Magnificent Dance Audition Gets GOLDEN BUZZER on France’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

Magnificent Dance Audition Gets GOLDEN BUZZER on France’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

this was so emotional


  1. Would someone be a darling n translate. These couple deserve to be felt n heard by the world. Magnificent

  2. Nothing worse than ya wife catching you crying and you gotta lie y
    Told yall bout cutting them damn onions

  3. sans être un critique d'art, j'estime que lorsque des larmes coulent sur votre visage, le travail est fait, et même bien fait…Bravo à vous.

  4. Without even understanding a word, my Emotions understood every bit of their World 🌍. Love has One Language.

  5. That dance spoke volumes! I believe that was the best dance routine I've ever seen in my 61 years of living!
    Tears still flowing from my eyes.

  6. I hv never seen any judge so mesmerized at any event, this was awesome, they were drawn into the performances

  7. Absolutely, Truly…… poetry in motion.

    Sincerely….thank you.

  8. I love that it WAS a hard dance to perform and he made sure she was okay afterwards! He cares for her deeply and you can see that by the way he showed her love after.

  9. I am in agreement with so many others. One doesn't need to understand the words/language when one understands the dance and the meaning behind it. My Lord. They are so in sync. They make you FEEL it!!

  10. Who sings this version of drunk in love?? I loved it! The visual to the song made it completely different! Amazing performance

  11. This dance is copied choreo from SYTYCD, it is irking me that I cannot find the original. Anyone remember what season this was completed in?

  12. people….if you go to tanslations in the litlle button under the screen that says "configurations" theres a place there were you can see "legendas" or "subtitles" because legendas is in portuguese and if you dont understand French well……. you will not understand Portuguese……. but, if you are English or American you will have configurations under the screen, you go to subtitles, you change them to english and there will be one for you, its not very correct, not very exact either but you will undestand what they say after the dance…….and yes, i´, still crying too…….if i made any mistake in my english i am sorry…..

  13. ohhhh…i have seen the subtitles and they just suck…..if you want i can translat what they said……judge by judge….and then you see with the film….i dont know how to make a subtitle to youtube….

  14. Wowwwww que emocionante también lloré aunque no entiendo el idioma pero es maravilloso!💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏

  15. Sindi arifi is the one who song the the version of this song the original is drunkin love by beyonce ft jzay(sense i have been seeing some ppl wanting to know who song it)

  16. I don’t speak French but I speak the language of Beauty and Pain You’ve so amazingly shared with the WORLD 🌍 HERE TONIGHT

  17. Omg I don’t even no what hey said but I am crying i don’t usually cry but I a dancer and I can relate to this so much dance is everything

  18. This was amazing. This performance perfectly illustrates the power of dance as art and as a storytelling medium. I didn’t need to hear a word they said to understand the performance. Words weren’t necessary at all, their performance transcended language and touched everybody watching it regardless of where they came from or what language they speak.

  19. For English speaking people, I added the subtitles today! I think they're getting checked but hopefully will be up soon 🙂

  20. Captions! For the love of God, CAPTIONS! I know what the dance was abput, but I want to onow what the judges said. Especially the part where they point at each other, and the part about her leg.

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