Mad Hammer the cockroach loves to melt Copper too!

Mad Hammer the cockroach loves to melt Copper too!

That’s it! Wait, we’ll pour into graphite.
We’re pouring into graphite, right? Yea,yea!! Wait, wait! I hope I won’t drop the mobile phone 😀 F..k it’s hot!! Awesome! I think we can… Give it a few seconds more Yea, not ready yet. When it gets nice and crispy Then it’s nicely baked 😀 Just like lamb:D Just a bit more…!! 😀 Uuuuu, it looks so good, like gold! There was some impurities 😀 Impurities are awesome, it seems! Niiiceee! It’s beatiful!! Water?! Now?
Yea! I hope it won’t change the color! Let’s go!! Oouuuuu yeeaa! This one has an awesome color!!!!! 😀 That’s it!
There was probably some zinc inside. Yes, yes.Look at it!
Viking gold huh? 😀!! Looks so nice!! From now on we are throwing in impurities in the batch! There, look at him!! Are we using impurities or not? 😀 Yes, yes!! Good job lad!! That’s it!
You know the drill!! That is our friend, he is melting with us all night and provoking his destiny 😀


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