Make Gold from Chloroauric Acid

Make Gold from Chloroauric Acid

Warning: This demonstration uses corrosive acids and produces toxic gases. This should be performed with gloves in a fume hood. Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re going to make elemental gold from chloroauric acid by reduction with sodium metabisulfite. But first I need to crush your expectations We’re not making gold from nothing. These atoms of gold are already present in the chloroauric acid as ions. Chloroauric acid itself is made from gold or gold containing reagents. It is not possible to chemically make an element like gold from substances that do not already contain atoms of it. Our objective here is to explore the chemistry of gold and demonstrate a particular step in its refining. So here is the original vial of solidified chloroauric acid we made in a previous video containing 1.5 grams of elemental gold. Now our reducing agent will be 4 grams of sodium metabisulfite. And we’ll be dissolving that in 10mL of water. About 2mL of water is added to the chloroauric acid to dissolve it. Now the sodium metabisulfite is added in drop by drop. There we go. Already you can see the reaction starting. What’s happening is the sodium metabisulfite is reacting with the chloroauric acid to produce elemental gold, hydrochloric acid and sodium bisulfate. That brown precipitate you’re seeing is actually the gold. It doesn’t look like common gold because the particles of gold produced here are so small and rough that they don’t reflect light in the way smooth bulk gold does. Okay let me speed this up until all the sodium metabisulfite is added and all the gold has settled. And here we are about an hour later with most of the extremely fine gold dust settled to the bottom. We vacuum filter the mixture and there is our gold. We wash it a few times with water to ensure all the chemicals are gone and then let it dry. And here is the gold transferred to a vial. It’s actually quite crumbly when dry and some hard shaking will break up the sponge into a powder. To get the shine of common gold we have to melt it down. Now I can’t do that myself since I don’t have a torch hot enough for it but I know another youtube channel called indeeditdoes who will do it for me. So here is his sample of 1.5g of gold made in the same way as I did and now he’s heating it with a powerful oxy-propane torch that can heat the gold well past its melting point of 1064 degrees celsius. It takes several minutes to adequately heat the gold but eventually it will liquefy and coalesce into one solid bead of gold. And there it is. A cool way to make small nuggets of gold is to directly pour the molten gold into a tall container of water. As it falls it cools and solidifies into tiny shiny nuggets of gold. And here they are after drying. So there you have it. We have made elemental gold from chloroauric acid. Thanks for watching. And if you want to see more about the practical side of gold refining, check out the channel indeeditdoes. He’s got a lot of videos about gold refining and just precious metal recovery in general. In this video we’ll look at the chemical resistance of gold. In this video we’re going to dissolve a gold coin in acid.


  1. +NurdRage I have a question, could this same process be used with other chloride salts like chloroplatinic acid or chloroiridic acid?

  2. god dam every time i go eureka!!!! Gold Chloride 1% solution — 0.5 grams pure Gold 50 ml $55.00
    Gold Chloride 1% solution — 1.0 grams pure Gold 100 ml $100.00
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  3. Gold can be made from salt ,king mitus is true they control the knowledge to control humanity they are the abominations.

  4. this is awesome, but how much does this acid cost? i highly doubt that you can make an amount of gold more valuable than the acid itself. and the only reason i would have for doing a reaction like this would be to at the very least double my money by weight of the elemental gold. i understand that this video is about the science aspect of it all, but the practical and profitable aspects would be my main focus.

  5. Dear Nerd Rage Sir., thanks for a clear and easy to understand explanatory video on gold reduction.
    . I have subscribed – pierre from New Mexico

  6. Hypothetical question: If your gold chloride solution is saturated with salt, calcium or sodium chloride for example, would it be possible to recover the gold with SMB? Thanks!

  7. Hmm. Would dropping the molten gold into cold water have similar effects that it does on glass? (glass will create "Prince Rupert's drops" that have drastically increased strength and other strange properties)

  8. @NurdRage

    Old time subscriber here, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on using aqua regia for gold reclamation from SIM cards, CPUs, and Fingers (for PCI slots and such). Would this be a viable method of separating gold?

    Is it possible that I could more easily dissolve everything else (copper iron, and nickel included, and some plastics) on the chips and /not/ the gold?

  9. you should repeat this with the bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans….once you succeed making real gold call me, we open shop making gold in cuba

  10. It's unfortunate that Philosopher's Stones had a steep price increase recently. Can't afford one of those to make myself some gold to dissolve. ._.

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  12. How did you neutralize nitric acid from aqua regia, when i add SMB to aqua regia the gold precipitates but dissolves back almost immediately, so i read i have to neutralize the nitric acid first, with urea or sodium bicarbonate, how to do that have u made any video on this process

  13. well you don´t need Philosopher StoneTERRMINE
    you can actually make gold from Mercury, a Jpanese scientist did in the 70´s…it´s a three day process from Hg in a Zircalloy container inside a nuclear reactor to change it´s molecular structure into the Gol´s one. Not bad so far but since Nuclear Power Plants work non-stop since the Chain Reaction is induced after the fuel refill ( once a year, Enriched Uranium already paked into Zircalloy cylinders) and the Reactor is in completely sealed contention structure, you can not put your Mercury inside so you need a Laboratory without that disadvantage that oviously is related to National Security.
    And that´s the reason there are still gold mines.

  14. I have a gallon of gold solution, it tested very good and fast with stannous tests. but when I mixed in metabisufite I didn't get any reaction, I took a sample ounce a added a couple drops of sulfuric acid still no reaction, then added a teaspoon of baking soda and no reaction…any tips on what I should be doing?

  15. He said elemental gold for all of you who do not know english we speak spanish in America and elemental is another word for decoration duh!!!

  16. not true . You can make GOLD from things that do not contain gold atoms . see RUSSIAN SCIENTIST develop process to make gold from other materials on the periodic chart .

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  18. You can't turn lead into gold, but I was reading about a gold ion created from mercury. Sounds awesome, but it was a radioactive ion, which becomes mercury again after radioactive decay.

  19. I love your channel and I absolutely learned a lot from your fascinating clips,,,
    what should be the acidity of solution?
    when I drop the smb , it start to react and after awhile all of those black dust will dissolve again into the solution, I repeated the process again and again and I ended up with white powder layer in the bottom of solution,,
    Pls help me with that
    I need to get my gold coin back

  20. Flexicone new leaching technology. For the processing of refractory gold-bearing refractory and sulfide ores, Flexicone has developed a unique enrichment technology.
    The technology includes the processes of ultrafine grinding and oxidation of sulphides, extraction of released gold and platinum group metals by centrifugal concentrators and leaching of gold, silver and palladium.

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