Magician Act TK Jiang’s Golden Buzzer Audition! | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

Magician Act TK Jiang’s Golden Buzzer Audition! | Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

This is the subtitle created by N4yra’s Channel!!!Go there and subscribe!!! Are you guys feeling good today?! Hi there, hello David Foster, how are you? What’s your name? And where are you from? My name is TK and I’m from Singapore What’s your talent I’m a digital magician with this magic with digital gadgets. Oh That’s interesting. Yeah, do you do this full-time or is this a part-time job or no? I’m a full-time student studying business demonstration Yes Doing magic is my dream. Take it away. My brother may not come from the area trade off you may thank you Hello everybody I do magic with digital tablets other than the tablets of literary about a pan hold over here the premise of this piece of magic Is I gonna put a body inside a holder and take the ball from the holding for the Baggies my pocket and take the ball From the pocket and put a bag inside the older they try to do this action as fast as a can But we won’t see the action always hands quick in any eyes Sounds pretty interesting, right? We’re gonna look on your face. You guys look confused. It’s alright All you have to do is to follow the ball. Now the two versions to this. There’s a classic version of Thousands of years old and as a modern digital version that is original to me. I’ll let me show you the classic version First so here we go Follow the ball elephant gone back to the holder one more time In 11 gone back to the holder one more time gonna put is born in the pocket with declared The ball goes fidgety who’d even want icon to put his boy in my pocket my hands empty go Try again the bubble sweetie. Hold it. Listen you owe me the whole days I’m gonna put the boys to the hoodie kid about your penis ID holder take the ball from the horn and put it back It’s my pocket my eyes up declare the balls with no delays and are you guys still with me can’t hear and clap if you are As you can see the classic version of this piece of magic is so fast, right And that is why I’ll let me show you my original digital versions with every move slowed down Would you like to see it? Great ladies and gentlemen, the holder is empty I’m gonna put a balding inside holder You hear about chopping inside a holder take the ball from the holder and watch the ball and watch a screen Debacles inside to screen The ball goes underneath the hotel bus to the inside to scream to snap again the ball comes I hope though the screen and that is Pretty good, right? Yeah, if that’s good you guys forgot to clap We’re going the pockets my hands empty watch the screen and watch my pocket the ball comes back Ball goes underneath to hold up a student side to scream to snap again. The ball comes out to scream you say alright? strange thoughts more strange so cover another line like This but a fielding side would snap again Someone becomes changing at entrance appears and ladies and gentlemen, you guys are loving this, aren’t you? Baby judges, maybe you’re like me you don’t like soullow frills. You want something. That is a sweet as strawberry blackcurrant strawberry blackcurrant and ladies and gentlemen introducing Strawberry blackcurrent mixed berry flavored Shot over Well that was impressive how do you feel much even though your personality’s borderline annoying Now magic is unique, so good job. Thank you. Thank you Should be a rapper Very fast. I was very impressed You know, I’ve never seen digital match before but that was very very entertaining. I really really liked it. Thank you Yeah, right Jimmy, but then it was so short right? I felt like I wanted to see more. That’s a very good sign Yes, I will show you to you more. Well, not yet. You won’t Because we have to vote right? All right. Are you ready for this? Mr. Green suit? Yes. I’m ready.Jay? This guy talk Hey guys is David Foster there should be a link a button appearing right about now go or it subscribe now


  1. Omg he is probably the fastest speaker in the world.. Even the subtitles quit. Literally i put subtitles and I didn’t even understand what it said because he spoke too fast..

  2. Oh my gosh… I'm really loving this act/talent…. He speaks so fast, he's witty, he's funny, he's entertaining…his hands moves so fast and the magic technology thing is magnificent…. 🙂

  3. As he showed that cup coming out of that holder if you see closely he did open something like a hole on the top of the holder and as he lifted the cup the liquid inside it was moving and this is the result of that the cup was already in there and was just tightly stuck up on the roof of the holder and as before he is speaking sooo fast so that our focus would divert from his hand to his sentences and as a result we did not actually see what he did… Amazing tricks..

  4. he speak english too fast until all asian in the room can't follow.
    oh wait ….
    the whole damn room is full of asian & david foster 😂

  5. tysm JAY.. for giving Singaporeans a feel good moment.. we are always run down as un-creative soulless person who doesn't know how to enjoy life.. respect JAY.

  6. I'm here to subscribe because i like so much Jay Park, Anggun from my country and also David! Please Keep being a judge in Asian got talent because I never get bored if they are there.

    By the way sorry guys my englis very ugly but i really want to talk too much because i'm excited!!

  7. Good and unique trick, but he needs to find a better niche than showing fruits or balls. The last trick was good. Maybe next time have money come out of the tablet, or do like a digital shopping magic where you instantly get your item. He needs a more relatable niche.

  8. Most people don't realize the actual magic is getting a Golden Buzzer with a very ordinary mediocre magic performance. Pulling this off is truly magical indeed. As an asian, it's sad to say that perhaps Asia do have not much talent to showcase. They need to open this show to China, that's where all the talents are.

  9. 他的平板防水嗎?too short卻能得到黃金按鈕,有點看不懂!不過這個大頭帥哥絕對是個人才

  10. Penn and Teller reveals how to do the cup and balls (cup your balls?) trick in every show they do. After every reveal you load the next ball or lemon or whatever. It's the one of oldest magic tricks. Simon the magician from Germany already has a popular show with iPads and digital magic. I think TK is good but needs to be even more original to stand out from others.

  11. he was a councillor back in my secondary school and was a senior just when i was a freshman 5 years ago. one of the most nicest, smartest and down to earth guys i know. talked a few times and he was always a great person, even blew minds back in secondary school with his magic tricks

  12. I love his reaction to the golden buzzer and I love the part when David said his personality was annoying cause it was really funny

  13. That's the way to give a golden buzzer!👏👏👏 Nothing more annoying than a judge bleating on for 5 minutes before making the move. That was very impressive stuff

  14. Just a suggestion…never ask the audience to clap for you.

    Think of something witty to say instead, that way if you're funny they'll clap for both the act and the jokes.

  15. I was watching this post and then my neighbor came and we watched it together. He said this post really changed his life and it touched my heart. My flat people are so grateful. Am proud to say cool post wow thanks for sharing

  16. Some of the fastest rappers in Asia: Yuki from MadKid, Stray Kids' rappers, Sky-hi, T.O.P AND TK JIANG! LOL

  17. I think people should know that Jay probably also didn't think the performance was necessarily golden buzzer worthy, but because of the unnecessary negativity coming from the other judges, the other guy especially, he did it to sort of shut them down, especially after the snarky "well, not yet you won't, because we have to vote" comment.

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