : Noodle Shoyu Ramen [Noodle+Shoyu+Gravy]
Salt Ramen [Noodle+Salt+Gravy]
Miso Ramen [Noodle+Miso+Gravy] Effect : Str+30, Dex+30, Int+50 Omurice (Recipe, Effect Unknown)
Miso (Water-Sokaed Bean+Salt+Water) New Ingredient So, we found out all the Japan server’s new foods They look so delicious, make me to wanna cook them! and some foods are so interesting, especially Apple Soda and High Ball Which gives +4 Magic attack, and +2 Max Damage They are so easy to make, just require 2,000 gold for Brifne Whiskey, the ingredient. So I hope these new foods I can make ASAP Thank you for watching it. See you next time!


  1. 모양을 엄청 신경써서 만들었네용 ㄷㄷ 한국에는 언제 나오려나…능력치 올라가는 건 미미하지만 모양만 보면 계란 샌드위치가 젤 맘에 드네요 😀

  2. 휴우키아님 질문이 하나있습니다. 지능 1500말고는 아무것도없는 법사지망생이 1억이있으면 스테프를 사는게 좋을까요 원드를사는게좋을까요? 정령렙은 50입니다.
    그리고 수리비감당이될까요?

  3. looking nice!
    playing mabinogi sometimes makes me hungry I then go to the burger king across the street to grab a whopper…
    tells something about my weight XD

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