Make a Friendship Bracelet for a friend :)

Make a Friendship Bracelet for a friend :)

Hi, I’m Charlotte Sparkle and today I’m going to make you a friendship bracelet for one of my friends. these are ones that I made earlier they are made out of thread but this ones made out of wool they can be any colours or any type of material so you need a ruler a marker some scissors some masking tape or sellotape and some cardbaord and you need 7 pieces of thread which you cut 20 inches long (50cm) now let’s get started! now I’m going to get my marker and my masking tape and I can put my masking tape on the on the cardboard and then get a marker and draw a cirlce around the edge of the masking tape, so it looks like this! now, you need to cut the circle out with some scissors remember scissors are very sharp now I’ve done my circle Now I’m going to mark it in eighth’s so I’m going to get my marker and mark it in eighth’s it should look like this so now, I’m going to cut a little centimeter on each line so now I need to punch a hole in the middle so now I’m going to get my thread put it all together I’m just going to knot the end this is what it looks like now I’m going to get my piece of cardboard and i’m going to get the end with the knot in and put it through the hole so now I need to put the thread around each slot except for the bottom corner and this is what it should look like so now I need to count one, two, three and get the next third one and then you can put it on the one that has none you need to keep on doing that until it’s done. this is where I have got to so far now I’m going to carry on going but now I’ve done, but now I need to get all the pieces of thread and take them off the cardboard now I’ve done that, now I’m going to so I’m going to pull my thread through, there. but now I need to tie it in a knot at the end now I just need to loop it and put it on I need to tidy this up so now I have made my friendship bracelet just for my friend bye guys, see you all next time! bye

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