Make sulphuric acid from oxalic acid and copper(II) sulphate

Make sulphuric acid from oxalic acid and copper(II) sulphate

In this video, I will show you how to make sulphuric acid out of easily accessable materials To make sulphuric acid, you first need: 8g of oxalic acid dihydrate 10g of copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate Of course, the most important thing is the ratio So you can multiply the amount of ingredients to get more sulphuric acid Then, dissolve the copper(II) sulphate and oxalic acid separately with hot water I used the same copper rod to stir the two solutions But you should use two different glass rods Add the oxalic acid solution to the Copper(II) sulphate solution Precipitates should immediately form Stir the mixture well to let it react After that, let the solution sit for about 2 hours to let all precipitates sink use a syringe to extract the colourless solution, which is sulphuric acid Extract carefully and beware not to extract any precipitates Otherwise, the acid will be contaminated This is our Sulphuric acid. It is mixed with some oxalic acid and is dilute I will show you how to purity we made in the next video If you like this video, remember to subscribe ChemExplorer Kim. Thanks for watching!


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